Health care smoke and mirrors!

Health care smoke and mirrors!

TONY ABBOTT COPAYMENT PRESSERAs Abbott and Dutton play with our universal health care system, it’s not hard to see their ideologies hanging out   😯

The truth is these latest attempts to make Medicare “Sustainable” are a complete croc of horse shit, as the premise that they are trying to sell us, is just plain wrong!   😈

And sidestepping the parliamentary processes for the purpose of duck shoving the onus of charging and collecting their new doctor tax onto the doctors is the height of gutless polity!   😡

Make no mistake this is NOT about making Medicare sustainable long term, as the money that they save is NOT going to Medicare, but to “Abbott’s” future fund for medical research… WTF?

Co-payAnd the so called “Price signal”, is already there, as most already pay around $30.00 on top of the rebate, for a GP service, and when I go to my lung specialist, which I did only a couple of weeks ago, I had to pay around $120.00, and got about half back from Medicare.   😯

And one of the local surgeries charged my BI, who has a health card, $25.00 for a visit, and when he complained about not being bulk billed, he was informed that they don’t bulk bill anyone, but have given him a $5.00 discount off their regular fees, because he has a health care card… WTF?   😡

Needless to say,. he doesn’t go to that surgery anymore!

So the money raised, which despite them saying that they’ve added a heap of exemptions, is roughly the same as their claimed savings under the original proposal (obviously Sloppy Joe’s “Eleventy” calculator has been doing overtime   😈   ), will not go to medicare, and the all important “price signals” are already in place, so the question is WTF are they doing it for?

And the answer is… Ideology!

They don’t, and never have believed in a universal health care system, they only believe in “The market” and user pays!   (At least when it suits them?   😉   )

But as for all public utilities/services, they don’t believe in public ownership, but rather they do believe in small government (again, when it suits them), and outsourcing and privatisation (When they can get away with it   😉   )

And the reality of Abbott’s Doctor Tax, in any form, will be that many will start presenting at the local A&E, rather than going to their GP,  and many elderly and chronically ill will miss out on their much needed Primary health care, meaning that some may die.

SWMBO told of many appointment cancelations immediately after the budget was brought down, along with others doing the bolt, without paying, after seeing the doctor   😯

Then there’s the red tape nightmare associated with administering the stupid bloody system, which may well result in higher costs than just the extra $5.00, with the very real possibility that an eroding of exemptions will follow once they’ve got it bedded in.

So I would say to the cross benches, don’t be fooled by the Abbott, remember “the best predictor of future behaviour is past behaviour“, and with that firmly in the forefront of mind, pass a disallowance motion to stop his cowardly sidestepping of the senate, and don’t be naive enough to think that Abbott can be trusted to stand by any deals he makes.   😈

And there is no way that Abbott has any intention of delivering a more sustainable Medicare, the only thing that he will deliver is;

Health care smoke and mirrors!

Abbott stupid


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20 Responses to Health care smoke and mirrors!

  1. bighead1883 says:

    Global Neo Cons have reached our shores en masse.
    Fraser didn`t want this
    Sneddon didn`t wan`t this
    Hewson`s cake went flat because he wanted to GST his way through universal health care
    Howard tried to kill what he could of it
    Now we have Sphincter and Rim wanting to circumvent their “annus horribilus” on us all.
    Shitty to all ends.
    In fact this is so lame that low has a new definition- Downer by Mayo


  2. Florence nee Fedup says:

    Abbott says he is listening. I suspect he forgot to take out Peta’s earplugs. Still only hearing her voice. I swear those ears are growing, unlike the economy.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Florence, thanks for your comment 😎

      Yes, the way they’re going, they’ll be responsible for the economy flatlining 😯 I just hope that the LNP are flatlining before the economy is terminal 😡

      DD NOW


  3. kate ahearne says:

    Lovely Truthie. Thanks again for your wonderful commitment.
    Surely the AMA is going to speak up about this. I almost feel sorry for poor old Tony – he just doesn’t know how to perform a decent backflip. Backflop, more likely. And Biggie, I hate to be picky, but shouldn’t that be ‘anus horribilis’?


    • Frank Ston says:

      Good morning.
      I suspect also than ‘anus horribilis’ may also be inappropriate when applied to our Pry Minster.
      My opinion is based on the same reasoning as my belief that he will never suffer haemorrhoids, – he is the perfect arsehole!


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Hey Kate 🙂 thanks for your comment 😎
      Sorry I didn’t get back sooner but I’ve been up to my armpits in fence building, and now I’m off to play darts 😀 but will be back later… maybe? 😯

      Cheers 😀


  4. consider says:

    We are witnessing the end of bulk-billing and the eventual demise of Medicare.
    I wonder how much more we will lose in the next 2 years.
    I fear for this country.
    Cheers mate.


  5. Truth Seeker says:

    Hey Franks and Consider 🙂 will reply later 😉

    Cheers 🙂


  6. Hi Truthie,good to catch up with you again,have been a bit slack lately but i had to ask your opinion on these latest ”’ Terrorist attacks and the ”’ package they found at the Opera House just hours before Joe was going to announce his crap budget,call me a cynic but this is a blatant attempt to take attention away from Joes nightmare, and even for this mob of bastards they have surely gone beyond the pale this time. Cheers. ps” Will try and catch up more often.”


    • Bighead1883 says:

      Plenty of twitter agree with you about how convenient this all is
      Bighead1883 ‏@Biggy1883 1h1 hour ago
      Someone needs to translate what`s on that flag because it might say #auspol ASIO terrorist drill action
      Sydney airport C4 in suitcase @ASIO
      0 replies 1 retweet 1 favorite
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      It’s in their DNA ‏@de_facto_Aus 1h1 hour ago
      @Biggy1883 just heard a bit on the radio – and that was my thought exactly
      0 replies 1 retweet 0 favorites
      Reply Retweeted1 Favorite
      Just Left ‏@giddeygirl 58m58 minutes ago
      @de_facto_Aus @Biggy1883 It has been translated. One god, Allah is good. Not exact.
      0 replies 0 retweets 1 favorite
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      Bighead1883 ‏@Biggy1883 49m49 minutes ago
      @giddeygirl @de_facto_Aus Thanks for that #auspol
      View photo 0 replies 1 retweet 0 favorites
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      It’s in their DNA ‏@de_facto_Aus 49m49 minutes ago
      @Biggy1883 @giddeygirl 🙂 you deserve it 🙂
      6:08 PM – 14 Dec 2014 · Details
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