The LNP are not only incompetent, but calculating… And dangerously so!

The LNP are not only incompetent, but calculating… And dangerously so!



When Abbott started his three year lying campaign, to steal government, he knew exactly what he was doing, which means he was acting fraudulently!

His claims that he would be, pretty much, everybody’s best friend was laughable for those of us that remember “Workchoices” and his claim that he was the workers best friend.

Now the self proclaimed best friend of Medicare tells us that he’ll make it more sustainable… WTF?

Since the Abbott and SHockey’s fudgeit, there have been many surgery’s and pathology providers experiencing a downturn in patients of up to 40%, especially in areas with high concentrations of retirees, who think that the co-payment is already in place, and they just can’t afford to pay it!

There have also been some less well known cuts that started to bite from the 1st of July, like the cuts to mental health support, with the offices of the “Public Guardian” for adults and children, now combined for apparently “efficiency gains”.  These cuts mean that there are no longer the resources to deal separately with children and adults, so they all have to wait in the same queue for the help they need, even though their needs can be quite different?   WTF?

And many in the private health industry from doctors to nurses and also office staff are now fearful for their jobs.   And this is just one sector of many that are feeling the pinch.

Open for businessSo despite Abbott’s claims that “Australia is Open for Business”, the latest figures show that consumer confidence is at an 18 month low, and many businesses are not experiencing the “promised land” of good right wing fiscal management that they voted for!   😯

So the rhetoric of the self proclaimed  “Better fiscal managers”, just prove that, as I wrote in an earlier piece, Abbott still hasn’t learnt the lesson that “Self Praise is no recommendation!”, and though they still keep pushing the lines that they will always be better at…   The punters are waking up to the fact that you should believe them at your peril.

And then we see Scott Morrison, hiding information that we as Australians have a right



to know, like the boatload of Tamils that have mysteriously disappeared into the ether, only for us to find out this morning that around 41 asylum seekers have been transferred at sea, to a Sri Lankan  boat, to be returned to the regime they were fleeing from?… W…T…F?

And many would argue that not only is Morrison incompetent, but bordering on the criminally insane!

Greg Hunt+Then there’s Greg Hunt, now complaining that if his widely condemned DA, alleged “Plan”, is not passed, we will have no plan to combat CC, which smacks of gross hypocrisy, as the world moves inexorably towards an ETS, which is already legislated for in Australia?  Again… W…T…F?

We still hear daily the misinformation from Abbott and the rest of his mob, about the “Budget Disaster”, when the truth is that the only budget disaster, is the one foisted upon us by SHockey and Corman.   😯    And with the numbers that turned out over the weekend to demonstrate against it;  It appears that large sections of the population have woken up to the fact, many of whom would have voted for them a mere 10 months ago!   😛protest

The question is that while the LNP remain with their heads stuck firmly in the sand, or in some cases up Murdoch’s arse, we now have a mishmash senate full of vested interests and first time politicians, who “Mr people skills” (NOT), has to deal with: Which he promised, prior to the election, he would not do!

And while much of the world looks at us and scratches their collective heads at the stupidity we displayed, in getting rid of a government, that history will show — did a good job of guiding the country through the GFC, and managing the economy— for a lying, deceitful mob of ideological nut-jobs who have done nothing but embarrass us on the world stage, and act like thugs and bullies (which is what, in reality, they are).

We are currently facing international condemnation over some key policy areas, and the most awful thing about it, is that they are doing these disgusting and despicable things, in OUR name.

Sadly, they have displayed only arrogance and ignorance, and a total disregard for the things they promised, in their dishonest, whatever it takes, approach  to stealing government, and since then in the delivery of their largely hidden and self serving agenda.

The truth is these right wing nut-jobs are nothing but pathological liars, pure and simple, and:

The LNP are not only incompetent, but calculating… And dangerously so!

And there’s one thing that “The Prince of Budgie smugglers! deserves!   😉




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26 Responses to The LNP are not only incompetent, but calculating… And dangerously so!

  1. bighead1883 says:

    Hey love your blow his whackle tackle Jihadist pack inserted in the budgie smugglers Truthy,it gives your piece pizzazz and cumquat marmalade 😯
    The further we get into this “lunacy” that is the LNP view of reality I find the the propeller on me hat just keeps spinnin faster and faster WOO! WOO! 😯 😯 😯 😯


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Thanks mate, i always look forward to you feedback and unique take on things… 😀

      Yes mate, I’ve had the pic for a couple of weeks, and was waiting for the right piece to use it in. 😀

      Love your work 😉

      Cheers mate 😀


  2. bighead1883 says:

    Truthy 🙂 from those in Canberra 🙂 who did this fantastic human message for “Bust the Budget” 😆 yesterday I made it into a meme to go with your excellent article.>


  3. cartoonmick says:

    I’m afraid there’s more to come yet and none of it will be nice. Sure, the previous Labor Government had faults, doesn’t every mob that gets into power. But this lot is shaping up to be far worse than that.
    And while everyone is jumping up and down about the budget and asylum seekers etc, there’s other stuff secretly being organised, such as the Trans Pacific Partnership. That’s a can of worms which needs maximum exposure prior to being signed.
    And, as usual the vulnerable pensioners cop it. They can’t defend themselves, so are easy targets for ruthless people. The loss of any of their concessions impacts them far more than the comfortable politicians would bother to understand.

    Cartoon on them . . . . .



