Australia’s evil inTent!

Australia’s evil inTent!

While sections of the MSM hail Abbott’s long overdue venture into Arnhem Land, as another kept promise, albeit 12 months later than promised, and the idiot Warren Mundine still pushes the line that Abbott is the best thing to happen to the indigenous community since the advent of thongs … ?   😯   , the cuts to services along with the litany of other lies and broken promises, tell the real story.

The truth is Abbott is as good for the Aborigines as he is, as for women, the poor, the unemployed, the pensioners and Australia as Prime Moron!   O_o   :/

And now that he’s declared war on…. well… Australia, with his no “boots on the ground” approach to sending in 400 Airforce personnel and 200 SAS, to Iraq (Presumably in their socks?), and painted a huge big target on our citizenry, our country and way of life, we have to wait with baited breath to see if he has achieved his ultimate “Look over there” moment, to scare the pants off those recalcitrant voters who have been deserting the LNP, in droves?

But not for too long, as there should be a newspoll out shortly that will show how successful, or otherwise, this latest piece of deception has been.   😉

So while Abbott spends a week, living under canvas, in Arnhem Land, making out that he’s the Aborigines “best friend”   😯   and hiding from questions about LNP involvement in Ashbygate and dodging other inconvenient truths, there are now other questions that also need to be asked, and answered!

Questions like:

  1. How, when we’ve been told ad-infinitum about our debt and deficit emergency, can we afford to send planes and 600 personnel, to the Middle East?
  2. Are you now telling us that the poor and vulnerable are going to be paying for your chest beating distraction?
  3. Why is it that we have been kept in the dark about operational matters regarding asylum seekers, yet you’ve been telling all and sundry, how you are ready, willing and able to do whatever, to combat what is essentially a war that should be dealt with, on the ground, by the neighbours directly affected?
  4. Why is it that neighbouring countries like Turkey, that have a large number of citizens directly affected, are yet to commit to action against ISIL, while you maintain that the threat to us is sufficient to warrant this action?
  5. Why is it that we are at the forefront of any action, while the UK, have yet to commit to air strikes, even though their citizens are directly involved as both murders and victims?
  6. Will you take some level of responsibility if and when one or more of our service men or women, or overseas aid workers become a victim, as a direct result of your overblown, warmongering rhetoric, and gung-ho  attitude towards this conflict?
  7. Why is it that we are already seeing Muslin communities, at home, targeted by redneck elements, which in itself will only serve to further heighten the risk, as young Muslims feel more marginalised, subsequently making them more susceptible to radicalisation!
  8. Why is it that the announcement of a heightened state of alert, coincided with:  1. The retirement of the security chief? 2.  His reasoning, regarding around three to six months of heightened social media traffic which also seems strangely coincidental with the time that your warmongering rhetoric started, not to mention?  3. the anniversary of 9/11?
  9. Why announce a raised alert level, and claim a direct threat to Australia, when even the US said there’s no immediate or direct threat to them?
  10. Why go to Arnhem Land, now, when you’ve had a whole year to make good on your promise to spend your first week as PM there?

Cos to be honest Tony, with such an appalling record over your first year, of Backflips, broken promises, obfuscation and downright lies; and with past behaviour being the best predictor of future behaviour, it looks very much like you running away from the hard questions, that need to be answered, to a remote camping ground, where media access is limited, and easily controlled, and has the the distinct stench of;

Australia’s evil inTent!   (Pun intended!… or not?   😉   )

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26 Responses to Australia’s evil inTent!

