Phoney Tony, Lying Liberals and other political animals.

Phoney Tony, Lying Liberals and other political animals.

As I watched TV reports of  the arrivals at the “Mid Winter Ball”, I had a revelation MWB1regarding Margie Abbott:

Whilst watching her glaringly obvious display of bad taste and bad judgement, “The Abbott”, amble down the hallway with his trade mark “Neanderthal” gait, I suddenly understood the reason for Margie’s, IMHO, less than flattering, short hair style choice.

Cos instead of walking down the hallway hand in hand, if her hair were longer, in true neanderthal tradition, she’d be dragged down there by said hair!   😯

The only saving grace being that unlike many Premier events, there is no red carpet, but rather tiles, which have a much better drag coefficient, and therefore are much more user friendly for both dragger, and draggee,  cos as all neanderthal women know… those carpet burns can be a real bugger!   😥

And while on the subject of said ball, I know that the “Dinner Auctions” are to raise money for charity, a more than worthy set of causes, and I also know that “Get up” were bidding for the right to have dinner with the Abbott, with the aim to “Get” right “up” in his face and basically ask him why he’s such a knob?   An action I can fully understand, appreciate and see some real value in.   😉

However, I really fail to see value for anyone else (Even Margie and the girls), in having dinner with the Abbott, much less paying $$$ for the… Privilege   🙄   unless of course you are;

  1. An anthropologist, looking for the missing link?   😯   Cos after all… Many Abbott1+independent observers around the world , according to Alan Austin from IA, have concluded that (My paraphrase   😉  ); Diplomatically, politically, mentally, emotionally and physically, he is a veritable smorgasbord  of missing links!
  2. A sadistic right wing nut-job who has three, poorly paid, left wing employees, that he wants to further torture?

Number two on the prize list was dinner with Bill Shorten and Tanya Plibersek, and I’m sure that many would double their bid for this one, if there was an option for leaving Bill outside… in the cold?… A win for charities and Australia?   😀

Next came the “PM’s 11” cricket match followed by the the master of the “Conrovian” quip,  Turdball, in his black Chinese jacket looking like the dark side of the “king and I” and his partner in crime (   😉   ) the Junior Bishop, who sometimes pretends to be a “Foreign” Minister (although I think “Alien Minister” would be more appropriate, as she shows little in the way of good “Human” traits!   😯   ).  And what a dinner that would be, with Bishop adoringly transfixed on the bard of the LNP, as he performs his “Turdbullion” soliloquy (Cos he loves to hear his own voice), and like Julie, he also thinks he’s just fabulous!   😯

Then came the only pollie dinner that would IMHO be worth paying to go to, as just MWB4watching Clive eat would be a great spectator sport, (Like watching a Great White, in a feeding frenzy, or having a front row seat for some other rarely seen, natural event!   😯  ) and if you get sick of hearing about his new political career, you could change the subject to dinosaurs, or that other great example of human success… The Titanic?   😯

The only other political dinners on offer were with the Greens (which would be a real problem for me, as  my mothers words would be ringing in my ears, “When having dinner, make sure you eat all your “Greens!”   😯   ), and with some members of the Press gallery, that are at least in part responsible for giving us the worst PM and government in history.   😡

So all in all, I think the smartest thing to bid on unless you’re a sporting tragic, would be the Qantas overseas trip, where you could lie low, hide your embarrassment at being an Aussie, and stay away until a DD is called ( we live in hope   😉  ), or 2016, cos if you fear for your mental and or physical health, that would be the easiest way of dealing with the anger, frustration, embarrassment and high blood pressure caused by:

Phoney Tony, Lying Liberals and other political animals.

The only time hAbbott's not lying

The only time Abbott’s not lying


(Please feel free to enlighten me as to who else might want to torture themselves at dinner, with Abbott, Turdball and Bishop, clive, or the greens?   😉   )


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10 Responses to Phoney Tony, Lying Liberals and other political animals.

  1. Russ says:

    Top Job Truthy, Love your work, also I grabbed a beer from your fridge on the way through from your lounge.
    By the way , your fridge is running a little too cold and makes holding the bottle uncomfortable. Any chance of providing bottle warmers?

    Cracking effort mate.


  2. DanDark says:

    Mutton oops Margie dressed up as lamb, did she get dressed in the dark, I think she did
    Mr No the resident Neanderthal, knuckle dragging Nigel No Friends
    Turds in black suits, that have no idea, only to do Saint Vinnnies advertising on morning TV
    Jiving Clive the mining magnate, and now he can shake that lard ass quite well.
    Fugly Miss J Bishop, nothing will help her, never had it, and never will.

    Okay I am off to take my medication, is it me or is it them?
    Oh that’s right I don’t need medication to make me look/think normal 🙂
    Thanks for this Truthie,
    Made my day 😉


  3. bighead1883 says:

    OH Ma-ma———-,what`s Abeet——–a –don—a —-for me
    OH Ma-ma ———Ima sad ess I can be
    OH Ma-ma ———gotta getta this mana away from me
    SO Ma-ma———-epsom salts the son ofa beech for me
    and you —-and him—– and soooooooooooooooooooon


  4. frontad84 says:

    Abbott may be top of the pile
    Is he popular? Not by a mile
    What could he really expect
    When the slimy insect
    Once championed a Priest Paedophile

    Ninety percent of comments in Facebook
    Don’t give the Mad Monk a good look
    Many fans must now wonder
    About their boneheaded blunder
    In electing the glib lying crook.

    Each time I see Abbott I curse
    And start in to writing crude verse
    For can’t help being rude
    About that rotten dude
    And his zoo who daily get worse


  5. driftwood12 says:

    Very observant Truthy.
    I think we get so many lies off this one because the countries direction and of that of it’s wealth is absolutely none of the publics business. Back to your treadmills peasants.
    For a supposed man of god , i see something else coming to light. The 1960’s private schoolboy type. Men only. The headkickers clubs. That still work behind the scenes smug and immune to policing or exposure and arranging politics and the country to suit for themselves and owner clients. The internet has daunted them like rabbits under a spotlight, but, like Rupert, it’s only a minor miscomfort until they shape the world again to their way of turning and thinking.
    Marges hair has been a latest fashion of the rich celebrity teenage Hollywood set and probably about to burst into more common usage. Was only reading of it a couple of weeks ago on a twenty year old.
    Of the night out, all i can think of is the song of the Seekers- and we’ll live in a world of our own that no one else can share…..
    The majority have no place in it. It is owned by other.
    Nations get bombed , wiped out and assaulted but nothing gets addressed or by voting of this hijacking of our own nation by a malignant pack of hammock swingers for decades.
    The internet has stripped back the facades to the cusp to find the hard bare truth.
    This set and controlling institutions are immovable by any force made available to the public.
    Since the spying regime began in ernest and 9/11, they have thrived in unimaginable wealth and power and it is not in a circle to benefit the nation but themselves. That’s the bare bones of it laid out for all to see. Governence doesnt want to talk about it. There is far too much life for them to serve it. The effort to provide safe passage for all by explanation falls on fruitless ears. Unless the matter is used as a scam or ruse on the public to lull into a false sense of security for another hit and excursion into pain paying for comfort above.
    And on it goes.
    I read Biggies mail to the Labour party, i hope he isn’t the only one with an eye on that and they hear and feel it from all directions.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Morning Jim 😀 and thanks for your comment 😎

      Yes mate, we have the most self serving government I’ve ever seen, and that’s saying something 😯 not to mention the most dishonest and most incompetent and sadly they’re their good points 😉 it’s all down hill from there! 🙄

      Cheers mate 😀


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