Tony, we just don’t believe you!

Tony, we just don’t believe you!


Abbott’s backflip.  Courtesy google images

Another day, and another broken promise seems to be the norm for this lying bastard, we laughingly call PM!

The latest in the conga line of lies, distortions, backflips and broken promises by Abbott, WRT superannuation, even inspired my sister in the UK to email me about it, with a link to an article she came across soon after the announcement.

And once again Abbott denies it’s a broken promise.   WTF?   😯

Which proves once again that rather than the adults we were promised, they delivered a bunch of spoilt little rich kids, led by someone who’s supposed to be well educated, yet  certainly suffers a severe comprehension problem, not to mention other more worrying characteristics like;

  • possible psychological defects   O_o   :/
  • a firm, if delusional, belief that he can lie his way out of  anything   😉
  • a naive and totally delusional belief that he can avoid all scrutiny by simply changing the goal posts regularly   😛
  • adjusting the laws to accommodate his corrupt view of the world or   😀
  • all of the above, and a few more besides!…   O_o   😯

And his claim that they are leaving the money in the workers pockets, is pure fantasy land stuff, as there will be no pay rises other than the CPI (or less) for the vast majority of workers, and even if, by some miracle, all bosses passed the so called “savings” on, the poorest would see little difference in their pay packets, week to week, but would see a big drop in their retirement savings, as the $500.00 government top up, for the lowest paid, has been scrapped, and so will not be passed on in wage rises, and is a cut for them, and a broken promise from Abbott who promised “No adverse changes to super”… WTF?   👿

And while the community outrage grows over the terrorists  in Iraq and the war in Ukraine, don’t be fooled by Abbott’s warmongering rhetoric, as it’s more about diverting attention from his “BUDGET DISASTER”, and trying to reinvent himself as a war time leader (as opposed to the right wing nut-job, and economic and social policy incompetent that he plainly is!), for the sake of riding the wave of terror based fear, all the way to a power maintaining boost in the polls, in defiance of his gross incompetence in the job he was employed to do!

And if you think I’m being unfair to Abbott, then just take look back to the Howard years, and indulge in a stroll down memory lane about “WMD”s” and “Children overboard”as two of many examples of the lengths the LNP will go to to hold onto power, at any cost, and obviously the main lessons that Abbott took away from his term in that mendacious and despicable parliament.

Now I’m not saying that as a human being (?) he was not affected by these horrendous Smirkacts of barbarism!  What I am saying, is that his barely hidden, self satisfied smirk, screams volumes about his personal satisfaction at the prospect of a war… any war!   And two at once, for the Abbott is tantamount to  political sex.   😉

And the truth is that Abbott and the LNP are exercising every ounce of  international, diplomatic incompetence they can muster, to make it so.

Don’t be fooled people; Abbott and his short sighted and  inflammatory rhetoric are not about helping solve the problems of the world, but rather for the sake of  helping to solve his own political problems, by gaining short term domestic political advantage, with poll numbers and the next election front and centre, but with nary a thought for the long term consequences of his incompetence and narcissistic based ideologies and rhetoric.   😈

And our response to this most despicable, delusional and destructive political opportunist, Australia has ever seen, should be;

Tony, we just don’t believe you!


Liar Liar





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10 Responses to Tony, we just don’t believe you!

  1. Gilly says:

    Doesn’t the saying go “truth is the first casualty of war”. Well he is waring on many fronts, a culture war, a class war, an ideology war, he prays to himself and still lies. after all he did campaign on three word liturgies, penned by spin doctors. As you say Truthie hope springs eternal.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Gilly, thanks for your comment 😎 and the link 😀

      Yes, with the ICC, Ashby talking to 60 minutes, Abbott’s disputed citizenship, and a few other chickens coming home to roost, even his ever increasing bald spot will be going a nasty shade of grey 😯

      Yes we live in hope 😉


  2. olddavey says:

    TS, you said:

    “◾possible psychological defects
    ◾a firm, if delusional, belief that he can lie his way out of anything
    ◾a naive and totally delusional belief that he can avoid all scrutiny by simply changing the goal posts regularly
    ◾adjusting the laws to accommodate his corrupt view of the world or
    ◾all of the above, and a few more besides!…”

    Maybe he is just a lying scumbag and wants to be PM no matter how much of a prick people think he is.
    Let’s hope while he’s in India he gets a terminal dose of Delhi Belly.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Olddavey, thanks for your comment 😀

      Yes mate, that pretty much sums him up, and a terminal dose of “Deli Belly”, would certainly delicious irony, as he’s been giving us the shits since he first became a minister. 😯

      Cheers 😀


  3. John Lord says:

    Are you doing an analysis of his first year?


  4. brickbob says:

    Hi Truthie and thanks again for sharing your thoughts, and it must be depressing having to write negative stories about our own Government all the time and if this keeps up than over half the country will be on anti depressants until we can finally kick Abbott and the MSM out of our lives forever. And anybody who thinks 60 minutes will deliver anything shocking or negative about Slipper and Ashby and co will be disapointed,because 60 minutes is still 20 minutes of ads and 40 minutes of bullshit and that wont change on Sunday night. Cheers.


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