  1. melaine says:

    Are there no lengths the idiot boy wont go to 😯 … I mean WTF is the idiot and his team of useless morons going to dream up next in the list of “…look bright shiny thing” moments – all just so idiot boy wont have to face reality or real questions. Can we hope he goes swimming in a nice croc infested river whilst he is camping out… yeah I know, cruelty to animals :/

    Fabulous effort Truthie, spot on as usual, thanks 🙂


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Hey Mel 🙂 Thanks for that 😎

      Yes, you just have to shake your head in disbelief sometimes, at the madness that consumes our Prime Moron, and his mendacious mob of misfits 😈

      The problem is that every time I start a new post, he takes the madness to another level, and I have to go with the latest stupidity, and start again 🙄

      Hence I’ve got about four or five unfinished drafts just sitting there 😡 and some will probably be out of date by the time I get to finish them 😦

      But we do what we can 😉

      Cheers 😀


      • melaine says:

        I know just what you mean, it is doing my head in trying to keep up with all the shit that comes out of their cesspit mouths…
        I recommend copious amounts of margarita buckets, unlimited special fortified custard tarts and a day in the mulled wine spa to recover our sanity O_o o_O


  2. bighead1883 says:

    They are so nasty and not nice because they tell fibs and nyah nyah nar nar to us at every op :/
    Then they wave their little armsies about frothing from the mouth and stamping theit lilly feetsies O_o
    Then they go all around the place spending everyones lunch money they stole on red cordial and ritalin drops 😯
    They are absolutely horrible and I hope Santa never visits them 😡
    And I hope that nice lady 🌯 hurt that nasty Tony Abbott 😈 when she punched him in the head O_o


  3. bighead1883 says:

    OH Soz Truthy 🙂 I O_o forgot the cake :/


  4. driftwood12 says:

    Where is it? Promise. The benefits to come if we do this or that? Spoken all those years ago and the preceding in succession. Cheaper electricity. The wealth to come to all from immigration. LPG!LPG! Let us build our wells and destruction, see our green hat? Lollies and bountiful life and cheaper fuel for everyone. We are once again on the cusp of being how we should be as a government and a nation and people. It is right in front of you, -the bait- take it. This opportunity.

    For those without mist or hope in their eyes know ,that the taking to come will happen anyway, like corporate TPP’s and FTA’s. A minor percentage that lives endlessly off the blood of the majority is most certainly something to rejoice about and the announcements that such things are on the plate to be discussed are only premilary to peeping in bedrooms and listening to gossip and peoples loungerooms when it comes time to bury the dissenters in this democratic process. Now new alongside the media stocks of slur and contrived public opinion.
    Their glee and self importance, the downward glare , smug , sadistic grin affixed. Dont you love it? Of course you must rejoice. Or risk a savaging.

    Welcome to the playground of the rats and survivors of the 70’s. Where the anal slang of the NSA creeps slowly through life in parlay of parameters and assets till all are golly goshed glazed eyed running around frantic in fear and servitude of on oligarch and its cock suckers and all who demand servitude from their association. A peeping psychotic , now caught out though paraded publicly and hiding it’s head with a newspaper, slits its eyes and presses on along with its pal psychotic powers agendas . Till all is encompassed by its militicancy demands of service to its comforts , wealth and perversions. This system, love it or else.

    What will our Prime minister be tomorrow , portayed in artful photos. Loving, understanding, proud, flag draped, stern and murderous, goanna get ya, priestly or beastly, undies, fireman, father ? Your kind of guy. And you will believe, or else.
    Whatever suits the charade, misdirecting and taking.

    You have to love it, or else. The millions of people, and the billions of dollars gone hell west and crooked paying for our management over decades . In and out with a derelection of public contract and duty with a pig in shit attitude to the power and pissup. We’ve got some good guys and girls in now amongst the plants and lunatics and corporate but what is it all worth now hooked up to ills gearing.

    Housing, hospitals , freedom,freedom from bill stress that kills , maims, there has always been a human cost, now it’s a charge. All the ills we’ve fought, told were aims, are compulsory or becoming made that way in the shadows while we sleep.
    God damn these trees and cute and pretty things, so undeserving. It is apparent the earth is still not conquored. Tighten your belts suckers, we’ll handle the comfort and money up here now hang on. If our quest gets too heavy for our comforts dont worry, we’ll soon belt you off. Here we go for tomorrow is another day. Anything good to come will be soon be owned by a businessman , one way or another, abominated and charged for. If he’s in the club.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Morning Jim 🙂

      Mate, you said it all there! 😡 What a bloody mess we’re in, and still much more to come 😥

      Stay strong mate 😉

      Cheers 🙂


    • TechinBris says:

      Jim what an adjective fest! Loved it 😀
      It is becoming really scary now. I get the feeling that Australia was the only one that hadn’t been bankrupted by these idiots grab for power, like they have in the UK and USA. Now they will use us as the battery to charge into their next War to transfer all our Commonwealth’s wealth to the War Whores, that never ever can have enough. They certainly are addicts of the worse drug known to man.


