There’s little justice in the court of public opinion!

There’s little justice in the court of public opinion!ditch the witch

How can anyone expect justice, when their future is determined by the likes of Murdoch et al?

Julia Gillard is a classic example of what the power of the media can do.

Abbott and Murdoch conspired with other RWNJ’s like Bolt and Jones, to paint Julia as a liar, and they succeeded in that quest which was, in truth, nothing more than just a crude grab for power.

The great irony is:   “The message” that one alleged “Lie”, which itself was a lie, changed the minds of many, and

imagesconsequently the future direction of the Nation, by replacing a good, though badly, and falsely, maligned PM, for one that is trulyAbbott bored the most despicable, dishonest and incompetent PM, leading the most despicable and dishonest cabinet, this country has ever seen.

And if the alleged carbon “tax” lie, was  an indictable  offence, I would venture to suggest that there is no way  Julia would have got a fair trial, and would most likely have been found guilty by a jury of her peers!

imagesLikewise Slipper and Thomson, who were both targeted by the LNPCT1 and Murdoch’s propaganda machine, purely for the sake of bringing down a duly elected government.

Sadly though, these issues aren’t restricted to Australia, as in the last week we saw Rebekah Brookes found not guilty on charges relating to the hacking of voice mails; which says a lot about the system , and even more about her, as she is either;Brookes

  1. A liar?
  2. Incompetent at her job?

Now I know that she is very close to Murdoch, and I find it inconceivable that she would be one of his most trusted lieutenants, without knowing WTF was going on in the papers that she was responsible for?

We also saw Coulson found guilty of similar charges, and appears now to be the fall guy for the management team.

SavileWe have also seen the media have a field day with the Jimmy Saville revelations, which, with the “Guilty” verdict against Rolf Harris, must have many rock stars and celebs, seriously concerned about the  heady days of the 60’s and 70’s, and the number of possible accusers waiting in the wings, to jump on the band wagon (pardon the pun), in search of the possible gravy train of compo claims.   😯

Now I know that many will be outraged at the mere suggestion that maybe some, if not all of these claims are spurious, but let’s take a step back from the very real, albeit emotive, issue of pedophilia,  and  look at a few realities.

Jimmy Saville was undoubtedly a sexual predator, who used and built his celebrity to indulge his sick and despicable sexual fantasies, with little or no regard for his victims.   👿

As a kid in England, I witnessed the rise of Saville, and took an instant dislike to him, as all I saw was a  relatively talentless man, who played the celebrity card for all its worth, and a sleazy disgusting man with a very dark side.   😯   As a consequence, I was not at all surprised by the revelations about his exploits.

I also witnessed the rise of Rolf Harris, who though a bit dorky, was an incrediblyRolf talented artist/singer/performer, and one that, unlike Saville (who was pretty much a celebrity for celebrities sake), was actually deserving of his celebrity.

At this point, I have to say that I’m not declaring guilt or innocence WRT Harris, as I, like most don’t know the truth about what happened, but there are definitely aspects of the case against him that raise questions about the process that brought about the guilty verdict.

LeeFirstly, I saw the original ACA report on the accusations by Tonya Lee, and my very first reaction to her, which was echoed by Mrs Truthy, was “Me thinks she doth protest too much!”

Again, I don’t know what happened, but it appeared to us that the level of emotional distress displayed was grossly disproportionate to the claims being made.

Now maybe that will be seen as unfair, cos we’re all different, and react to circumstances in different ways, but in my defence, I have had a lot of personal experience with people who have suffered sexual, emotional and physical abuse, as well as mental illness, and based on that experience, I found her less than believable.

But my main concern was that the seeds of doubt about Harris were planted in the minds of many, long before the claims were tested in a court of law.    And with the RC on child abuse and pedophilia in general taking centre stage in the media both here and across the world; that one program, along with the outrage over Saville, set the ground work for the subsequent guilty verdict that was handed down, in the Harris case, whether he is guilty or not!

Now many will ask the question:

“What possible motive could these women have for lying?”

Well let me reiterate; I, like the vast majority, don’t know what happened, cos we weren’t there, but we’ve all heard of the danger of ” A woman scorned”.       Most know about “Chinese whispers”, most also know how a child can embellish  a story to gain a personal advantage (like not getting into trouble, or to hurt someone that they have a grudge against, or just don’t like).

What a winker

What a winker

We also have a “PriMe” example of  a so called adult, who actually seems to believe the lies he tells (Tony), and there’s been much commentary about: if you tell yourself something often enough it can become your reality.

And we ourselves have had much discussion about the Nazi school of propaganda that has been the template for, and instrumental in: the downfall of government, and the rise of the rabid right.

As most that know me know, I’m a passionate advocate for true Justice, and if someone is guilty of a crime, then I believe they should pay the relevant and appropriate penalty, but I have serious doubts that there is much “True” Justice seen, when the media are:

  1. Looking for any distractions from their own corruption and duplicity.
  2. Looking to sensationalise a story, not in the public interest, but rather their own self interest.
  3. Still trying to create the news rather than just reporting it.
  4. Working hard to try and control the hearts and minds of  the people, for the sake of their own warped agendas.

The truth is that with the influence the media wields, at the behest of their moguls, and the effluence they try to pass off as good, fair and decent reporting, the only conclusion that I can come to is:

There’s little justice in the court of public opinion!


Rupert "The Pirate" Murdoch, Puppet Master

Rupert “The Pirate” Murdoch, Puppet Master



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78 Responses to There’s little justice in the court of public opinion!

  1. Florence nee Fedup says:

    TT, probably one of their worse action s was the opposition they put up against the Malaysian Solution, preventing Labor from putting any scheme in place, that could have stopped those boats quicker. It was a more well though out policies than we have now. It involved all in the region, allowing many more to come without getting on the boats.

    The tears and dramatics from the Coalition in both houses should be replayed. This government should also be condemned from outlawing all the Expert Commission came up with.

    Now they claim that Labor did naught, when the truth is, this government PREVENT#ED any action from being taken.

    It Rudd had got back into power, they would now be condemning both Nauru and Manus Island.

