Said the Abbott to the experts…

Said the Abbott to the experts…

Talk about a wingnut   :lol:

Talk about a wingnut 😆


As you may have guessed from the title, this is another poem in the “Said the Abbott…” series, and as always, I have tried to cut through the superfluous, to get to the truly flawed thought processes of out illustrious PM and his despicable LNP.   😯

It did turn out to be a bit of an epic   (surely not   😉   )  but I hope, dear readers that you’ll persevere to the bitter end    😀

Said the Abbott to the experts…


Said the Abbott to the experts

All your claims are overblown

Cos we have our own, fine experts

Who are Liberal, and home grown

They tell me what I need to know

Without all of the bunkum

And if you think qualifications matters

Well they haven’t stopped lord Monkton


For education, Pyne’s our man

Always… wait it was never?

Always… wait it was never?

Though some say he’s a fool

I think he’s more than qualified

He even went to school   😯

He’ll turn our system right around

So all will have to pay

Unless you’re the PM’s daughter though,

Cos that’s the Liberal way


And to all those lefty students

That think protests are the go

Should understand that we don’t care

Cos we’re the ones that know

That education’s never free

And the poor just have to wear it

Cos education’s for the rich

And we’re not prepared to share it


As experts go, Scott Morrison

Has really got some cred

On Immigration he’s the best

He leaves them all for dead

No… Not asylum seekers

Though there has been one or two   😳

But you know; hey… Shit happens.

But our Scotty will see it through


He’s a man of great conviction

Napoleon Morrison

Napoleon Morrison

And integrity as well

Which is evident, as he sends “illegals”

To his immigration hell

He’s our very own Napoleon

As he sails our northern borders

To singlehandedly keep us safe

From those women and children marauders


Julie Bishop’s foreign affairs

Are something to behold

She’s a man after my own heart

Nerves of steel, and heart that’s cold

She’s a master of diplomacy

With her death stare there for backup

And with her right wing sense of humour

She’s a Liberal party crack-up.


Though some say she’s a bad jokeAAAJulie2

And she’s certainly not funny

They don’t understand a Liberal gag

Cos it’s all about the money

Just like our policy platform

It’s in our DNA

To have a chuckle at the poor

As we make the bastards pay


For Climate Change we have Greg HuntGreg Hunt+

He’s our man for all seasons

Who believes in Direct action

And won’t listen to your reasons

As to why you think it just won’t work

Cos he simply just knows better

And when it comes to our policy

He’ll implement it to the letter


And what you all don’t understand

Is that this is Greg Hunt’s calling

And it’s the economy not climate change

That means the sky is falling   😯

So we have to kill the carbon tax

Which is really just so bad

Cos polluters don’t like paying it

And it makes the wealthy sad


With Turnbull, here we have a man

Who invented the internet

And made himself a fortune

And he isn’t finished yet

He’s invested his own money

Running fibre out in France

But he say that fibre to the node

Is Australia’s only chance


We simply can’t afford the best

We’re going second rate

And we can’t afford to upset Rupes

Cos he’s our… media mogul mate

And high speed internet is fine

For those prepared to pay

But supporting Rupert’s Foxtel

Is again, the Liberals way


Joe Hockey is our treasurer



A man of pedigree

Who copped an unfair flogging

When he invented “Eleventy”

With Corman, his offsider

Who’s an intellectual beggar

But he sells our agenda, like a Liberal truth bender

In a voice like Schwarzenegger



They are a most formidable team

To run the economy

And our budget is designed to help

Support the LNP

We’ll make the wealthy richer

While the poor can just get stuffed

Cos it’s all about the mega bucks

And Keeping Rupert chuffed


Said the experts to the Abbott

You run a party full of fools

Who are all about the bottom line

A bunch of Murdoch’s tools

And it’s not an experts hat you wear

But a simple sceptics cap

And the truth is it’s not climate change

But you that’s really crap!



Abbott CC




About Truth Seeker

Musician singer/songwriter, guitar teacher.
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31 Responses to Said the Abbott to the experts…

  1. kate ahearne says:

    Lovely, Truthie. I don’t know how you do it!


  2. Brilliant. 🙂


  3. Florence nee Fedup says:

    Abbott said, he will continue to visit Murdoch, as it is a part of his job,. Pray, can someone tell me why this is so. As David Marr said this morning, if cameras are present at the Obama visit, why not the Murdoch, which is behind closed doors.

    Yes, Abbott has a new campaign, the do the work of the Tea Party in the good old USA, telling Obama, he and the experts are wrong. Sorry Tony, coal is already yesterday’s fuel, with little future. You cannot hold back the tide. Another lost clause, I am afraid.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Florence, thanks for your comment 😎

      So Abbott recons we pay him to keep Murdoch in the official loop? W…T…F…? 😯

      Cheers 😀


    • driftwood12 says:

      After all these years of fraud on the Australian people( that’s probably the Austrian people to our illustrious leader) the truth comes out and they force it and their little survival trick- Murdochracy- down our throats as a given of governence rule and righteous. Head office- corporate spying regime given free reign in underhanded silence into every aspect of everyones lives and to a self stuffing sick ilks advantage for decades.
      Of course pretending that it was never meant to be a tactic.

