Not in our name Mr Abbott!

Not in our name Mr Abbott!Cabinet liars

What The Frack is going on with this mob we laughingly call “A Government”?

Now, I use the word “laughingly”, as a derogatory term, as there is little in what they are doing that is “funny Ha Ha”, but plenty that is “funny peculiar”!

For instance, It’s funny, that at a time when the world is moving inexorably towards an ETS or some other “Market based” carbon abatement scheme, a party that shouts from the roof tops at every opportunity, that the “Market” should be allowed to determine the price of pretty much everything, and should be self regulating; is seeking to repeal our own market based mechanism, courtesy of Abbott and Hunt!   WTF?

But rather than having a bloody good chuckle, the world is looking at us and shaking their collective heads, in disbelief at the gross hypocrisy and stupidity, of a country that is going from “Hero” to “Zero” in less than a year, as a result of a change of government?   And I say yet again:    “Not in our name!”

Then there’s Abbott and SHockey, and there’s nothing “funny” about the way they’re Old ladyproposing to rip the heart out of support for the elderly, the sick and disabled, the unemployed, students, apprentices and the under 30’s.

It is however “funny” that whilst attacking the most vulnerable in our society, they are  happily handing billions of tax payers $’s to big business and multi nationals, to subsidise their mega profits.   W…T…F?   And again I say… “Not in our name!”

There’s nothing “funny”  about taking 100 + Billion from the RC into Child Abuse, so that they do not have the funds required to finish the job they started.

But it is “funny” that those, badly needed, funds have been redirected to an LNP “Witch Hunt”  RC, to attack the ALP?   W…T…F?   “Not in our name!”

It’s funny how they think that charging a further $7.00 for doctors visits, pathology, Xrays etc, will have virtually no impact on the overall health of the nation.

But pensioners and  the poor, along with many doctors, health workers and even surgeryOld Lady2 owners are not laughing, as many aforementioned pensioners and poor are, and have been, since the announcement of the measure, cancelling their doctors appointments, believing that it is already imposed upon us. with reports that visits to doctors, pathologists etc, in some areas, are down by as much as 40%.   W…T…F?   “NOT in our name”

But I have to say there’s NOTHING “funny” about the way that Abbott and Morrison are working hard to show the world  what a heartless, selfish, dishonest and dishonourable nation we have become, as a result of our despicable treatment of Asylum Seekers under the ideological zeal of these disgusting right wing nut-jobs.

Now at this point, as many of these right wing nut-jobs claim to be “Christians”, and as a Christian myself, (who is absolutely appalled at the actions of  these “Christians”?) I am about to break my own rule, albeit briefly,  to see what Jesus says.

In  Mathew: 25, “The parable of the sheep and the goats”, he has plenty to say to the likes of Abbott et al.

Now I was going to post the entire text, and for those that would like to read it, it can be found by clicking here, but I remembered a much more entertaining way to demonstrate the message.

So here is the exact passage put to music by the late, great Keith Green.   And for those that are quick to point at Christianity as the problem, I would implore you to take 8 minutes of your time to listen to this parable, as it is relevant to all these issues, and shows how Christians are expected to act!

A Christian is supposed to be, literally  a “follower of Christ”, so I have two things to say to Abbott and his largely “Christian” cabinet:

  1. You are promoting nothing but discredit, and disdain for the Christian church!
  2. And as a nation, both Christian and secular we say… Not in our name Mr Abbott!


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32 Responses to Not in our name Mr Abbott!

