QLD, don’t be fooled… Again!

QLD, don’t be fooled… Again!Newman1+

As I posted in a comment yesterday, during dinner last night, the phone rang   😡   So I interrupted my dinner and went up stairs  (5 stairs)  to get the phone.   😯

Now as I’ve mentioned, of late my breathing is crap,  (Oh the humidity   😉   )  so having to interrupt my dinner and go up stairs to get the phone doesn’t exactly fill me with love for whomever had the audacity to ring me at bloody dinner time    Grrrr   😡

But I made it, and to my further annoyance, when I answered it, it was a recording   ^^’    , but as I was about to hang up, it started talking to me, and I realised it was an automated poll   😉  So I thought… OK, I’m prepared to give my two bobs worth, cos they were stupid enough to ask me   😀   and interrupted my dinner,   😡    so I think I’ve earned the right!   😉

And the first question was;

“Who do you think will win the election?”… Now immediately my suspicion was aroused, as that seemed a very leading question, when you have every MSM commentator saying that the LNP will win, most would say LNP   😯

The choices were;   For the LNP, press 1… For the ALP, press 2, so despite the nagging reservation, I pressed #2 and moved on.   😀

The second question was; “Who do you think would make the best Premier?”, which left me very bloody angry, as there I was, primed to press the number allocated to Anastasia, and when it had gone through the options, to my utter disbelief…  there was no number for Anastasia… WTF?   😯   In fact she didn’t even get a mention !   😯

So I didn’t press anything, and the machine reset and asked again; and what it gave me was numbers 1-7, which was a list of  7 possible LNP contenders finishing with Fiona Simpson, and nothing else… Again, WTF   😯   so I pressed #8, as there was no-one on their list that I wanted as Premier.   😡

It didn’t like #8, and reset itself for a third time, at which point I let slip a loud expletive and hung up.

Now for a split second, I thought about picking a number and completing the poll, but then I realised that it wouldn’t matter at all, as the first two questions made it perfectly “Crystal Clear” that any responses I gave would be skewed by the nature of the questions, and point to something other than what I wanted to say   😯    so as previously stated, I hung up!   😡

I tell this as a cautionary tale, for those that make their final decision on polling day, based on what they perceive as the trends shown by the opinion polls… cos sadly some do!   😯

And just to reiterate, for those that don’t know; we live in the very safe LNP state seat of Caloundra, (Federal seat of Fisher, of Peter Slipper fame   🙄   ) on the Sunshine Coast,  and get polled at pretty much every election   😯    Which should say something in itself ?  Mmmm   ❓

Anyway, IMHO, these polls are not representative of the public sentiment, and aren’t designed to be, but rather put out, along with the rabid right spin of the MSM, to guide the gullible and the undecided voters to stick with the perceived “winning team”   😈

So with this “Cautionary tale”, fixed firmly front of mind, I have to say;

QLD, don’t be fooled… Again!






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25 Responses to QLD, don’t be fooled… Again!

  1. Bighead1883 says:

    I`m tweeting this Truthy 🙂
    I`m not shocked
    I`m not disappointed
    I`m actually glad it happened to someone we can trust to report what these lowlifes are capable of 😡
    Bighead1883 ‏@Biggy1883 now Chicago, IL
    When is a poll a sham scam?
    QLD, don’t be fooled… Again!

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  2. Bighead1883 says:

    Here you go Truthy I managed to get it to Henry Palasczczuk
    Henry Palaszczuk ‏@HenryPalaszczuk 2m2 minutes ago
    @GhostWhoVotes @nathlegge, who would have thought three years ago. 78-7 majority and now all in danger. Well done @AnnastaciaMP
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    Reply Retweet1 Favorite
    Bighead1883 ‏@Biggy1883 16s16 seconds ago Chicago, IL
    @HenryPalaszczuk @GhostWhoVotes @nathlegge @AnnastaciaMP
    QLD, don’t be fooled… Again!
    https://truthseekersmusings.wordpress.com/2015/01/29/qld-dont-be-fooled-again/ … …

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  3. Truth Seeker says:

    Just to clarify, I said in the post that it happened yesterday, which is true today, (30/1/15) cos at the time of writing, I thought that I would be posting it this morning, due to the fact that I was suffering from porridge brain last night and didn’t think I’d finish it O_o :/ But surprise, 😯 I did get it finished, and posted it right before I went to bed.

