Shorten WTF are you doing?

Shorten WTF are you doing?

Bill Shorten, Mr 40%

Bill Shorten, Mr 40%

When the ALP announced that they were going to change the criteria and allow the R&F to have more of a say, I thought that might be a good start and a new direction for a factional mishmash that was slowly but surely killing itself.

Little did I know!

Albo, Mr 60%

Albo, Mr 60%

The fact is, that with around 60% of the R&F voting for Albo, and only 40% for Shorten, the members made it perfectly clear who they wanted, and yet the factions, once again stepped in to make sure their bloke got over the line.

Now at the time, I made my feelings clear, along with a large majority of the R&F, that Albo was the man to rebuild the party and take us to the next election.

I said that Shorten had too much baggage from the last two terms, that he doesn’t inspire, that he’s from the right of the party, and they desperately need to return to their roots and core values.

I have to say I was pissed off that once again the powerful factions got their way, over the membership, but many said  “Wait and see” and “At least give him a go”

Well I waited, albeit somewhat sceptically, and I saw!

And what I saw, was not a Labor leader, but what looks more like a right wing plant, who’s softly softly approach is seeing this once great nation relegated to the last century, where all the gains we’ve worked so hard to achieve, are being either seriously eroded, or completely wiped out on the back of  rabid right wing ideology!

Make no mistake, if Abbott as LOTO could have mustered the numbers in the senate,, during the Gillard term, he would have happily blocked supply to bring down the government, but he didn’t have either a valid reason, or the numbers.

When Hockey brought down his horror fudge-it, it was, to use Abbott’s own expression, CRYSTAL clear, that he lied to the public, to gain office and was, as such, a perfectly legitimate reason to use those numbers to block supply and force a DD.

Billy, Billy, Billy… WTF are you doing?

Billy, Billy, Billy… WTF are you doing?

But what did Shorten do?… NOTHING?

In fact, he did worse than nothing   😯    he guaranteed supply, leaving the door wide open for Abbott to do deals with the new senators and Palmer

He  has sold out Labor, and Gillard’s legacy, but worse than that he’s sold out Australia to the rabid right wing ideologies, and voted to take us back to war, on the say so of a man (?) who is a proven, and some would say pathological liar, and  who’s only goal is to maintain power at any cost.

Their dishonesty and hypocrisy are astounding, and over the last couple of days, we’ve seen yet another example, as Morrison signs up for an asylum seeker deal to resettle genuine refugees in Cambodia, one of the poorest and most corrupt countries on the planet, handing over a cool $40 mill, for a commitment to take only 4-5 refugees on a trial basis, and that’s not including the resettlement costs, which works out at 8 – 10 + million $’s each?   W…T…F???

And yet we all remember when they rejected Gillard’s Malaysian solution, because Malaysia wasn’t a signatory to the UNHCR convention, a decision that resulted in some 300 more deaths at sea?

Coincidentally a convention that these hypocrites, effectively tore up at the same time as they signed up with Cambodia, and committed us to a war in which even more people are becoming refugees!

We are now witnessing our hard fought for rights and freedoms being taken away and shoved in a cupboard to “protect them”… WTF?        And the most incompetent, and arguably corrupt government in our history, stirring up hysteria and fear, for the sake of their own political advantage.

And all the while, Shorten’s opposition is not only MIA for much of the time, but complicit in many of these decisions… W…T…F???

The thing is that I along with many others, tried to warn Australia of how Abbott would destroy this great country   🙄    and he has more than lived up to our expectations!   😯

And likewise with Shorten   😡

In his first year, Abbott has done damage that will take decades to fix, if in fact it can be fixed, and all for the sake of his own twisted ambitions and ideologies.

And in his first year as LOTO, Shorten has basically made the ALP irrelevant.

I did hope hope he would prove me wrong… He didn’t!

I did try to give him the benefit of the doubt… But he just confirmed all my fears at every turn!

But I’m still prepared to give him a go   😯

So Billy boy, If you do genuinely care for this country and the once great Labor party, the only Go that I can still give you is… GO AWAY!

