Abbott’s credibility auction… Going, going… GORN!

Abbott’s credibility auction… Going, going… GORN!

C'mon Vlad… Ava go ya mug!1

C’mon Vlad… Ava go ya mug!

With Abbott’s diplomatic dunderheadedness going off the scale over his ill-advised, badly executed and just plain STUPID “Shirtfronting” threat to one of the most powerful men in the world, just prior to the G20 summit, one has to ask the question;   “WFT, if anything, was he thinking?

I mean really???

Putin was in the KGB, he’s reportedly a martial arts master, and he has access to intercontinental ballistic missiles that could finish us permanently, if he could be bothered, or got irritated enough???   😯

He also has some very powerful friends and allies, like… China!   😉

And as China is one of our major trading partners, and one that Abbott is bound and determined to sign an FTA with, we should now, more than ever, regard any FTA with a healthy dose of scepticism.

There are already serious questions hanging over the TPP, and with Abbott’s display of gross diplomatic incompetence; not just over the last week, but from day one, and only brought back into sharp focus with his latest offering   O_o    , we must now seriously consider what he will sign us up to?   😉Cabinet liars

Can we really trust anyone from this mob to act in the best interests of our country, or in fact anyone other than themselves and their backers, cos we certainly can’t trust China to work in anyones interest other than their own   😯

Now, at the risk of stating the bleeding obvious, on many issues China is Russia’s main ally, and likewise Russia with China.   So with that in mind, you would have to assume that when Abbott started out by calling for a fair and open investigation into MH 17, immediately followed by his determination that Russia and Putin, were directly responsible, any bargaining power he might have had with China is, shall we say…  on shaky ground?   ❓

And that brings us kicking and screaming, to the G20, where we will see our hapless treasurer trying to sell his outdated and disproven ideologies for world fiscal growth, based on the old, and largely discredited “Trickle Down” theory, at a time when many, still struggling, economies are looking to stimulus packages, after years of failed right wing austerity measures.    :/

I'll hit yer… I will… I WILL

I’ll hit yer… I will… I WILL

Then there’s Abbott?   O_o

At this point, and in the interests of full disclosure, I have to say that I personally was looking forward to the promised confrontation – which I knew deep down was destined to be a fizzer –  in the vain hope of seeing Abbott monstered by “Vlad the Impaler”!!!!    But alas   ;-(   like everything that Abbott has ever promised, there’s no correlation  between what’s promised and what’s delivered; which is predominantly… Disappointment   😡

So sadly ( and I say that with a truly heavy heart   😥   ), Vlad won’t be requesting a “Shirtfronting” one on one, with our Prime Moron.

And while the News Corpse rags (and I do mean <i>rags</i> ) are ramping up the rhetoric in favour of their man tool Abbott, in the hope that they can whip up enough redneck sentiment against Putin, to protest his attendance, our once proud nation is becoming an object of world wide ridicule, courtesy of the “Clown Prince of Yesteryear”, and his merry mob of mendacious misfits.   O_o   :/

Now, whether you believe in Putin’s guilt or innocence is irrelevant, as he is, as previously stated, one of the most powerful men in the world, and as such, should be treated accordingly; and to be accused and then threatened by:

  • At best, a pissant wannabe with the nous and diplomatic skill set of a house brick!
  • At worst, an ideologically driven nut-job, with a grossly inflated idea of his own importance, a propensity for playing domestic politics on the world stage (to an audience that couldn’t give a crap) whilst placing both feet firmly in mouth, and… with the nous and diplomatic skill set of a house brick!    😯

(I lean to the latter   😀   )

Is nothing short of gross, puerile stupidity, and was inevitably going to be treated as such by the Russians.   😯

I should also say that Bill “Me Too” Shorten, has proved that he, like Abbott, is not fit to run a political party, much less the country,  as he happily jumped on board with Abbott’s chest beating extravaganza.   😡

And rather than Adults running the show, the country’s leadership, including our pathetic FM Bishop, look more like a bunch school yard bullies, having a pissing comp behind the shed, to proved who’s got the hairiest chest, and who can piss the furthest?   🙄

But I digress   :/Abbott CC

So with Abbott doing everything possible to keep the Climate Change elephant in the room, off the table, while the rest of the world wants and tries to find solutions   😡   , and Hockey dribbles on about the ideologically driven, economic policies of a bygone  age, the reality is that we might be the “Host” nation, but our impact will be more along the lines of the “Ghost” nation!   😯

And if there was another world leader with the same diplomatic skill set that Abbott displays, then we would probably be told, in no uncertain terms, that under the direction of our dickhead PM, we are quickly becoming an irrelevant, redneck backwater, and an international joke!   😯

And the one thing that’s all but certain, is that the G20 is going to look a lot like;

Abbott’s credibility auction… Going, going… GORN!


