Privatisation, outsourcing and other CONS!

Privatisation, outsourcing and other CONS!Dunce 1

It ain’t rocket science!

There are only two real options when it comes to privatisation of public utilities and social and medical services and service providers:

  1. That services are reduced.
  2. That costs are increased

And of course the most experienced consequence is a combination of both   😯

That’s why when idiots like Hockey and Abbott talk of running government as a business, or trying to relate the nations budget to a household budget, they are so wrong!

The realities of business is that it exists to make a profit   😯   , whereas government is there primarily to provide a vision/policy framework for the future direction for the country   😯   and collect taxes   😉    and use that revenue stream, to provide badly needed infrastructure for the future of the country, and services for the citizenry, many of which (Infrastructure and services that is   😉   ) will never be profitable.

The problem with the ideologically driven Abbott and his ilk, is that they really don’t care about efficiencies– though they are quick to call a cut, an “Efficiency Dividend”, when it’s their cut   😈   – they are only concerned with profits, and completely ignore the fact that to sell something that is inherently unprofitable, means they must then commit us to paying compensation to the purchaser, in perpetuity.

So why sell it at all?

Well the LNP choose to call it asset recycling… WTF?   🙄

So we sell off assets that are profitable, and returning a good dividend to general revenue, for a quick cash injection, so that they can then use the money (OUR money) to partner with private developers to build… Roads and tunnels  😯  , which not only will we never own, but even if they are needed (which, in many cases, is doubtful), we will be paying tolls on them, to further strain our already burgeoning cost of living, whilst further boosting the coffers of the already obscenely  rich.   😡

So in simple terms, they sell a valuable state owned assets, to improve the lot of a few, already overstuffed and, in at least some cases, corrupt mates/LNP donors, at our expense!

Or in the case of Newman in QLD, he knows that no one wants to sell assets, so he’s Newman1+treating the QLD’ers to the old LNP swindle of saying we’ll “lease” the assets for 99 years, and at the end of the lease period we’ll still own the assets… WTF?

The fact that we’ll have to pay billions of $’s for all upgrades needed over the 99 year life of the lease, are conveniently overlooked   😯   and we all know how well our service assets have been maintained so far ( and to gain some perspective, think about how much we have been charged for the “gold plating” of our mainly “Privatised” electricity grid, and then ask the relevant question… “Will the upgrades last for 99 years, or will they need to be upgraded again, even discounting the distinct possibility that technological advances will render most current systems obsolete, long before the end of the century?”

Now we have all heard, ad-infinitum, about the “Debt and deficit disaster”, which is the justification for them having an assets fire sale/ leasing/recycling, and I’m sure that we’ve also heard them use the term… “The nations credit card”, which is used for no other reason than to scare the crap out of the unthinking masses, with no basis in fact   😯

The truth is that while we all know of credit cards that have interest rates, well in excess of 20%, which is indeed scary, the term “Nations Mortgage” would be much closer to the mark when referring to government debt, although that’s still overblown, as the average mortgage rate is currently somewhere around 5 %   😯   while the government, with its three AAA credit ratings,  courtesy of the previous administration, is paying somewhere around 2.5%  on the money they borrow.   😯

Now I’m no economist   😯   , but it seems to me that if an asset is posting returns to the government of more than 2.5%, and the government can borrow money at 2.5% or less, IMHO the smart thing to do would be to borrow the money and let the asset remain publicly owned.

