Gross National Insecurity!

Gross National Insecurity!

Corman Zombie

Cormann Zombie

With no end in sight to this current madness, and as if to emphasise just how “mad” they have become, Cormann has been out and about, flagging the possibility of a “War” levy, to make us pay more for the privilege of Abbott’s warmongering, rhetoric based poll boost (cos make no mistake, that’s what this is all

Sir Brandis of Nott (Not all there!   :shock:

Sir Brandis of Nott (Nott all there!)    😯

about), while Abbott was quick to hit the microphones, trying to scotch the idea of another new tax, as Brandis announced an extension to the union bashing RC, spending more tax payer millions on their own political pay back campaign.   😯

And the truth is; you wouldn’t believe any of these lying and ideologically driven nut-job bastards if they told you… water was… wet!   🙄

And despite Abbott’s assurances that the “Adults are back in charge”, there’s little, if any,village-idiot evidence to show that to be the case, with more waste, new taxes proposed, cuts where they promised NO CUTS, Lies, where honesty would have served them better, and the list just goes on and on!

And with the Murdoch media still backing “Their man (not ours), Abbott”, and still not asking relevant questions, or even demanding proper answer to the odd ones they do ask (mainly by accident) , there’s a litany of questions that DO need answers.

So here’s some questions I prepared earlier   😉

  1. Why is it, that when it was “Crystal”clear that your poll numbers were not going anywhere but down, you find an excuse to start picking a fight with Russia?
  2. Why is it, that when the current situation arose with ISIL, you jumped on that as the “War we have to have”?
  3. If this current situation with ISIL hadn’t come up when it did, would we now be at war with Russia instead?
  4. Why is it that within days of lifting our alert status, we have seen racially based, redneck attacks on Muslims, Mosques and other innocent people?
  5. Why is it that within days of lifting our “Terrorism alert level” to high, we have hundreds of police involved in anti terrorism raids, reminiscent of a CSI episode, complete with helicopters and the obligatory news crews?
  6. Why is it that you deny any correlation between your warmongering rhetoric, and these subsequent heightened threats, when the time line clearly says otherwise?
  7. Do you seriously expect us to believe you, that it’s all just coincidence, when you have already proven that you will do, say or use anything to further your own cause, and that of your wealthy backers?
  8. Why is it that you are so “concerned” about the persecuted in Iraq, yet have the most draconian, despicable and internationally condemned policies, which show NO concern for dealing with asylum seekers, the environment and our own pensioners, the sick and the working poor?
  9. Why is it, that when we have heard nothing but “Budget emergency”, for years, and while you’re still defending the attempted cuts to welfare, health and public service providers, we can suddenly find all this money to send troops and equipment, to the tune of around $500 Mill a year, on an open ended “Humanitarian” campaign?
  10. Why is it that we have sent 6 planes and associated personnel/equipment, placed them in harms way at huge expense to us, when  in the UAE alone, they have over 100 fighters (around 80 F16’s), while Syria has around 300 fighters (Mainly Russian and Chinese)?
  11. Why is it that despite promising no excuses; after more than a year of the worst government this country has ever thrown up, you are still blaming Labor for everything?
  12. Why is it that you just can’t tell… THE TRUTH?
  13. Why is it that despite all your gum flapping about; debt and deficit disaster, living within our means, taxes, unemployment and interest rates always being lower under the LNP, cutting waste, being open and transparent, open for business, 1 million jobs, keeping commitments and national security, sadly the only thing that you’ve produced in your first 12 months is… Gross National insecurity?




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13 Responses to Gross National Insecurity!

  1. bighead1883 says:

    I`ll tell you why it is,it i`s because I can do WTF I want and you can go and get f worded for all I`m concerned,
    This Important message was written and authorised by the Cretin Department of the LNP Government.
    Spoken by Arsehatus Boltardis Jonesaritus

    Keep bashing em Truthy 🙂


  2. Frank Ston says:

    ‘Morning Truthy
    Nice piece which nails the issue.
    All the way back to Craig T, Gillard/AWU, Slipper the coalition have shown themselves to be without peer when it comes to political opportunism.
    No morals, no scruples, no empathy, no sympathy, no compassion, no brains, no guts – no wonder he was referred to as Dr No.
    This weeks performance of cutting the obligation of the unemployed to apply for 20 jobs instead of 40 is not a backflip, or a backdown, it is a “refinement”. Apparently it is only Labor who performs backflips or backdowns, the LNP, on the other hand undergoes refinements.
    Now Hockey wants to finance the ‘war’ off the back of his ‘budget savings’ and if Shorten doesn’t pass the finance bills he will be responsible for frustrating the fight against terrorism. Geez it’s a very small step to accusing Labor of supporting the terrorists. Hockey strikes me as fairly typically your used car dealer of middle eastern extraction, operating from a yard in the near western suburbs of Sydney. You just know that you won’t get out of the yard with your wallet intact, the car will break down within 100 yards and you’d better count your fingers if you were silly enough to shake his hand.
    In the name of JC give me a break.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Morning frank 🙂 and thanks for your comment 😎

