A Mendacious Mob of Miscreants!

A Mendacious Mob of Miscreants!

idiot boyIn  the wash-up of the G20, the clearest conclusion that an objective observer would come to is that we are run by… Idiots!

Abbott made a complete fool of himself and us with his mega whinge about domestic policy fails;

  • Telling them how hard it has been to fix an economy that most there envied.
  • Whining about not being able to get his $7.00 co-payment through, when our “Medicare” is already one of, if not the cheapest and most cost efficient universal health care systems around.
  • Boasting about how he “stopped” the boats, when many have watched with dismay, at the way we have thumbed our noses at international commitments and laws in pursuit of what many see as illegal AS policy, when most there have much larger AS problems than we could even dream of.
  • Boasting about how they repealed the carbon “tax”, which most there are playing catch-up on, and wondering WTF are we doing getting rid of something that was working, and replacing it with “Direct action” which most experts agree… Isn’t much of any kind of “Real” action, and won’t work!

We had Abbott’s promise of a “shirtfront” for Putin, that looked more like a Koala love in, while as usual he left his tory mates to do his dirty work (Shirtfronting Putin).

He had his narrow economic agenda broadened/upstaged, with a hearty slap from Obama, Xi and Moon amongst others, to include the CC elephant in the room, where the roles were reversed, as the hosts became the elephants/dinosaurs in the room   😯

We saw Abbott trying desperately to sign us up to FTA’s with anyone… Anyone?

And just like the spotty faced adolescent, fronting up to “Honest John’s Used cars” to buy his first “quality” used car   😉   the experienced international negotiators/used car salesmen, must be looking at this mob of incompetents and rubbing their hands together with glee, knowing that they’ve just found a buyer for the lemon they’ve  been trying to palm off on any unsuspecting fool that wanders in to their lair.   🙄

And since the G20 wound up its little red wagon, we’ve seen Bishop among others saying

Medusa Bishop

Medusa Bishop

that Obama’s speech, containing reference to the degradation of the GBR, was ill-informed, knowing full well that  there is a UNESCO decision on the vulnerability of the reef pending, making her assertions that ‘the reef is not endangered’, positively misleading!   😯

But then “Misleading” is what they do best   😯   Like Abbott still claiming that households will be $550.00 better off.   WTF?

We had 2500 watt PV system put on the roof, along with solar hot water three years ago, and our first full bill was the spring quarter bill which came in at$79.00 in credit   🙂

Our bill for the last spring quarter (2013)   was $35.00 in credit, despite making further “efficiency Dividends” including long life bulbs  (?)   and replacing some broken appliances with new and more efficient ones.   Mmmm?   ❓

Then last week we got this years spring quarter bill which showed a $20.00 Carbon “Tax” rebate from the last bill, and claimed a reduction in our Kw rate (unspecified). And despite further “efficiency dividends” including turning everything off at the powerpoint when not in use, and going to LED bulbs for most lights in the house, our bill came in at $31.62 in debit… WTF?   😯

And it would have been $51.62 without the $20.00 rebate from the last bill!

Now I don’t care which way they spin it, that’s a big rise in our electricity cost, and proof positive that Abbott lied!

And in the last week we have seen Helmet Hair Bishop further erode the position of speaker, to the point of high farce, and Hockey admit that they sold out our car manufacturing capability as  a condition of being able to sign off on the FTA’s with Korea and Japan… WT238209C800000578-2849485-image-92_1416961066090   😯   and with that in mind, the question is;  “did they do the same to ASC, in the FTA with Japan?”

And after Johnston’s “Rhetorical flourish” and the rumours persisting about us buying our next fleet of subs from Japan, my guess would be a confident… “Yes they bloody did!”   😈

We also saw Hockey squealing like the stuck pig that he is, over his failed budget.   Blaming Labor for everything, and quoting misleading figures to justify his dummy spit (Aren’t we lucky to have Adults in charge   O_o   :/   )

And speaking of squealing like a stuck pig, Medusa Bishop was also spitting chips, as she was saying any cuts to her portfolio are on Tanya Plibersek and the ALP’s shoulders… WTF?   👿

So we know they lie like pigs in shit, and they’ve sold out tens of thousands of jobs in Australia, for the sake of patting themselves on the back over signing FTA’s that have dubious benefits at best, and severe consequences at least!   😯

And now as the sun sets on another year of politics, we have just seen Morrisscum using



asylum seeker children, as bargaining chips, to get his bad AS policies through the senate.