Likewise, if we sell an unprofitable asset, like public transport infrastructure for example and then have to to pay more than a 2.5% subsidy to make it a viable (read profitable) purchase/lease, then again, IMHO,  we’re better off borrowing the money and keeping the asset   😉

Now this may be somewhat simplistic, but the point is, that I know that I and many others, would love to only be paying 2.5% interest on the mortgage, and especially the credit cards!   😉

And the truth is that for Australia, the level of debt that we had was well below that of our trading partners, and easily serviced, until Abbott and Hockey laid their grubby mitts on the keys to treasury.   👿

A recent example of outsourcing stupidity, was highlighted with the report on Newman’s outsourcing of court transcription that according to their own plant;

Tim Carmody, Queensland’s chief justice, says: ‘Sometimes matters are transcribed incorrectly or not at all’ since the government outsourced the service to Auscript, forcing judges to go back to audio recordings


The judge’s criticism – contained in the supreme court’s annual report 2013-14 tabled in parliament on 19 December – followed state opposition claims that the cost of court transcripts had jumped by 73% after privatisation.

 The Guardian

We also had our own experience of Newman’s stupid policy direction, as my BI was sent to Caloundra hospital last Monday, only to be sent to the new Sunshine Coast private hospital, where he spent three nights in a single room (which is all they have, apparently), and costing probably twice as much as a bed in a public hospital (if one was available?)

Now while Newman/Abbott’s support for the private health industry provides a nice little profit stream for such as Macquarie Health, the value for money, for the state is dubious at best!

And while on the subject of the most despicable of right wing nut-jobs, second only to Abbott himself; we now come to the QLD “snap” election, and the “snap”  having different meanings;

  1. Snap being the speed with which it was called, so as to take advantage of the people being still in holiday mode, and hopefully less engaged, and more forgiving… Good luck with that one, Newman you arse!   😯
  2. Snap with Abbott on his efforts to run the country into the ground with their economic, policy and environmental incompetence and corruption!  😈
  3. Snap with Abbott on their efforts to sell off the family farm, to their supporters/donors, by “asset recycling”, outsourcing and general policy stupidity (other cons   😯   )!   🙄
  4. Snap with Abbott in doing whatever it takes to maintain power at any cost… To us!   😡
  5. Snap, as in the Australian tea party fascists have… SNAPPED!   😯

But i digress   😉

So as the new year settles in, and we are faced with voting decisions in QLD and NSW, in the first quarter and with any luck a DD for Abbott, before the year’s out (?)   the things to remember are;

  1. You can’t believe a word the LNP say!   😯
  2. They don’t  value our country or way of life, except to put a value on them for the sake of a prospective buyer, and to bolster their budget bottom line.   😈
  3. The best predictor of future behaviour is past behaviour  (Refer to #1)   😉
  4. By their very nature, and the fact that they are “money” focused and driven, LNP governments are inherently corrupt!   😯
  5. Whenever an LNP politician quotes “The nations/national interest”, they really mean blatant self interest.  (refer to #1 and #4)   😉
  6. If you’re basing your voting intention on what you’ve been fed by Murdoch and the MSM, then the chances are you’ve been lied to, or at the very least mislead!   😈
  7. If you think that investing the proceeds of “asset recycling” in support of overseas interests like Adani, (which have been implicated in corrupt practices in the past, and already rejected by the banks and lending institutions, as they deem the Galilee Basin project un-viable, due to the free falling price of, and  world wide demand for coal!   🙄   ) is good, then… you must be either a Liberal, an Adani executive or employee, all of the above, or just plain bat shit crazy!   😯
  8. And the one thing that we can be absolutely 100% sure of is that a vote for any LNP government, state or federal is a vote for:

Privatisation, outsourcing and other CONS! 


tony-abbott-and-campbell-newman-have--breakfast-data 1






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23 Responses to Privatisation, outsourcing and other CONS!

  1. melaine says:

    Another custard tart, blueberry muffin and black forest cake award winning article Truthie 😉
    Was worth all the time and effort you put in to writing it buddy 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Truth Seeker says:

      Thanks Mel 🙂 I had to change tack half way through cos of bloody Newman 👿 so I wasn’t sure how it would turn out 🙄 So I appreciate your feedback 😀

      BTW I agree with your assessment of the love child 😉 although… Mainly Dan I would have thought? ❓ 🙄 😈


      • melaine says:

        You done did good, buddy 😀

        … but the one trackedness of it all is very nos/nil 😉 tho I shudder to announce that one’s name in an open forum as it seem to act like a magnet… albeit a shit magnet 😯

        Cuppa break over, back to the BAF’ing for me now 😉

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Anonymous says:

    Public services that are run on a non profit basis for the public should remain intact – after all they have already been paid for with taxes and public servants are expected to look after these.

