Aspen aid… WTF?


Aspen co founders Glenn Keys and            Dr Andrew Walker

Aspen aid… WTF?

Why am I not surprised?   🙄

After weeks of procrastination and lies, about the reasons why Abbott and his LNP have been MIA on Ebola, and loads of pressure from many 1st world countries, friends, allies, and others, asking for Australia to engage, what does the Abbott come up with?

Another way to hand over 20  million of tax payers $’s to a few mates, many of which have question marks  (Joining the dots, another fine article by Kaye Lee on AIMN) over their dealings.   😈

So the question is… WHY?

Well, there’s probably many answers to that question, like:

  • Because he can!
  • Because he will take any and every opportunity to give our money to his mates!
  • Because Aspen Medical has donated $$$$’s to the right wing nut-jobs cause… so he owes them!
  • Because he likes outsourcing… pretty much everything including overseas aid!
  • Because it’s just another rung on the privatisation ladder!

To name but a few?   😉

And if you’re in any doubt bout the path he’s taking us down WRT the likes of Aspen and other “Independent” health service providers, take the time to watch this video about what’s happening to what was once the National Health Service in the UK, and play spot the similarities!

(Brought to our attention courtesy of one of our valued, regular contributors, Jim AKA Driftwood12   🙂   )

This should serve as a huge wakeup call to all Australians, as to the direction that our “Free, universal health system is being taken, by the rabid right, and I know this to be true, as My sister in the UK has been telling us what’s been happening there for years now, and the bad direction in which they’re headed.

And as an aside, we’ve also just seen “HARPIES BIZARRE” laud “Medusa”

Medusa Bishop

Medusa Bishop

Bishop as… Australian Woman of the year?   WTF?   😯

They must have forgotten  all the diplomatic stuff-ups?   O_o    And with her history of involvement in representing CSR against those dying of Mesothelioma, as a result of exposure to asbestos, I’ not sure she even qualifies as… HUMAN?

But then this is just one of many examples of the MSM trying to boost the poll numbers of their “Team Australia”, in the vain hope that they can make this mendacious mob of malicious misfits, palatable… Shit sandwich anyone… Anyone?

But I digress   😯   Surely not?   O_o

So why is it that when we are suffering that elusive “Budget emergency”, Including, but not restricted to, Hockey’s $51 billion black hole, we are spending $20 mill on providing health workers and associated logistics via a private “For profit” organisation that will almost definitely take the lions share for administration costs, and then spend the majority of what’s left on local, untrained workers for a pittance, when we have a large contingent of well trained Aussie volunteers, who will receive little or no gov support for their efforts?   😡

And while our highly trained, professional and ready for action “AUSMAT” teams sit idly by, the question is;

Aspen aid… WTF?




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19 Responses to Aspen aid… WTF?

  1. bighead1883 says:

    Well as you know Fran Whitfield who just finished med school was champing at the bit to assist the world in it`s fight against the current ebola endemic.
    She had to get help from the ALP and friends [thank you Cornie] and the Cuban Government taking her under their auspice working with the WHO in Sierra Leonne.
    So this Abbott/Aspen is sickening but in truth Truthy I am glad somthing is being done,even if it`s an LNP mates rates some people will be helped and lives saved.
    Good on you for shedding more light on this a dark part of Australian History.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Biggy, thanks mate 😀 I agree, I just don’t like the fact that much of the money WE supply will go straight into the coffers of those that need it least, when even the full amount is small by comparison to what others are giving 😡

      But we’ll keep pushing the bastards, cos it’s no more than they deserve! 😉

      Cheers mate 🙂


    • Frank Ston says:


      Thanks for the heads up on Fran.
      If you are in touch please pass on my best wishes.
      Thanks for the heads up on Aspen (botanically the name for Trembling Poplar, although I prefer to think of Abbott/Aspen as Trembling Popular).
      The morning I saw it my first thought was “who’s up who and who’s got the rent money” in the Libs/Aspen circus.


  2. driftwood12 says:

    1990 , I took my Mother in to Veteran affairs to sort Fathers matter and view and get copies of his files and wrote to Qld and Canberra govt of matters.
    There is a timeline with AIM article matters , politics and personal encounters on the streets with that. Including the matter of doctor numbers and the placements of players and their children involved in my Fathers and families matter.
    I warned heavily of the British sufferings to come , tactics and here heavily for some years.
    The NDIS was largely born of billions being silently frauded and going missing through entities like the Endevour foundation, for years and years.
    It appears a criminal has had placement over the matter. Corruption, drugs, violence, land scams, fox tail palm seeds and whose criminal reach expands into police force state and federal, national security and even the boatyard of my troubles and shire where millions went missing and a common theme wherever his name turns up. During my park life , hits by govt dental authority awaiting emergency housing and the IA matter of Ashby on the Sunshine coast, i had a visit by an ex New Guinea player pushing to sell me the idea that the family is good people. Chain stores of chemists, farms pushing for foreign labour-WA matter of my belongings. Etc etc etc etc etc.
    While flying under the labour flag- anything but.
    I think you will find that the old giant wind towers in SA , which do drum in noise and easily tended to, are the beat up “fuel ” source for Wooldridges anti wind farm matters.Concerning matters on the AIM link.
    These matters above are called subversion i think. Myself , i would call it highly criminal to political process of a nation and a majorities will.
    Too much to say and detail of the matters. Enough of a trail across the years for those who’ve followed. It’s been an interesting life being a soldiers son. Not too happy about it.


