One year down!

One year down!Pants on fire

The sad truth is that we could summarise their first year in a two word slogan:

“They LIED!”

But that wouldn’t make much of a poem, even though it accurately tells the story of this mob.   So I’ve added a bit more detail, although if I covered everything they lied about, I’d still be writing it when the next election is called, so this is but a snapshot of their first year.  😯


One year down.


For the Abbott’s first anniversaryimages

We look back with reflection

On a year of policy backflips

And mendacious recollection

From a man who condemned dishonesty

And “No excuses”… he loudly cried

He said he’d be the “battlers friend”,

Yet from the start he lied!


He had a lot of slogansditch the witch

And motherhood statements too

But instead of decent policies

He gave us cattle poo

As he lied about the pensions

And he lied about his cuts

Then he lied about his lying

Making out that we’re all nuts

:/   O_o

Telling us that we misheard him



That he didn’t say… what he said

Refusing to admit he lied

Showing in the LNP, truth is dead

With no regard for the vulnerable

For the weak, the old and frail

With dollar based ideologies

That are well beyond the pail


Whilst giving unfair access to

Vested interests by the score

Through trust funds and Joe Hockey

Who’s the corporate dollar whore

They promised adult government

To be open, straight and fair

Pyne's speaker… Helmet hair!

Pyne’s speaker… Helmet hair!

And then they gave the speakers job

To Bronnie “Helmet hair”


Who quickly trashed our parliament

Making question time a farce

Delivering non-rulings

That came straight from Bronnie’s arse

She misused the standing orders

Treating all with gross contempt

While the party treated rules and law

As if they were exempt


And the proof was with George Brandis

Sir Brandis of Nott

Sir Brandis of Nott

In his first week on the job

Getting Credlin off her DUI

The crooked little knob

Exercising his new powers

As top lawman in the land

Cos for Abbott, Peta Credlin

Is the leader of the band



On Gonski, Pyne and Abbott said

We’re on a unity ticket

Not Gonski, but my Conski

Not Gonski, but my Conski

But straight after the election

They both told the states to stick it

And for years they screamed “Emergency”

Our debt is way too high

We have to live within our means

So to surplus, we must fly!


Then they promptly canned the debt ceiling

And doubled government debt

While the Murdoch piper called the tune

To Abbott; Rupert’s pet

Turnbull lied about the NBN071127-MalcolmTurnbull-c83d7dd4-7a4b-49d5-b4d6-07e082dd963c_thumb[1]

To support his mogul mate

And our broadband won’t be running fast

It’ll just be running late


They said they believe in climate change

But they lied about that as well

Cos they’d rather count their money

While the planet goes to hell

And they’re still lying about its impactGreg Hunt+

And about the carbon “tax”

Ignoring all the experts

And dismissing all the facts


And they lied about our super

And about our Medicare

And they lied about helping the vulnerable

And their changes to welfare

They lied about the economy

The workers and the poor

And with his poll numbers dwindling, Abbott

The Abbott ot Downunderton Abbey

The Abbott of Downunderton Abbey

Wants to take us all to war


So one year down, and two to go

And we’re primed to take a hit

From this clown they call “The mad monk”

And his party, who’re full of shit

They promised “no surprises”

But the truth is plain to see

That you can’t believe a word that dribbles

From the lying LNP








About Truth Seeker

Musician singer/songwriter, guitar teacher.
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31 Responses to One year down!

  1. Gilly says:

    Truthie. He has been miss reported, miss understood, mtss interpreted everyone else has missed the point. It takes an adult to tell the truth about lies.


  2. bighead1883 says:

    Well done again Truthy 🙂
    Is it the whispering of journalists O_o in the branches of the tallest “Talltale Trees” I hear or is it the chatter of drongos o_O foraging amongst the trickle down for tidbits of reputability :/
    Ah we`ll never know from the MSM and history will soon be completely re-written once the Interthingymebob is controlled by the Asylum`s Inmates 😯
    I`m applying for my $17 million dollar grant now,see you all at your local Lib fundraiser 😡


  3. Frank Ston says:

    Thank you, it’s right up there with your very best. I was tempted to discount your effort simply on the basis that your subject matter is targetable in every aspect, but your effort and skill prevailed.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Morning Frank 🙂 and thanks for your comment and kind words 😎

      I appreciate your support 😀

      Yes it was a bit of a struggle to work out what to include 😉 , and took me nearly a week to write… So much subject matter, and so little time! 😯 Oh the humanity? 🙄

      Cheers 😀


  4. orangefox says:

    Hello Truthseeker,

    I am glad that you have been inspired to spend more time on your music.
    I think there might be a good opportunity to share your political poems with some hip hop artists. Get good music clips to go with them and BAM, it’s the Libs worst nightmare come true. Might cause a revolution from the young folk though.
    What do you reckon?