    They have done very little, except focus on turning back boats, at the expense of our relationship with Indonesia., They ignored the PNG scheme until there was a riot, leading to one death, and up to fifty serious injuries. Not much has seen to be done even now,

    Morrison has wiped his hands of any responsibilities, saying it is the problem of Nauru and PNG.

    What in the hell is going on now, one can only wonder. I suspect they will end up in Cambodia.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Florence, yes, they weren’t too worried about stopping the deaths at sea, when a real option was on the table, they were only interested in playing the dirtiest of all games of politics, using their faux moral outrage as an excuse to block a proposal that included all the main players. 👿

      Cheers 😉


  2. Florence nee Fedup says:

    TS, justice and respect for the law, has no place or respect with tyhis government,. They are a law unto themselves.


  3. kate ahearne says:

    Feeling a bit uncomfortable about this one, Truthie. I think you might be in murky waters with Rolf Harris. Let’s wait and see if he appeals. Yes, these women may all have lied, but lots of others are coming forward now. Of course, plenty of people will have opinions about this, but lots of people had opinions about Lindy Chamberlain, too – she did sort of look like a liar! Not quite a perfect match with the public’s idea what a grieving mother should look like?


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Kate, I’m not saying, and have never said he’s innocent or guilty, and likewise I’ve never said any of the women are lying, all I’m saying is that there is a problem about getting true justice, when shows like ACA and the media in general are chasing the sensational prior to accusations being tested in a court of law?

      I’m also watching daily the apparent hysteria being shown by people who are happily withdrawing and destroying the legacy of a lifetimes work, on a claims made from 20- 30 years ago, which may well be tainted by time, and more importantly the self motivated intervention of the media!

      As I have said many times, I don’t know what happened, and the vast majority don’t either, but many have set themselves up as judge, jury and executioner, based on what may well turn out to be a badly tainted case!

      As far as the new claims coming out now, after the court has found him “Guilty”, and at the same time as there is talk about civil action for compensation, smacks of gross opportunism, when the case has been running for many months with plenty of opportunity for other claimants to come forward.

      I just get the distinct feeling that the pubic reactions are disproportionate to the situation, when even before he has had the chance to appeal, they are removing his paintings, his home town has disowned him, removing him from the Aria hall of fame etc…

      And how many times have the courts got it wrong?

      And even if he does get cleared on appeal, his life, and his reputation are stuffed!

      Cheers. 😉


      • kate ahearne says:

        I can’t disagree with any of the points you make here, and yes, there has been indecent haste in getting rid of the paintings when he may very well decide to appeal. And yes, he’s a very talented man, but that’s beside the point, surely. And yes, his reputation is down the toilet, – if he’s innocent, that’s a tragedy. As you say, courts do get it wrong sometimes.
        I suppose that what I felt was that your article didn’t really have the feel of a fully thought-through piece of writing.
        I’ve been in trouble in the past – knowing that I was onto something, but perhaps not realizing that I really needed to do a much better job of making my case – I just hadn’t thought through all the repercussions. Got into quite a bit of trouble on one particular occasion, with letters to the editor of one of the major dailies and other stuff.. Whoops. I still think I was right in my ideas, but wrong in the way I presented them.
        Anyhow, I love your dedication and your work and hope you will forgive me for not being quite in full agreement once in a while.


        • Truth Seeker says:

          Kate, nothing to forgive 🙂

          I knew from the outset that there would be many that would disagree with my views, but I honestly believe in what I have said, and my intention is only to make people take a step or two back, and think outside the news cycle.

          I think the principles that should apply here are:

          1. There but for the grace of God go I.
          2. Judge not lest ye be judged.
          3. Treat people how you would like to be treated yourself.

          The main principles that I try to live by.

          Cheers 🙂


          • kate ahearne says:

            Thanks, Truthie. I’ll belt up now and let others have a say,


            • diannaart says:

              Thank you Kate.

              Truthie, there are many people out there who were young, naive teenagers – if and when we did speak out we were not taken seriously by both men AND women.

              Comments like “you wish” when I did dare to complain.

              I am not going to comment much – however, I do wish that many good men could at least try to walk a mile in the shoes of a trusting teenage girl.

              I have good reason to believe the rate of sexual abuse of girls and boys, women in general and older women in nursing homes is far greater than the accepted 1 in 3.

              I have been abused enough and I have weakened myself on many a forum trying to convince others (mostly men, unfortunately) that sexual predators exist and will continue to exist while we hold to anachronistic attitudes regarding sex and the sovereignty of those who do not hold any power in this society.

              That many here can see how the power hungry treats the vulnerable, yet not extend that understanding towards the issue of sex and power, leaves me despairing.


              • Truth Seeker says:

                Dianna, thanks for your comment, 😎

                I agree with all that you say, as I have had much experience dealing with people who have been abused.

                But I have also seen the other side of lies and manipulation for often selfish and vindictive reasons, and innocent people vilified and in some cases jailed, or worse, for it.

                The person that I spoke of the other day that lived with us for over a year, and committed suicide, was terribly abused as a child, and although she was later suffering from, and diagnosed with, Trauma induced schizophrenia, she was very close to us and and we still cry for the injustice that was dealt to her, and the tribute song that I wrote has made many people cry as well, as it tells her story, which is incredibly sad.

                All I’m saying is things aren’t always so black and white, and sadly people can judge others, with judgement tainted by their own experiences and biases, as well as premature media reports that are more about sensationalism and the bottom line, than finding the truth and fighting for “Justice”.

                It is and will continue to be an emotive issue, but the courts role is supposed to be, to cut through the emotion to get to the truth, which is pretty much impossible when people are already judged to be guilty in the court of public opinion.

                I knew that this post would be controversial, but I think that when someone is accused of serious crimes, and their lives are on the line, they have the right to the presumption of innocence until proven otherwise in a fair and just manner, and I honestly don’t think Harris was afforded that presumption.

                As I’ve said ad-infinitum, I don’t know the truth, and I’m definitely not saying he’s innocent or guilty, I just think the process has been tainted, and don’t have any confidence in the verdict, not because he’s necessarily innocent, but because I don’t think that true justice has been metered out, for the reasons previously stated.