Do the decent thing and resign your position as LOTO, and let the will of the R&F prevail!

We need a LOTO that will reform the party, whilst taking the fight up to Abbott and his mendacious mob of mistits, hitting him with both barrels, not a limp lettuce leaf!

Cos too many times over the last year, too many of us have asked the question:

Shorten, WTF are you doing?

Abbott's mini me

Abbott’s mini me


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Musician singer/songwriter, guitar teacher.
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29 Responses to Shorten WTF are you doing?

  1. bighead1883 says:

    Beautiful Truthy 🙂 if Shorten cared for Labor as a Party he would resign as I myself have asked since Xmas 2013.
    The right factions agenda could not be more obvious than if we pulled down Clive Palmers daks and we know there`ll be crap uncleaned because that`s how that beast is made up.
    The AWU Executive may as well be a Brian Loughnane domain and the TWU and SDA executive like former AWU head Howes would be made welcome at any corporate exec job.
    The union members don`t see this because they are kept dumber than any of Tom Cruise`s wives as to WYF is going on.
    Truthy we have to make a “Get Shorty out of Labor” pact.


  2. bighead1883 says:

    Here`s how I feel Truthy 🙂 but I know you already knew 😆


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Biggy, 🙂 surely not 😯 I would never have guessed 😉

      But mate, after spending the night writing my fingers to the bone :developer: 🙄 I can no longer resist the siren song of my four poster bed 😀 and so I’ll wish you and all, a very good night 😀 sleep well and pleasant dreams 😉



  3. doctorrob54 says:

    Reblogged this on doctorrob54 and commented:
    Could never understand how Labor picked Shorten over Albanese.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Doctorrob, thanks for your comment, and the reblog 😎

      Yes, and he’s done nothing to show us why they did either! 😡 Just right wing, factional stupidity! O_o 😉

      Cheers 🙂


      • bighead1883 says:

        Many know this but here`s the vid for those who have not seen this.
        Operation Mockingbird done in Whitlam via Murdoch.
        Shorty`s CIA protected and manipulated as to Wikileaks docs
        What is real? and what is not?


        • driftwood12 says:

          Thx for that. Unfortuneately already known here for many years.
          I would add that it’s not just peoples govt workers. The matter is hugely in private corpirat hands and those of the glazed eyed. Political religious groups and fronts. Movements, industries, Hollywood etc. Many do it for free for leeway into industries and to exist. Selling it. Out of fear and greed. Many of our pollies do it, know it. Easy street. Many of them a bit over the top with it and through the community. Easily tagged fanatically right ring. We all know them. Our reps know its easy street if they play along. There is even standard election spiel and posturing. The game is owned. Christenson comes to mind recently on that matter. And the speech by the guy putting up against Newman from the same party. It’s all planned, choreographed. Before Newmans father took over Repat- Veteran affairs, after Gough got rolled, they had a corporate agricultural chemist in dealing to the Viet vets dying of cancer etc.
          The internet would ‘ve saved my father and family. Now it is an offence.
          See , what have i been telling you.
          I remember a far side cartoon. Two bears standing facing forward in a gunsight round picture frame. One oblivious, looking into space unconcerned. The other with the crosshairs on him looking straight at the shooter has teeth gritted in a nervous grin, big eyes and pointing at the other bear .Not me, shoot him.
          It’s as if you care, you are disadvantaged, outcast, punished, savaged, doomed. It comes from the top.
          Security has been corrupt. Drugs, scams, land , housing, loans. Why so many wondered if countries drug situations were planned. Its all business for the big guys. Insurance health companies chopping tables, courts, psyche rooms.


  4. brickbob says:

    HI Truthie,this is one of your best articles on Labor i have read and thank god for independant sites such as yours,i know you will but im going to say it anyway,” keep up the good work.” Cheers.””’


