The Dog ate my promises!

The Dog ate my promises!Abbott's head1+

Since Hockey’s “Fudge-it”, we’ve heard almost daily of more broken promises relating to cuts, some of which were hidden amongst the detail of the fudge-it, while others appear to be hidden in the dark recesses of the LNP agenda; as dickhead scum like Morrison, apparently rearrange their ministerial budgets to accommodate their own short sighted, mean, nasty and thoroughly vindictive, ideological approach to government.

So despite funding for the Refugee Council being apparently announced in the fudge-it, Morrison has decided to cut around 1/2 a million $’s from their funding anyway… WTF?

Then we heard from Penny Wong, in senate estimates, that over 1/2 a billion $’s has been cut from indigenous  services, well hidden and fudged, but nonetheless there.

There are also more and more sections of the wider community expressing reservations, concern and downright disgust at the callous and inequitable cuts, lies and broken promises included in the Abbott and Hockey’s fudge-it.

Then there’s the resultant pols for Abbott and the LNP, which are now on a downward trajectory, reminiscent of “Journey to the centre of the earth”, which is pretty much unheard of only eight months in to an electoral term.

So the question is WTF, if anything, were they thinking?

Clown1++I mean really… what great political intellect would spend three + years building a false perception of their opponent (as a bare faced liar; so as to claim the moral high ground), whilst building an expectation, in the minds of the great unwashed, that he will be a paragon of virtue, incapable of telling lies and breaking promises “like SHE did”, only to then, literally within days of winning the election, do exactly what you promised you wouldn’t do, and show yourself as a “Bare faced LIAR”?

Prior to the election, he also told anyone that would listen, that his would be a “No surprises, No excuses, Adult Government”.

Now at the risk of sounding like a broken record, I have to say again that I have NOT been at all surprised by anything that this dysfunctional mob of liars and cheats do, but there are many that believed the Abbott, courtesy of the Mendacious Murdoch et al; and have subsequently been very surprised by the lies backflips and broken promises.

The truth is that many of the things that Abbott said he would do, he hasn’t done, and probably never had any intention of doing them.

And likewise, most of the things that Abbott said he wouldn’t do, he subsequently has.

And then the excuses (that Abbott said wouldn’t be a feature of his “Adult” government) started in earnest, with him telling us basically:

  • That it’s our fault that our expectations are too high, and aren’t being met.   😯   (Even though it’s Abbott’s lies and spin, propped up by Murdoch’s propaganda machine that are responsible for said expectation.   😉   )
  • That it isn’t his fault, because we misheard what he said.   😛   Even though there’s a multitude of evidence both written and recorded that shows exactly what was said.   🙄    And when confronted with such evidence of his own mendacity, he continues to deny that what he said was… What he said… WTF?
  • And of course, that old perennial favourite of the rabid right… It’s all Labors fault!

The only thing that slowed  the stuff ups and excuses, was the long Christmas break, which then brought us to the pre fudge-it speculation, and more lies, spin and excuses.

The leaks/release of the Commission of Allshit, was meant to soften us up for the main game, but it soon became a call to arms for many, who saw the writing on the wall for our economy, and the future of our nation and our democracy.March in march1

Now the public backlash towards the fudge-it, has been, and continues to be, unprecedented for a government only 8 months into its first term, when most others would still be enjoying some semblance of a honeymoon period.

But then most party’s don’t get into government on a platform of lies and deceit, whist promising to be the exact opposite.   😉

The fact that they will almost definitely not get many of their wish list through the Senate, is cold comfort for those that believed the spin and lies from Abbott and the LNP, and the truth is that the only debt crisis that the LNP are really focused on is the one in which they find themselves, as a result of the only promises that they ever intended to keep; those to their “Vested Interest” donors.

And there is one deficit that may well prove fatal for the Abbott/Murdoch LNP government… Abbott’s TRUST deficit.

And as the LNP, come to the grand realisation that, just maybe, they’re choice of leader has been found to be something of a mistake, the rest of the country is watching possibly the worst case of political suicide we’ve seen, starting with pretty much every minister in cabinet shooting themselves, their mendacious party and the government in the foot, followed by a severe case of  self-kneecapping, and the knowledge that if their policies don’t get them first, then I.C.A.C. will!   😉

And since we’ve heard almost every other lame, disrespectful, disingenuous, insulting and downright patronising excuse to justify their lies, I’m now waiting with baited breath for the old classic:

“The Dog ate my promises!

ICAC Hockey1+






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41 Responses to The Dog ate my promises!

