And this is what happens, when the PUP you adopt turns out to be a Pit Bull!

And this is what happens, when the PUP you adopt turns out to be a Pit Bull!

Soooo Cute?

Soooo Cute?


So you choose the little bundle of fluff, take him into your life, feed him and look after him, as he wags his tail with the enthusiasm of a PUP who wants to please his master.

BitesBut once he’s settled in, he starts chewing and biting everything, including you and your family, and then the grand revelation dawns… Instead of a cute little ball of fluff, you’ve got yourself a Pit Bull, that will turn quicker than Abbott on his promises, and attack not only the hand that feeds him, but the whole damned family.

Enter Clive Palmer, the PUP that has already started biting the very ones that supported Palmerhim.

I have to say that I was somewhat surprised to see that he actually voted to repeal the carbon price, in the lower house, as that smacks of a gross conflict of interest, which he himself declared, by abstaining from the previous votes.

Now I know that it would have been difficult to abstain from voting on his own amendment, but he’s now shown his hand, and there’s no turning back.

And now that we have Abbott, who screamed FOUL, from the rooftops, over anyAbbott1+ agreements reached between the ALP and the greens, and promised that he would NOT do deals with the independents or minor parties, now doing deals with the independents and minor parties, and not only that, but basically capitulating to Palmer, effectively making him the de facto PM, the question is… WTF?

Now I have to admit that knowing full well his past with “Crooked, Gerrymander Joe”

Gerrymander Joe

Gerrymander Joe

and his lifetime membership of the LNP, and their biggest single donor,  I really hoped, beyond hope, that he had  had a “Road to Damascus” moment, and seen the folly of his ways?… But sadly no!

A leopard can’t change its spots, any more than a Palmersaurus/Dinosaur  can change the world to accommodate the fact that it only lived in the dim, distant past and has no place, or relevance in the 21st century.

Having said that, any disaffected Labor voters that jumped onto the PUP Titanic, should Titanicnow be ready to, at the very least, take a good, long, hard look at their decisions and reassess them in the cold, harsh light of the PUP reality.

There should also be many pensioners who are very disappointed with the voting preferences that they gave, based on the lies, and subsequent backflips, of not only Abbott and the mendacious LNP, but also now, as it turns out… Palmer/PUP!

So the sad reality is that:

Once a right wing nut-job… Always a right wing nut-job.

And this is what happens, when the PUP you adopt turns out to be a Pit Bull!







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11 Responses to And this is what happens, when the PUP you adopt turns out to be a Pit Bull!

  1. sandrasearle says:

    Truthie, I have been saying for some time that Palmer is an enigma. To listen to him you would think that he indeed wanted us all to believe that he was on the peoples side, but it was just words. The man is full of self interest, will protect his wealth any way he can. Leopards do not change their spots. He only wants to get even with those who have crossed him like Murdoch & Abbott & co.
    It was amusing to watch him bait Abbott, but it is not good for this country when self interest sets the precedence over the social fabric of the people of our once great land.


  2. bighead1883 says:

    This anorexia challenged personage is an enigma alright 😯
    I`ve been that shocked actually since the right faction stabbed Rudd that I could personally knock some sense into every Labor pollie for them creating this shit we now have 😡
    But now that we`re here I`m flummoxed as what to do because I feel like I`m bashing my head against a wall like everyone else 😡
    Maybe I`ll just become a cynical sniper and pick off commenters without worrying too much,seems to be what`s happening 😦


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Mate, stick to your guns, and we will prevail, cos capitulation isn’t an option 😉

      I have to admit to feeling the same way, but our country needs us mate, and we must, and will prevail 😀

      Just think of Palmer as a bit of a speed bump for Abbott, sit back and enjoy the irony 😉

      Cheers 😀


      • bighead1883 says:

        The SS 👿 and Gestapo 😈 has now laid final plans for citizen capture 😡

        Director-General of Security Mr David Irvine and the Attorney-General senator George Brandis at a press conference this afternoon in Parliament House, Canberra. Wednesday 16th July 2014 Photograph: Mike Bowers
        The two gentleman pictured above foreshadowed new national security laws that will give Asio more powers to snoop on computers and more powers to coordinate with other agencies during investigations. It will also criminalise whistleblowing.
        As I’ve noted, we failed to get carbon repeal, but Labor and the Greens expressed a determination to work through the consequences of the end of carbon pricing in Australia line by line. Filibuster! cried the government. Consumer protections and clarity! countered the opposition forces.
        Treasurer Joe Hockey opened a new line of attack during Question Time by saying in the morning that if the government couldn’t get its budget cuts through the hostile Senate, it would look for new nasties it didn’t have to legislate. Labor then raved on about Hockey’s secret plan to take all your stuff and make life a living hell.


