“Trickle down” environment policy… WTF?

“Trickle down” environment policy… WTF?

 Evolving from DICKHEAD TO DICTATOR, in record time!

Evolving from DICKHEAD TO DICKHEAD DICTATOR, in record time!

What’s with the rabid right, and their obsession with the idea of “Trickle down” policies?

During the start of the GFC when Rudd announced his stimulus package, the LNP were up in arms about handing out money to the poor and disadvantaged, along with the HIP (Home Insulation Program), and the BER (Building Education Revolution), which despite all the rhetoric from the rabid right, were hugely successful programs that did exactly what was required at the time, to keep Australia’s economy powering along through the GFC, saving many thousands from the unemployment queues, and supporting small businesses.

Of course, the LNP’s only offering was to talk down the economy, and the measures implemented, while offering their only option of giving money to the big end of town, in the hope that they wouldn’t take the handouts and;

  1. Buy themselves a new Merc or Beemer, to replace the old one.   😉
  2. Buy another investment property.   😛
  3. Buy some expensive jewellery for the wife, or girlfriend.   🙄
  4. Send the kids on an overseas holiday.   🙂
  5. Open a bank account in the Cayman Islands.   😯

But rather invest in employing some of the great unwashed!   😆

Luckily for us, while the LNP’s economic policies were nothing more than stupid, and recognised as such by most economists, and anyone with half a brain or more, we had a government that did the right thing for the country, which when all is said and done… Is what we employed them for!   😯

This naturally upset the rabid right,   😯   so ignoring the GFC, and the reason for it, and the financial mess that we pretty much, completely avoided, they set about … well… LYING!

And not just lying, but planning their revenge.   😈

Fast forward to 2013, and with the mendacious Murdoch and his News Corpse on board, they lied and spun their way into government, and set about exacting their revenge, utilising their own version of “Trickle down”… everything!


George Braindead AKA "The sherrif of NOT"

George Braindead AKA “The sherrif of NOT”

Starting from day 1, they tested the waters, when Peta Credlin let too much alcohol  “trickle down” her scrawny neck, by putting pressure from the highest law officer in the land, the newly appointed AG Braindead, to a lowly Magistrate, who then determined that Credlin had suffered enough, and gave her a slap on the wrist and sent her home, where after declaring that “Justice doesn’t need to be done, just needs to be seen to be done” (WTF?   😯   )   I’m sure she went home and let some more alcohol “Trickle down”!Tony Shepherd1

After that success, they branched out into more “Trickle down” policies like their commission of audit, where they appointed one of their mates to make sure that the right conclusions trickled down to justify their cuts and broken promises.

Then they went for trickle down Justice, announcing enquiries and Royal Commissions into unions, the HIP scheme etc, using the tried and true method of appointing more mates to achieve the best justice and outcomes money can buy them   😯

And despite their best efforts, some Real justice has and will “Trickle down”,   😯   like the exoneration of Julia Gillard, although you’d never know it if you bothered to listen to the ramblings of our illustrious AG, George Braindead!   😈

Gina5And now we see them practicing trickle down environment policy, where they pay the biggest polluters, in the vain hope that if WE, give them enough money we might make our pathetic targets of 5% reductions by 2020… WTF?   🙄   

So while the world looks on in disbelief and disgust at the pathetic policy direction of  this, the most pathetic of excuses for a government; the truth is that the only thing that is and will continue to “Trickle down”, is the utter bull shit that dribbles from the mouths of our Prime Moron and his mendacious team, and then “Trickles down” their chins.   😯

So Tony, while the world looked on in admiration, at the way we weathered the GFC – that many countries are still trying to overcome – due to the early intervention that we employed with our stimulus package, and then likewise with our early intervention in dealing with the biggest dilemma facing the world… Climate Change, you and your mob;

  • Cried foul.
  • Said that climate change was… “CRAP”!
  • Called the Carbon price… “Toxic Tax”, “Wrecking Ball through the economy”  etc.
  • Lied about its impact on household budgets.
  • Claimed “$100 roasts” as a result of it.
  • Said that towns like Whyalla would be wiped off the map.
  • Etc, etc…

Abbott CCAnd now, as the world plays catchup on climate change; Australia, courtesy of Abbott and the LNP, have gone from 1st world leader… to 3rd world leaner,   O_o   propping up the fossil fuel industry, and paying money and homage to those that are, and continue to be, in many ways responsible for the catastrophe  that our planet is now facing!

In 1956, London was declared a smokeless zone, and coal was banned in favour of coke, as one of a number of environmental measure to clean up the smog… And clean it up, they did!

So is it any wonder that when Abbott declared recently that… “Coal is good for humanity”,  the world, collectively, shook their heads at our stupidity!

And if the country of his birth knew the dangers of “Coal” in the 1950’s, why in 2014, can our neanderthal Prime Moron Abbott continue to deny the facts?   ❓

And why is it that in the 21st century, when the science is in and the predictions for the future of our planet, are dire, and time is running out to do what needs to be done, the only option Abbott and the LNP will entertain is;

Trickle down environment policy… WTF?

An oldie but a goodie!    :grin:

An oldie but a goodie!   😀   and so applicable!


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13 Responses to “Trickle down” environment policy… WTF?

  1. consider says:

    Good article Truthy. It, and Kaye Lee`s yesterday on the AIMN site should be compulsive reading for every-one of voting age in Australia to highlight just what damage this rotten Govt. is doing to this country.

    I`m convinced that Australians are really the world`s greatest shock absorbers. Very few other countries would sit back and watch their country being destroyed by their so-called Government.