Yes, dropping bombs is humanitarian! No, Ebola isn't!

Yes, dropping bombs is humanitarian!
No, the Ebola pandemic isn’t!



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20 Responses to Abbott’s credibility auction… Going, going… GORN!

  1. bighead1883 says:

    Is this auction still on Truthy? I thought it was cancelled due to lack goods 😆
    You keep nailing him up there Truthy 🙂 so who is it that keeps getting him down again 😡
    Well done yet again 🌯


  2. Florence nee Fedup says:

    Did he ever have any.


  3. Florence nee Fedup says:

    Not as a student. Not as a Rhodes scholar. Not as a Rhodes scholar. Not as a trainee priest. Not as a factory manager. That one was extremely short. Not as a journalist. Sent back to rewrite articles numerous times. Not as a minster in the Howard government. Malcolm refused to give him a ministry, telling him he was not up to it. Only talent seems to be is as a head kicker, dirt digger and demolisher. This is true both as Opposition leader and now PM. Only happy, when in the company of corporate leaders.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Morning Florence 🙂 and thanks for your comment 😎

      Yes he was always only a political thug 🙄 and he certainly hasn’t made the transition to anything else, so I suppose he never will now 😯

      He would be much better suited to a major role in a “Punch Judy” show… (I left out the “and” cos it is more Abbott’s style? 😉 )

      Cheers 🙂


    • doctorrob54 says:

      Only time someone makes him feel important.They pat him on the head and he loves it.


      • Truth Seeker says:

        Hey Doctorrob 🙂 Thanks for your comment 😎 and all the likes 🙂

        Yes 😀 I just hope that someone pats him hard enough to wipe that bloody smirk off his face, maybe with a cricket bat or something similar 😯

        Cheers 😉


  4. Jim says:

    10/10 truthy. You know me though, the problems bigger than most figure, global elites are joined at the hip across a broad consensus. Hell of a lot of stage plays going on for the sheep. One thing though, even many of them and exec heads are asking wtf is going on. Not in the club, realizing they are on the menu too.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Morning Jim 🙂 and thanks mate 😎

      Yes mate, the voices of dissent are getting bigger and louder 😀

      I think this G20 is going to be a great spectator sport… for all the wrong reasons! 😯

      Cheers 🙂


  5. brickbob says:

    Great writing on the Abbott wreck,what you have written is an honest and educated article on this awful Govt,congratulations and keep it up.


  6. Gilly says:

    Credibility and Abbott … not a chance. I noticed an article headline in about Abbott dismissing the Booker prise winner’s “Ashamed of Australia” statement. WTF why even bother to report anything about Abbott, he is so transparent and facile as to be totally irrelevant to any idea of thought or a thinking process. As far as I am concerned anyone who would bother to report an Abbott brain fart is selling out their own credibility. At least now it takes a lot less time to read the MSM each day.
    Gad it feels like even bothering to comment is desecrating my own credibility. How the f*ck can anyone live without a single neurone. ERerERerERerERer.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Gilly, 🙂 Thanks for your comment 😎

      Yes mate, I agree 😯 but there are still some in Orstraya that believe what he dribbles, but now even that number is diminishing, to a hardcore nut-job minority. 😈

      The world though is starting to wake up to phoney Tony, and by the end of the G20, there should be little doubt around the world, that he and the LNP are an intelligence free zone, and a credibility wasteland! 😯

      Cheers 😀


  7. bilko says:

    Yes the world has woken up to Tones what worries me is when will Orstraya??
    Ps received my Tones letter ” A letter to Australia’s Age Pensioners” re pensions and what he has done for us. From memory these are Labor’s initiatives still in play. Having handled the letter and washed my hands many times since I still feel unclean any suggestions


    • consider says:

      Bilko, I suggest you do what I did. Reply to the idiot and tell him a few home truths. I had the pleasure of telling him what I thought of him and his pathetic government and suggested he not send me any more insulting letters.



    • Truth Seeker says:

      Hey Bilko, 🙂 Thanks for your comment 😎

      Yes, and the G20 will hopefully put the final nail in Abbott’s international, political coffin 😀

      Once the world starts to treat him like the KNOB that he is, then we’ll just have to keep reminding Orstraya until there’s no denying it 😉

      Anyway, that’s the plan 😀

      And Shorten has to go, if we want to stand a chance of dumping Abbott et al! 😦

      Cheers 🙂


  8. Florence nee Fedup says:

    $7 million to send out that letter of lies. LNP should be paying.


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