The LNP Party room, where Honesty, Decency and Morals go to die!

The LNP Party room, where Honesty, Decency and Morals go to die!

 Evolving from DICKHEAD TO DICTATOR, in record time!

Evolving from DICKHEAD TO DICTATOR, in record time!

So now that Abbott has taken us back to the dark ages, where Chicken Little, and his   “head in the sand” brigade, rule the roost, while the Palmersaurus, tries  in vain to convince those new converts to PUP, that they have done the right thing, and continues to convince himself that he will be seen as the champion of the people, our country is paying the price.

As our unemployment rate hits an official 6.4%, a figure that doesn’t include anyone that works for 1 or more hours per week, we have to have serious doubts about the promise that Abbott made, the he will create 1 million jobs, although I have to concede that with his manic rush to close down manufacturing and sign up to FTA’s, he may well be able to, at least, claim success on the jobs front for… South Korea, Japan, China, India and pretty much anywhere… BUT Australia.

And the minister for unemployment has his own look over there moment, citing studies done in the 50’s, that claim a link between abortion and breast cancer… WTF?

For starters, WTF has that got to do with his portfolio?

AbetzAnd when in 2014, did we start to take seriously, any studies done in the 1950’s, when we barely had antibiotics, much less the understanding of cancers that we have today?

But then I don’t suppose it matters, cos he now says that what he said… wasn’t what he said, despite video proof to the contrary… WTF?   (They do like tying to rewrite history!)

I thought we were supposed to have the best and brightest, running the country, but what we have is… The worst and dimmest!   O_o   o_O   :/

And now we have Hockey reeling after the worst unemployment figures in 12 years, and

King for a day, but a DICKHEAD forever!   :evil:

King for a day, but a DICKHEAD forever! 👿

trying to say that these figures underline the need for his fudge-it to be passed… And I agree   😯

It should be passed, like the big turd that it is, and then flushed!  come to think of it, so should Abbott and his entire front bench.   😀

But I digress   😀

The thing is, writers like yours truly, are now struggling to keep up with Abbott  and his moronic LNP, as they are now making stuff-ups  by the minute, and moving us so quickly down hill, that it’s like the  whole party is hanging on to Aus for grim death, whilst skiing down the near vertical face of a 1000 metre high glacier.

The truth is that not only do they have no clear direction for this county’s future (Except south), but they really have no friggin’ idea on… well…  anything!   O_o

Except maybe money laundering and corruption, if you take even a cursory glance at what’s happening in the NSW ICAC enquiry!   😯

And despite the vicious rumours about  party room unity, they are just a rabble fighting amongst themselves, and they are only consistent, in their inconsistency and dishonesty!   😯

And so, if you are a sociopath, my advice to you is… Join the LNP, cos it’s;

The LNP party room, where honesty, decency and morals go to die!  

Austrlias debt




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30 Responses to The LNP Party room, where Honesty, Decency and Morals go to die!

  1. bighead1883 says:

    Good morning gallant Truthseeker 🙂 you claim you cannot keep up with all the ‘making stuff ups by the minute’ well that`s the Conservative ploy.
    Imagine that two teams are playing Rugby with 13 a side on the field and 4 reserves each,that combines to a player usage of 17 as per rules.
    Now one side has the referee also chosen from their team selectors and the boundary referees are that sides closest media supporters.
    The two sides are “Liberally Entitled” vs “Laborously Lobotomised”
    Hockey kicks a high falutin emergency and Albo takes it on his chest,brilliantly done and runs forward easily fending off Mattias the Hun,gives a straight arm to Prancing and goes straight though Abetz who was looking down his shorts for suspicious lumps for a try.
    The Entitled Captain Lychronic Loon cries forward pass and where`s our penalty kick?the Lobotomised Captain Where`s Bill tells the ref no one else touched the ball except Albo [who has found a couple of kids watching the game and sharing their hot chips with him].
    The referee incredibly calls for the third umpire Refpurt Foxtel who says no try.
    The crowd all up and leave because everyone can see there`ll be no sense ion this game and the results is pre-determined.
    So Truthy the Lobotomised Captain has long ago joined “team Australia” and wont do what the teams supporters want.
    I want my Labor Party to Oppose These Things
    1- Offshore detention (close Manus&Nauru)
    2- Never to detain refugee children in jail like facilities
    3- Loudly Oppose the genocide the Ocupation of Palestine by Israel
    4- Support the ICC(International Criminal Court) TO PROSECUTE Israel for war crimes and crimes against humanity.
    5- To Oppose the TPP
    6- To Oppose any privatization of our assets and services which “we” as Australians own.