    I talk to a lot of people and am amazed at peoples ignorance of what these Libs are doing that is bad for this country. People either don’t have the time or interest to find the truth and more often than not they get their information from friends or family that may also be uninformed. That explains why the coalition still has 48% support when they should have 20%.
    Or those 48% have something to gain from this mob. That’s right, property speculation and negative gearing. It’s become to big to kill and the big parties won’t do anything about it.
    House values will be propped up for the banks by letting rich foreigners buy local properties.

    I think it is really important to get the facts to people on a grass roots level and that still means spreading information in person. I tend to suggest people consider supporting a left leaning independant as I don’t believe the two party system has served us citizens all that well. There has been a HUGE loss of opportunity to this country by the idelogical fight between the two parties and the delay of implementing good ideas, mainly caused by the right wing elements, and there is NO end in sight if we continue to promote a two party structure.
    We need more political representatives that can express their views without having to toe the party line.
    And I am deliberately calling for political representatives as opposed to politicians, as I’m not impressed with the majority of career politicians.
    We need people that live in the real world. People that have common sense, not lawyers that know all the tricks.
    When this country runs out of luck their tricks won’t be of use and they will be exposed as frauds. However, by then it will be too late and they will have enjoyed themselves.

    On a positive note, even though this mob looks like they are going to turn the country into a hell hole for most, now is a great time to promote alternative political representatives.
    We need a revolution in common sense.



    • Truth Seeker says:

      Hey Orangefox 🙂 Thanks for your comment 😎

      I personally am not a fan of hip hop, but I know the kids love it, and for the sake of shoving it right up Abbott et al, I would be fine with them using some of my poems 😉 But I think many are already offside because of the proposed, under 30’s, Centrelink changes? 👿

      When you look at the real results from “The Drum” poll , it’s clear that the 48% is probably a number somewhat inflated by newspoll, but I think you’ll find that many that still support them are, as you say, ill-informed. 🙄 There are also the red-neck contingent, the scared of their own shadows contingent and the rich who’s only concern is themselves and their personal fortunes! ^^’

      I agree that our polity needs a bloody good shake up, but I think that a parliament with too many independents would be just as bad as the two party system, if not worse? 😉

      Having said that, i also agree that the quality of career politicians from both sides, and the over representation of lawyers, accountants, and the financially over endowed makes for a very out of touch representation. 😯

      What we need, IMHO, are much more stringent laws/rules WRT the criteria and codes of conduct regulating politicians, entrenched in our constitution, along with “Truth in media” legislation, with severe penalties attached, that stops the likes of Murdoch from determining the outcome, 👿

      I also think that public funding of elections would be a good place to start, in dealing with entrenched corruption, and restore some fairness to the electoral process!

      And again, I agree that a revolution in common sense is exactly what we need! 😀

      Sadly though, “common sense”, is not that common 😯

      Cheers 😀


  5. driftwood12 says:

    Hi good people juss passin thru. I agree orange fox but hav little hope. I saw a map of the chains of command from the NSA down recently. Through cia , fbi, police, unions, political and the backflows. I guess it was just basic as it left out the corporate ties, companies, Hollywood and media etc.
    I dont know how change would happen except by education.
    The housing matter as you described is highly accurate. I see an air of distractive public placation coming and the Joke on us continuing, especially as heights become more blaise about their takings, leeway and indulgences and overempowerment and abuse of it.
    Recently had lurings and multi pronged assault. Same as 7 or so years ago. There are many corrupt in the system and the spying regime was started and heavily infested with that crowd and ilk at inception. The content and other intelligence of the Fitzgerald matters is not underwraps for 65 years to comfort anyone.
    They can wipe anyone off the board that upsets their comforts or that becomes target as patsy for cover of their own fears of exposure.
    Dislocating our ratbags power sources and support from the US in oligarch overindulgences and payoffs is no small chore. We have virtually become the US in short decades. That will show up in near future as culling the lower from stress, getting worse.
    The pre spying and net indulgence and digital control was not addressed of old ways like the 60’s and 70’s. Of culture. It’s like an identity crisis. Old ways have been caught short and caught out many times but the ilk is overcoming it fast and especially any dissent of it. It is combatted on the net diligently.