    • Truth Seeker says:

      Mick, thanks for your comment 😎

      Yes mate, an awful lot hinges on the performance of the new senate, but I fear you’re right! 😦

      And nice work mate, that’s a prayer that many are praying now, and have been for months… Nailed it 😀

      Cheers 😀


    • Jim says:

      Enjoyed your post Mick. What will be interesting to see is if Labour when in power next, addresses any ills of Libs fiddlings.
      I can see that all this rah rah Australia stuff is smokescreen and has been for a while. The country is sold and we ARE open for global infestation. The usual lines will run if you dont like it and corporate infestation- racist, conservative, stuck in the fifities etc.
      Progress is actually a pack of looters stuffing themselves under all guises and the mantra of Advancing Australia. Our self stuffing, pension and power chasing , big business sellout heights have done us in. Now as you say, the TPP is hanging over us.
      The big aims of that is nothing more blatant than the west corporates having a baseline and indulging into a huge labour force. The other matter behind all is health and legal markets- never talked about but high in any and every push.
      The institutions hate the overseas affordable health set ups.
      And here we are, the captive audience, cant even draw our pensions for more than six weeks venturing overseas while our top percenters have connived, cronied, sold out, stuffed and criminally , for decades and all to Murdochs and co’s marching music.
      They are international with this commonwealths lives and futures.
      Tony doesnt care, he’s made it, like so many of the others, bluffed ,conned, they’re laughing all the way to the bank. Hundreds of thousands of them.
      All were setting up France for cushioned retirement. Many globally were going there, Beattie , the list is too long. They don’t care.
      We need Real Labour back.


  4. says:

    How long is it since you saw Abbott standing before the cameras and being asked the hard questions from journalists. When Juliar Gillard was PM this was almost a daily ritual.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Pandrstevenson, thanks for your comment 😎

      Yes, the one and only thing he’s good at is avoiding any kind of scrutiny, and the fact that he hasn’t been on QandA since 2010 says volumes about our arrogant, albeit gutless, PM! 😯

      Cheers 😀


  5. consider says:

    If only your Posts could be read in all the major “newspapers”, I`m sure this dangerous mob wouldn`t be able to field a cricket team after the next election, Truthy.
    It`s obvious that people are not paying attention to what is really happening, when you state that 40% of retirees in some areas think that the Medicare co-payment already applies and they are not seeking medical attention as a result.
    It says a lot about the media in this country when such a large number of our most needy are mis-informed to such an extent that their health is in jeopardy and they just don`t care, because they may upset this terrible lot they helped to put there.
    They should hang their heads in shame.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Consider, thanks mate, for your comment 😎

      Yes there are lots of things going on that just aren’t well known, and will slip under the radar. 😡

      That number was quoted by those that work in high retirement areas, along with doctors not renewing contracts etc. And even dyed in the wool LNP supporters who own the businesses involved, and were very supportive of the LNP and their budget direction, are starting to question… WTF have we done? 😯

      Third world… Here we come 😯

      Cheers mate 😀


  6. Berenice says:

    Good day! Do you use Twitter? I’d like to follow you if that would be okay.
    I’m absolutely enjoying your blog and look forward to new posts.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Berenice, welcome to Truth Seekers, 🙂 and thanks for your comment 😎

      I’m not on twitter, but you can follow me by clicking on the follow button. 😀

      Cheers 🙂


  7. Florence nee Fedup says:

    “How long is it since you saw Abbott standing before the cameras ” What I would love to see, is Abbott on Q&A, facing the same school kid audience that Gillard did,

    Why is everything that Abbott does, appear to be over the top. Even the Japanese PM seemed to be caught up in the theatrics today. Why so much emphasis on war.,

    It was like Abbott was thumbing his nose at China, others in the region and the expert critics, that say, when it comes to Japan, he should be careful, that plying childish ” bested friends ” is not prudent.

    I think I go along with what China is have said to say. It is not about making friends, but being careful not to make enemies. Enemies, Abbott seems to make easily. Not so sure about friends.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Florence, thanks for your comment 😎

      Yes it would be good to see Abbott under even half the scrutiny that Gillard voluntarily placed herself under.

      But of course this is Abbott we’re talking about, so that’s not likely to happen. 😯

      Yes regional conflict anyone?

      Cheers 😉


  8. Florence nee Fedup says:

    LateLine. Strong condemnation from the British tonight saying Abbott is putting the world at risk. world at risk with his carbon emission policies. Another enemy.


  9. Frank Ston says:

    It is all over the ABC and even MSM this morning.

    Lord Deben PC., Member of the House of Lords, former Chairman of the British Conservative Party and a minister under Thatcher and Major has identified Abbott and his merry band as “a threat to the future of the world”, and then some.

    Still, presumably, Andrew Bolt in his role as commander-in-chief as Abbott’s Climate Change Pretorian guard, will no doubt be able to convince us that Deben is “someone from the loony left”.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Frank, yes I heard him this morning, and it’s all over the ABC 😀 and he’s a Thacherite conservative… WTF?

      Abbott’s out there pretty much on his own 😯 the dickhead.

      Cheers mate 😀


  10. frontad84 says:

    The PM ‘s concerned with gun crime
    And is trying to stop it in time
    Lest some patriotic soul
    Shoots the arsole
    Which could probably happen in time

    To say Australia is heaven is fact
    So if we want to keep it intact
    Before Aussie’s sunk
    Let’s make sure The Monk
    And his Liberal Zoo are all sacked

    While P.M. thinks he’s it and a bit
    Seems at bullshit he’ll never quit
    He just goes on denying
    The truth, and keeps lying
    From a twisted mouth choc full of shit.

    Tony Abbott always looks dapper
    Unlike the shit from his yapper
    That spouts foolish notions
    His only good motions
    Being those he leaves in the Crapper.

    When Abbott starts in to jeer
    With a leer from ear to ear
    His mouth dribbles shit
    And looks quite a bit
    Like an arsole with bad diarrhoea.


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