When the Abbott goes bad!

When the Abbott goes badPick the madman

As the self declared poet laureate  for the G20, I felt it my solemn duty to highlight some of the qualities of our Illustrious   (   O_o   :/   ) PM, and chair of this important economic forum.

With the political discourse of the last few weeks focused on his “Shirtfronting” threat to arguably the most powerful man in the world, and the world in general wondering WTF he was thinking (Almost certainly… Not much?   😯   ), I thought it was only fair and reasonable that we should cast the light of scrutiny on the man who could make such threats, and his ability to follow through?   🙄

My first endeavour in the aforementioned “Self appointed” role was a mere entree, to the main, and did promote some response; of a poetic duelling nature with Kaye Lee from the AIMN.

Here’s the Entree:   😉

“When world leaders speak
Conversations are started
But when Abbott speaks
The world asks… ‘Who farted?’”    😯   

And the ensuing replies can be found here:


When the Abbott goes bad.


When the Abbott goes bad

It’s really quite sad

For the voters to see

That we’ve all just been had

Can people really be this stupid Nyahahahahahaha.

Can people really be this stupid Nyahahahahahaha.

As he set out to fight

With the Russian named Vlad

And the people have realised

That the man’s raving mad

O_o     o_O

For the world it’s a joke

That we’re stuck with this bloke

With a heart of marshmallow

And a brain made of oak

Who ignores facts and reason

To support wealthy folk

Whilst he’s giving the masses

A hell of a poke


He’s a CC denierAbbott CC

A spin merchant town crier

Who’s driving our country

Into the deep fryer

Hiss agenda is clear

From the mates that he’ll hire

He’s a dickhead supreme

And pathological liar


He encourages fear

As he talks through his rear

While locking our country

Into reverse gear

While all of the experts

He refuses to hear

And when taken in context

His stupidity’s clear


As PM he’s a knob



Who’s not fit for the job

And most women will tell you

He’s an ignorant slob

Who has little control

Of his dribbling gob

Who’s misogynist attitude

Is not worth two bob


His credibility’s shot

As he talks nought but rot

As he leers at Lib women

Thinking they’re really hot

But just look at the Bishops

And you’ll see that they’re not

But then rubbish looks good

When it’s all that you’ve got


He’s called the mad monk

The Abbott ot Downunderton Abbey

The Abbott ot Downunderton Abbey

He’s a middle aged punk

He floated his policies

But most of them sunk

And in his red budgie smugglers

He exposes his junk

Though he’s far right, his budgie

Leans left… who’d a thunk


He’s a man for the past

And he’s running us last!

In the race to the bottom

The man’s really fast

He’s devoid of all reason

And his malice is vast

As he beats up the poor

Leaving millions aghast


As the G20 startsvillage-idiot

Sense and reason departs

With Abbott proudly haling

His policy brain farts

Showing Abbott’s LNP

As mere corporate tarts

With his economic incompetence

Rating well… off the charts

O_o     :/

And It is really sad

That the Abbott’s so bad

But it’s now plain to see that

That he is raving mad

He’s a nut-job par-excellence

And demented a tad

And when he’s thrown out

We’ll all be very glad




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Musician singer/songwriter, guitar teacher. https://truthseekersmusings.wordpress.com/
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8 Responses to When the Abbott goes bad!

  1. sandrasearle says:

    Great article once again Truthie. I also love the comments on the IA site for this article.


  2. melaine says:

    ❤ it 😀
    … a new poem for POETS day 😉


  3. deknarf says:

    Aww! You make these quizzes soooo easy! The one at the back is always the madman looking in the wrong place for the shirtfront!! ;-))


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