                But the good thing is that it has at least hopefully made people think, and prompted discussion.

                Cheers 🙂


  4. kate ahearne says:

    No problem with the rest of what you have to say. We have plenty of evidence that Tony and his Cronies are unmitigated liars.


  5. Russ says:

    Truthy, I am definitely on the same page with you here. Totally agree with every word.
    Particularly with regard to the Harriss case, it is so similar, in my opinion, to the Thomson case, in so far as, the the verdict contradicting the evidence, and the fact that the media had removed any chance of him getting an objective jury and fair trial, by putrifying him, by a thousand nicks over the preceeding year, using emotive headlines and tagging it hot on the heels of the Saville case, (who was definitely a full blown deviate.)

    Add in the fact that Murdochs case needed something to divert public opinion and hate away from him.

    Its also interesting, that a Queue is now forming across the Nullarbor ,of women claiming that he patted them on the leg too and they entirely missed out on a career as a brain surgeon or rocket scientist because of it.
    Now that the trial is over and evidence cant be tested, they are in for a share of the pie.
    The Shock jocks and Dullards affairs shows will pay a motza for interviews, but the new queue of prospective victims, will be disappointed to find Rolf hasnt got any money. He was on the bones of his arse until he was invited to record his version of Stairway to Heaven, by an Aussie TV show, which reignited his career. Maybe if he’d stayed broke he wouldnt have been subjected to this excoriation.

    I guess, what is more disappointing to me personally, is just how many people are filled with hate waiting to vent it at anything or anyone.

    Excellent story Truthy, great reading. Cheers


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Hey Russ, thanks mate, I really appreciate your support 😎

      I hope you get some good news about your Mel today, and it’s good that she’s out of ICU.

      Cheers mate 🙂


      • Russ says:

        Thanks Truthmeister, I hope to be able to visit her today, shes not out of the woods, by a long shot, but things look a lot better now than yesterday.
        Thanks for your compassion and friendship TS., Cheers


  6. DanDark says:

    Unless you have been at the hands of a pedophile, you have no idea, and best wait to judge when you have been a victim of these vile men, who ruin young peoples lives because they are very sick units….


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Dan, thanks for your comment 😎

      Mate, as a child, I saw a pedophile priest in action, and later saw the damage done to a 13 year old girl by said priest. She was beaten by her strict catholic father for blaspheming against a priest, when she tried to tell him what the priest had done to her, so I know full well the consequences and the hypocrisy.

      Eventually said priest was sent into “Retreat” by the church, and never seen or heard from again… at least in our church or catholic school.

      BTW, I turned away from Catholicism at that point, as I saw the gross hypocrisy, and wanted no part of it.

      But those experiences along with many more mustn’t be allowed to taint my judgement, as that puts me in the wrong too. 😯



  7. DanDark says:

    Men judging other men, biased there for a start guys 😉


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Dan, and the same could be said for women judging women, women judging men and men judging women!

      Bias is not gender specific, and sadly it appears that bias has its fingers in many pies.

      Cheers 🙂


  8. DanDark says:

    This story is wrong, Harris was convicted, no assumption, he was charged and convicted of being a pedophile, no wonder it is rampant in society, it’s a crime men a bloody crime, not a fantasy..


    • Frank Ston says:

      Can you point me towards the evidence that Harris is a paedophile?


      • diannaart says:


        Are you claiming all the women who gave testimonies at Harris’ trial are liars?

        I can only speak from my own experience and that was I was never listened to, never taken seriously, never believed. My experience is all too common.

        If good men cannot stand by their wives, daughters, girlfriends, then this predatory behaviour will continue. My abusers (note plural) were all oh so respectable…. predators do not all look like Saville, they look like you and me and Rolf and Pell and Abbott and the boy next door.


        • Frank Ston says:


          If my clumsy attempt to raise the matter of semantics has caused you offence then I am genuinely sorry , but I can assure you I intended no such inference.

          Please see my detailed response to Dan, below, which I hope puts my position a little more clearly.


  9. melaine says:

    Thank you Truthie for another timely and insightful piece. You are very brave raising your head about the parapet and I applaud you for your handling of a very touchy and tough subject. I too abhor the ‘trial by media’ that has become the standard, allowing everyone to believe they have the right to sit in judgement of others.


  10. DanDark says:

    oh my god, my mother knew he was a pedophile back in the 60s, it was common knowledge know by many Aussies he was a sick unit, and he is, and he got away with it for years, I won’t be back to make any further comments, if you are going to defend Pedo’s on this forum, cheers 🙂 ,


    • Russ says:

      Dan, according to reports, Rolf lived in the UK from the 50’s.

      None of us are in any way supporting pedos, very much the opposite.
      What we are standing up against is trial by media and the public vilification of individuals, to serve a political agenda.
      By the way, I survived abuse by a relative, from 7 til I was 16 and threw the bastard almost through a wall. Concurrent to that arse hole trying to pork me at any given opportunity, , for the latter two years of that period, I had a cruel ,psychopathic stepmother, who tried to poison me whenever the mood took her. She Her own son committed suicide to escape her. When I left home, she turned her psychopathy against my dad, trying to bump him off, whenever she had a turn.. All she wanted was our family home.

      I am not in anyway sticking up for abuse in any form, just standing up for common sense, and fairness.


    • Frank Ston says:

      If your comments were aimed at me for the question that I asked, just say so.

      I admit to being a pedant at times because I have witnessed over the years the power od language especially in its misapplication. We have recently experienced 6 years of an elected government being eroded, corroded and white-anted by the MSM and the hate jocks, largely by means of artful, or negligently careless use of language. Even in today’s Herald Sun Harris is referred to as a “convicted paedophile”

      He is not a “convicted paedophile”.

      Paedophilia is a psychiatric condition, not a statute criminal offence. So far as I am aware the court has not made a finding in relation to Harris’ psychiatric disposition. If a person who suffered bi-polar disorder was convicted by a court of an offence of theft would you refer to them as a “convicted schizophrenic”.

      None of which has anything to do with “defending pedo’s”, as you put it.

      If the convictions are sound I have no interest in defending Harris, nor the commission of like offences by any other perpetrator. Crimes committed against minors, especially pre-pubescent minors are an abomination and horrendous in any circumstances.