    It`s early days yet, but the polls are looking good. Even Newspoll has Labor 8 points ahead, and Morgans 9 points.

    Mate our kids give me bottles of scotch for birthdays etc, and I have not had the heart to tell them I`ve eased up on my drinking these last few years. After reading your comments re scotch, I checked my cupboard drawers, and lo and behold nestled amongst four bottles of Chivas Regal is two bottles of Glen Fiddich. Any suggestions mate?


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Morning Consider 🙂 and thanks for your comment 😎 and Kind words 🙂

      Mate Kaye Lee is one of the great writers on AIMN, and I agree many of her article should be compulsory reading, sadly many don’t even know about her and the great work she does. 😦

      You’re right about the great Australian shock absorbers, and it frustrates and saddens me no end to see what is being allowed to be done to our great country, and just hope that we collectively wake up before it’s too late! 😥

      Yes, the polls are looking bad for Abbott, but we can’t take anything for granted with the likes of the Murdoch scum still trying to exercise his albeit flagging power 👿

      WRT Glen Fiddich mate, I would suggest reviving your drinking to the extent of at least one nip a night, and savouring it straight, as one of the really great examples of what a good scotch can and should be 😀

      A mate of mine from years ago used to work in the JW refinery, in Scotland, and the workers all had an enamel mug, which they would dip into the troughs of raw scotch for morning tea and lunch, and he said they never seemed to die (Probably pickled), so I would recommend it as… Good for your health – in moderation of course 😉

      I do hope you and the lovely Considerette are doing well mate 😉 and please pass on my best wishes to her. 🙂

      My mate is coming over later for our darts day, so we will be imbibing a touch ourselves later 😀 and I’ve got to go and glue some broken chairs as well as do the dishes 🙄 so I’d better get moving 😯

      Cheers mate 😀


  2. joffa230 says:

    Excellent article Truth. Just one correction needed, in the first pic that says “Evolving from DICKHEAD TO DICTATOR, in record time” should read Evolving from DICKHEAD TO DICKHEAD DICTATOR, in record time.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Joffa230, Welcome to Truth Seekers 🙂 and thanks for your comment 😎

      Funny you should say that, as I thought exactly the same thing after I posted it 😯

      I have a busy day today, but if I get the chance later, I’ll certainly change it 😀

      So thanks for confirming my thoughts, and reminding me 😀 and I do hope you can join our conversations again 😎

      Cheers 🙂


  3. bighead1883 says:

    The trickle down I`m sensing Truthy smells like sh!t,looks like sh!t and people dodge it like sh!t 😡
    Good article about bad things and sensible things said about mad things 😡
    But the piece de resistance is “the world collectively shook their heads at our stupidity” 😥
    Yes it is ours,we own it,back to the garden to eat worms now 😦


  4. AsGrayAsGray says:

    Reblogged this on Shit's Gotta Stop and commented:
    ‘Trickle down’, indeed… More like ‘sponge up’.
    Reblogged, with thanks, from Truth Seeker at truthseekersmusings.wordpress.com


  5. cartoonmick says:

    It really isn’t all that difficult.

    A simple solution to future pollution is depicted in this cartoon . . . . . .




  6. driftwood12 says:

    In the Curran vs Tax office case in 74, matters Gough was well aware of and others, Justices Barwick- of Kerr fame, Gibbs and Menzies manufactured by sophistry a form of legal words that turned by meaning, a 2500 or so profit into a 180, 000 loss. Tax lawyers immediately profited on the matter and “Curran” schemes thrived and taken up by the business , corporate and institution class. Directly on that descision,DIRECTLY, the public treasury suffered a conservatively stated and without indirections, a 5 billion dollar loss , applied at todays rates. Which is and was taken from and repaid by PAYE employees.
    Such matters and those and descisions currently running are a free brutal handout that can only be maintained by thuggery and deceit to the detriment and death of those lessor to wealth and inherited of the increasing oligarch and corporate overempowerment and subversion of the peoples whole political , legal and health systems etc , etc housing, etc , etc, encompassed.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Hey Jim 🙂 Yes mate, the system feeds the corrupt! 👿 , and even more so when the corrupt run the system 😯 as is more evident with this corrupt regime! 😡

      Cos when all’s said and done… It’s all about them and their mates! 😉

      And this MOB are so arrogant that they barely try to hide it, like with this latest $20 mill handout to outsource overseas aid. 😈

      Cheers mate 😦


      • driftwood12 says:

        That’s why they want to and have to change the constitution and install their President.
        That’s the bottom line. Gravy train and the nations power, wealth and lives and comfort communised in the heights.


  7. driftwood12 says:


    One for you Truthy, see how much the biggest hit ever on spotify earned the songwriter performer.
    Taylor Swift has pulled all her material off.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Hey Jim 🙂 thanks for the link mate 😀

      Yes mate, the whole industry has been stuffed for the sake of the few, and the writer of the article is dead right 😯 Even professional library musos, like my BI in the UK has to fight at times to get the royalties he deserves, when broadcasters use his music, and just don’t pay for the privilege! 👿 and when you spend a year or more of your life to make an album, only to have that work effectively stolen means that eventually people like Taylor Swift, and my BI will either pull the pin, or just stop making the music 😦

      That’s part of the reason that I’m reluctant to publish my music, until I can work out a way to maintain some control 😛

      But it’s like swimming through mud, and when you’ve had enough of the swimming, and getting nowhere, you then have to get out of the mud, and traverse a minefield 😈

      So why bother?

      Cheers mate 🙂


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