    The first person to address this matter of our management and directions for much much better will be labled a Hitler. Many of those changes would also be extending human time span on this Earth. But you cant beat a pig minorities controls and overindulgences. The net gave them a few kicks up the arse and they thought the world had ended but they are getting over it.
    The last decade of politics has given us nothing but a hiding. Much has been lost and that will continue until the oligarchy and old regimes crumble or the country is taken over or taken to war.
    The pig greed above and the nature and culture of wealth and increasingly spoilt inheritors of wealth and power could very well kill us all.


  6. driftwood12 says:

    The buried Fitzgerald matter shows up too much, enough to make heights say” Jesus F Christ”
    The real extents just of implications would fill psyche wards in weeks from fear.
    Human management. A hell of a job. The tools are here to get us through but whether they will be used that way will take serious governments. Not the piss up we’ve had for decades and generations and of having to turn our heads on many matters.


  7. driftwood12 says:

    Then there’s Murdochracy , cohorts and ties and old friendships. The tent for the pissup.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Hey Jim, good to hear from you 🙂 hope all is OK, as we haven’t heard from you for a few days? 😉

      I’ll have to keep it short, as I’ve been doing the “One legged man in the arse kicking comp” again this morning 😦 trying to negotiate my way around gumtree, looking for some screen door framing 🙄 I hate Gumtree! 😯

      Now I’ve got to go and do some shopping, followed by some finishing and painting in the kitchen 😯

      Cheers 😀


  8. driftwood12 says:

    Hi Truthy, i’ve been busy killing myself trying to hav a life and afford a guvment unit.
    The tip shops at Caboolture and Dakabin are well worth the trip. Friday is the day. As early as u can for amazing stuff. Dakabin seems to always have a range of screen doors of all sizes at anytime. They dont last too long at Caboolture. There are currently 6 huge spa’s at Caboolture that are in the thousands to replace. Would be anything from a hundred to 2.
    The good stuff goes quick an early on a Friday. Everything and anything you can think of. Dealers get the cream of certain items.
    Fuels the thing these days. Even for me on lpg just from here , i have to consider it.
    The traffic volumes sneak up on you. It is more than past time to go but where these days with services living in such now heavy centralisation and monopolies and consumer and fuel prices for the lower.
    I think a lot of business’s will fold. I do not know how supercheap survives these days with the exhorbitance. Many 5 dollar items for 40 etc. One of the traps of working is having time to source items other than be caught by a trap of convenience and haste for them.But even for a pensioner today, just getting sround to take advantage of the time to source affordable, let alone find it, is a major planning. Any 100klm trip has to planned ahead.
    Trickle down? No, the exact word is screw down.

    Another noticing, I just received exciting news from energy provider about monies coming back to the public. What i will find backtracking media news and political history is that the prices of energy already went up before to cover the gap. Return to the people? No. An example of gouging.
    We are sitting ducks. Total captive audience and running on US style of F U corporate management. The matter no different than winking at the landowners to get into clearing the land years before a premier pats themself on the back for calling a halt to it in his green hat prior to an ilks boom and selloff. They killed hundreds of us with health matters and hospitals.

    No different to 20 years of Woolworths and house rental price rises within weeks prior of govt announcement of welfare rises totalling the same ,without fail everytime. For years, the rental prices were exactly the same as the govts “generous “handout in an already suicidal air of hopelessness.
    Also without fail, people are ready to do themselves in for months to years at times before governence attends to pensioning. It kills and maims, causes plagues of domestic violence and broken and lost homes aside from the greater parasites slaughter on the populace to force cheap and desperate labour onto a pig businesss class.
    Screw down. F U it is.
    We need to watch our hospitals.