  2. brickbob says:

    Wow,good writing once again Mr TS,i always tweet and facebook your work to everybody i know including the ignorant knobs who still support Dumb Dumb And The Dumberlings. 2016 cant come fast enough for me and i suspect for a lot of other sane people as well,so keep the home fires burning and keep those cards and letters coming in.”’ I had better go,a big black car just pulled up outside with some strange looking gentlemen in it dressed in dark suits with blue ties.
    Oh wait…they said they are going to take my lap top away but will come back later with a brand new ” Government Approved one” wow thats fantastic,and their boss George i think his name was seemed really nice,well maybe i have misjudged this Government after all. Cheers..


    • Florence nee Fedup says:

      Did you look on the back seat. Might have been a brown paper bag of money there. Why paper, not plastic?


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Brickbob, thanks for that 😀

      Yes mate, I too am hanging out for an election 😯

      I’d watch out for the gov approved one though, as I’ve heard they come complete with pre loaded viruses, and only work with strings and cans, at the speed of… Mud! 🙄

      Thanks for all your support mate 😎 I always appreciate your feedback and sharing 🙂

      Cheers 😀


      • olddavey says:

        “Yes mate, I too am hanging out for an election ”

        TS, I almost misread that line. Scary thought!


      • driftwood12 says:

        Murdochs crowd will own all the parties or sink them. You cant win. Links go right up to NSA and US and western heights.
        I was reading yesterday about the heavy property investment owned by those running the country for Murdoch. We havent got a chance.
        Then there’s Ruperts investments in the shale oil industry in amongst the bombings in the middle east.
        I have been saying it for a lifetime and loudly on the ABC from 10 years ago- The Australians are a resource not a people.


  3. Florence nee Fedup says:

    Is there anyone that can keep up with the antics of this government. They just keep on giving, all on that front bench.


  4. Russ says:

    Another great read Truth Meister.
    The biggest thing I take away from your writings and the responses thereto, is, why is it only us, Young oldies who realise, things just aren’t right and that we are being screwed.

    With a Labor opposition, numbed by anasthetic or whatever, who is going to lead the charge to rebuild Australia.?

    We need to mobilise us baby boomers into action to reinvent Australia and what it means to be an Aussie and that does not infer any particular heritage nor colour, simply the right to exist and flourish, without attack, certainly not from the temporary government.

    What about ABRA, Aussie Boomers Reinventing Australia.?


  5. Caz2 says:

    What’s this about “us baby boomers”? What about us very senior cits born in the thirties. We are not all brain dead you know. Us oldies are used to being patient as well as patients. We are happy to bide our time and hope we will live to see this crowd pitched out on their collective arses. Bill seems to be a patient man letting Abbott self destruct. It appears that he will. I hope I am right.


    • Judes says:

      See, it’s like this Caz2.. It’s all part of the ‘Charm Offensive’ our new tactic… It really throws the RWNJs into a tail spin. Bill may be rolling over to play dead, or have his belly scratched just now, ..but I REALLY hope he’s going to turn into the Huge green Incredible hulk SOON… And rip their bloody heads off!


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Caz2, thanks for your comment 😎 and “Aussie Boomers” could refer to anyone, or in fact even Kangaroos. 😯 But age is no barrier to us, especially when coupled with your passion for our country, and getting rid of Abbott’s mendacious mob of misfits. 🙂

      And I also hope you’re right. 😀

      Cheers 🙂


    • Russ says:

      Whoa, sorry Caz, what I was eluding to, was all of us old enough to remember a different era and civility in Australia.
      With many younger people than us, any talk of a more caring society or even doing the right thing, just because its the right thing to do, is seen as some sort of weird notion, or “Why would you? Whats in it for us?” kind of mentality.

      I dont know how we change that mindset, but we can only keep chipping away.
      Sorry for any offence Caz.


  6. Gilly says:

    Sorry Truthie, to die they have to be alive in the first place. just another example of how moribund is any philosophy that does not give prominence to that truth that all people are equal in life.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Gilly, thanks for your comment 😎

      Wel I know they’re still alive in at least some in the wider community, 🙂 and I’m sure that at least some LNPers arrived in Canberra with one or more still intact, 😯

      So I still think the title holds true 😀

      Cheers 😀


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