A Rhetorical Flourish!

A Rhetorical Flourish!Rhetorical Flourish

So when the minister for ‘Self’ Defence, David Johnston, says (My paraphrase) the Australian government owned ship builders(ASC)  ‘couldn’t be trusted to build a canoe’: According to the LNP lexicon he wasn’t;

  • being rude and offensive.   😛
  • Denigrating the company and workers.   😡
  • being a typical arrogant LNP ARSE!   😈

He was merely exercising a Rhetorical Flourish!   WTF?   😯

Now I have to admit that I thought he was just being a typically, rude, offensive, arrogant LNP arse… but that’s just me   😉

Others obviously thought…

  • “Ooh… what a spectacular “Rhetorical Flourish.”
  • Now there’s something we need more of in politics… The old “Rhetorical Flourish!”
  • He could have been very offensive… but he wasn’t because of his masterful use of the “Rhetorical Flourish?

But when we can get past the rhetorical flourish of… “The Rhetorical Flourish”   😉   there are still the very real questions of;

  1. Is it becoming of the Minister of Defence to be denigrating our own ship building and servicing capabilities, with a view to justifying the governments decision to buy our new submarine fleet from Japan?
  2. Why would a government who says they want to create 1 million Aussie jobs send them all overseas?
  3. Why would you not be prepared to pay more for the locally made product, when you know that the vast majority of the money that you spend will stay here in our own country employing Australians, and stimulating our economy, instead of someone else’s?
  4. What exactly did you sign us up for, with this FTA with Japan, not to mention with  Korea and China, and the upcoming TPP?
  5. Shouldn’t the minister suffer at least  some level of censure, over his comments, if not something stronger, like a “rhetorical flourish” to the back of the head.   😯  or just a plain old fashioned sacking!

idiot boyBut let’s face, idiot boy– “Shirtfront Putin… You bet you wil… I will… somebody will… Maybe?”– couldn’t lead a horse to water, much less lead our country, so expecting him to take a “leaders” position, and sack an incompetent minister is like expecting him to… tell the truth,   😯   and we all know that ain’t gonna happen   😦

And besides, if he was going to start sacking LNP incompetents, then he’d have to start by sacking the biggest incompetent of a band of state of the art incompetents… himself   😯   and we all know that ain’t gonna happen!   😡

So sadly, until we are blessed with a new election, we are stuck with Abbott and his mendacious mob of miscreants, and although there is talk of a reshuffle, and whisperings of leadership challenges, at this stage in the “game”, “the money” is still behind Abbott, and the LNP always go where the money is; in this case, like lemmings heading for the cliff!

And even if the money turns and bites Abbott, we will still be stuck with the LNP, just under a new (and I use the term loosely) leader?   ❓

But with the Vic elections out of the way, and a one term LNP government summarily dismissed, and elections in QLD and NSW sometime in the first half of next year, set to slam the door on a couple more, all being well, and Australia’s ignominious “tea party” experiment set for, and fully deserving of, a similarly ignominious demise, Abbott and the LNP should be very worried!   😉

And I have to say that each time Abbott or one of his cronies come up with another stupid slogan or excuse, and start another cycle on repeat, the public are becoming more and more cynical.   😯   and less and less interested.   🙄

And for any LNP voters that may have strayed into my little part of the blogosphere, let me just say that telling the world that the ASC  “couldn’t build a canoe”, IS NOT  a “Rhetorical Flourish”, but simply an incredibly stupid and insulting thing for any government minister to say, and much more so when it’s the Minister for Defence.     😈

And in conclusion; Abbott and the LNP are nothing more than a dishonest, dysfunctional, dishonourable, disgusting and thoroughly despicable bunch of self serving nut-jobs, who’s only plan for the future, is a plan for their own future wealth, and that of their rich mates, at the expense of the sick, the elderly, the young, the working poor and our great country!   👿

Now that’s… A Rhetorical Flourish!




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32 Responses to A Rhetorical Flourish!