        • Truth Seeker says:

          Biggy, they’re already making life a living hell for families, pensioners and anyone else that they hate! 😯

          They make Nazis and the Ku Klux Klan look like your favourite uncles 😯

          I’m not a violent person by nature, but just the sight of Abbott makes me want to hit him with something. 😡

          Cheers mate 😀


  3. Caz2 says:

    I fail to see how Bill Shorten could have been an effective union leader. He is so wishy washy, I just want to slap him and tell him to get some balls. And a decent press advisor, his tv performance is appalling.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Caz2, thanks for your comment 😎 yes, there’s little or no fire in his belly, and the only thing he inspires in me is…. yawning 😯 and a desire for a nanna nap! 🙄

      I don’t know what he’s afraid of, cos often the content of his speech, doesn’t fit with the gently gently attitude? 😦

      Cheers 😉


    • Russ says:

      Totally agree Caz, hes as wimpy as they come. Even when hes trying to look angry and committed, he sounds like a year seven boy debating for more lollies at the tuck shop..
      Hes a complete waste of space.


  4. Jim says:

    If you go back a hundred years, the country faced these same hurdles. SAME. Too much to type on it to example but excerts are that govt spent hundreds of thousands of pounds on shows of force policing political squirmishes and minor bushranging incidents. Totally fruitless and incompetent. All to the cries of building schools and educating our people and kids, tending health in communities. While the 1850’s version of the IPA empowered Abbotesque govt tried to import third world slaves and pushed relentlessly for convict labour for the big company landowners and business class. Instead of public growth and proper management that was termed communistic welfare, paying and making a militarised police force and thuggery rule became a bottomless pit of public taxes aka right wing welfare and ethic. The media gave governence a good hiding in the right places but the ruling turned that into they were promoting crime and unrest against the nation. Right wing thieving aka national security.
    Incedently, those aspects were what birthed the white Australia policy. Fighting slave labour and monies and effort and inteligence directed away from sane course and the populace and sound future. The gold fields was were the white Australia policy finally cemented. Of course racism and indifference exists but the Chinese were very efficent on industrial scale and large groups were funded and owned by big wigs in the cities and they were destroying waterways and stripping fields fast and making industrial size holes everywhere and many seemed to need their opium. Part of the miners complaints too was that their money spread and stayed in Australia and the chinese takings were shipped out. The numbers of chinese also gave the heights slave labour in many other areas other than paying Australians for the work. The heights had cheap lackeys. There were uprisings and police confrontations and riots. And the white Australia policy took root but not wholly in the terms that we are battered with a guilt complex of the matter of corporate cheap labour today.
    Many of the selected media’s reporting in those days was highly accurate and nation balancing on the subjects and scathing of governence right to the points and highly reflects todays circumstances to a mirror image in many areas. Heights spend hundreds of thousands of pounds militarising and welfaring their authority instead of public spending just making more of what they complained of.

    Interesting to read of David Irvines etc piece put up by Biggy. If our security was all it is advertised and sold to the public , that would be very comforting . I’m not comforted. Nor is it comforting that colonial woes of right wing management exists today in total mirroring. That security would enforce the right wing. That a foreign country’s ethic and security has so much intrusion into ours and conveniently their own backyard view and circumstance is conveniently portrayed and adopted onto us. Pecking order and opportunists here to pull it over and welcome it.
    Tyranny makes dissent and criminality. The garden of the right.
    Whistleblowing? Who would i talk to? This current movement murdered my father in other days and run and bolt to the finish line . Does it end because of NSA ownership and efficiency of the net. The 450 BCC sackings and moving digital , in the flavour or favour of who and what? The orchestration is not missed by anyone but speaking it is an offence. In an air of stolen and abominated sovereignty, of forced peerage and advantage to jackboot protected greed and taking and environmental opportunism and destruction and abuse of public funds shoring up a minority sectors whims and wishes and ethics and opportunity.
    Bash acceptance and trust into us?
    A corrupt system took up a regime of spying and that corrupt system now demands trust and subservience when that corrupt force in our system now holds the stick by input and managing it.
    That conglomeration of our systems heights powers has little to no balancing of criminality fightback and dissent to its monopolised tyranny. The last 200 years of it is no lesson to bow to it now and nor is arranged airs of voting.
    The whole peoples version of health , education, housing , wage, opportunity and whole public direction of spending funds. Now, not promises, not hoodwinking, now. And not by the current ownership and stageplays of our governence. It is no comfort that we are repeatedly rearranged socially and economically for peerages advantage stacking and comfort above all over each cycle of their wealth reaping cycles.
    Where is the sign that the right can see beyond their ethic ? Is it in not sound proofing welfare housing?
    Criminalising whistleblowing is a public death warrant. One way hits. I won’t bow to it. I’d be dead, like my Father. Governence will just have to try and be good and stop killing us paying their bills.
    And they can shove their IPA owned president up their right wing institution oligarch and would be arse.
    Wtf is this? Stand still while we hit you. I can see nothing there on behalf of the people.
    They leave me alone, i leave them alone. They have’nt. I know i’m an anomoly but i didnt start it.
    Fred pushed George, George pushed Fred…..


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