I cannot see how that could be seen as anything other than blackmail, and as obscene as a terrorist organisation holding innocent people to ransom!   😈

Why are these criminals not in gaol????   😡

These idiots that are laughingly referred to as our government, are nothing but liars, cheats, rorters and criminals, and for Abbott to claim that he has “Kept faith” with the voters, and that his front bench is doing a good job, and Hockey will be recognised as one of Australia’s best treasurers, is nothing short of dangerously delusional!   O_o   o_O   :/

And they are not even a mediocre governments areshole, they are just…

A Mendacious Mob of miscreants!







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17 Responses to A Mendacious Mob of Miscreants!

  1. melaine says:

    Wow, you should build fences more often Truthie 😉
    Superb stuff, custard tarts and blueberry muffins await you in the Lounge 😀


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Hey Mel 🙂 thanks for that 🙂 and Yummmm! 😀

      This was the one that I put aside to write “Self praise is no recommendation!” , so I finished it after we finished the fence 😀


  2. kate ahearne says:

    Hi Truthie. I got a bit lost amongst all the acronyms, but the general gist seems, very agreeably, to be that they’re a pack of lying scum. Yes, they are.
    Anyway, the electricity bill thing is an absolute mystery. Has anyone else got similar evidence? I remember when Abbott, in opposition, ‘flourished’ the electricity bill of an elderly woman in WA – wanting to show how damaging the Carbon Tax was. It turned out that she’d nearly doubled her usage, poor old dear, so of course her bill was way up.
    Well, the cracks are starting to appear in the LNP ranks. Love it Truthie.


  3. bighead1883 says:

    Oh how happy we will be
    Oh how happy we will be
    When the carbon tax is gone
    as well as the MRRT
    Well then kick into gear
    Our mendacious plan for the New Year
    To have everyone give us a cheer
    On a job so well done
    Arrrrrrrr Men.you`ve done it again


  4. John lord says:

    Hope you are feeling a little better after getting that off your chest.


  5. consider says:

    your de fence is to attack. Now I get it.
    Cheers mate.


  6. joffa230 says:

    Another excellent article Truthie, a pleasure to read.
    I recently was ill and went to my GP. He sent me for blood tests, an x-ray and then a return visit to get the results of the tests. I was prescribed 3 Medications. Then a return visit to the GP 1 week later to check on my progress. If the $7.00 co-payment was in place it would have cost me 3 visits to the GP, 1 visit to pathology and 1 visit to x-ray a total of $35.00 plus the $6.00 per prescription which was another $18.00, in all a total of $53.00. Not a bad price for a pensioner to pay is it Mr Hockey and Mr Dutton.

    Thank God the $7.00 co-payment was not in play as I would have had to only have 1 bottle of wine with my $98.00 T-Bone.
    The part about the illness is true.
    Have a great one.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Hey Joffa230 🙂
      Thanks for your comment 😎 and kind words 🙂

      I hope you’re over your ills now? 🙂
      Yes, as someone who has to see the doc a bit myself, I know that the stupid co-payment will just stop pensioners and the sick from getting the treatment they need.

      We really are run by idiots! 😡

      Cheers 🙂


  7. bilko says:

    Thruthy thruthy you have done it again, they are not only delusional but exist in a different reality to us and unlike StarTrek (alternate universe episode) there is no Mr Spock with a milligram of common sense or ethics to make them aware and correct their problem. Which is fine as it could just make them one term wonders.

    You should have included blackmailing sons of bitches in your title that would have I think completed the noose. Please Please OZ wake UP. time for a bex and a rest me thinks.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Hey Bilko 🙂 thanks mate 😀

      Yes they have proved conclusively that there’s no morals or decency in them 😈

      The funny thing about this mob, is that they’re doing themselves slowly 😯 the sad thing is they’re doing us too! 😡

      Cheers mate 🙂


  8. SF says:

    What motivates certain politicians to empower corporations? — ambitions to secure future appointments with them.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Hey SF 🙂 thanks for your comment 😎

      Yes, totally self serving 😈


      • SF says:

        Who finances kings and governments – how to collect on the debt that they accumulate ?

        The ultimate advantage the creditor has over the king or president is that if the ruler gets out of line the banker can finance his enemy or rival. Therefore, if you want to stay in the lucrative king-financing business, it is wise to have an enemy or rival waiting in the wings to unseat every king or president to whom you lend. If the king doesn’t have an enemy, you must create one.

        From ”None dare call it a conspiracy – http://www.whale.to/b/allen_b1.html


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