The Prince of Budgie Smugglers!

The Prince of Budgie Smugglers! Abbott's mankini

And as the Bard may have put it:

“Alas poor Australia, who knew not Abbott’s felashio!   😯   And while tis foisted upon us to suffer the slings and arrows of Gina and Rupert’s outrageous fortune, we should expect no less than the maudlin cries of the suffering masses, under the relentless onslaught from…

The Prince of Budgie Smugglers.

The Prince of Budgie Smugglers

Likes riding on his pushie

He says, he likes the country roads

Where people are all… “Bushie”,

And he likes to hear from country folk

About their needs and troubles!

Which he promptly then dismisses

When producing his thought bubbles


He thinks that wearing “Budgies”

Makes him look all big and bold

Like our very own Vlad Putin

Except when the weather’s cold   😯

But it serves to prove conclusively

Of class, the man’s bereft

And though he’s politically rabid right

His “Budgie”, is leaning left!


The Prince of Budgie smugglers

Is a Liberal for all seasons

Until it’s time to change his mind

For ideological reasons!   😉

Then the athlete rears its ugly head

And he starts a floor routine

Of backflip after backflip

Like he’s on a trampoline!


But it’s not only his backflips

That he’s taken to new heights

He can fit a dozen porkies

Into media sound bites

And he’ll never answer questions

And he’ll never tell the truth

And he doesn’t hear the experts

Even when they have the proof!


The Prince of Budgie Smugglers

Thinks, an Iron man, he’ll be

And a runner and a leader

Of the rabid LNP

But the only iron on display

Is that inside his nut

That’s wrapped around his little brain

And keeps it rusted shut


It might be the salt water

Cos we know he likes his swimmin’

Or it could be that it’s just seized up

Trying to prove that he “Gets” women

Either way the truth is plain to see

He isn’t fit to do the job

And he isn’t here to save us,

He’s a lying little knob


The Prince of Budgie Smugglers

For an athlete… isn’t fast

Cos his ears create a wind break

So he’s always running last

Like a metaphor for his politics

He’s a leader for our time

Which is true if we are living

Around 1939


So you may be the Prince of Budgies

And a smuggler through and through

A liar and a bloody cheat

And full of cattle poo

And you think you’re really clever

But your lies have now been spotted

So instead of getting knighted

Just get well and truly knotted


And you think you are a PM

But you lack the poise and class

And the diplomatic know how

So you’re not a PM’s arse

And you think you are an athlete

But we think you are a tyke

So shove your party up your budgies

And piss off… on yer bike!



Sometimes it feels like shooting fish in a barrel   😉



About Truth Seeker

Musician singer/songwriter, guitar teacher.
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34 Responses to The Prince of Budgie Smugglers!

  1. kate ahearne says:

    Bloody hell, Truthie. What a hoot. Very difficult to choose a bestest bit, Loved your take on the Bard, though,
    Maybe ‘Like a metaphor for his politics

    He’s a leader for our time

    Which is true if we are living

    Around 1939’
    Or maybe just ‘Piss off on yer bike.”


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Morning Kate 😀 and thanks for your comment 😎

      I’m glad you enjoyed it, as it was supposed to be just a bit of fun, peppered with some salient home truths 😉

      Yes they are some of my fave lines too 😀

      And I hope all is good for you down in Tassie? 🙂

      Cheers 😀


  2. driftwood12 says:

    That one’s song material. A hell of a jingle and vid parody 🙂


  3. DanDark says:

    Yes I would put some music to that Truthie
    It could almost become Australia’s new national anthem
    Because the one now, is a big lie, Advance Australia Fair
    Did I miss something because the fair has been missing for years
    Gina and Rupert pinched it, Gina could of ate it, Rupert would of married it
    Tony will try to blame Labor for the missing fair, but we all know
    We will be back to singing God Save the Queen
    whilst Tones names his new knights and dames
    Australia the land of hard knocks, except if you are a fat cat….


  4. bighead1883 says:

    YUP that does it for me,whew I feel better now 😛


  5. DanDark says:

    Life is like a box of chocolates
    Except Gina ate Australia’s box 😦


  6. diannaart says:

    Yet again you’ve done the trick;
    ‘Rabid’ truly is a dick.


  7. frontad84 says:

    As well as his Catholic Credos
    Abbott tries to show off his Libidos
    Like the Macho display
    Demonstrated one day
    When he stuffed a big sock in his Speedo’s

    This is an old one but you can always find something in the archives to fit as he never seems to change from being an arsole.


  8. consider says:

    Another good one Truthy.
    I reckon the reason we don`t see the idiot swimming lately is that he is frightened his newly acquired wig will wash off.
    With the poor reception his budget is receiving, watch for the Wedge politics start to ramp up.
    Cheers mate.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Consider, thanks for that mate 😀

      Yes, it’d be great to be a fly on the wall, at some LNP meetings, as the wheels come off altogether… along with his wig! 😉

      Cheers 😀


  9. frontad84 says:

    Truthie you mention your Birthday near the end of July and I am sure all of your fans would like to send greetings on the day so how about the date ?
    I am particularly interested as my 85th is on the 27th July and wondering if the same as your own.


  10. frontad84 says:

    And unfortunately for me I have beaten you by 26yrs as well.


  11. Florence nee Fedup says:

    As Shortens asks, why does the PM lie, then lies about lying?

    As Lyndal Curtis has just said, it is back to the future, an time when it was all about carbon. tax.

    Shame that more than half the people now believe there should be a cost on carbon emissions. As Short just said, we are now back to one track Tony, We have Abbot repeating al e lies, in a repeat speech of the past. The RET is also indanger.,

    Abbott has decided that the budget is no longer to be discussed. He is more interested in stopping those Jihads, just as stopped the boats.

    One could say, yes back to the past. Not sure if it is 1839 at least.

    Now we are in for more lies. Look like they are now out to kill the renewal industry.

    As Hewso0n has asked of Abbott, here are the jobs coming from.



    • Truth Seeker says:

      Florence, thanks for your comment 😎

      Yes, another look over there moment, so as to avoid the real issues… and there are plenty of real issues. 🙄

      Abbott’s idea of renewables is to “Renew” the depleting stockpiles of coal by digging more out of the ground 😯

      What A KNOB! 😉

      Cheers 😀


  12. my say says:

    What really makes me mad is that PUP are going to agree with Abbott and scrap the carbon tax,
    Why wont they take notice of all the experts ,instead of the sceoptics,DONT THEY HAVE CHILDREN,
    the PUP will be a one term party just as Abbotts is going to be ,


  13. frontad84 says:

    Never trusted Palmer in fact wrote this one before the Elections

    I wonder and just can’t believe
    In Palmer and what’s up his sleeve
    I’ll bet raisins to dates
    He and Tone are still mates
    And he’ll ultimately help him achieve


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Frontad84, thanks for another fine limerick 😀

      Mate If, as it appears, he has Al Gore on board, I’m prepared to give him the benefit of the doubt 😯 and I have to say I felt exactly the same as you until recently, but I have this strange feeling that Clive is, himself, warming to the idea of him being the peoples champion 😯

      He may well turn out to be the surprise packet of this electoral cycle 😉 only time will tell????? 😀

      Cheers 😀


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