  1. Fed up says:

    Poor dog. I hope it survives eating that toxic budget.


  2. kate ahearne says:

    Good morning dear Truthie. Love your work and your passion and your commitment to the only sensible way of thinking. Thanks for this and all your wonderful work. Hey, and the pics are brill.
    The big worry for me is that Tony will get rolled without the entire party getting rolled with him.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Morning Kate, 😀 and thanks for your comment 😎 kind words and support 😀

      The first and last pics, I knocked up this morning, to suit 😀

      Yes, it is a worry, but they are all tarred by Abbott’s lies and deceit brush, and I doubt that there would be any in the cabinet that have much if any credibility left in the minds of the wider community. 😯

      Besides, dumping Abbott might be the best option, but then they will have tarred themselves with the same brush that Abbott used to declare the previous administration “Dysfunctional”!

      More hypocrisy anyone?????

      Cheers 😀


    • Russ says:

      I share your concern too Kate, that they may dump abbott Hockey pyne etc and their policies, then convince the dumb voters that they are now on the right track having seen the light.

      Top job Truthy as always.


  3. kate ahearne says:

    Wow! You’re doing pics Now? Is there o end to your talent?


  4. bighead1883 says:

    Love it Truthy especially the “Commission of Allshit” bit as no other descriptive could colour it so 🙂 .
    A Recessional Fudget 👿 for a Recessional Government :twisted ;;; by the” blue tied mafia” 🙄 who all require ICACing


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Morning Biggy 😀

      Thanks mate 😀 and yes I thought it a more appropriate name than the one the Libs gave it 😯

      I heard that some Liberals have rewritten the Chrissy Amplet song “I touch myself” and are singing it around the halls of parliaments in Canberra and around the country…

      “When I think about it I CAC myself” 😯

      Cheers mate 😀


  5. Truth Seeker says:

    Here’s a bit of a relevant musical interlude 😀

    Cheers 😀


  6. bighead1883 says:

    AH the cartoon has arrived Truthy as you were a day in front of it >>


  7. Truth Seeker says:

    Iposted this with a link to the story on the Lounge, but it’s worth posting here too 😉


  8. my say says:

    As each day passe’s the list of cuts this government had made in the budget gets longer and longer
    I wish someone could make a list so all the cuts they made ,were made available,,
    it has taken a while but at last their castle is starting to crumble,members of their own party are grumbling ,even the shock jocks are putting thgeir two bob’s worth in,going after malcom


  9. driftwood12 says:

    They are moving on matter matters of welfare etc etc in the shadows.
    Half of this get Abbott stuff is much deserved. The rest is contrived Hollywood politics. There is method in the madness. The US is taking up the chant because govt is getting stacked for their branch President here and a movement here.
    It’s said 60 percent of Australians agree with LNP policies. 50 % of Australians own 60% of the housing. This is the crowd the libs and labor have been playing to for many years and heavily from Howard and the boom lead up.
    If housing isnt addressed and the sadistic suffering of the lower, all and everything else is rhetoric and a Hollywood staged floorshow. There is no sign of the relentless corpirate march in sight, whatsoever.
    And the left of Labor isnt going to do jack shit unless they overthrow Murdochs office.
    I would be suspicious of Hamilton Smiths moves. He is tied up with the war industry. And also means privvy to intel and moves in high places. I don’t think he gives two stuffs about Australians.
    Yet to prove that and giving him the chance, as most of our representation for many years, has been a bitter pill to find out.
    Malcolm Fraser is full of shit.
    Of course Abbott and his crew must go, and whatever plants replace them and quite a few matters amended.
    Keating’s words are used in the matter of ” Get Abbott.” As Biggy said, privatisation was done under him and much much more right wing liberal work has been performed by labour and strongly appears to be keeping up those extents and growing.
    The corpirates President sets it all in.
    A Federal ICAC also is easily administered as Presidential safeguard. And no different to Newmans version of political hits by his version of corruption watchdog in Qld.

    Canberra has slowly but surely moved away from the people. Slowly conditioning acceptance and training new generations to the chicken cages and glazed eyes.
    ( Electricity is going up again in Queensland by up to 30 %)

    You can always tell insanity and illness. They demand and inflict on others everything they abhor themselves and fear in madness reaction levels of the grossest pathetic, conniving evil. Deep seated and animalistic.
    Much is not making it to the public at present. On many matters. At some point, the people and those with a grounding of matters are going to have to try and organise a mass protest. I mean a mass. It will take some months but will be well worth it.