      If you think I was defending Harris in particular, or the crimes of paedophiles in general, then you are very wrong, Honi soit qui mal y pense.
      In my opinion, for what it’s worth, the careless, inaccurate and improper labelling of individuals is also worthy of our disgust.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Dan, if your mother has evidence against him I would encourage her to come forward with what she knows. 🙂

      And with no intention to be dismissive of your position, I would respectfully suggest that the very bias that you referred to earlier is possibly colouring your own reading of this post, as the main thrust is not even about Harris, but rather about the lack of true justice in the court of public opinion!

      And no-one here is in any way, shape or form, defending pedophiles, to the contrary. And what I’m defending is everybody’s right to a fair and decent trial, free from media induced bias, regardless of their alleged crime, which should and must be the cornerstone of any civilised society.

      And we are certainly not trying to compete for the best, or most impressive abuse stories, but just trying to show that we have also had experiences in these areas, and are all affected and horrified by sexual predators, whether they are male or female.

      There are also many that worked with him that say he was a wonderful man, and saw nothing untoward?

      And when all’s said and done, rumour and innuendo do not constitute proof.

      I hope that clears it up for you mate?

      Cheers 🙂


  11. DanDark says:

    no point in putting your case a across, “women/girls are just liars”
    Women are subjugated by the law have been since the start of time, and we can all sit here and compare our ‘abuse” and who is more a victim than an other, who suffered more, but that does not make us the judge on weather its a trial by media or not, the victims are on trial, not the perpetrator, same with rape cases, its a mans world alright 🙂


    • Russ says:

      Big mistake in jumping to conclusions and keeping your mind tightly closed Dan.

      If you think that I am claiming to be some sort of Victim, guess again, I am a survivor , no victim bud..

      Even as a kid, I knew ,or at least assumed it wasnt right, plus I knew what I wanted to do with my life and subsequently achieved what I wanted.

      I know that everyone is different and people have different ways of coping, but, dont dare to make judgements you have no idea about.

      Your persistent laboring of the point is exactly what we are talking about, judgemental attitudes, not relative to the facts.


      • Russ says:

        Just to make this very clear, we are not saying or judging whether or not Harris is innocent or guilty.
        The article is entirely about, the court of public opinion, which the Liberal Party, use to great effect, to control/manipulate the minds of the masses.


  12. consider says:

    What was that you said Truthy, “There is little justice in the court of public opinion” ?
    Cheers mate.


  13. diannaart says:

    ….CATHY HENKEL: Well, I invited him to see the show we were touring England with, this theatre troupe, and I invited him to come and see the show.

    Afterwards we went to a pub, as you do in England, and he gave them feedback and there was a wonderful evening, a great feeling in the place. He was being very supportive of them. My memory of the night was that it was a very good night and he’d done them a favour.

    It did not occur to me for one second that he’d done anything inappropriate to Tonya. And she was 13 at the time and she was just not able to tell me, which I now understand. She was intimidated. She was terrified her mother would find out. She didn’t think anyone would believe her.

    I think the story is that when someone is that famous and that well-known and she knew was a friend of mine, it’s very, very hard for a child to talk about that and to confess and I really understand that now.

    SARAH FERGUSON: How did you come to believe Tonya Lee’s story?

    CATHY HENKEL: I think, when I heard her tell the story and when I met her in London and spoke with her, it was very evident to me that she was telling the truth.

    SARAH FERGUSON: Looking back, do you now have any kind of a memory of anything that happened between them?

    CATHY HENKEL: You know, it’s funny about memory. There was a moment where I do remember her sitting on his lap but it didn’t occur to me even then that there was anything inappropriate or worrying about that. I just thought it was part of a sort of a very friendly night. But yeah, I do have a flash memory of that happening….

    Read the full interview here:


  14. Truth Seeker says:

    Dianna, the first rape victim that I met was a seventeen year old beauty who had been gang raped in western Sydney. I was around 15-16 and she was one of the girls that hung out with my band.

    Sadly, at the time, she was more upset with her mother than with the rapists, as when she told her mother what had happened, her mother told her to shut up about it, cos she was more concerned about what the neighbours would think than the impact on her daughter.
    So I do understand what you’re saying about girls thinking they won’t be believed, but things are not always so black and white.

    WRT Cathy Henkel, she was there and saw nothing, in fact she admits that it felt like great time.

    The point I was making about Tonya’s story was that her reaction after 30 years seemed to me and my wife, disproportionate to what she claimed had happened to her?

    And if she was telling the truth, then it appeared to us that there were more deep seated psychological problems that she is dealing with.

    But we know that these cases are always difficult to prove, and that’s why it’s imperative that the media do not taint the process, as justice is not well served by their intervention.

    Cheers 🙂


  15. diannaart says:

    …but things are not always so black and white…

    Where did I say it ever was?

    You cannot have a discussion by negating what others such as myself and dan Dark have to say.

    Yes, there are bad horrid lying women.

    There are many MORE POWERFUL sexual predators, who will continue because YOU and other men like you don’t want to know. You’d rather tell us than LISTEN TO US!!!! !


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Dianna, I was not implying that you did, or trying to negate your argument, or Dan’s for that matter, I was just trying to emphasise the point that this post was not about what may or may not have happened, so much as about the influence that others can have on an outcome.

      And I don’t think that that is a fair criticism of me or anyone else that has posted here, as I have repeatedly said that I agree with many of the points you’ve made, and could probably use the same argument in reverse, but I wouldn’t do that because you have your own experiences, and I have always respected your point of view, even though I haven’t always agreed with it.

      I have always tried to respect others opinions, and their experiences, but that doesn’t negate my right to express my own opinions and experiences, and there are many examples in recent history to back up what I’m saying. But as I said, I knew this would be a controversial post, because it touches on a very emotive issue that people feel very strongly about, even though I went to great pains to say that I DON”T KNOW what happened cos I wasn’t there!

      I’m only saying peoples perceptions can be and are at times manipulated by the media who act less than responsibly, especially when they expresses the things that feed what people already believe because of their own experiences or bias, but the real message seems to be lost behind the emotion, which I find very sad.