      Yes mate 😀 and your description of Hockey, pretty much says it all ❤ it 🙂

      And him telling the ABS how to add up numbers, has to be the joke of the month 😯 After all this is the man that gave the mathematics community the new and oft used term (For derisive purposes only) "Eleventy" 😆

      Our Prime Moron is a "Winker" O_o 😉 o_O
      And his treasurer is a "Wanker" O_o :/ o_O

      Cheers 🙂


  3. Jim says:

    On the world scene, we are being had. There is an almighty push globally for every ill the little man has had to fight against. The world is turning to a tune of overempowerment amongst the constructive. Often, the movements are’nt the trouble, it’s the extents and freeway taken by political opportunism. Extents and always watch the other hand.
    I picture the 5 eyes structure ,assoc movements and costs to date. That is a cash toll on the public nearly unimaginable. The politics oppressive and unbearable. The right wing brunt unmistakeable and who the bills for it all land on in pressure to die and increasingly open and blaise about it. And now after Snowdens exposures, very timely for TPP matters, also openly throws legitimacy onto the situation and public to pay for completion of the plumbing of the underhanded rort and political final details of our capture.
    Old intentions very clear.
    Around the globe, the stage shows and excuses continue for heights to serve heights under all manner of lies . It must truly annoy hell out of them having to throw in some legitimacy here and there to excuse and fend the majority.
    We all want this you know.
    There are troubles and fears in the world but who profits and burdens is an old art.


  4. consider says:

    Truthy, those are the type of questions that get asked by our esteemed MSM only when Labor is in power.
    Not suggesting though that Labor would ever get as low down in the gutter as this lot to have to answer such questions.
    Australia has certainly been let down by our gutless media.
    At least we can thank our lucky stars for sites such as yours and and I.A. which help us keep our sanity by getting the truth out there.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Hey Consider, 🙂 thanks for your comment 😎 and kind words 🙂

      Yes mate, you’re dead right, the MSM only want to hold the ALP to account, whist giving a free pass to the mendacious LNP 😡

      It’s been very quiet on the blogs for the last few weeks, 😦 I think many are just so disillusioned with this mob, that they have disengaged, for the sake of their own sanity, and I know how they feel, at times, as even though there’s so much stupidity going on, it’s really hard to focus on one issue and run with it O_o :/ o_O

      I hope you, Considerette and your family are all doing well? 🙂

      Cheers 🙂


  5. consider says:

    Thanks Truthy, all good here. You are right about people being disillusioned and disengaged. They, like us, are probably getting tired of bashing their head up against the proverbial brickwall.
    and having stopped, realise just how good it feels, take a breather and gather our thoughts and prepare for another onslaught to try and convince all those bogans out there just where this dangerous excuse for a P.M. is taking this country.
    The clown has really made us a laughing stock around the world.
    He truly is a weird bastard.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Hey Consider 🙂 glad to hear it 😀

      Yes mate, Maybe that was part of Abbott’s plan; to frustrate and embarrass his opponents into submission 😯

      But them I think I might be giving him too much credit for actually having a plan at all, other than doing whatever it takes to gain power and keep it 😯

      But you’re right, he is a clown (albeit a very bloody dangerous one), and sadly while the world looks on and laughs, Australia bleeds 😈

      And you’re right again mate, cos he truly is a weird bastard! 😯

      Cheers mate 🙂


  6. Jim says:

    It’s a comedy. Probably oil exploration. Like military doing dirty deeds not dirt cheap in Iraq for Murdoch. Goodbye Kurds.


  7. Gilly says:

    Hi Truthie, reading your set of imperative questions that need to be asked, and then any expected answers proffered, maybe the title should be Gross National Insincerity. I watch a news clip of the Spanish PM, and Cameron (UK) in a propaganda grabs on the Ebola event. It struck me how similar the picture was of politicians all over. Talk, spin, Bullsh*t and self promotion, the only real action is self enrichment. Falkner and Frazer are both at least now shooting straight. Don’t people realise that every piece of spin and lies, especially of omission, is a personal insult to any of their intelligence, ambitions or social conscience.


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