Said the Bishop to the Abbott…

Said the Bishop to the Abbott…

There you go Bronny, that'l boost your retirement funds.

There you go Bronny, that’l boost your retirement funds.


With the LNP looking more like the keystone cops chasing themselves around in ever decreasing circles, until they self destruct, or disappear up their own fundamental orifices, and ICAC threatening to expose the seedy underbelly of LNP laundering of illegal party donations, what do they do?

Well, Hockey hosts a $20 K + lunch for party donors, whilst telling the rest of us to tighten our belts… WTF?

And good old Bronny opens up the speakers suite for another LNP fund raiser, at a time when she is already regarded as being the worst speaker… well… ever!    And again… WTF?

So I thought that this blatant disregard for propriety, protocols and just plain common-sense, should receive at least the same level of contempt, that they  show towards us   😯   so, for a new twist on an old theme… here it is!   😉

Said the Bishop to the Abbott.


Said the Bishop to the Abbott

This speakers job’s a hoot

I’ve got a speakers suite to use

To help us get more loot

I’ll use my super dining room

For which we’ll charge a packet

And shift it through a trust fund

In a classic right wing racket


Our corporate vested interests

Will, stump up 50 grand

To join us in my speakers suite.

We could even get a band?

And if those bloody Labor gits

Complain that it’s not right

With my helmet hair, and Rhino hide

I’m ready for a fight


They say I’m geriatric

And a Harry Potter witch

And when I’m made Dame Bronny

I’ll be a “right royal” bitch

And I’m Loyal to the party

And I’ll fight the better fight

Cos we’re Liberals and we’re born to rule

And proudly… Rabid right.


Said the Abbott to the Bishop

You’re a speaker of renown

Who keeps the parliament shackled

While we talk the country down

You are such an inspiration

And to all, a right wing hero

As you maintain impartiality

With a strike rate of 100 to zero


And when they talk of bias and lies

It must be all for show

Cos you’re my political mummy

And you taught me all I know

Of honesty and integrity

And how to get a win

And how to never tell a lie

Through the art of right wing spin


Said the Bishop to the Poodle

You are such a darling boy

And I’m grateful for directions

Cos I’m still a little coy   😯

And sometimes hard of hearing

And my sight is failing too

But I have to say I love it

When you’re flinging poodle poo


Said the people the Bishop

You have done a stellar job

In supporting lies and rhetoric

And the mendacious Abbott’s mob

You say that you’re not biased

You think you’re full of class

But the truth is, you’re a party hack

And NOT a decent speakers… arse!





About Truth Seeker

Musician singer/songwriter, guitar teacher.
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29 Responses to Said the Bishop to the Abbott…

  1. DanDark says:



  2. kate ahearne says:

    Lovely, Truthie. Hard to find a favourite bit because there are so many, but ‘rhino hide’ is pretty good. In fact, although ‘helmet hair’ doesn’t apply to all, with so many hairdos represented, ‘rhino hide’ seems to apply to the whole bang lot of them.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Morning Kate 😀 I hope you are feeling well? 😉

      Thanks for your comment 😎 and kind words 🙂

      Yes there are traits common to the rabid right (in their DNA), and most of those “common Traits” are antisocial traits associated with sociopathy. 👿

      LNP Government?…. What a mistake’a to make’a? 😦

      Cheers 😀


      • kate ahearne says:

        Yes, feeling OK, although I notice that you’ve been struggling a bit yourself lately. Take care – we need you in really good form for when Tony gets rolled, or the DD gets called or …


        • Truth Seeker says:

          Kate, glad you’re OK, and thanks for your concern, but I wouldn’t miss his demise for the world 😉 and I know that there will be plenty of inspiration flowing, 😀 so barring some health or divine intervention, I’ll be doing my bit 😉

          And also right back at yer, for your own form! 🙂

          Cheers 😀


          • kate ahearne says:

            Thanks, Truthie. I notice that Bob Ellis is celebrating already. The only trouble with Bob’s predictions is that they don’t always happen. But then again, sometimes they do!


            • Truth Seeker says:

              Kate, Yes, but you have to love his passion. 😉


              • kate ahearne says:

                You sure do, and he’s as smart as new paint. I really like his work, but he seems to leap from a very firm foundation of fact and argument into the realms of what he HOPES will happen. I find that what works best for me when I’m looking at his work is to scatter a few grains of salt on some of the conclusions that he draws, while following his information and enjoying the points he makes along the way.


    • diannaart says:

      Indeed Kate.

      Wonder if there is a rhyme for peroxide.

      I know for a fact that there is a gene for “rhino hind” and Liberals who make the grade are reconstructed with suitable genetic modification – works on removing any residual empathy as well.


  3. 2gravel says:

    You leave nothing else to say, well done.


  4. diannaart says:


    Possibility of Pyne the love-child of Helmet-hair and L’il Johnny?


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Dianna, that was Abbott’s claim a few years back, that he was the love child of Helmet hair and Little Johnny :mrgreen:

      But to be honest, the first “LOVE” in a Liberals life is money, so rather than being from a LOVING encounter, it’s more likely to be the result of a quick deposit made at a clandestine laundering meeting. 😯 which would make Abbott, not a “Love Child”, but merely the interest paid on said “Quick deposit”! 😉

      Cheers 😀


  5. consider says:

    Well done Truthy, as usual.
    Mate, taking a line through what has happened this last week in Canberra, I have this feeling that the knives are out in the Tories camp.
    I reckon Hockey will take Abbotts job and Turnbull will get Hockey`s job if the polls (that they don`t watch) don`t improve soon.
    Whatever happens, I still think they are stuffed.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Consider, thanks mate 😀

      I don’t really think it’ll matter who they replace him with, at this stage, as they are all now tarred with Abbott and Hockey’s lies and deceit, and this disaster of a fudge-it. 😉

      Hope you and Considerette are doing well 😀

      Cheers 😀


  6. bighead1883 says:

    Lovely Truthy 🙂 and we really are in the realm of the Bizarre being fed polished turd pellets by the MSM 👿
    At not even a fortnight in the bush I`m amazed at how the ridiculousness has grown exponentially 😯


  7. patriciawa says:

    Nice lines, TS!


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