      And I have spent much of my life listening to women, both abused and mentally ill.

      You made the point that there are more sexual predators, than bad, horrid, lying women! Well again I cannot argue with that statement , as again I don’t know the numbers, but I can tell you that I have met more than my fair share of women just like that, and I also know women that are sexual predators too, some are both!

      And I resent the accusation that me and men like me are in any way responsible for the acts of sexual predators because we don’t want to know… Cos that is blatantly untrue.


  16. Caz2 says:

    I agree with diannaart and Dan. We were not in the courtroom to observe the proceedings and how affected these women were. So we have to believe the jury knew what they were doing when delivering a guilty verdict. They observed these women giving evidence and believed them. One thing the enquiry into sexual abuse has proved is that it is OK to come forward and seek redress.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Caz2, thanks for your comment 😎

      I would have no trouble accepting the jury’s verdict if I believed it was a fair trial, I don’t.

      As I’ve said over and over, if he’s guilty, then he deserves what ever punishment is determined to be fair and just for the crimes committed.

      But I also have said that he, like everyone else, deserves a fair trial.



  17. Jim says:

    Thousands of ped and incest cases are hushed up. In Rolfs case, it is an attack on the Monarchy to many extents and the MSM’S selling of media wares cashing in. I notice IA doesnt miss out either. Overkill. The whole thing and i think too thst Rolf is copping Saville’s stoning on top of it but many flavours of this matter are being savaged to throw mud on the Monarchy who is often set up for such matters.
    Here’s how it works. An oil company hires a medalled monarchist after a long military carreer and personal medalling and MBE application by her majesty. Then they get a contract at the Broken hill mines on a per metre basis. They then leave many miles of severely dangerous tunnels for others to clean up at great cost. Nothing said because it comes back on the country, politics and monarch whom the big guys hate and detest because of sovereignty, peoples rights and monarchs protections.
    Happens all the time. And thats the biggest reason it got a run on agenda’d IA.
    Our consulur general to the queen during the war was a boy lover, well known and tolerated, not the Queen, the country and politics for his talents. Oration etc and cunning diplomacy. He had a go at me once. I then found out one of my grand uncles had given him a hiding for the same thing as he grew up with him. They were everywhere in the sixties when i was growing up. People would point them out to you, “watch that one”.
    I also tried to stop a ped getting custody of his daughter to no avail after even writing to govt and being interviewed by the woman who was handling the matter for his wife.
    He had been telling friends that she, the govt legal mediater, and him may yet up an item as he was going good with her. That was high profile matter of the Fitzgerald inquiry, embarressment and maybe inflaming giving up more circles and more drama through hard years. The judge gave him custody.
    I’ve known girls repeatedly groped in nightclubs that like it and consider it part of the fun of Saturday night. Many taking coup and matter becoming a pissing contest of best rubs at after drinks comparing their nights. I’ve known others that never went out again.
    My god father was a high profile media person, hunted out of Qld over children in the early 60’s to become a high media exec in Melbourne till his death. I’m not one of the victims by the way, he slimed into my parents life but Dad never allowing close relationship with his children.
    I will tell you now that there are a few reasons amongst the Rolf matter and the slimiest by all peoples enemies is the assault on the Monarchy.


  18. melaine says:

    I have been visiting this site since just after it’s inception. The reason I keep coming here is due to the wonderful friends I have made. People who believe in the rights of the individual, people who uphold a decent and fair society. People with decent morals and ethics. None of whom would ever condone the abuse of others in any shape or form.
    This piece by Truthie was about ‘trial by media’, he used the recent cases (that have created so much angst for many amongst us) as an example of ‘trial by media’, I found NO evidence in Truthie’s writing that would lead me to assume he condoned paedophiles or any form of sexual abuse. In all of his responses to the comments presuming he does he has repeatedly pointed out how abhorrent he finds this kind of behaviour, as have both Russ and Frank Ston.


    • Russ says:

      Thanks Mel, That is the very point, we are sticking up for everyones rights.

      None of us condone immoral or deviaiant behaviour, especially against children, or even a wobble board operater.

      Recent history has well and truly proven that courts, like opinion poll operaters, decide in favour ,of those who pull the strings.
      Everyone else is just canon fodder.

      Just as an add on, in the Harris case, if indeed Rolf was any sort of abuser, the women in his family would know.

      The support of his wife, daughter and other women who have known him for a lifetime,defending him, suggests to me that their is a devious motive behind the systematic, pillorying of him.


      • Truth Seeker says:

        Thanks guys, 🙂 but I did understand the ground I was walking before I wrote the piece, and the feral emotions the subject of sexual abuse and especially child sexual abuse ignites.

        I’m just a bit saddened that people cant look past the examples cited, to the real issue of the post, 😦 and I went to great pains while writing it to try and convey the fact that I in no way support any kind of abuse. to children , or in fact anyone, and I certainly tried very hard to emphasise the fact that I don’t know what happened, and do not declare innocence or guilt.

        only a concern for the process.

        I also made sure that my better half (and I mean that sincerely) approved of the piece prior to posting, She thought it was a very good piece, and her opinion is good enough for me! 🙂

        But I greatly appreciate your support, and cool heads in the discussion about the abuse of power exhibited by the media.

        Cheers 🙂


        • Russ says:

          Truthy, I think it is an exceptional piece, one of your best actually.
          It is well thought out and very balanced and well argued.

          As you suggest it is a very emotional and polarizing subject, that clearly makes peoples minds jump ahead in ‘considering their verdict’ before completing their read.

          Exactly the message behind the article.


