Cast in bronze and gold plated… Is still a turd!

Cast in bronze and gold plated…Is still a turd!

Wink, wink, nudge, nudge?

Wink, wink, nudge, nudge?

Of late, at least some the MSM’s attention seems to be squarely focused on right wing nut-jobbery.

With ICAC exposing the LNP’s truly corrupt underbelly, and Fairfax working to limit the fallout from their culpability in deceiving the voters into believing that Abbott was the answer to the imaginary emergencies that he himself identified.   😯

The truth is that the only relevant question that Tony Abbott is the answer to, is:

Who’s the biggest lying dickhead in Canberra, and Murdoch’s puppet?

But I digress,   😀   Cos Abbott is not, and will not be cast in bronze, or gold plated; although he is a turd.

They did try rolling him in sparkle, but due to ministerial cuts, they could only afford bread crumbs, which certainly didn’t make him any more palatable to the public.   😉

And again… I digress   😯

No, the right wing nut-jobs that I’m referring to are Palmer and Turnbull.ClivePalmer_2517280b

Now I have to say that when Clive Palmer first came into view politically, I saw a man very much for his own agenda, self obsessed and with a personal vendetta against the QLD state LNP and Newman in particular (Which I thought was a great spectator sport).

But now, I actually think that Clive, (bless his little cashmere socks) has had a sort of epiphany,  and his self obsession has taken second place to his desire to be seen as the “Peoples Champion”, fighting for the poor and the downtrodden, whilst being a right royal pain in the arse for the mendacious Abbott and his despicable LNP. (Also a great spectator sport!   😀   )

Sadly he has turned his back on the white charger, for the slightly less credible red Mercedes Gull wing super car   🙄   but with hindsight, I suppose the only real equestrian option would be something like a draught horse   😯   Or a Ferrari?   😉

I’m not discounting the fact that up until recently, Palmer was a life member of the LNP, and its biggest donor.   And I still have serious reservations about his self declared level of altruism.

I also have real concerns about his senators, and alliances, but with little choice other than to sit back and watch what unfolds, I think for now, I will give him the benefit of the doubt, as it has the potential to be the best show in town.   😀

Turnbull on the other hand, has been performing like some overblown Shakespearian character, putting on a show designed to impress the likes of Julie Bishop (who gets a tad doe-eyed, watching him), and the other spoilt little rich kids of the LNP.

Now I know that there are those that will say that he’s a “Moderate”, and some who actually think he should be in the ALP, but that’s just, as Abbott would say, like CC… CRAP!

I will concede that Turnbull seems to have more of a belief in CC, than most of his colleagues, but as the old saying goes… “One swallow does not a summer make”, or in his case “Acknowledgement of the bleeding obvious, does not a progressive make”.

And for those from the left, who think that Turnbull has something to offer them, as leader of the LNP, I have two names for them from relatively recent history that prove Turnbull is where he should be, and among like minds, if not friends;  Godwin and Grech!

So let’s make no mistake:

Clive could possibly turn out to be exactly what we thought in the first place; a 24 ct, solid gold right wing nut-job, or he may astound us all and be a real champion of the people?  But either way Clive qualifies as solid gold.

But Turnbull, who has lied through his porcelain capped chompers, about the NBN, the state of the economy, and pretty much everything else IS a more moderate nut-job, but nevertheless, he’s still a NUT-JOB!

There’s an old expression used extensively WRT Abbott, that talks about not being able to polish a turd, but that holds true for Turnbull, cos he’s not been polished,  or rolled in glitter, and the truth is that ‘Dear old Malcolm’ despite being  Cast in bronze and gold plated… Is still a TURD!





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18 Responses to Cast in bronze and gold plated… Is still a turd!

  1. melaine says:

    Yep, that pretty much summons them both up… to a ‘T’
    Another excellent piece Truthie…
    Custard tart for your efforts 😀


  2. bighead1883 says:

    Flushed and TGFT because all those turds were smelling up the place Truthy.
    Clive IS the SHOWman
    He has the price of Admission for us all.
    And like Cornie I`m pushing my arse into the front row for a real good squizz 🙂
    Oh well done again :Tr 🙄 🙄 per Sn 🙄 🙄 per as you have the oil on them all 😀 😛 .


  3. bilko says:

    You’ve done it again Macain (oops truthy) My lad told me some time ago that Turdball is a nasty piece of work and amongst the worst on the noalition front bench. In fact I can not name one of the present guvmint members front or backbench worth being boss cocky, which is rather sad> Their is not an ounce of integrity amongst them(correction should be a milligram). Keep up the good work


  4. diannaart says:

    Long may Truthy distil right wing nut-jobs into a liquor for our entertainment and edification, in other words a type of schadenfreude. Anything that drops a spanner into the LNP is only good until we have a democracy once again.

    A word for each of the protagonists.

    Turnbull: Grech

    Palmer: Mining

    Each of these words points to their dark, dark hearts.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Dianna, thanks for your comment 😎 and kind words 😀

      And long may you continue to grace us with your thoughts, comments, humour and dare I say… Wisdom 😯

      Cheers 😀


  5. frontad84 says:

    Deputy Truss in defence of Abbott’s cancellation of meeting with some of the World’s most important Finance people who really mattered on a trip such as this said, “Because of his very busy schedule it is impossible for him to see everyone,” and yet once again showing his usual arsole form “Murdoch’s bride”, managed to “squeeze in” dinner with his sleazy billionaire husband whose only infamous claim is being wholly responsible for Abbott’s PM status.


  6. frontad84 says:

    We could have all jumped over the moon
    Had we not had that Abbott buffoon
    Fucking Australia
    With his bullshit and failure
    Let us pray he is dumped very soon.


  7. DanDark says:

    Says it all about this fed gov 🙂


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Dan, thanks for your comment 😎

      Yes mate, it’s not hard to see what their agenda is, for any of us that bother to open our eyes, in fact we warned everyone before the election, that this was the way it would go down 😦 but they didn’t listen 😡

      Cheers 😀


  8. frontad84 says:

    You are so right Truthie, as for myself I fail to understand why more of us didn’t wake up to the lying prick pre Election, even just watching his facial expression surely anyone with half a brain should have been able to see he was full of bullshit, hence a few of my own thoughts from back then:

    In his efforts the public to win
    Tony uses political spin
    But it all falls flat
    As the wing nutted rat
    Dribbles usual shit down his chin.

    Abbott’s agenda is plain
    And you do’nt need half of a brain
    To know his only ambition
    Is to reach top position
    And see his name in the hall of fame.

    With less personality than a gum tree
    Tony Abbott has the effrontory
    And also the gall
    To think we’ll all fall
    Into letting this wimp run our Country.

    Abbott’s really no man of conviction
    Careless handling of truth an affliction
    Blends lies with the facts
    Credibility lacks
    With his truth being stranger than fiction.

    Tony Abbott sure has a crust
    To be asking ,”Who do you trust”?
    From a self confessed liar
    Whose done nothing to inspire
    All Aussies should treat with disgust.

    Self confessed liar Mr Abbott
    Knocks everything just out of habit
    Bullshitting the mob
    Cause he wants the top job
    And Murdoch will help him to grab it.

    If that Liberal sleeze Tony Abbott
    Ever reaches the top we’ve all had it
    With his Bugs Bunny ears
    And his jeers and leers
    We’d be better off electing a rabbit


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