  5. bilko says:

    Truthy you’ve done it again, I am a member of the right but would not vote for Shorten whom I knew even before he was elected to parliament. Why not, because he helped Rudd bring down Julia, whom I firmly believe would have had a BETTER chance against Abbott and who she bested in Parliament for 6 years even with the media behind him. We ended up with the worst election result in decades. Albo at least has fire in his belly and would be given Abbott a real run for his money now, ok he is a lefty but so was Julia and she was one of the best PM’s since Gough. I am sorry to see my country of choice being an ex pom, becoming more like the 52 state of the land of the not so free as time goes by.


  6. consider says:

    Spot on Truthy, and thanks to the freeloading “workers” who bludge on their mates who supports their Unions and the selfish voters who only cast their vote with a “what`s in it for me attitude”, this country is totally stuffed. These new anti- laws are the final nail in the coffin.
    Any Govt. that jails its citizens and Journo`s for ten years for telling the truth and/or exposing corruption deserves to be thrown out, but with these new laws it will be almost impossible as the populace will be too frightened to speak out.
    I hope the RWNJ`S are happy with where they have got this country now, because of their selfishness. But are they in for a rude shock, these grubs that are currently in power will no longer need their stupid support because these draconian laws are just about to be approved, ( of course with the help of the pathetic Shorten), and they will soon join the rest of us poor down-trodden souls to be told what and when to do as it suits the all-powerful Govt. and don`t even think about protesting, because such rights and priveleges we once had will be long gone and be just a long gone dim memory that we can reminisce about when we sit around the camp-fire in front of our gunyahs trying to explain to our grandkids where it went wrong and why we allowed it to happen.

    I think I know what the solution to the problem is, but if I put it in writing I will probably get 10 years in the clink.

    Cheers mate.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Hey Consider 🙂 and thanks for your comment mate 😎

      Yes mate, it’s a sad sad time for this once great nation 😥

      But our lay back, she’ll be right attitude is starting to change, I think, and call me an optimist 😯 that eventually this mob will shoot themselves in both feet, and be relegated to the rubbish bin of history where they belong 😉

      I just worry that it will cost more than many should have to pay in the 21st century 😦

      Say hi to Considerette 🙂

      Cheers mate 😀


      • driftwood12 says:

        I have’nt gone into it all that much Biggy, but i certainly trust your judgement of the matter

        How can medibank be sold when well over the majority of Australians do not want that.
        Corman etc state premiums will not rise but as the mechanisms to regulate are already corrupt, what chance now?
        Current private owners of medibank , not the Govt, which sold medibank to itself some years ago under Howard for 100.00 dollars, are taking them to court as per section 51 of the constitution on fair price for resumptions. So you would think that the 4 billion touted profit will go to them as compensation or held from infrastructure use as touted.
        I think it was in 2008 that the govt was told that they do not own it to sell.
        Basically, the whole matter will end up known as a big con job on the public concerning health in this country.
        This is outright oppression and tyranny.

        The corpirats have established a rep on fact checkers. ABC. Now they say that premiums will not rise. When the regulatory system was already stacked decades ago as everything else. Bill Shorten appears to have come from the Libs.
        The whole matter appears to be totally stacked for profiteering on public carcasses.
        14,000 for Fred Hollows 25 cent eye op. Just signed another petition against govt for a 4 yr old to have his feet saved by a trip interstate that he has been denied over costs.

        20 years ago i started warning and confronting govt , here and US on this matter. On my own. No truth to any entity has helped.
        Anyone who tells or says the matter of cruel pressure and profiteering is in hand, is a liar or an imbecile. The matter of public health cost and pricing is already far from public favour and out of the peoples hands. Years ago.
        The rest of the world will now fall or suffer repercussions. Starved or violence.
        As they invade our freedoms for profit, Hockey etc will get their welfare perversions on the battered. The economy is tiered for tinkering. The people are less of a threat , even more, by the minute.
        Seek the true recent decades history of health in the US.


        • Truth Seeker says:

          Morning Jim 🙂 and yes like the vast majority of “Privatisation’s”, it’s a crock!