      I’ve found more on the little hit on me on the coast concerning the approaches some of you may be familiar with that were somewhat detailed on IA site. Brough’s car, Clives guy, SAS, new roundabouts through koala parks, the protestors, cops, Newman’s Cmc changes, mining on Stradbroke. Intimate knowledge of personal conversation on that day has come through a relative. Presently aquiring the source. Bait comes back firmly attatched to a line:)
      Other events is that one of my vehicles in Perth was handed over to those scamming me and running and involved in the WA matter of farms without a receipt in late sept/ nov last year. I would suggest it was because and after i was continuing vocalising on the matter on IA letting the cat out of the bag. (I have copped that many times before, a pummelling. )That i was already monitored hacked and toyed with and authority already knew of the matter and long before a thorough brief background of the matter and state corruption in WA was handed to the ABC by me. Incedently, i’ve been in no position monetarily or health wise to get back to WA to try and gather my belongings otherwise i would have been there. I had dealed and aquired enough over there by way of vintage cars enough to fund my way into small business and off the pension.

      The heights that gave us the fraud of the Whitlam dissmissal and murder of my Father and destruction of the Fly River are still highly active. The ilk, the players, the ethic, the excuses, the greed and corruption.
      I believe the person who gave me up from the newsroom may be a blonde girl. I think it would be interesting to know who passed or baited that info to her to get back to the perpertraitors to start going to work onto me and scam my belongings, dose my bus engine with bolts , smash my laptop and leave me having to vacate in a small car with my clothes back east. I was being monitored and all was heard of my situation and all going on by phone calls to my mother back east whom i had to tell of my situation of the goings on of the farms and scamming on me.
      I saw that movement had begun on the matter. A Woolworths head had been sacked and a couple of lines came out on it in the media but not what for. That was supposed to be the end of the matter as if it was being addressed. Not enough for me. I passed info to the ABC. No one has approached me over the matter though the ABC said they will have to pass the info to police and authority. I said no worries, i’ve had much worse. But i am getting tumbled and punished for it.
      As usual and repeatedly.
      What comes of any matter, crime , crime on public, is always turned to favour of those doing it furthering their agenda. Murdoch and co and who they’re tied with never fail.
      To be continued.


      • Truth Seeker says:

        Hey Jim 🙂 Thanks for your comment 😎

        Cheers 😀


        • driftwood12 says:

          Do worries Truthy, your prose is always valid to accuracy. Presently watching the stage show in Qld with the little dictator still sprouting off trying to roll and hide in conquered biker glory. Guess we’ll never hear the end of it with him. Everything gets back to that. Stradbroke Island- wooooooooo the bikers, donations, wooooooooooooo the bikers, the bad bikers. When crime rises back with a vengance and underground in Qld, Cambell will be long gone with a pension and his rich family.
          And we’ve got the US going green and Clive and Gina given the green light for coal. Of course Obama must distance himself. And the Clive show amongst a lot of other learnt US theatre has kept sanity and overseeing off many moves especially Gina’s and dredging etc .
          At present I keep getting Labor party mails of the most peurile content. Wanting money for bumper stickers etc. Why dont they get one of the corporates or mates they hand out overstuffed contracts to, or Kevin, or Gough, or Julia or Kim Beazley or Beattie?
          The people they represent cant afford it. It all rings bells with greenpeace or Avarez or change .org etc. A lot of these orgs are just a bit too close to heights for my likings.
          And we have libs berating present Liberal tactics, distancing of course to save the party for later and of course Labour wont undo anything the Libs have done damaging to the lower unless its contrived public placation like giving us rent assistance for Woolw8rths to raise there prices three weeks before or the rent goes up.
          So, so much for Hewson sprouting a pensionnrise should be happening.
          Electricity is going up again by up to 30 percent. Public housing has gone up and word is that there will be no public housing by 2020 . Well it will happen quicker than that and even by 2020, there will be no housing in the private sector to replace it. And definately not with current monopolising practices.
          One other matter being kept in the dark is Clives Casino on the Sunshine Coast so that matter is simmering on the backburner with a vengance.
          While the quality of copper is getting poorer because easy to get to surface deposits are drying up, it’s said nickel will be fine for quite a while so I guess Clive is only treading water there with competition. Newman gave a Chinese guy rights to casino in Cairns so i’ve been told and Clive isnt happy about that. But who wants another Gold Coast shit pit grown on the Sunshine coast? If one is to come at all, it should be Hervey Bay or somewhere else up that way and some thought not cronyism applied to the spot and town and environmental planning.

          So prepare for a further stage show and public frauds on many fronts. One like John said on IA too. Lets see if the judicary bypass Carmody’s inaugeration.
          The corruption of 1975 continues unabated and engined on Jackboots.


