Oh… Cynical me!

Oh… Cynical me!MH17

Firstly, let me say that the Malaysian Airlines plane being shot out of the sky is an absolute outrage, tragedy, and a pointless and incredibly sad loss of totally innocent life, and our thoughts and prayers are with all the victims of this abomination.

There has also been, and still is, plenty of coverage across the MSM about the victims, and their communities, making sure that the victims families and friends are appropriately recognised for their sad and painful losses.

But the thing is, is it just me, or are others out their getting more and more angry at our bloody politicians?

I know this will be seen as politically incorrect, by some, and positively scandalous by others, who would have us believe that Abbott’s not really a dickhead, just badly misunderstood!… WTF?

Now I’m angry on many levels, about these alleged “Adults” (From both sides of the political divide).

ScumAnd one thing that I’m really pissed about, is that while I was watching Campbell Newman apparently choking back the tears, whilst talking about this tragedy; Rather than feeling empathy with him, over what he was saying, I found myself thinking “What a great opportunity for someone in need of a public makeover, to show how caring he really is…”   :mrgreen:

The sad fact is that my natural empathy has been undermined by my cynicism toward this current bunch of so called political leaders.

So we have Campbell Newman, in the process of trying to re-brand himself, as “human“,  in the face of  the  mounting realisation that he is one of the most despised right wing nut-job political leaders QLD, and the country in general has ever seen.   😯

Funnily enough, when questioned about the 18.5% swing against him, he said we have to “Work harder”, and basically (my paraphrase) “The voters haven’t yet realised just how good we are!”… WTF?   😯

The very next day, we saw can do (NOTHING!) saying “Sorry”… WTF?   😯

Does he really think that saying “sorry” will make a difference?

I mean, did he say:

  • Sorry we trashed QLD’s democracy?
  • Sorry we showed you our real plan, before the next election?
  • Sorry I was such an arrogant dick?
  • Sorry I gave the top lawmakers job to a Conveyancing Solicitor?
  • Sorry I’m a small man with an ego that needs its own post code?
  • Sorry I lied?

No!…  What he said was Sorry we introduced some policies that you didn’t like!… W…T…F…?

So they’ll take the worst three, and change them…  Again…WTF?

Why doesn’t he get the fact that we are sick of being lied to by arrogant little upstarts who think they have some God given right to… Well… Everything!

Then we saw the king and queen of Diplomatic dunderheadedness, picking a fight with

OK, outrage on the count of three.

OK, outrage on the count of three.

Russia, while Gerard Henderson hailed him (Abbott)  the world leader in calling  for a fair and “independent” inquiry into how “guilty Russia and Putin are!”   And once more with feeling… WTF?

Now I’m not saying Russia is innocent, cos it looks like their fingerprints  and DNA are all over it, but to name anyone as guilty, and then call for an “Independent” inquiry could be seen as somewhat hypocritical?   😉

PutinI mean really?…  Picking a fight with one of the super powers for purely domestic political reasons — The hope being that he will get a bounce in the polls— and sadly some will see his diplomatic ineptitude as strength, even political courage, as opposed to what it really is, which was seen in a presser, when he was asked a question about the budget, and his response was… “Too soon!”….. W…T…F…?

Too soon for what?

And the answer is… “Too soon” to interrupt his major “Look over there” moment.

Then we have the other side of the MSM bandwagon; those that are joining Henderson, in trying to sell the line that Abbott has shown “real leadership”, in his efforts to take a big stick to Putin and consequently a leading roll in the “World”?    WTF?

Now I’m sure that Putin was shaking in his old KGB boots, at the prospect of the “Blunder from down-under” making all kinds of accusations and demands, knowing full well that if the flea, that’s determined to bite the dogs of war, gets too annoying, his options are infinitely greater than those of said flea!