    Corporations are welcome to build their own for profit services but on their own merit and not via wealth usurpation.

    The logic behind the privatization of national assets is purely to create a monopoly and eliminate competition – for the corporately owned for profit version could not possibly generate as much profit next to a not for profit alternative.

    Privatization of state owned assets can even be requested in private and closed tribunals using ISDS provisions found in various FTA’s.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Someone, welcome to Truth Seekers 🙂 and thanks for your comment 😎

      Yes, I’ve yet to see a privatisation that works for the national good! 😯

      The problem being that as soon as you introduce profits into the mix, the door is left wide open for graft and corruption, while the door to quality service provision and value for money is slammed shut!

      Thanks again for your input 😎 and I hope you can join our conversations again 🙂

      Vheers 🙂


  3. SF says:

    Public services that are run on a non profit basis for the public should remain intact – after all they have already been paid for with taxes and public servants are expected to look after these.

    Corporations are welcome to build their own for profit services but on their own merit and not via wealth usurpation.

    The logic behind the privatization of national assets is purely to create a monopoly and eliminate competition – for the corporately owned for profit version could not possibly generate as much profit next to a not for profit alternative.

    Privatization of state owned assets can even be requested in private and closed tribunals using ISDS provisions found in various FTA’s.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      SF, I take it that “Someone” was you 😀


    • Jim says:

      They kill off services by fiddling structure, political hits by gangs and no oversight or constructive overseeing. Bludgers across heights. Jobs for the boys -and girls do it too. A couple or nest of rats let into various positions and blackmailed or owned, do it too.

      Since the spying regimes long headstart, all with stakes have been stacked best as possible. A smooth future for ALL is all about proportions.


  4. Jim says:

    I’m not really into this countries present version of direction and togetherness, especially being sold, in all meanings of the word, as one thing in one direction but being something else in totally another different direction and under much pretence and psychology- a self interest trade by the way. Pretending matters are being addressed and that is what is being addressed so voice is silenced of the race callers as they are “upending good ” is an old game. Sonder Kommanders play it well, getting themselves and masters past the gates for their self interest and life.
    Though the direction and corruption may be the very old undertow and air some powers breath and serve, why is whats always been sold , told, implanted and implored as evil, black arts, heathen , sadistic, Nazi, and never an aim and no persons, parties doing or fault , now being implemented by deceit and bruatality as the righteous and only way that we’ve all fought and died against and suddenly want? Is it because the power masters and their sonder kommander choir chorus of it are the last man standing in these years ? Or is it their blatant exposure and iminate death in these times? Your choice.
    Granma’s hairy hands are standing out and the beanie propped 4 inches above her head on pointy ears.
    Where are we going? What is the sign?
    Public housing is one of the main, do you know the rest? See or feel them.

    Oh i can feel the wrath already.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. consider says:

    So true Truthy. I`ve just watched Newman on the TV standing by a highway telling the media how the funds from selling everything the tax-payer owns, will be used to upgrade roads etc. Not one of the Journo`s had the gumption to point out to him that roads need constant repairs and up-grading,
    so where is he going to get the money for that, when there is nothing left to sell ?
    Surely Q`lnders cannot return these dangerous clowns to continue on their wrecking journey.
    I hope not. Cheers.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Jim says:

      Yes consider, roads use to mean advancement and lots of jobs. Now they are monopolistic huge contract hits that the mega economy of totally bypasses the people.
      This country needs train service, especially for freight, as should already be and could have. Jobs will go but new arise in better directions and returns .One of which is better and unclogged roads from stinking, slow, cumbersome, dangerous pain in the arse trucks. Roads and cities and parking that need a lot less maintenance from their overdue absence. It means thousands of acres of freed land and mega tons of pollution gone. More free flowing cities and roads. The regulation by police fine profiteering would even become more valid.