  19. Jim says:

    Good on you truthy, you wrote a sane piece.
    Just so i dont look like some lunatic running around causing grief, I’ve left a lot of matter out in my say. I knew the abuser that got custody ,was one of those friends that over the years you just keep finding more out of and go “oh shit”. Incest in the family, violent, his social circles, his extremely violent sexual childhood abuse, a few who knew him were worried but when his 4 yr old came up to me and i gave her the usual hug and throw up in the air, she started fondling my crutch. The family was high profile Fitzgerald matter. I told our circle of friends and others in the community. They all shit and hid. I went in to town and wrote a statement to no avail. I went tried to see him more than a decade ago, he’s dying from self abuse, cancer,car accidents etc. Though people kept telling me he wanted to see me, when i went round he didnt want to and his daughter was highly protective of him . Teens by then. I told her who i was she said come back later he’s wiped out on alcohol and medication. She hates her fine mothers guts. Who had to go into hiding.
    These matters and cases are everywhere. The cost of intervention in many of them is highly prohibitive and a landmine of stone throwing and everyones different view of matters.
    It is, and always will be, part of humanity unfortuneately.
    I know exactly what you were getting at Truthy and dont take to heart the cunning twists some would apply for various reasons including their own nature.


  20. consider says:

    Truthy, to put the “justice in the court of public opinion” to the test, one only has to recall the reaction of some people when someone mistakenly publicised the address of a child molester, only to find out too late, that they had it wrong.
    Just imagine what that innocent person had to contend with, and the damage to him and his family.
    You are right when you say that great care must always be taken in these situations.
    You may not have said that exactly, but I know that’s what you mean.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Consider, yes mate 🙂 great care must be taken.

      Sadly the media not only don’t take great care,… they don’t care at all! 😯 and the carnage left in their wake can be massive. 👿

      Cheers mate 😦

      BTW mate, I hope you and Considerette are both well and happy 🙂


      • consider says:

        We’re both well thanks Truthy – except of course, for the aches and pains one gets in the cold weather we’ve been having. However, that’s nothing compared to what others have to contend with, particularly those on the DSP who Abbott’s mob have in their sights. Give our regards to Mrs. Truthy.

        Cheers Mate


        • Truth Seeker says:

          Glad to hear it mate, 🙂

          Yes the last few days have been bloody cold for the sunny coast, but I’m sure before too long it’ll be damned hot again.

          The brother in-law has come down to live with us from Ayer, and he’s really feeling it 😦

          Give my best to the gorgeous Considerette 🙂

          Cheers mate 🙂


  21. orangefox says:

    Truthy I have read your post and all the comments. Your piece is good but I can see why you have been attacted by some. Although you may not have meant it, the piece comes across as protective of Harris. I have no idea of the details of what Harris did or did not do. One mistake he made was to withhold some information. When he was shown up it showed him to be lying. This would of affected the rest of the preceedings and his case badly.
    I think we can agree that Harris enjoyed being around young girls. Lots of people like to be among younger people as they then feel young themselves. As long as it doesnt get sexual, no problem. How far Harris went is the question.
    Coersing a youngster into sexual acts even if they consent can’t be excepted as I am sure you would agree. Whether that makes sense or not doesn’t matter as the law makes the decission. I was under the impression that Harris admitted to having relationships with a minor.
    On another matter and what I really wanted to make my main comment is I want to point out that Abbott was in a debating team and as you know one of the jobs of a debater is to sell an opinion whether they believe in or not.
    Abbott probably sells ideas that he often does not believe in himself. The art of being a salesperson.
    I would not make a good salesperson as I can only sell something I believe in myself.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Orangefox, thanks for your comment 😎

      Mate, yes I was aware that it might read a bit that way, but the only thing I was interested in defending was his right to a fair trial, and I did try to emphasise that point by my numerous declarations that “I don’t know what happened”, and

      And the reason that I chose the name Truth Seeker, is because I do genuinely seek the truth, and sadly, when the media get involved in stories like the ones I cited, Truth is more and more, the first casualty. 😯

      I did hope that the last few paragraphs and the pic of the mendacious Murdoch, would clarify the salient point of the post, and with around only 30% of the post dedicated directly to the Harris case, and the other 70% to the other stories and the media involvement, I hoped that the balance was right.

      But it’s such an emotive issue that even my request to: “let’s take a step back from the very real, albeit emotive, issue of pedophilia, and look at a few realities”, seemed to miss the mark with some. 😦
      And I did expect some negative reactions, but I still believe that it was worth posting, as it’s an issue of huge importance and very relevant to our present situation in Aus, and around the world.

      It would have been easy to just write ” The media should just STFU, and let the courts do their job!”, and leave it at that.

      But in my experience, little is achieved by taking the line of least resistance. 😉

      Thanks again for your feedback 🙂

      Cheers 🙂


    • Jim says:

      Truthy will speak for himself orangefox but I would comment of your post that Truthy has offered no one any protection just one aspect overall. Your twists do not exist in Truthy’s post or what you would like to underline in the matter of guilt or innocence or just desserts.You should do so off your own bat than expand on Truthy’s baseline.
      Thousands of cases go unnoticed, handled discreetly for humanity and the living victims considerations which is sometimes scores of children and relatives and their minds.
      Many of the perpertraitors are abuse victims you would cry for if stories were told. Such is the horror cycle.
      Truthy took the middle road but you feel that is unbalanced to your view from media.


  22. orangefox says:

    I reread your post and have to say I really find nothing to object about it.
    My previous comment about the Harris issue seems to have been prompted by your replies to other comments.
    Perhaps trial by public opinion is a factor in the Harris outcome, however the following sentence from the judge is an interesting read and should clear some of the confusion surrounding the case.
    It is annoying that other injustices that are far worse often go unpunished.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Orangefox, thanks for your comment 😎 and your efforts in rereading and reassessing the post, I really appreciate it 🙂

      As I’ve said all along, my main concern was about the process, as opposed to a guilty or innocent verdict, and i have to say that there are still aspects about that that concern me, but as my main aim with the site is to highlight, as I was trying to do, the ramifications of the medias interference in the court and political processes, I have decided that there is nothing more to be gained by pursuing the Harris issue further, as the ball is now firmly in his court.

      But I will always highlight further examples of their mendacity, irresponsible and self serving attitudes towards the law, and the legal processes, regardless of the alleged crimes involved, because I sincerely believe that everyone deserves a fair trial, free from outside interference.

      Thanks again for your honesty and decency. 🙂

      Cheers 🙂


      • orangefox says:

        I am a stickler for pursuing what is right and decent. If I make a mistake I will always want to correct it. I like to trat everyone equal and fairly.
        Here’s a good link I just came across regarding proof that Hockeys’ claim of Labor’s budget deficit blowout is a lie.