Having said that, the MSM that spent years telling us that Abbott was the best option, has at last found something they can crow about, as they portray him as showing leadership to the world, regardless of the realities of the situation: Where Putin couldn’t give a flying  fig for anything that Abbott has to say, and as we are not a major trading partner of theirs, bluff and bluster is all Abbott’s got… But he has got that in abundance… Especially with Jules on the job?Team Aus

Now, you can call me biased   😯  Surely not?   😯   But I have to say, in my own defence, if I hear one more “Team Australia” moment, as Shorten conducts a rousing chorus of Kumbaya, I think I’ll throw up, preferably over him!   :mrgreen:

I have to admit that I was not sure about posting this, for fear of  seeming insensitive to the victims, but I’ve seen so many comments and articles  pointing in similar directions, and when all’s said and done, my issues are not with the victims or their families, but with lying politicians who rather than rise to the challenge of high office and public service, taint everything they touch with their sleazy  self service, reducing everything to the lowest common denominator… Them!   😯

And the truth is that they themselves have taught us how to treat them!    The same way they’ve treated us; with contempt and disdain.     And to never trust what they say, or their motives for doing anything, as they have proved that they cannot be trusted to do the right thing for the country, the people, or even do something as simple as telling the truth.

So what’s left to say but:

Oh… cynical me!


About Truth Seeker

Musician singer/songwriter, guitar teacher. https://truthseekersmusings.wordpress.com/
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30 Responses to Oh… Cynical me!

  1. bighead1883 says:

    My condolences to all family members who have lost loved ones and friends on Flt MH17,may peace and respite soon come to you. 😥
    Bloody not only is your article cynical Truthy 😯 the amount of irony in it has taken out all the creases on my pajama`s 😯
    But yes you are correct with all you wrote and one piece of cynicism that really gets me is the MSM trying to make Julie Medusa Bishop look sexy :mrgreen: FFS 😯
    Newman and Abbott pawning and Faux sympathy is sickening 😈


  2. bighead1883 says:

    Well Truthy cynical me was looking for meme material when I saw your new post and as you may have guessed I was working on an “irony” theme 😯
    Frigging hell,you`re being cynical and I was being ironic 😯 {ironical?]


  3. bighead1883 says:

    I hope this isn`t too crappy for you Truthy 😯
    And about the ar$ehole who empowers his minions 😈


  4. driftwood12 says:

    We are definately officially American. Whether we like it or not. Same scriptwriters.

    There’s a lot of info coming out pointing to Russia’s innocence that isnt getting air.
    One thing certain, maddening psychologies are as rampant now as national security excuses for corporate self stuffing.
    Of course we must have sympathy for those who lose loved ones publicly but i just keep thinking how many of us died the last two weeks from govt and corporate abuse and bill stress from the health system to the free market.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Morning Jim 🙂 yes mate they all seem to sing from the same song sheet 😈

      Maggie Thatcher was responsible for thousands of suicides, as part of her Austerity drive 👿 That’s why so many were happy to see her drop off the perch… Me included! 😯

      Cheers 😉


      • driftwood12 says:

        Was just browsing the foreign media, which isnt so foreign. Everything is a psyche show, everypiece broken down to it’s psychological pieces , aspects and social aspects and an intelligence op view . From politics to Splendor in the grass– which also has Tony Jones appearing .
        Mind numbing and scary. The rubbish. Unbelievable.
        Was reading the birth rate in the US has slowed right down. That is the next thing to become an elite status. Being able to have a life and family, and i’m not joking. Even our well stuffed carreer workers and generational parasite public servant pension chasing spawn need thousands thrown them to get through.

        Quite a lot of banter about spying through it all and many lines and plays of selling it as if it is here to stay , getting worse , nothing you can do about it except grin and accept it.
        I will tell the future and say that it is all heading to a bad place.
        All this spying business has taken the psyche trade into the high very evil necessity class as the trades market infests, unfortuneately also, the nut jobs that go with it in and through our management. You interbreed this top ten percent and its overempowerments and self stuffing and interbreed it with the health and legal trade and public funds and politics and you have a monster. A dangerous one to freedom from abuse and head f%$_^g molestation.
        All the west countries have had it before officially, the rest of the world from fruitcakes and psychotics getting into power and governence. The people will not pull this up. The self centred and self righteous , self stuffing powers and forces that head our govnernance and institutions will fall to it like trees to a chainsaw and to incoming ambitions from the generational set. Whats known today by science as oligarch.
        Thats where what’s known as our tea party fruitcakes have come from. This country has been infested since the first fleets in a tierage and peerage.
        These forces hide behind all forms of self righteousness, and assault with it, from religion and race to every form of high brow psychology and excuse.
        The potential is not great, it is here. Walls and great divides. Scheming on the public whole. Reaping from self stuffing from decades ago even. At some point this “the previous govt” shit has to be pulled up. And no lip service.