    On Biggies meta data post above. Nothing has changed that i know of the spying regime since i first had major confrontations with security and underhanded black op politics well more than a decade ago.
    Since Perth matters, it started again. Good and bad. A lot of good people but much double bladed knife and black op politics. That i am in no position to speak of except to say, little has changed.
    What i do see that concerns me, is the forcings to go onto facebook everywhere as if being hooked to the matrix will become compulsory.
    That the access to it is flouted so blaise by some entities is disturbing.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Hey Jim, thanks for the tips on the Tips 😀 we’re picking up 5 screens this morning, but will probably need at least two more security screens to finish the job, down the track 😉

      Mate, we filled up the BI’s ute yesterday @ $1.34.5, before I got sick from the fumes.

      About 3/4 hour later, after doing a bit of shopping and making my way back to the car, the bloody price had jumped to $1.57.9 … 23.4 c jump 😯 what a rip off!

      And we’re in the same boat, have to budget carefully before we go to visit my parents a half hour away, and my son and DI and GK’s moved up nearly a year ago, and we’ve only been able to visit them once, cos they live the other side of Brissy, on the way to Ipswich, about a 11/2 hours drive 😦

      My eldest daughter is coming up from Syd, hopefully towards the end of next month. 😀 But that will be only the second time in 15 years she’s come to visit, as she can’t afford it either 😦

      We used to go down around twice a year to see the kids, but now only go down for special events, if we can afford it.

      The last time was about 18 months ago for my youngest daughters wedding, which we missed anyway, cos I got food poisoning, 😥

      I sincerely hope you can get yourself settled mate, and have some peace in your life so as to concentrate on the things that matter, like your guitars and music 🙂

      Speaking of guitars, I sighted the case for my old DIA 12 string, but can’t quite get to it yet, but I’m getting closer 😉

      Stay safe mate 🙂 and I’ll catch you soon 😉

      Cheers 😀


      • driftwood12 says:

        Am getting out of acoustics, too finicky and flooded market, especially with times getting harder for sections. Plus i lost my tools in the Perth matter. Neck clamps for removing etc. Will eventually make more but no money in it. Am doing electric instead with my art as well. Doing yours is still in my agenda. I hope its survived in the shed. Rot, bugs, mould, termite etc. I’ve had guitars in covers etc in sheds and lost them. Others thrown in without a care have survived.
        My writings will mean more to my net fairys than anyone here probably.


        • Truth Seeker says:

          Hey Jim, sorry I haven’t got back sooner mate, but the kids came up for lunch, and it’s been a very busy day, which has left me pretty stuffed O_o o_O :/

          so sat down quietly to watch a bit of telly, with SHMBO and dozed off 😯

          I know what you mean about acoustics, verses electrics, 😦 but I would love to see some of your art, if and when you get the chance to get some pics together 🙂 , and I appreciate you keeping my old 12 string in mind 😎

          I do hope that you can sort out all the issues of your “troubles”, and finally get settled in the unit? And if not that unit, you can find one that suits, and get the peace that you deserve to focus on your art, instruments and music. 🙂

          Stay safe mate, and keep us in the loop when you can 🙂

          I’ll let you know what I find when I finally open the case, and if there’s anything left to work on/with 😉

          Cheers mate 😀


          • driftwood12 says:

            No worries Truthy. Never any offence taken on answers.
            The last little escapade on me is quiet big and spans the pacific. As the Sunshine coast, it holds bigger fish while trying to appear to be addressing petty. Basically, the medicinal use of pot is trying to be addressed by blackmail and slur. This shows to me that the worse side of our institutions markets as per 1975 are still being warriored and projected through ghostly forms above. I already know that pharma has an underground whose considerations are well catered to in our system by mechanics of things against the well being of the populace.
            As I’ve mentioned before, i get points emphasized with implications and associations sometimes with mail as i get played. There has been an emphasis to associate this with labour but who i have the unfortunate attention of for some decades has no party but opportunes through all wherever possible. As per those of the streets.
            Dont believe me , ask Gough or any of the heights. It has no friends, only opportunitys. I cant say anymore, I will stand off here with the matter. If i wanted to give a poke in the eye back I would sprout the strong political affiliation of the” DEA “agent i use to see around but guilt by assoc and stand over tactics is something of an art form heavily here and amongst our reps eternally.Not me.
            There use to be a saying in the mens camps and work crews of other days, once there is a shit stirrer in the camp, everyone has to be to survive. Whats playing with me manufactures its own prey.
            As far as pathetic goes, these tactics take the cake but they work on many but it seems there is another player. The God of all ;). Amazing coincedences.
            Though something big hates me above which i can only hold as an honour, it’s not the god of all.
            I’ll be available for your guitar anytime theres breath in me, no stressing there Truthy. Will give you a couple of others to make use of with your poorer clients. No doubt growing by the minute under present clime.