    So it happened just after 6:00 pm yesterday (29/1/15) 🙂 sorry for any confusion 😳 But they’re still tricky, manipulative and deceitful BASTARDS! 😯

    Cheers 🙂


    • Deanne says:

      Thanks Truthy. We have been doing the Pre poll booths for the two weeks and we do not need any body telling us how things are falling, falling, falling for newman and his team. A lot are keeping their vote close to their chest but many more are letting us know that our man is the one. We have noticed a big difference to the attitude of the people since the Federal Election. Our candidate tells us not over till the last vote is counted, and so right he is. We are out again today greeting Anna’s followers and watching as the LieNP voters grump past us. They are concerned but not enough to see what he has done to them and Qld. Some of our booths won’t be covered tomorrow as a lot of our members are out of the state working. If any of your readers on the Sunshine Coast or one electorate north could hand out a How to Vote card for us tomorrow, I would not complain if you gave them my email address to help. I keep getting letters of ‘help, donate’ from LieNP, have all their multi national cos. cut back on their funding. Welcome to the real world newman!

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      • Truth Seeker says:

        Morning Deanna 🙂 and, thanks for that, and all your hard work 😎

        It’s good to hear from the front lines 🙂

        If any contact me about your offer, I will certainly pass it on 🙂 , and would encourage any that can, to help out, as we need to send a message to these LNP’ers that they can’t just keep taking us for granted 😯

        If my health allowed, I would certainly be there myself 😦 as we’ve had LNP core-flutes put up everywhere here, so I get the impression that even here they’re a bit nervous 😀

        Stay safe, and keep up the good work 😀

        Cheers 🙂


  4. John lord says:

    I have all my fingers crossed for tomorrow forcing my wife to spoon feed me.

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  5. SF says:

    A bot making phone polls – that is the worst – computer generated speech is torturous enough as it is but to have a bot interrupting any part of the day is beyond the pale.

    Press this, press that, press this, press that – have they no consideration for people with disabilities?

    Sorry – I – did – not – hear – what – were – saying – did – you – say – bla – bla……?

    Press – # – if – you – want – to – hear – these – options – again.


  6. SF says:

    QLD, don’t be fooled… Again!

    How very true.

    Just received this – Voting has just opened in Queensland, and Campbell Newman’s LNP’s lawyers have applied for a Supreme Court injunction to stop us handing out our how-to-vote cards.



    • SF says:

      QLD, don’t be fooled… Again!

      How very true.

      Just received this – Voting has just opened in Queensland, and Campbell Newman’s LNP’s lawyers have applied for a Supreme Court injunction to stop us handing out our how-to-vote cards.

      Link to Getup petition


  7. John lord says:

    If the PM dumps his PPL scheme on the premiss that he is now listening, then why didn’t someone give him a hearing aid four years ago. Credibility deficit ??

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  8. bilko says:

    You can come out of hiding, Candoo’s police have had their teeth removed and QLD heard your clarion call loud and clear, well done everyone up there including my rellies in Indoroopilly, what a night Socceroos win,Newcastle Utd my team back in the old dart won and Anna has done the impossible (only Bob Ellis picked it some time back he must have been in touch with Doc Who) now to get rid of the mad monks mob who highlighted by Brandis are in complete denial mode

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    • Truth Seeker says:

      Hey Biko 🙂 Thanks for that mate 😀

      Yeah mate… onwards and upwards 😉

      And Brandis is living in a parallel universe where everything he says is true 😯 What a complete knob! 🙄

      Cheers mate 🙂


  9. bilko says:

    With u re brandis, some reckon our Tones will stay and fight but from my experience via the hollywood screen after loosing the bully slinks off and licks his wounds never to be seen again whilst punching walls on the way out. comments??

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    • Truth Seeker says:

      Mate, if the pressure to dump him gets too intense, I’m hoping that he does a Newman and calls a DD 😀

      Maybe wishful thinking, but vengeance and vindictiveness are also part of the bully’s psyche 😉


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