        • Truth Seeker says:

          Orangefox, thanks for your comment 🙂

          My pet hate is injustice, in whatever form it takes, which is what prompted me to write the post.

          And like you, I will always try to fight for what is right and decent.

          Sadly this current crop of RWNJ’s are positively sociopathic in their approach to fairness, decency,integrity and the truth!

          I have just started writing another post (hopefully less controversial) and I appreciate the link, as it may have some info that I can use in it. 😀

          Cheers 🙂


  23. Florence nee Fedup says:

    I have no problems with the Harris trial. I am not sure what the evidence revealed. Yes, it seems he was not a nice man. As for the girl he had a relationship with, it seems it occurred after she turned 18, but it cannot be denied his treatment of her over the years led to the relationship. It was shown he did apologise for this happening, but does not have much insight into the fact, he was responsible for wjhat occurred.

    We need to keep in mind these events took place in another age, where such behaviour was see in a different light, I would go as far as saying, even tolerated. I suspect6 his behaviour was more opportunistic than planned.

    Harris, did after these events, do much work, in preventing abuse of children. I would love to know his reasons for doing this. Was it to cover up his behaviour, or was it because he did see what he was doing as wrong. There are really two different things going on in the trial. One where it is alleged he felt up kids and women in public places. Another is the relationship he had with his daughter’s best friend. Neither very nice.

    I am 72 and recall as a childe, what would be now considered two serious experiences., One was in a crowded tram when I was about 9 or 10. A man touch me, in my private areas., Yes, I was shocked, but just moved out of his way, saying nothing to know one, It was not a accidental touch. This I did not like, but I can truly say caused no lasting damage. Another was when I was in my early teens, in Parramatta swimming pool. I was grabbed, resulting in the crutch of my swimmers being torn,. I got out as quickly as possible; No, I did not tell anyone. I was more afraid of being embarrassed than anything else. Yes, in respect, I should have put him in. Even that, I honestly cannot say, caused me any lasting damaged.
    I would like to also add, my mother was very protective, some would say, overly so. I suspect my experience are similar to many women my age.

    When it comes to judging Harris, and those like him, we really have to give some consideration to the climate the incidents occurred in.

    It does appear, that he is not appealing, which in itself must say much. How does one sentence a man, of 84, for crimes that happened a couple of decades ago.

    Not making excuses for anyone. I am more concerned, that cases like this one, will detract from serious abuse of children., that has led to lasting damage.

    With the investigations going into sexual abuse around the globe, we need to take care, we identify what is serious, and what is inappropriate and not nice behaviour. There is a big difference.

    One thing for sure, such behaviour would not be tolerated today. That is good.

    For once, this one did not seem to be trail by media. That being so, I think one can accept the verdict more easily.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Florence, thanks for your comment 😎
      As I said in my reply to Orangefox, I still have some concerns about the process, but the ball is now squarely in his court.

      Having said that I agree with what you said, WRT another age, and I too have known many abuse victims that although suffering much worse abuse, both sexual and physical, than Harris was accused of, nonetheless were able to get on with their lives with less lasting psychological damage, than was claimed by his accusers.

      My own mother told me, this very morning, of similar incidents to the ones you have just related, including the fact that her best friend at the time carried a half a house brick in her handbag for such situations.

      She is in her 80’s now, and these things happened to her during her teenage years in London. She also didn’t tell her mother, but just dealt with it and moved on.

      My reason for including the harris story as part of the post, was the ACA program.
      A program which has form in this kind of sensational interference in the process of justice, and as my mate said on Thursday during our darts game “ACA needs rootin’, shootin’ and bootin’!” 😉

      And I believe that the media laws should be strengthened to stop “the media” from that kind of interference, and those that choose to air their allegations in that manner should then be exempted from taking the aired allegations to court, as that kind of public airing can and does at times, adversely influence the outcomes.

      Cheers 🙂


    • kate ahearne says:

      Florence, Hi. Just correcting a point. Harris CLAIMED that the sexual relationship with his daughter’s friend began when she was 18. The court, however, found that it began when she was 13.


  24. Jim says:

    I still think the media played it Florence which is dangerous to do. He is high profile, involved in matters of politics and countries directions too. I see many matters too that could be spoken of that concern all this matter of him but the angles and views are myriad and only ends up in a bog and labels being thrown. Perceptions are indocyncric as fingerprints in all of us.
    Of course the media played it, i have to disagree with you there. The corporates have also left their poison of the monarch in as many minds as possible of the matter . Our rights will dissapear in an instance the minute the monarchy fades.


  25. Florence nee Fedup says:

    TS. sexual abuse of children is one of the worse crime’s I can think of. I seen my own daughter, and my family torn apart by sexual abuse from my husband. Yes, and decades later, we are all paying the price. Getting on with ones life, seems to be impossible.

    I do not put what your mother and I am talking about in the same camp. Yes, there was serious abuse then, There was also what one would just describe as dirty men. Touching up when the opportunity presented itself, but never went further. Not nice,

    I am thankful, that this behaviour is no longer tolerated.

    TS, yes it does make one confused about the likes of Harris. I have no idea, which camp he is in. What does amaze me, it the hate and disgust, those in the media and entertainment world , have against the man, Complete dislike and contempt.

    It appears we have a new senator that believes to much time and effort is spent on victims of domestic violence. It is my observation and a victim, that men that talk like this, are abusers themselves. Time will tell.

    Thanks for this post. Gives one the chance to sort out how one feels.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Florence, thank you for your open mind and understanding 🙂 and I agree with your assessment of the situation. the worst by far is the abuse that happens in the home by trusted family members, as In your own case.

      Sadly there will always be opportunist, dirty old men, and as a guitar teacher who has taught some beautiful young girls to play, and still do, I am always very aware, and extremely careful about even touching their hands to place their fingers in the right spots, as I am in a position of trust.
      Even then I’m happiest when my wife is at home while I’m teaching them, and the parents are always given the opportunity to sit in on the lessons, for my peace of mind as well as theirs.