            • driftwood12 says:

              And by the way, we’ve already met . I’ve exchanged greetings with you and young guy and dipped our lids a couple of times around the store. It was a pleasure.


              • driftwood12 says:

                As a side note on my politics and view of medicinal use of pot. It will work brilliantly on some not all. Families and those facing death and knowing it will be highly appreciative.
                It will not work on all.


      • driftwood12 says:

        To maybe explain some things Truthy. The week before i was told of this unit. My trouble down the road just happens to turn up at the Dakabin tip with his wife and trying to walk into my view. No ones seen him for years, been living quiet, working at mines. I just kept ignoring till i walked straight at them and passed them in the aisle. Then there was perhaps a show of them working in the yard down the road the first week of my being here. He would have been easy to catch out on many matters and i would say he is being worked. Been non stop on me for some months . It is the same crowd that provided the hit on me at the Sunshine coast. Clive, roadworks, ex sas guy, cops etc. Though authority will hide behind multiple excuses, it is all highly intimidating and has been relentless for months. As previous decades, those supposedly looking after me , to media and public eye , are not and have been by design since the start of the show. Too much to say and tell, it only inflames things. The same that try and work me on the net are the same as on the streets here.

        I do not think that the screws are going to be let up on us as far as life is concerned as we are geared for other. Governence and monetarily. One machine of multiple powers running the whole show and owns it. Much of things played on me has been very American. Psyche etc. All very Hollywood and idiosyncric. And our heights are hooked up and adopted like a pig on a teat. The good being done and often sold in placation has been far lost to the overempowerment in my opinion.
        Any stress in the heights is taken out on the rest. A nervous system. Wether we ever have a governence to fight this shit is going to be a wonder. As far as oligarch control, institution self stuffing, rich man corporate rule, as Snowden said. Excuses fall out of trees for them. Murdocracy provides the music. Voraciously. The proof is in the quality of life and bill stress on the lower.
        We are having life dished out in commercial and rich mans favour. Force fed. That is what engined the spying regime in the first place in a big dose of background consensus across the range of powers . Too good to miss. The gearing is firmly bolted in by design , elitism and human nature. With our parliaments owned, grin and bear it. And many are still going to die from stress for comfort above. An endless battle.


  9. driftwood12 says:

    Many years ago i had spoken and music material go from the room of my house to commercial media use. That i was monitored isnt the point, well known here and the monitored can play with the monitors just as well;) I have no complaints of that except for the acompanying assaults on me, heavily for years and hasnt stopped. My family, life , belongings, my health. Were ever i go, it follows, sometimes just by coincedence. As early days, run on many levels , each not knowing the others part and choreographed by heights. Some complex , and they rain it on you long term. Then wonder why you are forced to vocalise. Then another level savages you and on and on it goes. And you see the whole picture but cant comment on much in any direction even in your own defence as it just lights up a fire on the other end of levels. Howard called it once- Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.
    I do not think heights whatsoever want to know or have past politics in their life, especially if it gives anything of their comfort game away or shows up their long term lazy, silent, head turning, bludging fat arses. Billions and billions of public money and comforts and property has gone to them and many Australians have lived and died horrible lives over it.
    Here’s how coincedence starts paranoia. A man moved into my families life after my Fathers death. Got the horribly stressed mother and the house, the kids got turfed and the gutters. But the mum got a life other than twenty years of a dying soldier being murdered by his country and no help. So you have to live with it.
    A few doors up lived a man in circles that were horrendus. Politics, extreme violence, gangsters, psychotics. I used to see murderers there. He used to have swastikas painted on the fence and a second ww german helmet on his fence post. Was there twice when persons called to get the Whiskey au go go done. One of the cars that use to frequent was wanted in the murder of a woman , ones nickname was Skully. Another , until he got killed, was a light, blue i think customline. Another, in the mid late 70’s was a Chrysler royal. Also in those years i was told by an amazed, frightened young man of a container and drugs buried on a property and rambles i turned off to. I paid little attention, stories were everywhere but didnt doubt it. I already knew and saw enough for a lifetime to have anymore come my way by 18. Tried to have a life.
    Sydney, earlier 70’s. Jack Dempesy is having a fisticuff with a rotten cop over something, mainly gambling money he was known for ,not all. The cops mate tried to jump him and another man there broke a glass and told him to stay out of it. He pulled a gun on the guy with the glass and they had a standoff. Meanwhile a woman there from Home hill had come in and told the guy with the glass that two cops busted in, pulled a gun and shot her boyfriend. She was hiding, went through his pockets after to get away as he had ten grand on him but it was gone. Rogersons name was put to that.
    Meanwhile, the bluffartist with the glass, got want he wanted , favor and Dempesy used to lend him his Chrysler Royal to drive around. The guy at the neighbours, passed him around the place a few times too, fits Dempesy. Around 76/7. The relly of the neighbour that was wanted to do the job, took me to the sth side to work on his car. You got no choice at 16. We stopped at a house at Holland park , he went in and was talking to the Skully guy for 15 minutes.
    Some years later, a guy living with Skully, stole my car. I reckon they had to be following me to get it. After i’d done the rounds of checking the world , got a bit older and bigger. Before i parted company big enough to hold my own as you think at 18 and armed, i told that neighbour of my Fathers matter so it would go through those circles and heights and that i was going to have them. Just letting them know i wasnt happy about things. Had to say something for my Dad and what theyd done to us. I wasnt going to do anything , it was too big, but if anything came my way from it i was going to deal to it. I believe my car being stolen may have been over it. I had a tiger by the tail and didnt know full details and players of the matter then.
    Years and years ago a world known actor was here. Played a lot of parts, his latest then was a DEA agent. Strangest thing, or maybe not amongst too much to mention since Perth, three days ago i was shown an old film of him at a small wedding with a cop known as being a f bastard and a friend of Rogerson. In an area , as many, with the Joke still running. Had to source ties to see if the guy with the glass turned up in our lives by accident. It was.
    I have become a target through no fault of my own. Worse since Perth. A bit sensitized over matters but i will tell you i am being worked. I can fathom some. Some coincedence. But some has come together as being choreographed from a string puller. The extent to other i am still putting together. They need to back the fuck off and leave me in peace. Ive had none in 50 years through no fault of my own. They poke, ill poke back, they try and set me up i’ll blow it back in their face every time. I’m trying to live in peace and demand it. From whatever heights this is coming from. If its media or cockheaded cops, if i trace you there will be trouble. Stay away from my family. If its heights, grow the fuck up. If its NSA , dont make me come back there. Ive got nothing to say.
    Just needed to leave a marker thx. No need to comment.


  10. driftwood12 says:

    Forced to think of other days and my youth i must tell you something of pride.
    As mentioned earlier of Korean incedences. The six foot blonde chinese in the Samichon valley.
    B company won their patrol battles, in the dark, close quarters, grenades and machine gun. Then ran across the ice and snow for 2 1/2 miles behind the lines of no mans land and jumped into the main trenches of the Chinese and nth Koreans. Th volunteer bush kids retreated back to our lines carrying their wounded and the officers ran off ahead and left them. Jim Young, wounded, made his way back to the lines on his own the next day. He was the last left of 5 platoon B company. Dad was their machine gunner and point on patrols. They died horrible deaths at home.
    Peace on earth.


  11. driftwood12 says:

    The neighbour up the road with the relationships and ties and murderers is the man who was an old friend of the guy all those years later who phoned up the boatyard owners that i was taking my boat. No money owing on it, all receipts totally legal , cops were told by a magistrate not to act and they blocked me in with cars. All those years ago that neighbour couldnt talk for laughing and shaking his head at what a rat he was and ends up in charge of Air force investigations in liason with international intelligence.
    I built in 2 yrs with a stuffed spine in agony often, living in a shed with a dirt floor what would take me 8 weeks without and i was dropped on for some years in the neighbourhood and media as a welfare parasite. I did minor work on the rats boat mentioned above, cut a few bits of ply, showed him how to fibreglass, and told him what to do and how to do things to help him for free as he moved into the yard with a most rotten piece of junk i could only describe and was suspicious of as a prop after i finally heard his last name and memories and balls started dropping. I had written to Howard of him prior. Then he pulled the tough guy standover shit on me as if i was contracted -for free- or told him that i said i would rebuild his junk after i did as much and verbally as i could and left him to it. Demanding i stop my life and REBUILD his boat for free .Then he threatened to dob me in for being on the pension and doing mine. So i got down off my boat and told him to fuck off. All this while i ‘m surrounded by scum doing armed holdups, the foxtail palm seed crew and major land frauds, Sardiak the murderer, a whole rotten shire, major drug runners with ties straight to the premiers office, who were at Rats shed and another guy i was told was a good man whom they sent to my house bugged the last weeks as i was leaving to live in a bus a couple of years ago. Then im getting a buzzed escort with a helicopter 50 ft above my car the length of the freeway- piloted by an ex air force guy i use to see around. The boat yard owners were rats and ex airforce. And the feds tailing me trying to spook me with the hawain shirt and sunglasses routine and the cjc and their puppy cops in all sorts of disguises, on bikes, 4x4s , coming up and revving their cars beside me and hitting their brakes in front of me. I had been told that the cjc head who i’d seen staging and queing the guys off after me in a side road of the freeway was dealing drugs so that made for more excitement.
    Weeks of it. They were playing me at the boat yard and i written to Howard of my fathers matter.
    I new the house was bugged, then they started playing military music , The bridge on the river kwai, in the house non stop and i couldnt find were it was coming from.I saw 8 guys at the phone junction box across in the next street and 4 in suits directed them. I drove around the block and sat there watching them on the otherside if the street with both the kids hanging out the backdoor wibdow watching them till they turned around and nearly dropped their pads. I smiled and drove off. That was it for me, the “joke ” went out of state all the way to Canberra as far as i was concerned. It’s rained since. Sas copters hovering the house, flying over often daily ,F111s nearly breaking the windows 100 ft high passes. Kids crying at night about the soldiers coming to kill us. Family bailed out. Her family drop like flies from cancer, shed been the 2nd stage of cancer for 15 yrs then. Has 4 polar bear menopauses a year. Angel though destructive.

    I cant go to mums funeral to give my family peace. Cant go to daughters wedding or funeral, to give others peace. Imbeciles, and always caused a lot of big trouble out of their selfishness and cunning. Trouble for life and kids. And even of late heights have been working on them , the sunshine coast matter and perth that i am some fucktard to justify themselves. My family has problems, are a handful i quietly try to avoid but it ‘s not me the fucktard as heights has tried to portray.
    One effort of that is to work me on the net and made out another had hacked me to try to throw blame. That incident went up on the ABC i think it was as it happened. As i said then there had been a flurry of stuff going on for 12 mths on similar theme.
    Angry? Murderous.
    And here i am writing to a Qld premier 20 years ago about it whose right hand man was in all that above up to his neck and his brother a chemist chain store owner a few years after the hit on my Father by chemists , doctors and politicians and Canberra.
    It was a chemist with drug peddling and overseas ties hiding the ex SS officer. An old war painting worth thousands had turned up at an associate of a Brisbane gangsters house.
    And me, a recluse, barely spoken to anyone in 6 years, before that, much the same. Just living for my kids.

    This of recent events for the net fairies. I know whats going on. Medicinal pot. Submarines.(etc etc 😉 Trying to justify and hide. Slur and make out im an idiot. Leave those people alone. I’m watching and i will stand in front of them. I wasnt on the net when stuff went from my house to Hollywood and media. It was through the house. I find it an attack and cunning that after all these years of the area that such wonderful heights are so concerned of one area that has friends in net areas and access to it. A few layers is’nt there? One thing i do know is that corporate pharma has leeway to Security type help. And thats not comforting. Per 75. And the people are still in danger of you. So we continue? Arrange and slur away.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Mate, you should write it all down, with names and all, and leave the manuscript, or at least a copy with someone you trust, and then try to get it published, or even better, publish it yourself as an ebook?

      There are lots of places on the net that will publish it, no questions asked.

      Cheers mate 🙂


  12. driftwood12 says:

    Thx truthy, damned if i do, damned if i dont. Not wanting to go there. There is someone , something that just cant leave it alone. Just returning the favour. And that ‘s not a scratch on it.


  13. driftwood12 says:

    I will say though of the subject matter of it, that if it wasn’t NSA heights initiated or approved the persons would’ve been shot by now. They just keep poking at it and me , so it’s allowed.
    I know the yanks heights system and related globally want their one world and i dont think much of this regimes President getting shoved down our necks with this structure and abuse and pig’s advantage of an ilk. The c—-s who murdered my father, won a long time ago and believe me, they are running the joint.


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