          But then the LNP is full of crooks and liars and the only “honest thing that Abbott et al promised was “No surprises”, cos most of us warned what this mob is would do, given half a chance! 😡

          “The best predictor of future behaviour….” 🙄

          Cheers mate 😉


      • driftwood12 says:

        Truthy, the US have had these systems and assaults for decades. Intelligent, armed people. No chance. Many that could are comfortable enough to love it. They all do till it starts chewing on their arse but then they are neutered. Pushing shopping trolleys with their belongings and quiet , little obedient christian orgs to speak for them and endless cop executions of them to keep them quiet. The last time this happened of note was when the health, insurance industry was at a height of maniac laughing greed in the US and bulletproofed tactical squads were raiding and trashing vitamin and health food shops and their equipment.
        The comfort zone is a conga line to the top. Enforced by stacked system mechanics.

        Want to be far fetched? All our records, owned, everything owned, no opposition. All opposition welcomed, made profitable to be dealt to.
        To date, most freedoms have been lost through corruptions but even more, the psyche trade. No peoples govt will be able to resist the whims of the free markets or tactical assaults. Money and power will increasingly concentrate with more economies bypassing the people and communities.And their is no force ,way or power left to combat it.
        Judgement day. Roman class sport. Everyone not in the club is a sinner.

        Watched a show for a half hour some weeks ago. Clearing swamps of timber in the sth of the US. No one on the low scale has had a pay rise since the 70’s in the US. Massive high tech timber machinery walking across stacked logs and bottomless swamps getting timber. US competing against southern labour and slave labour. All over the sth. Same as the WA matter too, tomatoes etc and chain stores. Copycatting.
        Parts and tyres cost hundreds of thousands. Even mothers working there driving massive log trucks across swamps. They live from week to week on the pitiful wages. The owner lives on crashing. He’s able to tell them that if things go ok they will be able to get a 75 dollar bonus this year.
        They are smiling and ecstatic like they’ve won the lotto. Some of the labour is mexican, regularly going home to attend families.
        Timber goes to a huge mill making millions, woodchip etc. And i believe some timber goes to Mexico for guitars. Swamp ash, pine/ alder etc.
        They all, run all day.
        That’s what it’s all about, servants for the tiers, economy monopolists and concentrations.
        Complaining about it is fruitless, may as well yell down a well. Doing anything, hopeless.
        The net will disapear as a tool for those human enough to organize against it. Dissenters dealt to. An offence to complain of assaults or warn others of it. If you help anyone in China, you are up for their costs. Thats why children convulse on roads there after being run over by trucks with people stepping around them. China’s problem is growth and infrastructure education etc. Ours is design.
        One world, whose? Born rich or die, probably at home untreated on a lounge in the not so distant future.
        But theres always Hollywood and the psyche show, one day you too can be mega rich or the President.
        The pyramid on the note is no joke.
        Where does this rant end?


        • Truth Seeker says:

          Jim, sadly mate it’s all about power through obscene amounts of money 👿

          That’s to say that controlling the masses through greed and manipulation of greed is the human condition, and those that just want to have some peace in their lives, and enjoy the simple things, like family, good friends, the artistic side of endeavours etc are trodden into the dirt by those who’s entire beings are consumed by the almighty dollar, for the sake of power and ultimate control. 😈

          No truer word was spoken than; “The love of money is the root of all evil”

          Sadly we all need some money to survive, in this day and age, but it’s that unholy love/worship of money to the exclusion of all else that is the real problem, and the obscene concentrations of money in the hands of the mega greedy few that needs to be addressed for the betterment of human kind.

          But we will never completely get away from personal greed, and therein lies the great conundrum!

