Tony Shepherd’s “Sectional Interests”… WTF?

Tony Shepherd’s “Sectional Interests”… WTF?

How do these people expect to have any credibility at all?Tony Shepherd1

It’s a bit rich (pardon the pun) for Abbott’s boy Shepherd to claim that the debate about the Fudge-it, has been hijacked by “Sectional Interests”, when it was Right Wing sectional interests that produced this right wing horror story — they laughingly call “A fair Budget” — in the first place.

So let’s have a look at the “Sectional Interests” that are causing all the trouble for the LNP, and Hockey’s Fudge-it.

At this point I suppose I could do the obligatory list of Doctors, welfare groups, students, pensioners, families, disabled, school kids, the unemployed etc etc, but the real problem “Sectional Interests” for the LNP are not those that are railing against the LNP, but those that ARE the LNP:

  • Rupert Murdoch.
  • Gina Rinehart.
  • Big business.
  • Multinationals
  • The IPA
  • And yes, the entire Commission of Audit, including… Tony bloody Shepherd.   😯   to name but a few!

So Tony Shepherd, go and find the number for lifeline, and tell someone who cares, cos your hypocrisy is showing.

And people of Australia, you should all take a good hard look at… Tony Shepherd’s “Sectional Interests”… WTF? 


Image courtesy of David Hansen   😀


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10 Responses to Tony Shepherd’s “Sectional Interests”… WTF?

  1. DanDark says:

    Shepherds is a grossly dysfunctional person
    He is a thief, someone needs to check this brown noses history
    He needs to walk into a pit of quicksand and disappear, he is corrupt
    that’s for sure….


  2. sandrasearle says:

    Once again Truthie, you’ve nailed it with this article. WTF indeed! The superior thinking RW nutters treat the rest of the public like mushrooms. Its now too late to do that because of the wonderful 5th estate where discussion is carried out the moment someone does something incredibly stupid i.e. TA & most/all of the front bench.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Sandra, thanks for your comment and kind words 😎

      Yes, they certainly never learn! 😯 and most of them just don’t have the level of self control, like Abbott with his snickering wink, reminiscent of a teenage boy with his mates behind the shower block at school. 🙄

      It was telling, when he realised the camera was on, and his grin quickly disappeared. 😯

      Cheers 😀


  3. kate ahearne says:

    Thanks, Truthie. Welcome to the Grub Club, Tony Shepherd. And a big welcome also to George Christiansen.


  4. diannaart says:

    Has anyone ever witnessed such a gross concentration of FRWNJ’s in a single political party – in Australia at least? Ever?

    They just keep oozing out of the woodwork. We need to clean up this parliament ASAP – don’t expect Labor to be much better – how many opportunities lost to call out the Abbottoir on soooo many issues.

    Abbott would not rest while he had Gillard’s single ‘lie’ – even that was an exaggeration and twisted.

    His mob have backtracked, lied and obfuscated to an extent they must feel completely bulletproof – above question?


    Because they have stacked Labor with their worms as well?

    Explains a lot.


  5. Fed up says:

    Little afraid. Pyne wants to trade, after talking to his best mate Palmer.

    Now has Pyne changed Palmers mind, or is it the reverse?

    Then maybe Pyne has a tiny brain, that allows him t see, siding with Palmer might be better than waiting for Abbott to do the inevitable dirty on him.

    Though I suspect, Pyne is in the same camp As Hockey who does not realise when Abbott has done the dirt on him. After all Hockey is coming up for the third dose of Abbott’s loyalty.


  6. Johnc144 says:

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