Negotiations anyone?

Pyne's speaker… Helmet hair!

Pyne’s speaker… Helmet hair!

Negotiations anyone?

What a farce this budget session of parliament promises to be, with the LNP riding roughshod over parliamentary rules and convention courtesy of Chrissy Pyne’s speaker, helmet hair, and the cross benches threatening to ride roughshod over the budget.   😀

So, with almost everyone, other than the LNP (At least publicly)  discussing Abbott’s propensity for lies that, many would argue, is positively pathological, it’s hard to understand how any independent or opposition party could enter into good faith discussions on compromises, when there is no good faith with Abbott or the LNP.     😯

The very fact that after the 2010 election; we saw conservative independents back Gillard over Abbott, despite Abbott leading the LNP, (they knew he couldn’t be trusted to keep his word), should have given fair warning as to what we could expect from him in government, but thanks in large part to Mendacious Murdoch,  it was all dismissed under a barrage of calls of “Illegitimate and dysfunctional government”, “Juliar”, “Election now!”   etc etc.     😯

So we have a Government elected on a litany of lies, led by the biggest liar of them all (which is saying something), bringing down their first budget based on more lies, false assumptions and fudged figures, so as to introduce ideologically based austerity measures that not only are NOT necessary, but go directly against their pre-election promises.

So with that in mind…. Negotiations anyone?


Image courtesy David Hansen   😀





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8 Responses to Negotiations anyone?

  1. consider says:

    Truthy, posted this on IA.
    After the next election, Abbott can take his own advice and move to Europe where he will feel at home after the National Front have been so successful in the current elections.
    He can take Newman (Q`ld Premier) and his cronies with him too.



    • Truth Seeker says:

      Morning Consider, 😀 and thanks for your comment 😎

      Yes mate, but after his last 8 months, I doubt there would be many in Europe would take them, as they are just getting over their own versions of Abbott/Newman, and don’t want a return to where they’ve just come from! 😯

      But we live in hope 😀

      Cheers 😀


  2. Gregory T says:

    I posted this on aimn
    I could appreciate the attempt to negotiate for a fair and equitable budget, if all things were equal. But, how can you negotiate a budget that was spawned out of lies and dishonesty? Is there a point that a lie becomes a half truth? Where dishonesty is an acceptable policy? You seem to forget that we are dealing with a government that has no ethics, empathy or any human emotion, other then greed and self-aggrandizement. To even accept a portion of this obscenity, is a win that could force us to become the drones of it’s Ideology, and condemn the weakest of us to a life of despair. No, you cannot negotiate with anti-social terrorists, who’s words are lies and therefore have failed the “Good Faith” clause associated with any social contract. This government must be held to account for it’s crimes both attempted and completed, against those it has failed to serve. The people should demand and accept no less.

    Of course, IMHO


  3. melaine says:

    Thanks for another excellent piece Truthie 🙂
    As much as I applaud the sentiments of those who say we should negotiate with the coalition I regret that it will prove impossible…
    My Mum taught me at a very early age that you can never negotiate with bullies and liars, you must stand up to them and shine a very bright light on all their nastiness, expose them, confront them, disarm them… but never ever try to negotiate with them as they will shoot you in the back as quick as look at you.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Mel, dead right, and that’s pretty much what Milne said yesterday 😉

      Cherrs 😀


      • melaine says:

        Funny thing is Truthie, can we truly trust ms milne to do the correct thing for all of us. Whilst I admire a lot of what the Greens stand for and would like to achieve, I have my doubts about whether they will stand strong in the face of the deceit the coalition will use to chocolate coat their, ultimately, empty offers in any attempts at negotiations.


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