  1. bighead1883 says:

    Hey didn`t I just love the ending flourish Truthy 🙂 rhetorically speaking of course 🙄
    If you divide a canoe by a Rhetorical Flourish and then get the square rot of an efficiency dividend and then multiply Sophie Mirabella with “of course” multiple submariners does that count as job creation O_o ? or is the answer $7?
    Nice rhetorical piece mate :wink;


  2. James Cook says:

    Truthie, I sincerely hope they retain Abbott as leader for the next election. A change to, say, Bishop would increase their chances of re-election. (Not that I detest her any less than Abbott, but the MSM are having a love affair with her at the moment.) Changing leaders, though, would open them to the same “disfunctional” criticism they leveled at Labor. Ain’t irony wonderful!


  3. James Cook says:

    Whoops…methinks that should be “dysfunctional”.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      James, Thanks for your comment 😎 and I agree entirely. 😯
      Abbott’s the best advocate for the ALP, but I’m not sure that anyone in the LNP could save them now, after Turball’s efforts at trying to defend Abbott’s cuts to the ABC as not cuts, and no broken promise! 😯

      And it is a delicious irony, as that dysfunctional tag is already being applied in many quarters 😀

      It’s becoming a great spectator sport 😆

      Cheers 🙂


  4. kate ahearne says:

    Hi Truthie. I’ve missed you and all your fellow seekers. Have been off the air for a while – haven’t even been listening to the news, unless it happens to be on and I happen to be walking past. Luverly.
    Anyway, I love this piece. You’ve obviously had great fun with it. I laughed my head off. I especially loved the rhetorical flourish to the back of the head. And Biggie’s comment is a doozie, and so early in the morning, too. Have you both been lapping?


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Hi Kate 🙂 nice to hear from you, and know you’re OK 😎

      Am off out for a while, so I’ll get back to you later 🙂

      Cheers 🙂


      • kate ahearne says:

        Thanks Truthie, and thanks for your email. I did write a reply at the time, but I discovered the other day that I’d saved it as a draft and never actually sent it! Der!!!


        • Truth Seeker says:

          Hi again Kate 🙂 Glad you enjoyed my piece 😀 I started writing a piece about a week ago, but when the “Rhetorical Flourish” turned up, I had to stop what I was writing, for the sake of this one 😉

          Now I’ve got to see what I can salvage from the one I was working on 🙄

          Glad all is well with you, and I do know what you mean about time out from the madness O_o :/

          Have you done any writing lately? 😉 I hope you can get back to it at some stage, 🙂

          Take care Kate, and know that we have reserved your spot in the spa 😉 and you’re always welcome here 😀

          Cheers 🙂


          • kate ahearne says:

            Hey Babe, shove over – I’m lapping. In my bubblebacks.
            Yes, I’ve started writing again – poetry, for goodness sake! It seems that I always revert to that. But glad to be doing it. Remedial is cool. And some editing jobs, too, which I thoroughly enjoy.
            Since we last spoke, I’ve been having to shirtfront the fact that I can no longer walk more than a few steps unaided – arthritis. I’ve acquired a dorky walker with wheels and brakes and a seat and a little shopping basket underneath, The shopping basket is, dare I ungratefully say it, inadequate for a girl who was born to shop, It seems that shopping therapy is out for old ladies, unless they’re buying diamond rings (tiny) rather than vegetables, (boofy).

            I can well understand how you might have dropped a perfectly good piece in order to pursue the rhetorical goldmine. Oh boy! Gratis, free and for nothing! All you’ve gotta do with these numbskulls is sit and wait. They will open their mouths and God will provide.


            • Truth Seeker says:

              Glad to hear you’re writing again, and poetry sounds like a good starting point to me 😀

              I also have a walker, with all the options 😉 Mine’s a red one, but contrary to popular opinion, it doesn’t make me go any faster, just gives me somewhere to sit when I run out of puff 😉

              Yes, I’ve said it before, but they truly are the gift that keeps on giving 😀

              Cheers 🙂


  5. Frank Ston says:

    You’ve nailed it again – well done M8.
    Even if Johnson’s comment qualifies, or not, as a rhetorical flourish, it at least offers significant relief from commentary emanating from Abbott, which is more in the nature of a fartorical relish.


