A special kind of stupid!

A special kind of stupid!

The lights are on, but nobody's home!    O_o

The lights are on, but nobody’s home! O_o

This poem follows on from my last post, “Tony, we’re over you, your lies and your stupid bloody slogans!”, where the phrase “Special kind of stupid” first made its presence felt   😉   and it was while writing that post, that I also started writing this poem   😯

And as I think back over the litany of things that Abbott claimed as “In their (The LNP’s) DNA” his greatest omission  was:

A special kind of stupid


It takes a special kind of stupid

To do what Abbott’s done

He spent his time at pressers

Where he’d sloganeer, then run

He’d never answer questions

He’d always weave and bob

And we’ve since learnt “he’s got nothin’”

He’s just an ideological knob


He’s a rabid right wing nut-job

Now that's a "Demented Plutocrat!

Now that’s a “Demented Plutocrat!

With a massive debt to pay

Cos he sold his arse to Murdoch

And he won, the “Murdoch” way

Of self interest, greed and lust for power

Through lies and News Corp spin

Though anyone with morals would know

That’s not the way to win?


And it’s a special kind of stupid

That makes him think he’s doing well

As he struts the diplomatic stage

With the foreign minister from hell

Whose diplomatic skill sets

Sees them both with feet in mouth

While our international reputation

Is quickly heading south


Medusa Bishop

Medusa Bishop

The Bishop and her death stare

Have put many “friends” off side

As she struts her stuff in designer fluff

To disguise her rhino hide

And the silk purse and the sows ear

Are what quickly comes to mind

But the comparison is odious

To the sows ear… most unkind


It takes a special kind of stupid

To pick a fight, with Putin

A man that leads a super power

And could quickly put the boot in

And with Bishop’s terminal foot in mouth

He’s hardly going to thank her

And he sees the Abbott for what he is…

A little Aussie wanker


Turnbull’s kind of stupid071127-MalcolmTurnbull-c83d7dd4-7a4b-49d5-b4d6-07e082dd963c_thumb[1]

Is a special kind indeed

Making NBN decisions based on

Liberal donor greed

So in the world our internet

Will still be second rate

But take comfort in the knowledge

That he’s helped his mogul mate


He’s dishonest like the rest of them

Though charming, and a whit

But his efforts with the “Ute gate”

Showed like the rest, he’s full of shit

He comes across as classy,

And a veritable scholar

But his special kind of stupid’s driven

By the almighty of the dollar


It’s a special kind of stupid

And stay out!

And stay out!

That made Hockey, treasurer

And the mendacious Nazi Cormann

As his crazy offsider

They put their heads together

To produce a pile of shit

Then smoked a fat Cuban cigar

While the country takes the hit


Now they’re screaming bloody murder

Cos their measures wont get through

And blaming Labor and the greens

For their pile of cattle poo

And it’s a special kind of stupid

That thinks the senate should just pass

A policy disaster that came

Straight from Hockey’s arse


It’s a special kind of stupidGreg Hunt+

That rewarded Greggy Hunt

A climate change denier

And a stupid little runt

A man of dodgy morals

And little credibility

Who’s just about a perfect fit

For the Abbott’s LNP


And it’s a special kind of stupid

That makes Morrison perform

Like a nut-job craving power

Where plain nasty, is the norm

A man who’s not responsible

Who’ll never take the blame

For things that happen on his watch

He treats it like a game

O_o   o_O

He’s a man who shows no conscience



In the things he wants to do

Like hiding facts about the boats

And the ones still sneaking through

Cos it’s all about the winning

While others pay the cost

And our country is the poorer

As our reputation’s lost


It’s a special kind of stupid

That wants the vulnerable to pay

For the lifestyles of the wealthy

Which is Tony Abbott’s way

He’s corrupting all our processes

And the truth is plain to see

It takes a special kind of stupid

To still support… the LNP





About Truth Seeker

Musician singer/songwriter, guitar teacher. https://truthseekersmusings.wordpress.com/
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19 Responses to A special kind of stupid!

  1. johnlord2013 says:

    I particularly enjoyed the flow of this one.


  2. kate ahearne says:

    Hilarious, Truthie. Love the silk purse and the sow’s ear – in fact, love it all. What a hoot. If only it weren’t all true.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Morning Kate 🙂 and thanks for that 😎

      As soon as I wrote the line in the previous post, I knew there was a poem in it 😯 and sure enough… 😀 and I agree, the ‘silk purse and sows ear’ line was one of my faves also 😀 It’s strange how, sometimes, one line just tickles the funny bone? 😆

      Cheers 😀


  3. bighead1883 says:

    Well cheers M8 🙂 your effort was grand 😀 so here`s a great big hand 🙂
    Abbott&Co 👿 truly show how Russians 🐻 became so stoic 😯 and developed a sense of humour second to none :/
    They truly did understand that the light at the end of the tunnel O_o is a train coming the other way 😯


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Thanks mate 😀

      And the train being the light at the end of the tunnel, is the story of my life… 😦 Shame there isn’t a “Violin” smiley 😉 😀

      Cheers mate 😀 😆


  4. Florence nee Fedup says:

    “It’s a special kind of stupid”

    That led many to vote this government in.


