Tony, we’re over you, your lies, and your stupid bloody slogans!

Tony, we’re over you, your lies, and your stupid bloody slogans!Open for business

It takes a special kind of stupid, to make the same mistakes over and over again.   And sadly our PM is just such a special kind of stupid.

A man (?) who spent his entire tenure as LOTO, coming up with, and then repeating, slogans, all the while, telling lies to justify them.

A man (?) who didn’t bother developing policies, cos he was too busy developing lies and slogans… And besides he didn’t have too cos his rabid right mates in the IPA had a wish list, and he had brain farts like his PPL scheme… WTF?   O_o

A man (?) who thought only of winning at any cost, with nary a thought for what comes after.

A man (?) who told us all, ad infinitum, that the LNP are better  at… well pretty much everything.

A man (?) who, now that he’s lied and cheated his way into government, has no idea WTF he’s doing!

Too harsh, you say?

Well I tried to focus on his good points… But I couldn’t find any   😦

But I digress   😯

The problem, as I see it, is that unlike the end of the Gillard term, where people were not listening – not as a result of the lie that she allegedly told, but because of the lies told over and over by the LNP and the MSM–  people stopped listening to Abbott from virtually the start of his term; as that’s when they realised they’ve been lied to, and severely conned.

A realisation that has only been reinforced by their backflips, broken promises and continuation of the lies, that most people now recognise as such, and the litany of lame  excuses to justify the aforementioned “Backflips, broken promises and lies”!

So how do they address this ever increasing  “Trust” deficit?

They ignore the mountain of evidence to the contrary and continue to tell the lies they told before the election, along with a few new ones, thrown in for good measure, and then talk about “Rebooting” the fudge-it that they haven’t been able to sell because of the first round of aforementioned LIES… WTF?   🙄

Then Abbott comes out with more slogans like:

“Terrorism Tourism on the Taxpayer!”

Now, I have no doubt that most fair minded people would say that if someone on a DSP, or Newstart/dole goes overseas, to fight for another country or insurgent militia of any description, then the tax payer should not be supporting them in that, but the problem for Abbott is not so much in the message, as in the delivery.

I have to say, the more I watch and hear Abbott, the more angry I get, and the more I deride everything he says, often before he’s even said it!  As to me, everything he says is tainted by his own blatant dishonesty and stupidity, and further exacerbated by his arrogance and hubris.

But I also  have to admit to having serious doubts about the level of humanity in the LNP and particularly Abbott; thinking that he is some kind of  IPA, “Artificial Intelligence” experiment that went horribly wrong?   😯

The rabid right’s very own Frankenstein,  (or “Frabbottstein”)  if you like?

And  I base this realisation on the fact that when he rocks up for an interview, he literally “Rocks” up to it.   As when he walks (if you can call it that), he rocks from side to side, like an old toy robot!   O_o   😯

His arms don’t hang comfortably at his sides, but rather stick out at the elbows, like an

robot+1over blown body builder; and I get the impression that he would be much more comfortable waving his arms around whilst reciting the lines from “Lost in Space”, that suit him to a tee:

“Warning, Warning… Danger Wil Robinson (substitute Australia)!”   O_o   :/

Then you have his verbal delivery, which I find highly frustrating and insulting, as he ums, ahs and  clicks his way through the start of an answer, seemingly having to think about every word that dribbles from his gob, except when it comes to his bloody slogans, which he throws in with gay abandon, and then insists on repeating them, as if he’s actually said something worth repeating… WTF?   O_o   o_O

Then there’s the complete stupidity of pretty much every “Abbott” utterance, and the reason why he will happily go on to 2GB, with his mates Jones and Hadley, or TEN for his mate Bolt, but is not allowed to go on QandA, as he will be faced with real questions from real people, who expect real answers   😯   (It’s just as well he’s an “Adult”, cos most kids would be really pissed off at being told that they’re too stupid to talk to real people?).