        There is a greater emphasis on “everythings all right” in selling through the msm and that includes the new and praised sites like in the recent IA article, all i see is right wing amongst the rhetoric and angles and it is dangerous.

        A side issue of scampering over the net and scene, as a would be musician to one Truthy, WTF happened to music??? Intellect seems to be running under a vacancy sign.
        I’m missing rock and roll and it’s future that died. Rock and roll is lock and load to bad politics. Never mind the rights rise to the fall of Russia.


        • Truth Seeker says:

          Hey Jim, yes it’s funny, but since I’ve been teaching, most kids want to learn all the good music from the 60’s and 70’s, with only a select few of the current crop.

          There are some good song writers around, but there seem to be many more bad ones 😯 And unlike the classics from our era, most new songs will be gone from memory within a year or so 😦

          I was really pissed off a couple of weeks ago, as I heard that Ian Anderson, from Jethro Tull was playing Brissy in Dec, I think. but the tickets sold out in no time, and I missed my chance 😥 One of the few artists I would still pay to see 😦

          You’re right mate, good music is really hard to come by 😦

          Cheers mate 😉


          • driftwood12 says:

            Good to hear on your clients taste. Down this way we have a few local elders that organise the younger set, help, advice, training lessons. There is a couple of unique , good and different very commercial voices amongst them. A couple of the locals here, Bon Scots childhood mate that started ACDC with him. He was too young to get into pubs when they started getting big so had to drop out. Another was Kenny Rogers guitarist for more than a decade.
            The youth are very keen, get to play at the pub once a month but i think that has died.
            Theyve got no where to go.

            What I’ve done with acts is get in touch with their management but you can’t do that everytime an act turns up. Got in touch with Jimmy Buffett’s management in the 80’s. A hard to get tape turns up and two backstage passes turn up and an invite to the Hilton after. Partied on with the band and crew , management and Jimmy for two and a half hours after the show. Rita Coolidge and Steve Cropper were touring with them so that was a bonus.
            Jimmy started a site recently where you pay online for a private show with stars and would be’s. Most of the shows are pay what you can to get a ticket from a dollar up.
            You can chat to them too. Jimmy’s done one, Rick Springfield, etc etc etc. Bon jovi’s doing one in a couple of days for charity so that ones 50 dollars for an hour and a half.
            Many of them are in their lounge rooms or sitting on there beds with the laptop.
            I follow a few artists and liven up their blogs for them , they are regularly on there. Have a skype after.
            Jimmy has also started up a net tv . Free shows, even taking everyone into the recording sessions etc. They will have to expand into guest acts so there will be some big names turning up. John Fogerty opened his show last night. There are some good things happenning.
            Stageit, the site is called for the intimate shows. Anyone can put on a show ,charge and take donations and tips too. Margaritaville is the name of the new tv site. Free at the moment but he’s trying to work out how to make it pay but it still wont be very much.
            There has been too many big names to mention that have turned up on Stageit and quite a few UK stars. Worth keeping an eye on as it is becoming a bit of a rage with big artists.

            Contrary to big mentions all the time on IA of pirating music. The people i follow interact and always give free shows and skype with fans and do cover vids regularly for fans and they are thriving. Lots of poor people out there and they are one giant global advertising firm for the artists and very faithful. Give to recieve.