  5. olddavey says:

    Truthster, I was going to say something here, but I’m laughing too much.
    I think I’ll head off to the vat!


  6. orangefox says:

    Hi Truthie,
    I have read all most of your previous posts and they are all good.

    Now for some fun.

    I know you are into music.
    You need to check out this guy as makes GREAT electronic dance music.
    He’s name is Todd Terje.

    This track is what got me hooked but since checking out his other tracks I reckon they are ALL excellent.

    The Inspector Norse track was made using a vintage synthesiser.
    Now, some may say that electronic music is simple to manufacture with today’s computer programs. I disagree, as one still needs creative ability.
    What computer software has allowed Is the creation of more complex and interesting compositions.
    This 10 minute Utube video explains how Todd Terji put the Inspector Norse track together. It is interesting viewing.



    • Truth Seeker says:

      Hey Orangefox, 😀 thanks your kind comments 😎 and thanks for the clips 🙂

      I’ll have to check them out in the morning, as I’m completely stuffed and am about to hit the sack 😦 and I’d like to take the time to listen properly 😉 but I will give them the attention they deserve tomorrow all being well 😀

      Night mate 🙂



    • driftwood12 says:

      The best i’ve heard orange fox is from Canada. They’ve been at it for a while. I think their winters indoors gives them a head start on having time to practice and indulge and techno was big with the rave dance halls.


      • orangefox says:

        This Todd Terje is from Norway which would be just as cold as Canada.
        I also recall the English were big in uplifting trance a decade ago.


        • driftwood12 says:

          I agree with that. All the rest of the world is far more mobile than us too. We are mushrooms. Everyone else but us has had access to the globe. We had severe prices for decades. Once you got of the country you could go anywhere easily but unless you were on a good thing or job- no chance. For the privelaged. Canada has a big foreign population, Armenians, Russians , french, Arabs , etc etc etc. I use to blog with them.
          One the guys that did a lot of backing vocals and playing for Guns And Roses etc on the albums is getting into it too. Matt. He thinks it’s going to be big and the future is in it.
          I’ve heard some great stuff but tons of rubbish and i’m worried it will become compulsory not just popular. Especially with what the big marketers do to us if they want you to listen to their investments.
          You dont hear of it here or in the west but Japan and China have great stuff.
          Hope it doesnt end up like rap, good stuff very far between the rubbish.
          Long live Alnico 2 magnets i say. God bless the humbucker.


          • driftwood12 says:


            This is Priscilla Ahn and Wendy Wang. Priscilla’s latest album has wowed many and in paving electronics. She put a couple of songs up on her blog before release many months ago . No one gives her credit. They all act like they birthed it. But everyones watching and listening.
            The vid is 24 minutes long, first song is one of her classics then starts on new stuff with Wendy on the machine if you want to bother. I just followed her tour through Japan.
            If all the rest of electronics is her quality i say bring it on. She got mainstream US performers and industry sitting up and listening.

            My point of travel in my previous post is that the people i mentioned travel the globe to homelands and holidaying etc and getting out of winter weather. The techno stuff is huge away from here. They’ve all been sharing online for a decade, if it takes off, it will be massive . And i will have earmuffs 🙂


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Orangefox, although my real passion is the acoustic sounds, I have to say that what he does, does take some talent for both music and production, both of which are separate skill sets, and I know, cos I do similar things with recording 😀 except my electronic music sounds are… more acoustic 😯

      I use Logic Pro 9, which is a great system, and one that my BI, who lives in the UK, uses in his studio, and got me on to. 😀

      I sometimes use the keyboard to input the notes, but a lot of times I use the matrix screen and just program it, which I prefer, as a creative process O_o :/

      So just as important as playing the instruments, is the engineering and sound mixing, which a lot of musicians cant do so well, as their egos get in the way 😯 and taints the end product :^^’

      But it’s amazing fun, like an artist creating a picture, the only frustration for me is that I never seem to get the time these days 😦 but I know I have to get into some soon 😀

      Thanks mate, you’ve inspired me to try and find some time 😉

      Cheers 😀


  7. driftwood12 says:

    Nothing like fluent truth and a touch of ryhme.
    You need to watch out for heights though concerning matters like lost trade. Deals are done and the globe structured. So far , for the heights for a couple of thousand years.

    On a brighter note, Russia has just impounded one of the Japanese whaling ships that has slaughtered down south for a few years. It ventured into Russian waters and Japan has recently raised the issue of lost islands during the second world war. Japan is interested in Russia’s oil and gas. Deals are done.
    Heights would and do tell us anything.


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