      Having said that all the girls, and boys for that matter, that I have taught, have been brilliant, and no problem whatsoever, as my passion for them is to teach them a love for music, and nothing more! 🙂 But I still have to be careful and aware of what can happen, as many young girls can get a crush on a teacher, especially when something like music is involved, which naturally stirs the emotions.

      The sad thing is that the vast majority of my regular contributors, here at truth seekers, like your good self as well as my own extended family have been touched by abuse, and yet their have been many different reactions to this post, which was not really even about the Harris case per se, which just goes to show the level of emotion in the debate, which is exactly why I sincerely believe that the Media should STFU, and let the courts deal with it…. Which was the real essence of this post!

      WRT the new senate, I think it is shaping up to be a great spectator sport, and a right royal pain in the arse for Abbott 😀 between his own nut-jobs, and the cross benches 😛

      And thanks also for your last comment. 🙂

      Cheers 🙂


  26. Jim says:

    Florence, i’ve been amongst the matter you suffered in horror movie proportions amongst a few aquaintences and know where your coming from. I’ve seen children suffering it for years and whole communities knowing and not intervening.
    Truthy, I would’nt be in your situation alone without a female co pilot for all the tea in China. I’ve been taken to task for holding my 11 yr old daughters hand walking the main at Mooloolaba window shopping by older ladies and once in a MacDonalds. My daughter is still approached for modelling in her twenties and I look like the offspring of a hairy hippy and a biker.
    The whole matter of the subject is a minefield and Florence adds to it by saying a person who speaks of angles is also probably a ped or molester or groper.
    Matters of this affected my relationship with my daughters and now my grandson. That i cant be close to him or in public. That i cringe in horror if he plants a kiss publicly on my cheek at 4 yrs old carrying him down the street. Or having to take him to a public toilet is a nightmare. And you do see the cruel assaults of peoples eyes. And i will be to my last breath and after the greatest friend he will ever have in his life.
    I think maybe if i cut my hair or dress differently. But Fk that. My mother always grew my curly hair long and i grew up in the years of it’s fashion. I have no nits, am very clean. I always suffered and increasingly in later years as conservatism runs rampant the assaults of dickheads. “Der why do you grow your hair long ” the he man says with a mocking slur to the tone as if he is a model of manhood and righteousness and i am lessor. Sometimes from across a room of people.
    My usual answer is oh fuck, it’s turning you on isnt it. Why do you keep yours short?
    One of your detractors truthy is also in that class of manhood hero.
    Which leaves me searching out a patch of nature far from the crowds to live in peace. No one is ever going to get the monkey out of man, or women.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Jim, yes, just another example of the court of public opinion 😦

      I also have long hair (usually in a pony tail) and a beard, and wear loose clothes and crocs, cos it’s all I’m comfortable in, as because of my Alpha 1, I have trouble regulating my temp 🙄

      I also have a disabled sticker for the car, and see people looking at me at times, and you just know by the look in their eyes that they are thinking WTF is he doing in that spot.
      I’ve even had people say it at times. 😡

      It was bad when I first got the sticker, cos if I was having a relatively good day, I still felt obliged to act worse than I was … for their benefit, not mine.

      Now I don’t give a stuff, cos when I’m having a reasonable day, I have the right to make the most of it, cos it doesn’t happen that often.

      We also have two gorgeous little GD’s, who run through woolies yelling Grandad,at the top of their voices 😯 which is good, albeit somewhat embarrassing at times (in a good way) because people at least know we’re related, as they’re very affectionate.

      I’ve even had the checkout women say… “Aw, isn’t that sweet.” as they wrap their little arms around my waist, and give me a cuddle. 😀

      The sad thing is that some people just can’t help themselves, in passing judgement on others… The court of public opinion??? 😡

      Cheers mate 😀


  27. Jim says:

    You’ve been there. I’ve crippled around the city and suburbs never getting the disability permit to be made a target of. Even from relatives who know my troubles whose cars I am unable to tend to for free “oh yeah, right! Your back! Yeah right. Nothing pops a disc quicker in me than bending over under the bonnet of a car. 3 mths on my back from it and an upturned life is nothing to them. Simple fixes are usually no worries , nor is harder jobs but not done in a few hours, it takes me weeks. It once took me 4 days to change the brake pads and discs in a car, what i use to do in a half hour. I couldnt even carry or drag the jack the 100 metres to the vehicle over and around an obstacle course of garden.Sometimes i get away with it at risk and will pay for the contorsionist mechanic positions later. I just say no now unless its emergency stuff, i have to save myself for my quality of life. You’ve only got yourself in this life.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Mate, I feel your pain, what used to take me an hour now can literally weeks 😡

      And it’s the most frustrating thing that I had to learn to accept.

      Cheers 🙂


  28. Florence nee Fedup says:

    To all the men out there, do not be afraid to hug or show affection for your kids. That is not what it is all about. Anyone that works with kids, be natural, but use a little common-sense.

    It is funny, but I am of the opinion, those who have had first hand experience, do not see abuse in every contact.
    What does annoy me, as many see this and come to thin k of it, all problems, dee3aling with people, as black and white. Sorry, that is rarely not the case. There is also no simple way for dealing with family violence.
    We see many in this government that believes tough love is all that is needed. That is the caser, whether it is the unemployed, disabled or single parents among many.

    Hand out enough punishment, and people will conform.

    Never known it to work, as too many get harmed in the process. More is gained with the carrot and assistance.


  29. Jim says:

    Good words Florence. I find it much easier to stay away from humans as much as possible.
    I think so many cases of abuse have so many facets and circumstances and no shoe fits all feet discussing them. Thats what i’ve found also in matters of abuse i have known of and of friends experiences. Every matter different. One matter , the perpertraitor was just a rat. Another, the perpertraitor self abusing from a total horror story of a childhood , tearing his face with his fingernails, running into trees at 90 mph, drinking to death, ends up an abuser as he ages damaged and worn heading to death with hep c , cancer and accident and alcohol and drug damage.
    It’s a mad world.


  30. Dorine says:

    Hello! I’ve been reading your website for a long time now and finally
    got the courage to go ahead and give you a shout out from Humble Tx!
    Just wanted to tell you keep up the good job!


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