      Unfortunatley, all is run to ill and very old powers whims, monopoly, brutality and criminality by abomination of our political system and media. The levels of balance needed ,not applied and levels of and planning and implementation of and course, arranged by thug and cunning and surprise public ending guarded like plans of a bank heist or country takeover. A huge pit for the public and purse to try and climb out of involving gross ,out of proportion levels of pain, injury, hell and death and crippling bill stress.
      All the usual suspects and culprits. And victims.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Hey Consider 🙂 thanks for that mate 😎

      And I’m with you 😀 It beggars belief that they are even in with a chance 😦

      Wake up QLD 😉

      I hope you and the lovely Considerette are both doing well 😀

      Cheers mate 🙂


  6. caz2 says:

    to me it is like having a mortgage of $300 pw and selling your house only to have to pay $400 per week rent. not the sort of economics practiced in most households.

    Liked by 2 people

  7. YouFO says:

    I think this might fit in under CONS

    ‘Greatest area of need for people with disability left unmet by Government’ said Matthew Wright, Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Federation of Disability Organisations (AFDO) and spokesperson for the disability peaks.

    Responding to claims in The Australian newspaper by Minister for Social Services, Scott Morrison that the new peaks funding ‘supports the area of greatest need’, Matthew Wright said “The department has cut or not provided funding to the highest population groups of people with disability in Australia’.

    Both the NDIS quarterly report and Disability Support Pension (DSP) statistics show consistently that intellectual disability, autism (also the fastest growing disability), mental illness and physical disability are the four most prevalent types of disability.

    ‘All of these groups including the National Council on Intellectual Disability, Autism Aspergers Advocacy Australia (A4), and Physical Disability Australia have not been funded as part of this process’.

    Bob Buckley, Convenor of A4 said “No other disability organisation at the national level has any effective track record of representation or advocacy across the full spectrum of people living with autism. People with some of the worst disability outcomes are again left without funded support.”

    Support to over 200,000 Australians with a disability will be ceased as part of the process, and any protection from adverse action for the most vulnerable Australians will be lost’.

    “Intellectual disability is consistently one of the top three primary conditions in DSP and NDIS data” said Mark Pattison, CEO of National Council on Intellectual Disability.

    We are still urgently seeking a meeting with Minister Scott Morrison, said Matthew Wright.

    The disability peaks support the push for a Senate Inquiry into the process that has led to people with disability being left without essential support

    Liked by 1 person

    • Truth Seeker says:

      YouFO 🙂 thanks for that 😎 as there are many regulars here that are disabled in some form or another… Yours truly included 😯 and having major decisions that affect our lives, in the hands of someone like Morrisscum is a very scary prospect indeed 😦


    • Jim says:

      The ndis came about from billions being frauded for decades by entities like the endevour foundation. Traditionally Lib territory as sold to sheep. Medical related orgs etc. The powers , greed now being legitimised by neo and corpirate selling of life on Earth , will be doing their best to set the ndis up as a commercial golden goose for themselves. As they have succesfully marauded and done for decades with public funds. (They hold power and in a big hurry to transfer their golden gooses to legitimacy by stolen, force fed monopolies of situations. Instead of running what was ,legitimately.) Real priorities and courses abominated by ill powers preffered course of action and pet self stuffing enhancements to ilk and power and ventures by those who force respect and peer demand.
      If they can run and sustain the present hell and hardship and disparity called sound governence with such force , ease , art and finess , micro managed to their last cent and well being and thriving, how about they direct this ability at what is right and fair for all, not just an ilk , class and marauders , bludgers and winners of the past corrupt decades and who shame this nation?

      It is not a new day and way, it is a very old one.


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