  1. bighead1883 says:

    You have to remember Truthy that in 2010 when Shorten and his “black guard Labor Unity” were cooking up the witches brew with their US counterparts for their Wall Street bosses the “new” incumbent PM Julia Gillard was never supposed to win the 2010 election.
    Corporate MSM had trashed Rudd so bad that had of they labelled him a “cross dressing eunuch” the population would have believed them.
    The USA`s corporate minions assured Abbott of his acceptance as an “alter boy” to the dias of capitalism and he was absolutely creaming his pant with premature ejaculatory thought bubbles.
    The absolute **HORROR** in Labor`s JG being able to form a minority government was far too much for the “Rabid one” and his “MSM sicko mates” “you all know the fuktards”
    So these by now totally rabid rabied mouth frothing Lying Nasty Pricks got the Corporate MSM to sail headlong into Cyclone Propaganda so as they won in 2013.
    Yes the sensible HoR cross benchers had resigned and the people were all Norm and Norma Ocker.
    Norm and Norma proceeded to parrot the lies even the “Parrots” lies.
    Now we must all suffer Norm and Norma`s stupid,pathetic,dumb,brainwashed choice.
    Thanks Truthy and keep up the good work “Carpe Diem”


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Biggy, thanks for your comment 😎

      Mate yes, the corporations certainly had their noses pushed firmly out of joint by the advent of a minority gov, and Rudd was also summarily pilloried for his beliefs amongst other things.

      And as a result of their machinations we ended up with the gov that Murdoch and the corporates wanted, and not the gov we needed, or deserved for the 21st century.

      I just felt that as the LNP wave their Christianity as some flag of credibility, it was another area where their hypocrisy and blatant dishonesty, needs to be exposed.

      Thanks for your support mate 🙂

      Cheers 😀


  2. Russ says:

    Excellent job Truthy.
    We certainly are on the same page in many areas, but particularly in ethics and empathy for our fellow pilgrims in life.. You are a real gem mate.


  3. Truth Seeker says:

    And what an interesting day this is shaping up to be, as Clive Palmer has now said that his PUP senators will vote against the repeal legislation, as they have been double crossed by Abbott 😀

    Oh the delicious Irony, of Abbott believing in and relying on someone else who seems to have no trouble changing his mind 😀

    Love it! 😛

    Cheers 😀


    • bighead1883 says:

      Clive IS sharing his PIE,YUMMMMmmm Truthy 🙂 😛


      • Truth Seeker says:

        Don’t you love the smell of “Irony Pie” freshly cooked? 😀


        • bighead1883 says:

          That I do M8 😆
          And here`s a one hit wonder over at IA Truthy
          Mike Wood • 24 minutes ago
          mate the only shame of Australia are the left – people like yourself who never act in the country’s interest and who in fact often act against their own country’s interest – who seem to prefer multiple deaths at sea to a stronger policy which prevents these deaths. Your hand wringing and wailing is sanctimonious in the extreme. God only knows what goes through your collective heads – thanks goodness your failed party is no longer in power. You, the Greens, Getup and the Labor left should all be put on a boat and sent to who cares where. Our country would be the better for it.
          Bighead1883 Mike Wood • 10 minutes ago
          You sanctimonious pratt Mike Wood.
          Lecturing me on my Human Rights beliefs.
          My beliefs are in tune with the UN and Amnesty International.
          Your rant imploring MY shame is not only a pathetic bigoted hypocritical remark but downright horseshit.
          Enjoy your PUP in Canberra and I truly hope Clive Palmer does to the Liberals what Vince Gair did to Labor.


  4. Florence nee Fedup says:

    Love it. Coalition double crossed PUP. They are not voting against the bill. Palmer appearing with Hewson. Strong support for RET Says government is lying, saying it keeps electricity prices down. Says the call for it repeal is coming from the sceptics and coal industry. News for them, so is the call to repeal CEF. Yes, it is working, and will lead to cheaper electricity.

    Hewson was very anti Abbott on Drum the other day. Today he has thrown his cap in the ring, with Palmer.

    How much longer can Abbott last. One has heard very little from Hewson over the years. Now he is back in the middle of the political fray.

    Abbott needs to call Hockey back, and get himself back to Canberra, and begin to work on his budget, instead of playing bested friends with Abe, and being chief salesman for the mining industry.

    We can see why Ford and GMH had to go. Would have had trouble getting his Korean and Japanese trade agreements through with them still in place.

