Still Sloppy… Joe!

Still Sloppy… Joe!

Eleventy seven ?  Mmm…  sounds about right!

Eleventy seven ? Mmm… sounds about right!

 For any that weren’t sure why our alleged treasurer got the nickname “Sloppy Joe”, his efforts to sell his Fudge-it should shed some light on that conundrum    😯

In Jan 2013, I wrote a short poem called “Sloppy Joe”, outlining my observations about the man who would be treasurer, and I thought it was worth re-posting here, with an updated version, so first of all, here’s the original:

Sloppy Joe


Cocky Hockey, or sloppy Joe

Call him what you like

The man talks only lies and spin

And should be told, get on your bike


His economic creds are shot

The man’s a total knob

And rubbish is the only thing

That dribbles from his gob


To give him keys to treasury

Would be a huge mistake

Cos like his leader? Abbott

He’s a… monumental… FAKE


And now we come to his latest performances since getting the job he wanted, and how he has forever locked in the nickname “sloppy Joe”, as the one that fits him to a tee.

Still Sloppy… Joe!

Smokin’ Joe or Sloppy Joe

Call him what you will

But when it comes to numbers

Our treasurer’s a dill


He came up with “Eleventy”

To show he has some smarts

And demonstrate his leaders cred

With quality brain farts


He thought that he was clever

As he smoked his fat cigar

And proved that for stupidity

In the LNP… it’s par


And he danced around his office

When he’d brought the budget down

Proving he’s not a treasurers arsehole

But an economic clown


Cos his so called ‘plan for future growth’

Will bring us down as well

As Abbott and the Sloppy Joe

Guide us down the road to hell


He has no clue on percentages

And he cannot tell the truth

Cos the percentage that the poor pay

May mean their car, provides their roof


He talks about emergencies

And he talks of being fair

And he wants us to believe him

When he really doesn’t care


And he’s full of bluff and bluster

And a raving right wing git

And he says he has the only plan

But he’s really full of shit!


And then he says ‘“I’m sorry”

That the words I said, upset!’

But the problem is, he hasn’t said

He’s sorry he said them… yet


He really doesn’t get it

As he plays us all for fools

That we’ve woken up to the LNP

Who’re just a bunch of Murdoch’s tools


And he’s touted, “future leader”

Of that lying Liberal lot

Which shows their lack of talent

If Sloppy Joe’s… the best… they’ve got!




About Truth Seeker

Musician singer/songwriter, guitar teacher.
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24 Responses to Still Sloppy… Joe!

  1. bighead1883 says:

    Truthy 🙂 you have done it again and as coffin preparations you are lining them up well O_o because their suicide rate is enormous ^^’ .
    Labor 🙂 has said yes to a Federal ICAC with it`s NSW branch Headquarters so lets hope the push is on 😀
    Shorty`s “team Australia” appears to be slowing as someone with actual brains must be adivising him ,and Albo`s 🙂 has been very active on Social media sinking the boot in 😯 good and proper.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Biggy, thanks mate 😀 and so true 😎

      Yes I saw Albo yesterday, looking pretty happy 😯 as Pyne tried to support Hockey’s suff-up 🙄

      Another gift from the LNP that just keeps on giving O_o :/

      Cheers 😀


    • Florence nee Fedup says:

      Yes we are. we are also that taxpayer that you claim to care about. We are also majority of workers. Also consumers, that prop up the economy. Yes, Mr Hockey. we are more important than you realise.

      Yes, Mr Hockey, we also have the right to expect to be looked after when we have run our race. Yes, that is what we are entitled to along the way.

      If things get a little tough, we are entitled to be propped up. Yes, if we are able to stay in the race, with a little help, we pay back the entitlements many times. Yes, the entitlement to help and education.

      It is not wasteful to spend on us. In fact money invested in us and the country, is the key to a prosper future.

      Hockey, we also know, which you should fear, if we stick together, we can rule.

      Yes, Mr Hockey you should indeed apologise for us, but please get right what you are apologising for.


      • bighead1883 says:

        Rupert Murdoch has to be punished for what he has done to Australia with his deliberate lying past ans present concerning the LNP,AGW and the MRRT
        People not subscribing to Foxtel is by far the best recompense Australians can do to this cretinous man.
        I concur with your logic FnF


      • Truth Seeker says:

        Florence, thanks for your comment 😎 and well said 🙂

        Cheers 😀


  2. Truth Seeker says:

    I have to say I laughed when I heard Abbott say, WRT Hockey’s car comment, that; he “Wouldn’t say that”, as my first thought was “NO, it has too many syllables, and would take him just tooooo ah… um….long to.. er… um.. um …. …. er …. say, er… let … um … er .. me repeat … um … er … … that….. click… er… … !” O_o :/ o_O ^^’ 😆 😆 😆


  3. Frank Ston says:

    You two are having too much fun – sic ’em.