            If you give Anderson a nudge you just might spark an intimate show on Stageit.
            Digital and electronic is delved in heavily now. I follow Priscilla Ahn, she is very good at it. It’s not so much in my tastes but exceptional gets my attention. A few big names are starting on it and im dreading it as much as rap. Very little quality for the din from it for years.The dance hall scene is huge for gate takings but ecstasy and drugs go with it and the techno scene. You dont hear of it but there are some great artists in asia, japan etc. .Doing all styles and the music skills are something to be jealous of.
            Jimmy’s heading for 70 yrs old and his shows lacking in vocals these days but he still comes across in the recording studio.
            If you have any advanced students it would help to point them to stageit to see what goes on, what others are doing . It’s quite inspiring to watch artists having a go and putting on a show. Jimmy’s always been big on giving exposure to others for a leg up.

            A highlight for me was doing plumbing and timberwork on a yacht for Keith Williams in the late 80’s and in strolls George Harrison in jeans and a tShirt for a look. 6 of us talked to him for 20 minutes having lunch and showed him over the boat. Left him alone on the music side. Talked about everything but.

            Lyrics are a standout for me. Good lyrics AND a good tune is heaven.
            Thx for the headsup on Anderson, i shall delve a bit more.


        • Russ says:

          Its a long way to the shop, if you want a sausage roll Jim


          • driftwood12 says:

            Sure is Russ and myself at 55 I’ve missed the bus. But it’s an interest that keeps me kicking. I can pull the guitar out at a campfire but going on stage is beyond me i think. I sing and been pushed for years to get up but depression and day to day survival reigned so ive never got to it. Always wanted to play guitar properly and going well on that. Having to sell my ukes and guitars to fix my car but keeping the best. Have an Asian jazzmaster and the parts to make one up for myself. Will inlay the Asian with pearl and abalone to fund mine and pocket money for the car. That’s the plan anyway, where life and politics takes it like the last twenty years i dont know.
            One day i may have peace and will put a couple of youtube vids up. I’ve always thought if you cant wow the crowds straight up i’m not interested but i’ve seen a lot less than me get successful. But the age thing has me cornered. So i just enjoy tinkering with it all.
            I have the children of an Australian champion roller canary singer here and they are a fine audience. I always take note of what gets them up dancing and singing for advice. They are pitch perfect and know a good tune when they hear one. They love Mozart’s piano concerto’s, nothing gets such a show out of them than that.


  5. melaine says:

    Well, make room on the ‘cynics couch’ for me too, Truthie.

    Whilst I have enormous sympathy for the families and friends of the people killed in the tragic air disaster over Ukraine… where is the media/political outpouring of anger and grief over the innocents killed in Gaza, not just this week but over the last 60yrs… what about the people dying every minute of every day in atrocities in Africa… and what about the latest group of asylum seekers being held against their will by Australian Customs, thought they were heading to NZ before one of our ships intercepted them??…


  6. Florence nee Fedup says:

    Watching Abbott. Should we rename him “backtracking Tony” Tony one thing at a time”

    Was not asked about reports fro0m overseas, including the Dutch, that he is nuts if he believes he can take armed soldiers in.

    Was not asked why t5he Indians said that Morrison was wrong, when he said they were considering taking the 157. They said the opposite.

    Was not asked why FM Bishop was doing a deal with the Ukraine govt, on his own, that needs to be approved by that govt. Which by the way has fallen.

    Was not asked why some of the investigation at the disaster site, took time to congratulate the work done by the people in the area.

    Not interested in what Europe or others are doing. Just focus on Operation br9nging them home. Not asked why he has changed his mind in this regard. Suspect Putin put him in his place.

    Not asked, whether the Dutch has requested all the manpower her is sending aboard. Not once has he said, this is what they are asking for.

    Not asked about what is occurring in Palestine. Not one word.

    One can onl;y coming to the conclusion, Abbott is r8unning his own race. He or the FM is not playing a big part in what is being organised. Was asked about so many troops. Did say the Dutch and yes he thinks Malaysia and other countri8es have troops on the ground. Was not asked if they were or are going to be armed.

    The agreement Bishop has signed, only mentions troops. Not whether they are armed or not. Even so, it will not be up to them, but those Separatist that control the region., Not asked if he will still not make any agreements with these people, those he calls terrorists.