      • driftwood12 says:

        It’s scary alright. Lots of countries to go yet and as the corporate and rag trade and lackeys settle in to their new taken global pace, we will be sucked to the bones as we are thought of less and less as a hindrance.


    • orangefox says:

      Great comment Driftwood.
      We are doomed.
      I’d rather vote for one good dictator than a hundred self serving politicians.


  5. olddavey says:

    “Mundine still pushes the line that Abbott is the best thing to happen to the indigenous community since the advent of thongs”

    That conjures all kinds of frightening images of Abbott dressed to please young Warren.
    I imagine father-in-law Hendo would be feeling all warm inside.


  6. brickbob says:

    I think Uncle Tom Mundine has been pussy whipped by the missus,there is no other explanation i can think of for his despicable behaviour against his own people,and Abbotts reason for his despicable behaviour? well we all know the answer to that question.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Hey Brickbob, 🙂 The fact that he sold out to Abbott, screams volumes about the dickheads commitment to his people O_o

      And the fact that Abbott has sold out Australia tells us nothing we didn’t know… They deserve each other, but we don’t deserve either of them! 😯 And neither do the indigenous communities. 😡

      Cheers mate 😀


  7. Gilly says:

    Truthie, so many questions, and so many more that can and should be asked, Abbott always ready to answer questions from sycophants and supporters but not to the people or the parliament both of which he has a responsibility to answer to. Then I see that he has cut entitlements for Rudd and Gillard.
    Abbott is sooo busy being vindictive and narcissistic that his focus is blurred.. Blinded by his own ineptitude. Cultural, pecuniary and religious prejudices. It is very hard to find a worse example of a person, an adult or a leader.


  8. cartoonmick says:

    He can do whatever he likes, thank you very much. He won the election and has a heap of mandates to work his way through.

    Every decision he makes can be linked back to a mandate, hence these decisions have the backing of the people, cos he won the election.

    Logical really.

    Oh, . . . . what’s a “mandate?”, I hear you ask. Well, it’s kinda like keeping a promise that was made, regardless of whether it was made or imagined or created out of thin air.

    Still confused ??

    Well maybe this cartoon will help you get a better handle on understanding “Mandates” . . .



  9. bilko says:

    Nice one Truthy what with the new terror laws rather than “anti terror” we seem to be moving into “The Patriot Act” territory and look how well that is working out in the land of the not so free. No reds under the beds any more rather a spook or even Miss Coleman aka last weeks Dr Who, or even worse our Tones, now I am worried no fridge magnet to comfort me must be time for my meds


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Bilko, thanks for that mate 😀 and it’s good to hear from you 🙂

      Yes mate, but I recon instead of fridge magnets, they should give us Dartboards with Abbott’s head for the target… That would be much more fun, and help us
      get prepared for invasion 😯

      Yes mate, buckets all round in the lounge… for medicinal purposes only 😉

      Cheers 😀


  10. James Cook says:

    Great work, Truthie. Terrorists in Oz don’t scare me nearly as much as the MSM and their lack of fair reporting on Abbott. And I’m wondering when someone is going to administer CPR to the Labor party. I mean, they are dead aren’t they?


    • Truth Seeker says:

      James, thanks for your comment 😎 and kind words 🙂

      Yes mate, between Murdoch, Abbott and Shorten, I get the uncomfortable feeling that we’re stuck on a roundabout, constantly turning right 🙄 until team Orstraya disappears up its own exhaust pipe 😯 and becomes just another American state O_o :/ 😥

      Cheers 😉


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