  6. sandrasearle says:

    Truthie, my apologies, just tweeted & facebooked this article but named Archie as the writer. So sorry, must have been a lack of food which affected my brain. :-(( How is that for dysfunctional.
    Aside from that once again I have to agree with all of the comments here.


  7. olddavey says:

    To all our defence personnel sailing in vessels built and maintained by ASC:

    “Man the lifeboats, ladies and gentlemen, the vessel is unsafe.”

    What a crock of shit Johnston is, and what about Sophie Mireball, she’s on the ASC board?


  8. bilko says:

    Hi truthy another good effort, mind you the libs give you plenty of choices
    Out Tones is ending his Annus Horibilis in fine form, held a presser in his cement shoes which is why he was unable to run away.
    Now the Liberal heavies just need to put him and the defender of the realm Johnson onto HMAS Canberra plus chuff bags and the rest is implied.
    For the first time in her life the Puff Adder is staying stum may it continue for years. As for Johnson’s “Rhetorical Flourish” thats not a flush your final para is (apologies to Croc Dundee)


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Hi Bilko 🙂 and thanks for your comment 😎

      Yes mate, they just can’t help themselves 😯
      I saw Abbott’s presser 🙄 and there’s 20 minutes I’ll never get back 😡 Any journo worth their salt would have about 100 questions to ask over that load of bull shit 😯 I think that one presser would have to be a new record for lies and self praise. 😈

      Cheers mate 🙂


    • Frank Ston says:

      Excuse me for saying so Sgt Ernie, but I reckon the Libs are playing every option from the original “Ernie Bilko Playbook”. Black is white, white is black and anything that makes, or saves, money is good business.


      • bighead1883 says:

        I`m sorry to but in Frank but LNP good business is if I sell your car and keep the money for myself then bill you for the privilege at 10% surcharge then have you charged with fraud whilst I get accolade as a whistleblower and money from the victims of crime levy.


      • bilko says:

        You could be on the money there your turn to deal Frank, but watch out for Dobermann aka Sloppy he is a mean loser.


  9. Frank Ston says:

    Sorry to say it son, you might have to stay in this class again next year.
    You did very well to remember the party approved strategy and you very nearly got there, but for the most important element of all.
    By charging me a fee for selling my car, whether or not you retain the proceeds, you have become a business and the income from the sale of my car is taxable. You didn’t even trade through a trust.
    I want you to write 1000 times, “I must never ever pay tax”.
    You’re a great disappointment to me, biggie. I expected much better.


    • bighead1883 says:

      So yesterday Liberal Frank I`m sorry to say.
      I`ve done it all unregistered as a business,stolen your property,charged your for the pleasure,had you charged with a crime,and got money from the taxpayer for being a Charity type.
      I didn`t think one could do better unless they incorporated and became a bank.
      But I`m all eyes and ears


  10. Frank Ston says:

    I appreciate your effort, I really do, in much the same way as Joe Hockey appreciates the effort of the single mum next door who is giving up fresh food, but that’s not the point.
    I’d suggest that you book into the Brian Loughnane/Arthur Ssssssssssididinos finishing school.
    They’ll teach you how to do all of that in the open gaze of, the Tax man, the Auditor General, ICAC and any old Royal Commission, and not get caught.


  11. cornlegend says:

    Which Tony?

    On Google Trends first “Tony” was stupid. Then he was stupid, a bully and a liar. After that he was stupid, a bully, a liar and toxic – swiftly followed by being considered a bully, stupid, a liar, toxic and sexist.

    Being thought of as a stupid bully seems to be something expected to continue into the future.

    Sound like anyone Australian voters might know?



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