    Abbott has changed track over the last few weeks. No longer demanding that Putin be pulled into line.

    The lies coming out of his mouth are becoming sickening.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Florence, thanks for your comment 😎 Yes their performance is for the domestic market, and no real relevance for the rest of the world, and the MSM are playing it for all its worth. 😯

      And I agree, his lies are sickening 😈

      Cheers :grin;


      • driftwood12 says:

        Truthy i can see a lot through the sheep fodder, internationally etc , domestically though it will be an opportunity to tinker away behind the backs of the people. There is an undertow force with the Murdochracy crowd. Ruperts show only being the exposed level of relationships and governing powers and forces.
        I say that along the lines that we reap descisions from decades ago concerning culture, public freedom, class sizes in schools, time for family, attitudes to wages and conditions and the whole attitude and cashing in on alcohol and drugs by “previous govts” run by Rupes and the crowd.

        I wonder today if we aren’t assaulted for the US market to reign and feed. Hollywood, music. Monopoly.
        Where can you go, to a safe venue, to hear good music in this country? I dont just mean the big name acts that turn up that the biggest majority of culture starved and music lovers cant afford to go and see anyway. Just everyday stuff. It’s like there is a war against it. And Rupes and governing powers and stuffing controlling ilk are in no short effort to own the pipeline flow from the big monopolies and control.
        That is another freedom and economy completely bypassing the people and the only way to contend is to indulge in the Rupert show and owned forces of power in this country, generally as some sort of paid lackey. Our pollies and public servants and uni ‘s know the ropes. The rest are just right wing nut jobs straight out of Australia’s convict management past.
        The country must have a front to dangers and complications in the world but boy, do our heights know how to get head for themselves under that often hyped cloud.

        Decades have past us by and it hasn’t had to be like that. Tuth can ge vety disheartening and people want to be forced fed in the other direction like make the bad things go away. But unless some media somewhere addresses, direction is not in the collective for the herds to move in the right directions. Powers monopolies in this country have stolen that from us.


        • Truth Seeker says:

          Jim, sadly mate, the music industry has changed forever (Corporatised), and the main way for musicians to make money, is the big concert tours, where you need a second mortgage just to buy a ticket 😦

          With the Ian Anderson concert, I asked if there was an option for paying off the tickets, and they told me NO, even though the concert was still 5 months away 😯 The bastards!

          Cheers mate 😉


      • frontad84 says:

        Disgusting Tony Abbott

        Tony Abbott gave cause for dismay
        With disgusting cold hearted display
        After it was described
        How soldiers had died
        “Shit happens” was all he could say.

        When MH17 deaths came that day
        Wonder privately what he did say
        Did he once more comment
        Re this horrific event
        In his usual disgusting way?

        Don’t be fooled now by his change of fashion
        In his clumsy attempt at impassion
        Whilst using folks pain
        For political gain
        And show us that he has compassion


  7. consider says:

    Oh…Cynical me! Too.
    Our sympathy as well go to all those poor souls Truthy, but the hypocrisy of Abbott and co.is truly sickening.
    After all, they are doing what any decent politician should do in the circumstances, but the trouble with Abbott is that every time he opens his stupid mouth he shoves his foot in it and highlights to the rest of the world just what a goose he really is.
    They must pity us to have such a fool as our PM.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Consider, thanks for your comment 😎

      That’s right, and it’s all for the domestic market 😦 But some will love it 🙄

      Yes we are a laughingstock 😡

      Cheers ;grin:


  8. Caz2 says:

    What other response would you like from Labor. They would appear as insensitive as the Libs if they tried to make political capital out of this tragedy. He said he would support “any measured response” which in my opinion was the right response. But if Abbott tries to make political capital out of the misery of the families of the dead, it will come back to bite him. Let him think he is the star on the world stage. The rest of the world knows he is a very minor figure and a laughing stock to boot.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Caz2, thanks for your comment 😎
      With the “Team Australia” stuff I was just speaking generally, wink: and it’s not so much what Shorten says, but the way that he says it. 😦 He shows little if any passion, and although I agree with you on this issue, over the last few months, he has allowed many opportunities to slip by IMHO. 🙄

