Said the Abbott to the Bishop…War!

Said the Abbott to the Bishop… War!

The lights are on, but nobody's home!    O_o

The lights are on, but nobody’s home!   O_o

Now I know that war is no laughing matter, but with the mendacious Abbott running the show  (now there’s a joke right there!   😯   ), and with the news getting more depressing by the minute,   😦   I thought I should at least try for a little light relief.   🙂

So I decided to write another in the  “Said the Abbott…” series of poems, trying to take a light hearted look at the political stupidity of the last few days   😉

And at least for me, a chuckle every now and then helps to get things back in perspective



and the main cause of our angst, should also be the target of some good old Aussie ridicule!   😯

And Abbott… You’re IT!   😈

Said the Abbott to the Bishop… War!


Said the Abbott to the Bishop

It’s a good time for a war

Cos the budget’s in the crapper

And my polls are through the floor

So just keep hassling Putin

While I look towards the east

Cos they’re offering a smorgasbord

A veritable feast


A land of tribes and warlords

And extremists this is true

But they suit my own agenda

Cos they’re full of camel poo

And Peta said we need a war

The next election for to win

Cos they’ve stopped believing Rupert

And his blatant right wing spin


And our propaganda’s failing

So our team can’t do their jobs

And that bloody recalcitrant senate

Makes us look a bunch of knobs

Though the Labor party’s lost its way

With Shorten at the helm

Playing team Orstraya to the nth

Is Billy’s fantasy realm


He’ll back us up not questioning

The stories that we’ll spin

Cos the man’s a latent righty

And there’s no way he will win

He agrees that we’ll not make things worse

By my warmongering chatter

And by the time the dope wakes up

It’ll be too late too matter


And war’s a great distraction

So John Howard I must thank

Cos it’s him that set the ground work

The little Liberal wank

And he taught me everything I know

But for honesty he gets zero

And the same score for integrity

And that’s why he’s my hero


Said the Bishop to the Abbott

Yes, a stellar Liberal leader

And one we all aspire to be

The lying little bleeder

But you have done a sterling job

And the bullseye you have hit

By telling everybody lies

And talking naught but shit


So I’m off to take on the UN

And their climate change agenda

Spelling out our “direct action” plan

Of the truth, I’ll be a bender

I’ll sing our praises; tell them all

There’s nothing there to fear

I’ll just blame everybody else

Cos there’s nothing to see here


Said the Abbott to George Brandis

All this talk of war is great

Cos it sells a lot of papers

Which will please our mogul mate

So go and tell the senate

All the things that we must do

Cos to keep the masses terrified

Is the job I have for you!


Said the Bishop to the UN

Fair and balanced is our approach

And the Liberals will survive CC

Cos we’re like a big cockroach

And we couldn’t care what you lot think

We think this debate’s quite funny

As the most important thing to us

Is not the Earth… it’s money!


Said the Abbott to the UN

On this war I cannot pass

Though I cant see where we’re headed

With my head up Barack’s arse

But I know that soon he’ll tell us

Exactly what we’re supposed to do

Cos without his lead, the world will know

We’re full of cattle poo


And that’s why Peta came along

To whisper in my ear

And tell me what I need to say

To push our line of fear

And repairing my world standing

Is the most important job

Cos so far everything I’ve done

Just made me look… A knob


Said the Abbott to the Bishop

Though I know you did your best

Our policy’s been overshadowed

By the arguments of the rest

And the truth is that on climate change

Although you’ve been well groomed

You couldn’t sell it to the world

Cos we’ve just been Ban Ki-Mooned




OK, outrage on the count of three.

OK, outrage on the count of three.


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9 Responses to Said the Abbott to the Bishop…War!

  1. bighead1883 says:

    Banki Mooned all right,the whole bloody lot of us Truthy 🙂
    A sterling effort in amongst this everywhere you look there`s another LNP blunder 😡
    Pyne standing up in Parliament stating “no matter what you lot say it won`t be printed,what I say will” 😈 needs to be put out there into the general sphere of things for what it may be worth but believe me Truthy the bogans are rolling around in orgiastic delight at Abbott`s efforts 👿
    Never in my lifetime has an LNP government been “NOT” involved in a war.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Morning Biggy 🙂

      Mate I have to admit that the last line cracked me up for the mental image it produced 😆 and it was funny that straight after I was telling Mel how hard I was struggling with finishing it, it just all fell into place 😯 and was finished, minus a bit of tidying up, before I went to bed 😀

      But I really needed to do something a bit light hearted, as everything else is so bloody depressing 😦

      But it seemed to work, cos I’m feeling more upbeat today, which is just as well, cos it’s darts day 😀

      Cheers mate 🙂


  2. Florence nee Fedup says:

    Addressing UN while your minister introduces legalisation that trashes our signatory to the UN Refugee Convention. Saying we make laws, not the UN.


  3. Tony is a wanker, a wanker through and through,
    He always loves to lie and bully, it’s how he loves to do.

    If war is for the weak of spirit and spineless ego twats,
    then he fits the bill precisely, gives money to the aristo’crats’.

    Another fake medal for his emptiness,
    to stoke his inflated ego brattiness.

    To make a quick buck,
    it really does suck!

    For war is a game for the weak, the evil and the greedy,
    it never solves any solutions and never gives to the needy.

    © 2014 Bridget Cameron


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