  3. driftwood12 says:

    The vid posted above of NHS matters, anytime the health market and institution makes moves against the public whole interest, good doctors always come forward like a disclaimer and public relations matter. Quite often after the fact, after anything can be done. Same tactics are used recently by telco’s and our overcharging pirate IP providers who fight on their own behalf against any cost to them or involvement of providing a spying service and feign and dress up the matter as a public relations fight” on behalf “of the people.
    It was twenty years ago a dentist came here from England , got elected and put the knife in our dential service and direction.
    Too little too late. Your representation are sellouts.


  4. Truth Seeker says:

    Morning Jim 🙂

    Mate, when I was a kid, anyone could have all their teeth fixed under the NHS for a maximum of 30 shillings, 😯 now you can’t even go to the doctors, until you’ve made a phone call to determine if you need one WTF?

    It’s a shocker, yet someone with AIDS who can work, can get on the DSP equivalent, and get a new car every two years O_o

    Very weird? 🙄


    • driftwood12 says:

      Too much weird around Truthy:) . I’ve have’nt anything against those who can afford, putting in some cost. But no one should have to pay 8 to 14 thou for Fred Hollows 25 cent 15 minute eye op like circumstances.
      Australians should he relieved of a few things in this modern world, electricity and water utilities etc etc, housing and matters of health, dental.
      There is a large trail and wake of underhanded and criminal psychotics wherever such matters are. Totally underming the peoples will, lives and governence.
      Many ideas or practices even, nothing wrong with them except for the extents and side issues which is the cream , pig greed for some and the total brutality, destruction and outright murder for others. If they can pull it off and they have no trouble doing so in this country.
      Australians have bern getting relief and service by travelking overseas for medical and dental. Hip operations, dental implants etc. Heights are working hard to cash in on and kill that off.
      No matter what any of our representatives say, The US , now global brutality of corpirate is coming here. The system is F ….d, killing and maiming Australian lives for decades now, Health , dental and housing wise amongst the gouging bills. That is the extents run for nothing more than brutal profiteering and political capability.
      England has a housing shortage of 240, 000 houses. There is nothing in play to even make up half that number over 20 years.
      Housing monopoly is going to be heabily and murderously indulged in here. That will extend to domestic violence, homelessness, heavy health troubles, aged and others getting rolled out of their houses, crime and petty crime etc etc etc .
      Heights, installing these matters are looking forward to it. As per last decades.
      There is little concern for this country or its people or lifestyle in governence or matters of TPP etc. The want is access to cheap labour and profiteering and for ing those situations.
      No way in the world should that company have got preference or public monies over Ausmat. Though there are some matters to be discussed of it. It seems its privatisation for the hell of it and whatever the cost. It must be , because too many big boys rely on it.
      Sick of the place, many years ago.


    • driftwood12 says:

      The aids matter sounds like political tokenism to the plight though i wouldnt deny anyone any help. Believe it’s hell getting teeth tended too. I have found it murderous and disasterous to existance and trying to particpate in life. It is blatant assault and nothing done of it except to force hardship or to sell your wife and kids to pay private rates. Punished for the forced monopoly, as all health and housing. That is trickle down, being held by the throat and assaulted.


  5. driftwood12 says:

    —NINETEEN—– US war veterans commit suicide a DAY. HALF of America’s homeless are Veterans. Pollies putting poppies in walls once a year doesn’t cut it. Trickle down at heights leisure, application, monopolistic set up and overbearing and brutal levels ignored by the peoples governence doesnt cut it.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Mate, a fair few Aussie vets commit suicide too 😥 and many are also homeless 😦

      PTSD is a very real and debilitating mental illness, that many vets suffer, yet little if anything is done for them. 😦 And suicide is a very permanent solution to what should be very temporary problems, given the right meds, care and support! 😡

      And you are dead right mate, poppies and wreaths just don’t cut it!


      • driftwood12 says:

        Truthy, most of those vets and the millions homeless have nothing to base on to survive. Homeless and vets amongst them do not have any step to even try and participate in life. It is installing here daily increasingly to murderous levels by the will and stealth of a minority and trickledown in a country that has none of the US or UK plights and denies all life and a chance for the profiteering of a few to the whole. Out of total absolute opportunism and murderous greed and brutality.
        The US is paying heavily now for our political types indulgence in “humanity” cheap labour and housemaids from years ago.
        Coming to a street near you and mismanaged for the profit of some. Trickle down opportunism. Thug rules.


        • Truth Seeker says:

          Jim, it’s trickle down everything these days, and the only real thing that’s trickling down is… SHIT! 🙄 But we are getting plenty of that 😯


          • driftwood12 says:

            Yes, direct action would be a smack in the mouth for @ Aspen and a contribution to Cuba’s efforts if we were’nt going or sending Ausmat if only for the training. There are a lot of countries between us and Sierra Leone though and who have more to gain and lose from tending or not than making the matter a political show here. But where mates rates abound between pirates , what say can anyone have. Every complaint will cause pain to public pockets and psyche from heights “cures” to matters.
            A side issue is widespread notification and education in the region to stop eating fruit bats. Which is also a habit through into Europe.
            There are quite a few countries who could reward efforts such as Cuba’s by donatry help.
            This country is riddled with Aspens and its best not to turn your head for too long.


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