Will the real Aussie terrorists please stand up?

Will the real Aussie terrorists please stand up?

Will the real Aussie terrorists please stand up?

Will the real Aussie terrorists please stand up?

With all the rhetoric going around about terrorism, and the the extremist “War” language spewing gleefully from the mouth of the political thug and brawler, we laughingly call a PM, I thought it might be worth looking at the issue of home grown terrorists!   😯

Now it goes without saying that the recent beheading was an act of unspeakable barbarity, and an affront to anyone with even a semblance of humanity, and as such should be widely condemned by all of humanity.   👿

But with his response to terrorism, as with most of our neighbours, China and let’s not forget Russia; Abbott’s,  were not what should be ‘measured’ responses, but rather disproportionate to the threats or problems confronting us, so the real problem that we have to face, is one of perceptions.   😯

So what is “Terrorism”?

Well, simply defined, “Terrorism ” is the act of creating fear/terror, in the minds and hearts of the people, to achieve a predominantly political outcome.

Now many will argue that they are just freedom fighters with a religious cause, but the truth is that in the vast majority of examples, terrorism is fuelled by religious extremism,  but carried out by thugs, bullies and/or murderers to achieve a political outcome… In the name of religion.

Firstly the issues that need to be addressed are those in the Middle East, where for thousands of years, the different tribes have fought amongst themselves for political dominance, with religion as the excuse.

The Old Testament talks of the “Twelve Tribes of Judah” from which Islam originated, and Christianity was eventually born. So in reality, Judaism, Islam and Christianity all worship the same God.   😯

And the truth is that the vast majority of peoples from all religions want the same things.

They want to see their children and grandchildren grow up to be safe and happy , with a decent future, and to have some peace in their own lives, so as to be able to go to work, pay their bills and support and enjoy their families, etc!

The sad irony is that the zealots from all religious communities, invariably hurt more of their own, than the ones they claim to be fighting against.

And while Muslim communities are now viewed with suspicion and fear, around the world, and subjected to abuse and red neck violence from the ignorant and ill-informed,  the reality is that by far and away, the most victims of these radical, brutal Muslim regimes are… Muslims!

Religious zealotry has been, and always will be, a problem, as all religious books of law are open to individual interpretation; and without wanting to get in to a discussion on theologies, suffice it to say that it’s easy for politics of both church and state to corrupt the process of doctrinal interpretation.

And the Roman Catholic Church is a classic example of a church that has, since its inception, become less “Spiritual”, and more political, and even more sadly, political in its spirituality!   😦

And that brings us to the original premise, and the definition of “Terrorist”!

The goal of terrorists, is to create fear in the mind of the masses,  and they have many tools at their disposal, from the physical (Torture, beheadings, general violence, hostage taking etc), criminal (drug supplies, money laundering, smuggling etc), to the social, emotional and economic (Predominantly propaganda based).

And they try to justify these atrocities, by indoctrination, or convincing themselves that, “The end justifies the means.”   😈

So to determine who fits the criteria, the question is:  “Who is creating the fear in the minds of Australians?”

Well we saw the consequences of lies, designed to promote fear, under the Howard governance, where we went to war on the back of lies, misinformation and propaganda.

Where we saw the lies of “The children overboard” saga, seek to demonise asylum seekers, and polarise public opinion against them.

Where we saw political cronyism and opportunism reach new heights, in…low!

I for one loved the ultimate irony of watching  “The lying rodent” finally get unceremoniously dumped from, not only his job as PM, but from his own, blue ribbon electorate; although many would argue that in his case, justice will only be done when he’s in gaol for his crimes!   😉

And for the last four years, there has been another one from the same mould; we could call him “The son of the lying rodent” which would be a fairly accurate description, but he’s already known by so many other derogatory names, like “The mad monk” or “The Lying King” or “The dickhead” (I threw that one in, cos I can… and he is!   😛   ) etc, that one more might just get lost in the crush.   😯

But I digress   😉

So what have we seen since The Abbott came onto the scene?

Well apparently, even his rise to the top of the LNP was based on promises made to Hockey and others, that he wouldn’t put his hand up for leader; a promise he subsequently broke.   😯

And once in the position of LOTO, his only plan was to do whatever it took to gain government.   So taking a leaf out of the rodents song book, he started lying.

But they were not just any old lies, these lies were designed to instil fear, amongst the citizenry:

  • Fear that the country will go broke because of the “Carbon Tax”.
  • Fear that our debt is out of control.
  • Fear that we had an incompetent and dysfunctional government that were hell bent on wrecking the economy.
  • Fear that spending and waste were out of control.
  • Fear that asylum seekers were all either terrorists or economic refugees, intent on taking over our country.  etc etc.

for the sole purpose of imposing on an unsuspecting public, his rabid right wing, personal, religious and political ideologies, and those of his self interested, corporate masters.

And arguably his biggest corporate master, owned the propaganda machine Abbott needed to sell his lies, fear and smear campaigns, with the ultimate goal of bringing down a duly elected government.