      With the likes of Abbott and Newman, they do whatever it takes to get the job, and will do whatever it takes to keep it, so my cynicism tells me that I should question everything that comes out of their mouths, as they always have one eye fixed firmly on the game, and the polls. 😯

      I don’t trust them, and I don’t believe them! 😯

      Yes, he is a laughingstock, but as I said, his response was more for the domestic market, as have been most of his OS speeches, which have all added to the legend that is the Abbott 😈 Dickhead extraordinaire! 😀

      Cheers 😀


  9. Florence nee Fedup says:

    Yes it, is no longer asked, “are we our brother’s keepers”. It seems to be accepted, that it is now ” every mam for himself”. It seems the common, or sadly the belief of many, all one looks after, is oneself.

    We have moved far away from the credo that the meek will inherit the earth.

    I have no idea what bible, todays Christians claim to follow. The one that says wealth is gods reward for living a good life. The one that says, the poor arte makers of their own plight. That they are not to be given assistance or respect for the people, they have allowed themselves to come.

    It is not the one used for nearly two thousand years.

    I am not a believer, but I do not need any Church or other infrastructure to tell mew how to live one’s life.

    I know, for a civil society, we must work with one another. We must look after those, who are unable to do so themselves. We must share the fruits of the earth, for the benefitted of all.

    Most of all, I know it is love that creates, while hates demolishes.


  10. kate ahearne says:

    I’m a bit of a cynic, too, Truthie. This is like a bigger and better version of Tony’s response to the previous mysterious Malaysian Airlines disaster. One great big gorgeous photo op. Nothing to be done about it, though, except grumble, because it’s not a situation that Labor can do anything about except go along with it. And as we all seem to be agreed – Putin must be laughing his head off. The trouble is that the Putin bit is all mixed up with the Bring Them Home bit. If Labor can do anything at all, it would be about the Putin bit, and they’d have to be very careful not to allow the two strands to become confused in the minds of the Australian public.

    Thanks again, Truthie, for hitting the nail on the head.


  11. driftwood12 says:

    Had an email early this morning, The Fuhrer and the Jackboots up here are going ahead with the massive roundabout at Landsborough. To add to the pain over 500 hectares is to become a motorcross park in a highly fragile and rare environment. The last big koala colony on the Sunshine coast will be destroyed. Years of planting vine for the Birdwing butterfly , sedge frogs, etc etc etc. Some of the rainforest birds are the last stock in the area . I am guessing the 200 year old natural forest will be sold off for timber. A range of forest and rainforest trees are 5 and 6 foot diameter. This a protected and reserved area. Hundreds of parrots visit and nest there from extremely rare foxen fig parrots to King parrotts , fruit , emerald and barred doves etc etc etc .The rainforest birds varieties are on their last kegs on the east side of the range and will be extinct here in the coming years.
    The roundabout should be made south of the Caloundra turnoff where it wont impact so destructively. They have been shown alternatives and sound and better reasons why aside from the gross abuse of environment but have been underhandedly ramming this through behind the publics back. I mentioned the matter on IA some months ago after they organised the hit on me with Clive and the ex sas guys etc ,and editors defended the fuhrer pointing out koala habitat on the west of the range.
    Much similar is also happening at Ballina right now. A last big koala colony will be extinct within 20 years. Easy and viable Alternatives also exist there but they will not move on it. Some sort of stubborn overempowerment jack boot type mindset going on.
    I put it down to the chain of command of the spying regime and Murdochs lot. The rise of militant right wing management.
    This is unbeleivable that this is happening to our surroundings and fragilities but totally believable by our governence. I cannot accept it.


  12. driftwood12 says:

    Emade mistakes as usual, my apologies. Coxens fig parrot. This tab is hell at times. It can take 6 stabs with the finger to get the cursor in between the right letters to correct and in haste and frustration to correct it i miss them.


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