    Bills now in committee period.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Florence, thanks for your comment 😀 😎

      And I couldn’t agree more 😀

      So gloat over that Abbott.. you KNOB! 😛

      Cheers 😀


    • Jim says:

      Florence, i see it every parties term. It has been a teg team match of major for decades.
      Stacking for the wealthy to thrive and lower treadmil for it. Murdochracy, the Fundament and US backboning.
      Australians are on the verge of the fears of the TPP becoming starkly visible in our lives.
      The right in labour is a sellout. Real labour claws some back and structures every term but the gouging, the CREAM that is our lives, ease of it, productivity of our educations, health, housing affordability etc is gouged deep and never more so as people wake up to the frauds of our governence and MSM rule.
      The topicing is highly agenda’d and thrown in with many public distractions.
      Wealth is being funnelled to heights and corporate and increasingly highly efficient at those economies bypassing the people who are lsft bedraggled, stunned and treading water as life passes them by sucked to heights stacking.


  5. Florence nee Fedup says:

    We have FM Bishop lecturing China, standing by Japan, while Morrison ids in Sri Lanka, ignoring their poor human rights record. Yes, Brandis even goes to the home of the Tamils, but refuses to talk to any. Surely one could only find out, if those he is returning are safe, by talking to these people. Even setting up some mechanism to trace the plight of those he returns.


  6. Florence nee Fedup says:

    Milne was correct when she said, negotiating with this government is not possible. Milne said she had one meeting with Abbott. He had reverse the agreement they made, as soon as she was out of the door.


  7. Jim says:

    A piece from the guardian on our continued rorting, decades of it. Life being vacuumed by our heights

    They are doing it again. The lower and bulk paying for heights.


  8. Frank Ston says:


    I’ll pop over to IA and see if I can engage your latest fan in some productive conversation.

    I am a confessed atheist, although, in truth I am probably an agnostic (I don’t want to upset anyone, just in case). I am probably influenced by the wonderful Rowan Atkinson skit welcoming the new intake to Hell, when he says, “You atheists, you can join that queue over thre. I bet your feeling pretty stupid at the moment”.
    My mum was a genuine atheist and when my sister was about16 she joined the Baptist church because they had the best tennis facilities close to home. The Baps pestered her to undergo adult baptism and the minister insisted on discussing it with Mum in our home. He was a doctor of divinity who, after an hour or so, graciously conceded defeat by saying that Mum, as an atheist, demonstrated an intuitive observance of Christian values to a degree that would shame most of his regular congregation.
    I hope a little rubbed off.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Frank, mate as I have previously stated, I make it a rule not to discuss my personal beliefs on the blog, but I felt compelled to make an exception in this case, as I’m so fed up with True Christianity taking the rap for the LNP’s lack of morals.

      Having said that I have also known many atheists that act in a more christian manner than some Christians. Sadly it always reflects badly on Christianity even though those being judged, are not always acting in accordance with their stated or implied beliefs.

      Thanks for your comment mate 😀 I appreciate you honesty and consideration. 🙂

      Cheers mate 😀


      • Frank Ston says:


        It looks like there has been some heavy pruning of Mr Wood and those who rose to his bait.
        I had hoped that IA might have chosen to leave the RWNJ comments on display to demonstrate what idiots they are, but at the end of the day that’s not my call.


        • bighead1883 says:

          I am of the same opine Frank in that RWNJ statements should be left unless they are beyond the pale.
          Observing their [RWNJ] idiocy is a beautiful thing to behold as the sale of breathe in breathe out instruction booklets is easier when the target presents itself willingly 🙂


  9. Jim says:

    Spa’s and vats and custard tarts flying around like flocks of birds. I’m waiting for the lightening bolts. It is with great risk I tread here.


  10. Florence nee Fedup says:

    Vote being taken with original amendment. Will be interesting to see if Palmer keeps to his threat or not. Suspect the bill will go through,
    We have had the specular of Cormann mounting a filibuster, to gag and guillotined his own legalisation.


  11. Florence nee Fedup says:

    No carbon tax repeal.


  12. Florence nee Fedup says:

    Abbott out gloating this morning, that today is the day he gets his repeal of the carbon tax. Think he would learn to wait until it was passed.


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