Which ultimately worked, albeit minus the predicted (by Murdoch’s News Corp) Labor massacre.

Since then we have seen the budget from hell that struck fear into the hearts of large swathes of the population, as their lies and deceptions were exposed.

Then we have ICAC, uncovering slush funds used to launder money, with federal members implicated.   Also not forgetting Abbott’s own slushie, that he lied to the AEC about. The same one that he used to have political rival, Pauline Hanson and friends, gaoled.

We’ve seen political witch hunts through RC’s, and the torture and character  assassination of friend and foe alike. (If you don’t think it was torture, just ask Slipper or Thomson!)

In the name of “Border Protection”, we’ve seen what many consider to be government sanctioned;

  • Piracy.
  • People smuggling.
  • Dehumanisation.
  • Torture.
  • Murder.

The sad reality is that Abbott’s main game is hanging on to power, and will do whatever it takes to achieve that!    And everything that he does, he does with one eye on the polls.

And if it wasn’t clear before he became PM, it sure as hell is now, that the LNP believe sincerely that… “The end justifies the means!”

So when Abbott and his LNP across the country, display  outrage at the atrocities we’ve seen, we can all nod in agreement, whilst maintaining a healthy level of scepticism about their possible motives.   😯

And make no mistake, when comparing the actions of Abbott and his gov, and listening to his rhetoric, one could be forgiven for crying… Bloody Hypocrite!  

And likewise, one could be forgiven for asking the question:

Will the real Aussie terrorists please stand up?



Undoubtedly, terrorism is a cancer on our world.

Let us recognise it, totally condemn it, and work together to eradicate it…                                                                                                                                                                               

In all its guises!



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31 Responses to Will the real Aussie terrorists please stand up?

  1. Frank Ston says:

    Nice piece Truthy.
    It struck me as utterly ironic that Senator Lyons warned (in my view, correctly) against the ‘terrorist’ smoke screen being used to conceal, derail, or at least obfuscate, the dialogue that needs to be had on the fudget, and its implications.
    Ironic in the sense that it was the LOTO who kicked her in the arse for stating the obvious – I’m afraid I’m over ‘Ream Australia’.


  2. bighead1883 says:

    Excellent Truthy 🙂 and all I have to say is on the meme I put together.
    You 🙂 have said the rest,admirably. ❤ it


  3. consider says:

    Good Post, Truthy,
    There is only one serious Terrorist in Australia that ASIO should be looking at, and that is our pathetic PM.
    The definition of “Terrorism” as you outlined above, describes Abbott to a tee.
    As I have stated before at various sites, this Govt. will do, and say anything to get into, and stay in power.
    At least I got in first, months ago, and suggested that Abbotts` new three word slogan will be, “Stop the Terrorists”, and that the ALP should register it first and rent it out to Abbott. We all know that the LNP are avid readers of your Posts Truthy, and as a result, decided not to use it because they obviously didn`t want to be embarrassed by being second cab off the rank.(that`s my story anyway mate).
    At least we won`t have to put up with it from that Idiot.
    Top marks to Sue Lines and Kim Carr for stating the obvious too, even though, predictably, they copped rubbish from our “unbiased” media, Naturally they were not supported by “Mogodon Bill”


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Consider, thanks mate 🙂

      I must admit that when I started writing this post, a few days ago, I wasn’t sure where it would end up. 😯 I was also unsure how it would be received? 😉

      But from the feedback so far, it appears to have followed a direction that many were leaning in, anyway 😀

      And yes, “Stop the terrorists” sounds about right mate, cos there’s nothing like a good old fashioned war to boost the poll numbers! (Oh cynical, cynical me! 😯

      Say hi to Considerette for me 😀

      Cheers mate 😉


  4. deknarf says:

    The terrorist rhetoric by Abbott is exactly expressed by H. L. Mencken: “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.”
    While terrorists are certainly a threat what should be a measured and carefully thought out strategic response doesn’t cut with the above, nor achieve your end of putting more autocratic surveillance in place that would quite readily be used on the populace given the opportunity.


  5. olddavey says:

    Nailed it!
    Problem for the country is that Scumbucket is drumming up support for the next election with his warmongering rhetoric, which if he can turn the polls around could be a lot sooner than we think.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Olddavey, thanks mate 😀

      Yes that’s my concern too 😡 , and the problem is there are people that want to think that their outrage is without ulterior motives 🙄

      Cheers mate 😀


  6. brickbob says:

    A very good read Mr TS,but my wife and i are not afraid because we have joined team Australia and we still have our fridge magnets that Howard gave us and once we get our new ones from Tony we will be home and hosed.”” I have tried to explain this to my sister in law but she still wears a steel collar around her neck in case a terrorist breaks in and tries to cut her head off as she believes every word that Tony says. Cheers.