  4. diannaart says:


    Have Tweeted and FB’d.

    Maintaining the rage gets exhausting – good to have a larf!


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Hey Dianna, thanks for your comment 😎 and all your continued support 😀

      Yes it can be exhausting 😉 But we have to keep going 🙂

      Hope the weather has been good to you 😀

      Cheers 😀


  5. bilko says:

    Truthy you must be due for Poetic Laureate whatever.
    With the dole for the up to age 30ties coming in, Abbort has his green army which can be 6mths on /off cheep as chips, willing to do anything just to feed themselves. The new slave class in our classless society?. It took a few years for me to being ashamed of Howard’s Australia but just a few days with this clown. As PJK remarked “God help Australia” amen


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Bilko, thanks for your comment 😎 and kind words 😀

      Mate, I’m with you 😉 It took but a few hours, and I was already embarrassed for Australia, and angry every time I saw him representing us 😡

      Cheers 😀


  6. DanDark says:

    No truer words spoken poem
    That exposes these minions
    And all it takes to be total tools
    With no real education 😉


  7. frontad84 says:

    As Abbott makes our future look bleaker
    Thank the lord that we have Truth Seeker
    With his brilliant verse
    Re the Liberal curse
    And their aim to make us all weaker.


  8. bighead1883 says:

    Excellent again Truthy 😎 I do notice the necessary sarcasm getting a bit, more comical M8 🙂 .
    Abbott`s full of greenhouse gas alright and so are the rest of the LNP fartlets 👿


  9. Graeme Henchel says:

    Smokin Joe and the mendacious monk
    Announced a budget that really stunk
    Ever since they’ve been on the back foot
    Their Tea Party dream is all but kaput

    First they concocted a crisis of debt
    A dodgy audit echoed the threat
    Labor, they said, was the party at fault
    So all of their promises could be in default

    The “Age of Entitlement” is soon to be over
    But not for rich who will still live in clover
    The burden it seems will be foist on the poor
    The unemployed, pensioners, students and more

    Their budget has gone like a lead balloon
    Their popularity lies in ruin
    The public have never seen such deceit
    Where white is black and bitter is sweet

    Now they are trying reverse class war
    Gee up the middle class against the poor
    This latest ploy will be counterproductive
    Their ideology is self-destructive.

    Problem is they’ve told too many lies
    Listened too much to the IPA dries
    Now every time they open their mouth
    The opinion polls go further south

    Smokin Joe and the mendacious monk
    Have seen all credibility really sunk
    The time has come for the only solution
    The time has come for a double dissolution


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Graeme, Welcome to truth seekers, 😀 and thanks for your comment 😎

      They really are the gift that keeps giving 😉

      Good work, and well done 😀

      I hope you can join our conversations again 🙂

      Cheers 😀


  10. frontad84 says:

    In my 85 years I’ve not seen
    A Lib Party so bloody obscene
    Devoid of all shame
    Always laying the blame
    Onto others they try to demean.


  11. consider says:

    Another good one for the collection M8.
    It`s a bit of a worry though for the ALP and Shorten personally. With the bad reception the budget is getting, one would think that the polls would improve, but the opposite is happening.
    To help the polls on their downward slide, some idiot in the ALP has decided now is a good time to let these clowns off the hook by introducing a change in the asylum seekers policy.
    Do it by all means, but surely not now when Hockey is on the ropes trying to sell his rotten and unfair budget
    I don`t know Truthy but I feel within the ALP the inmates are running the institution.
    I`M going for a walk on my patio.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Consider,thanks mate 😀 and I’m feeling it too with the ALP 😦 but absolutely no lumping allowed 😉

      Hope you and Considerette are well 😀

      Cheers mate 😀


  12. consider says:

    We’re both well thanks Truthy 🙂 Hope your paperwork has been sorted out satisfactorily. Hope the weather isn’t too much of a hassle for you.

    Don’t worry about the lumping 😀 It’s under control. 😀



  13. Tony Abbott the mendacious monk is easy to despise
    He is always breaking promises and telling porky pies

    He came to power by telling lies about the carbon tax
    He thinks that climate change is crap, he just ignores the facts

    He speaks in three word slogans and scripted short sound bites
    It’s clear that he’s got no ideas except for Dames and Knights

    He gets his is orders from billionaires via the IPA
    Like Tea Party republicans he loves the Ayn Rand way

    It’s not only the lies he tells, it’s the values he reveals
    Protect the rich and screw the poor, to pay back grubby deals

    The Mendacious monk is getting worse as lies come home to roost
    Oh what delicious irony his pain is self induced

    Smokin’ Joe’s budget was the straw that broke the peoples back
    It’s based on lies and so unfair, the poor won’t take the whack

    Their litany of lies extends as panic settles in
    The Murdoch press can’t save them it will all end in chagrin

    Tony Abbott the mendacious monk has long since jumped the shark
    With his cabinet of sycophants, they’re pissing in the dark


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