For example; he said the other day that he wouldn’t say, what Hockey said about the petrol indexation and the poor… WTF?   Of course he wouldn’t say it; there’s too many syllables, and it wouldn’t work as a three word slogan, so he couldn’t… even if he wanted to!   :/   🙄

But let’s face it, Abbott doesn’t need to follow Hockey’s lead, as he has no problem making himself look stupid, like he has on many occasions;

and as he did more recently, with his comments about Scotland, and its possible secession from GB.   🙄


Sadly for Australia, we’ve got the two highest cabinet appointments, both Hockey and Abbott, vying for the title of “The most special kind of stupid”   🙄  and even sadder   😥   they’re not alone, as that special kind of stupid seems to be in the LNP DNA, and a few examples are, in no particular order:

  • Bishop (Jr)   👿
  • Bishop (Sr)   😈
  • Abetz   O_o
  • Morrison   :/   👿   ^^’   :mrgreen:
  • Pyne   :/
  • Brandis   ^^’
  • Hunt   :mrgreen:   O_o
  • Turnbull   🙄
  • Cormann   😮
  • Joyce   O_o   :/   o_O

But let’s face it, if it wasn’t for Abbott, most if not all of the current cabinet, would still be back benchers, or not even MPs at all, where they could devote their special kind of stupid to themselves and their families, and not inflict it on us!   😡

So there are three things that I would like to say to the Abbott:

  1. Tony, I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again… “Self praise is NO recommendation!
  2. Tony, you and your LNP are nothing but dishonest and incompetent fools!
  3. Tony, we’re over you, your lies, and your stupid bloody slogans!
An oldie but a goodie!    :grin:

An oldie but a goodie!  😀


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23 Responses to Tony, we’re over you, your lies, and your stupid bloody slogans!

  1. bighead1883 says:

    What a bloody beautiful rant Truthy 🙂 and may I add the ‘Team Australia” 😆 in the Abbottocracty is “ream Australia” 😥 .
    You hit the nails on the head well M8 😀 and in reality you took much of my O_o steam off with the reading.Huzzah ❤ because lets face it,reading a good article should be a pressure relief valve and not a pressure cooker like the MSM 👿 does with it`s propaganda lies 😈 .


  2. kate ahearne says:

    Wonderful, Truthie. Wish I’d said that… and that… and that! Well done you. Thanks as always.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Hey Kate, 🙂 Thanks for your kind comment 😎

      It’s good to hear from you Kate, and I hope all is well with you in Tassie? 😀

      How’s the editing going? O_o I have enough trouble editing what I write, without trying to do it for someone else :/ 🙄

      Stay away from that bloody flu Kate, and keep warm 🙂 and I hope that before too long, we’ll be able to read some more of your musings? ❤ your work 😎

      Cheers 😀


      • kate ahearne says:

        Hi Truthie. Thanks for your kind enquiry. I’ve really been enjoying NOT writing for a while. The editing is in abeyance for the time being, and I’m happily vegetating. Just started listening to the news again in the last couple of days after a few weeks of definitely not doing it! Love to all the Seekers.


  3. consider says:

    Well said Truthy,
    I`m waiting for his new slogan. ‘STOP THE TERRORISTS”.


  4. brickbob says:

    Hi Truthie,thanks for another good rant and i enjoyed reading it. You do realise that you have been kicked off the ”’ Team”’,how the hell are you going to cope and what is your life going to be like without the support of the ” Team”’.? I hear Kevin The Undertaker Andrews and his wife will be starting a support network for people who have been kicked off the ”’Team” and i just hope and pray there is a vacant spot left for you to redeem yourself. Cheers.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Brickbob, thanks mate, 😀 I’m glad you enjoyed it 😎

      Yes I consider it “taking one for the other team Australia” (That’s any team that doesn’t include the Abbott!, or any LNPers)”, and will wear it as a badge of honour 😉

      Did you know they have their own chant? It goes like this:

      All you Aussies touch your toes,
      Cos we’re gonna show you where the wild goose goes… “Ream Australia” 😯


  5. Judes says:

    Nailed it Truthy !.. And I don’t want to play on their team either. I would like to join yours BUT only if I don’t have to mash the air when I speak … Like those in ‘team Straya’ .
    My guess is that their coach has told them to ‘mash the air’ when they speak, as that draws the attention away from the complete Bull …t falling from the mouth.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Thanks Judes, 😀 and you’re already on our team, 😯 and it’s ok, cos we’re not into air mashing, or Murdoch arse pashing, just Tory bashing, or Liebral smashing, or Nut-job thrashing… 😉

      Cheers 😀


  6. Truth Seeker says:

    The follow on poem from this post, “A Special kind of stupid!” 😀 has just been posted 😯

    Cheers 😀


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