  7. Rob031 says:

    A rather facile article that trivialises the word ‘terrorist’ to the point where it’s ghastliness is degraded. I agree that Capt’n Crackers (Abbott) is a bastard. But…


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Rob031, welcome to truth seekers 😀 and thanks for your comment 😉

      Sadly like many at AIMN, you seem to have missed the point. 😯

      The statement right at the end was to show that I abhor all types of terrorism, and am certainly not wanting to trivialise it, although I was aware that some would see it that way 🙄

      If you read some of my other posts, you might get some idea of the approach I take, which is somewhat satyrical, somewhat tongue in cheek, but with an underlying truth message. 😉

      And the message here was simply that here we have a government which uses fear as it’s main weapon to gain and hang on to power, in the same way that despotic regimes and terrorists do.

      It’s all about lies, propaganda, corruption, stupidity and hypocrisy, the hall marks of this governments agenda, and to use Dan Rowden’s words, their; “Hyperbolic Bulshit!”

      And BTW, I know many frail and elderly who are “Terrified” at the prospect of what this mob are proposing, so to some the premise might be “Hyperbolic Bullshit”, but to many, it’s their reality! 😦

      Cheers 😀


      • Rob031 says:

        @Truth Seeker. I re-read your article in the cool light of day. ‘Facile’ was a bit over the top as well as my assertion that the word ‘terrorist’ was being trivialised in your article. I apologise.

        I hope that people will increasingly come to spot political fear-mongering when it’s wheeled out; and better understand how it works.


  8. driftwood12 says:

    Well said Truthy. Makes me think how many has Murdoch and co killed over the decades with their self stuffing movements and political manipulations.


  9. driftwood12 says:

    With world happenings at present, the stage is set for movements with the overlord distractions.
    There will be bluff and bluster amongst it. ALWAYS, ALWAYS, domestic moves are made not in the peoples favour or benefit. Britain has gone into high level terror watch. And while we have 60 muslims in Iraq fighting with Isis , I’m more concerned about the couple of hundred politicians here.
    They can come home blooded, but we probably have more people than that at any one time that are involved in overseas matters permanently. I think Isis would save a lot for themselves by handing over the beatles for what they have brought on the group with their sadistic grandstanding. But then it may be battlefield justice warranted for them. Hard to believe with what happened to Iraq and all the innocent, that a pack of fools think they will establish or last.
    Perhaps it is the habit or history of religious and ethnic cleansing that drives them , amongst the lunatics and criminals. The people need to have knowledge of the world and politics being applied and or directed on them but I dont think what is to come in places should or could be tolerated by many without stress.
    Iceland and Fujiyama are under load stress. 400 feet of ice plug and old core has already contained one volcanic eruption. But it would have gone somewhere. Wave action from shipping and undersea volcanic activity have opened waterways in the ice over the last couple of decades, given us the Fukushima event and other. Methane is bubbling from the sea floor covering many square miles, i wonder what else. God may provide a distraction to petty claims around the area.
    The undersea eruptions could have capped themselves well by now with ice water tending the lava for all these years, if it back blows through Iceland or Fuji , we’ll know about it.
    Too much movement and there will be movement through Sth East Asia etc and more crisis.
    I wonder what is known of happenings and times when the northern passage opened last time when Eric the Red was around.
    The gas and oil fields and rigs may have to watch things. Speaking of Eric the Red, Tony the very White is going to stay with Yunupingu in the territory for a week. That may be worth recording on vid. Lucky he’s had Mundine to practice on for a few months. It was very kind of Gerard to lend him to him. God knows Tony may need a mediator. I’d say other talks may be going on too or they’re hitting the casino for a break on public time. Work allowance you know. One thing i know, i bet featherfoot is already wide eyed and bushytailed .
    But who knows, perhaps the visit may help matters for those folks , somehow.
    Just been browsing the Perth news. Bishop is on the front page , something about a terror alert. I understand that, didn’t read it. I know Perth folk think it’s a false flag attack.
    Well i could tell you the between the lines story of a lot of world news at the moment but it’s national security you know. Just remember, once a Murdoch, always a Murdoch. And rain , hail , shine or volcano or world war, the Libs still have to go next term. Once Labour is stacked probably. Well, that’s it for the 4am national security report.


  10. Gilly says:

    Well Said Truthie. But there is another well funded terrorist as I posted to the Drum:

    “What is next??? Keep a close eye on Clive Palmer. Remember he is in Parliament on a personal vendetta against the LNP. Any thing else is just collateral damage, be it to democracy or any section or the total electorate.”


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Morning Gilly, 🙂 and thanks for your comment and the link 😎

      Yes, Palmer is certainly a worry 🙄 but Abbott’s lies, exaggerations and blatant war mongering are my main concern at the moment, cos he’s just making us a target with his mega chest beating and inflammatory rhetoric, for purely, short term, domestic political advantage. 👿

      Which is in part the subject of my next post, up later today or tomorrow 😀

      Cheers 😀


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    wanted to give a quick shout out and tell you I really enjoy reading your
    articles. Can you recommend any other blogs/websites/forums that cover the
    same subjects? Thank you!


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