          And sadly I’ve got to get ready for another attempt at dealing with the great bureaucracy, so I’d better get myself moving 😡

          Cheers mate 😉


  7. driftwood12 says:

    Hi guys, hopes alls well. Gotta say i told you’s so. That told you so goes back past ten years and a long time before Snowden.
    To hint along the lines to grasp the expanse i’ll say one word- Murdochracy. They are in full flight globally, TPP’s, set ups and fix ups. The 1975 guys.
    Always, watch the other hand. When you see theatrics, start smelling around. There are many plays in motion at any one time, all of them have distractions.
    So now, We are handed over to the global corpirats spy and dissent killers regime. Follow the cops on youtube in the US to see were we are going. What is really interesting is BS. -before Snowden- vids on youtube. When the global populace was going wtf about what happened to their world. The militant thuggery and executions. Before everything became clearer.
    What we were screaming against a few years ago is being implemented.
    The heights have had a pisdup in this country for decades. Of bash and bully and cripple.
    They want it in system. A lot is coming under sweet yeah far out man , one world mantra’s. It’s a case of being very careful of what you wish for and how we get there and what we pick up permanently in system along the way.
    The net regime, policing and players are still rampantly blaise in their empowerment. The takings.
    It comes from oligarch and empowered by corpirat and NSA.
    The same person hacking sites and persons i visited more than 6 years ago, is still active.
    Latest is to send persons around asking for a name from my past and to fit curtains. Thats a pointer that they can see my curtains held up from my ph and tab cameras and a deflection of blame of my net assaults and why.
    It’s all about corpirats and 1975.
    For Bill, it seems being owned by Tony. Like powers have owned the church , the peoples union , over pedophilia for decades.
    A peoples worst nightmare for generations are setting themselves up and permanently entrenched in our system. The rest is dressing.
    They want what they’ve always had and bashed and taken from the people and system.
    It’s all evident daily for some years now and recorded historically in our media.
    The headkickers role will become automated.

    Hope your all doing well. Up to my neck getting ahead. A lot of just treading water amongst it.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Hey Jim 😀 good to hear from you mate 😎

      I was wondering how you’re going? 😉

      Cheers 😀


      • driftwood12 says:

        Forgive my arrogance Truthy, I’m going to have to change this screen protector on this tab. Starting to cause grief typing, gets me on edge:) Try to be too brief.
        I’m going ok. Just starting to launch i think unless i get the rug pulled out from under me again. Been over playing up on twitter. Passing time.
        Gees the yanks marketing is aggressive. All nsa, toilet trained at gunpoint . I’m no good at the “golly gosh ” crap either. Can do it for the kids but not to extract money off poor buggers and teens. There’s more to life. Other ways than spruiking and grabbing them and shaking them upside down. They do psyche courses with it. Some think they are pretty cool when they give you a rumble. One way hit. UNI ego’s. They chase people away in droves from aggression. The kids go oh, so this is all your about. I watch them crashing all the time, spruikers and agencies, some have it right and its basically just the quality of person they are. Very interesting.
        My Father was A1 at promotion , marketing. Copywriter and writing adverts for radio. His work was copied down the coast to Melbourne. Great guy, it came out in his work like his life. No conning or conniving , head plays ,aggression or narcism. Truth and trust and decency.


  8. my say says:

    If you haven’t got the guts to do what you were elected to do get out,and give the job to someone that will,
    If i wanted australia to be governed by LIES, HATE ,FEAR ,COVER UPS,SILENCE,AND MOST OF ALL MY FREEDOM,taken from me ,in tghe name of war, i would have voted for a liberal government


  9. driftwood12 says:

    My point mysay, you did vote for a liberal govt, whatever you vote for will be a liberal govt. You can vote Ivan Milat in as President, Skippy, Bindi Irwin, Humphrey bear, Coogee Bear, Douglas Macarthur, same thing. NSA has to disconnect from the institution trades markets.
    Humans have to stop thinking that money or size is power.
    The two cops they sent down the end of the bush road to harrass me, 20 minutes they asked over and over , am i sleeping there the night. Until i said no , it draws too many flies. If i wanted to sleep here i would just ask the farmers, i grew up here. Bingo, i know the masters. Duh oh he says no worries. You get it, everyone has to snap out of this crap. We’ll have the Joke running full throttle again within years. Media psyche shows are point 2 percent national security, politics for all, the rsst is con job, they laugh at you. They want that permanently.
    Look how much time this country has just spent and in heartache on just one man .Clive.
    Give me a break.
    Too much to say.


  10. driftwood12 says:

    Monsanto, west Australia, gene patents, judicary- Owned.The list is too long.


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