  4. consider says:

    Hit the mark again with this one mate.
    When Murdoch`s paper turned on him, you could see the absolute fear in Hockey`s eyes.
    He knows to lose Murdochs support, no-one, and I mean no-one, will save him and that includes the village idiot Abbott.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Morning Consider 🙂 and thanks for your comment 😎

      Yes mate. between the stuff-ups, poll numbers, palmer and ICAC, there will be a lot more LNPers that look like a “Rabbott” in the headlights 😉

      It should be a great spectator sport 😀

      Hope you and Considerette are keeping warm, dry and well, in this revisiting of winter 😯

      Cheers mate 😀


  5. melaine says:

    Great way to start the weekend 😀
    Thanks Truthie, another gem.


  6. driftwood12 says:

    Good words Truthy.
    I watch the markets and people, today i filled the lpg tank to last me the fortnight and an elderly guy in a ford was doing the same. He stopped on his way past with a sheepish smile , a bit apprehensive and says You know, we are getting totally screwed over. This country.
    I have heard that from total strangers wanting to talk at least twice a week .Never mind this lot not getting elected again, I wonder where they will hide to live. I have had appr8aches like this for some years now and have mentioned it on blogs.
    I also said more than six years ago that heights are going to come out of this boom, viscious, hungry for more and the lower will be wrung out paying for it.


  7. olddavey says:

    I think you left out a word that rhymes with “Hunt”.


  8. driftwood12 says:

    Thats why i think Iquack wont do too much Federally. Politically and liability based. Fitzgerald in Qld did little but things got better. A couple of the thousands went to jail . We must keep up appearances. Thousands of parasite public serpents continued. The drugs and scams and contracts still flowed. The rich got richer the poor got kicked harder. Wealth stayed in the top, none came back from the frauded billions or promises. Wealth and power has been communised in the heights since day one in this country.
    Oligarchies fail usually by the hands of spoilt and vicious inheritance. Alexander the Greats father Phillip had a great army. He did that by stopping promotion based on peerage, politics and title and wealth.
    You pay peanuts you get monkeys, you put in pig troughs you get bigger fancier monkeys.

    They’re all our landlords now, the conga line and their children. Nothing ever comes back out of the bottomless pit of public money. We live amongst people who base their own importance on wealth and you are supposed to bow to it. Gets nothing but laughter from me.
    You cant hurt Joe, like the rest before him and all around him, laughing all the way to the bank.
    Very few trailblazers. Old Don Lane that got scalped in Fitzgerald and jailed for the show did more for people in any given week than the Canberra lot in a year.

    The spying regime was based on opportunity over having a handle on anything. As i said of it years ago. It’s come out now.
    Disparity and the charts of the top percenters doesnt lie, nor ever has the smug wealth and grins of Canberra ever not been faithful to the living proof and truth.
    Canberra shaped to a pig fest. A good reflection. No trailblazers, a sit in for an ilk to pass through to easy street. It’s what everyone wanted, it’s what those generations were about, and it came to pass like Dawins theory of evolution exampling bird beaks. How they change to adapt. Canberra is a reflection of years leading up to present govts. Always months slow to act on sadisms effecting the public. Years sometimes.
    Will Iquack set an example for the world to follow on corruption in govt?
    Only if what we have always fought and died against our management is embedded in mechanics of system. Free feasting for the health and legal trades and they want THEIR President.
    A few scalps may be no gain for overall pain and militant policing paternalism for heights new system.
    Old Don Lane would leave Canberra in his wake as far as care went and that minor to Fitzgerald matters to be non existent and to the rest of the self stuffing scum he wasnt even in the picture. He really did care.
    The strength of a law is in its writing and weilding and defence of humanity. It’s application on any person another matter altogether. Definately with a political legal meat market. All those humaitarians wanting a Mercedes or Audi or half your compo payout.
    Whats come out in the last few years from the emporers clothes is nothing no one didnt know or suspect. What hurts is the extents and actual going ons of our governence and lives. Like Fitzgerald matters, a joke of the minority on the majority and enforced by intelligence services, military and our police. Give me a pitchfork.
    How do you screen for scum? Blackmail has been the order of the day with Murdocracy.
    Aden Ridgeway once echoed one of my grandmothers sayings to me. People make the difference.
    It’s taking a long time.
    On with the show, all will come out after, as usual, and nothing back into the public pot.


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