    Tell me, more than a decade since heights demolished public housing, people have and are dying of stress. Many more to come. There is nowhere for them to move or go other than be shot or bashed from sleeping homeless and hunted. Housing and infrastructure makes an economy and community. Industrial estates come with them as done apprenticeships etc etc. Perpetual motion. Why is this matter attacked and agenda’d to force more in the opposite direction? Other than enforcing Neo bullshit ethic. Or have i answered my own question.
    If housing is not addressed directly, everything else you hear is diversionary claptrap.


  10. driftwood12 says:

    Interesting reading Rodney’s piece on IA and the comments of Labor. Whom I can see no discerning of with Liberal or current long running agenda for the small percenters.
    Pre boom, as I watched and listened, the globe, the elites stuffing and setting up for the property boom, land scams run out of Labour offices among other things, incedently labor headed by Liberals across the range of frauds, corruptions, thuggery, murder, by so called labor people in monopolistic health ventures etc etc. In the lead up to the Iraq war.

    To this minute, there is no Labour party.
    I wrote to Howard a couple of times extolling stimulus packages , the climate, future and why and when and benefits.
    It seems to have become the new toy for Neo ethic. Who would think that this country is not, but is if only for some and that the soothing of corruption by Murdoch’s pets and the ilk was a farce while economies bypassed and still do, the people , our futures, community peace. Funnelled off, the boom for some. Under the corpirate, institution , privatisation fattening ethic. The ethic to bash and batter and connive and leave no choice but more of the same for as long as the ethic can be upheld and nations overpowered until Australians are sleeping and hiding in drains from the move on to where orders. See Chomsky’s vid on Rodney Lever’s page.
    I explained the killing ethic and Australians sufferings. Exampling second hand car dealers from another heavy era of corruption. There is money in drama. That was the motto. Rip a customer off with a dud and mechanically bodgied car and hit him again repairing it when they come back screaming. 2500 to 5500 for an 1800 dollar car that was dealed for no cost by suckering a trade. One good hit on a trade in, the rest are free on the roll. Business cost- actually there is none if done “properly”. Then charge them up to a grand getting the car right. Under official warranties too.
    I think they are running the country.

    Kevin took the stimulus further, a great Liberal. The few percenters got 30% richer under Kevin and Julia. The real power and power running this country had done the usual work.
    Latest figures show that actual growth has gone to a minority. Totally bypassing the people, as things are increasingly set up. In the US, heavily involved in conquor here, 95% of the economy has bypassed the people. The trick is running full steam here for more.
    There is nothing coming from heights, only silence and loud background running hits on the people and structures.
    I have been abused by lessor in anonymous hits out of the dark to stop giving them ideas.
    The wrong is not mine, or the opportunist directions that sound direction for all gets hijacked.
    Opportunists. Thats what an insurance agent of high standing called me when trying to confront the murdering abuse on my father and family and try and tell the public and of directions. I was calling the tricks shots . He was of Murdoch’s Liberal stable. Health industry.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Hey Jim 😀

      Mate, I’ve never come across an Insurance Agent of good standing, although I’m sure there are some? 😉

      And sadly there are way too many that are from Murdochs Liberal stable. 😯

      I’ve been all over the place myself for the last few weeks, with family issues, so I apologise for not responding sooner, or in more depth, but I only pop in to check, without having much time for anything else of late. 😦

      Hopefully things will settle over the next few weeks 😉

      Cheers 😀


  11. driftwood12 says:

    No worries truthy, been blogging for years and know what peoples time is. Some people would take great offence because no one answered their posts. I used to have to tell them that people were taking it into the mix and it doesn’t mean they’re being ignored.
    I ask you never feel any obliging to answer. It’s just a wall and i spray paint on it:) Never any offence taken here.
    Been a lot of water under the bridge since those days above and the turds turned my life upside down. I feel another hit coming on the people, being set up in background. And the bastards wouldnt dare to go there so openly pre boom. But after the years since , the cash flow above and the hits on the people, the heights expect it openly and brazenly.

    People would get a shock of the backgrounds and connivings of many in the insurance industry and it’s branches.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Jim, thanks for your understanding mate, but truth seekers is a friendly place for those of like mind, and I have always tried to reply to comments as much as possible, as I think it’s important that people know they’ve been heard, and if I can’t, someone else usually wii, but at the moment, Biggy’s away till the weekend, Cornie is also really busy, and many of our regulars are dealing with health issues as well. 😦

      Mate you are always welcome to post here :grin:;;

      Cheers 😀


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