When it comes to disappointment, Abbott doesn’t disappoint!

Abbott stupidWhen it comes to disappointment, Abbott doesn’t disappoint!

After watching the Abbott press club address, all I can say is   WTF?   ❓

To me and others, it sounded like the election campaign launch speech rehashed from 18 months ago, with some minor updates, but the same old slogans.   😯

Bragging about the repeal of the carbon price, and the $550 benefit, that no-one that I know, has seen, and using that old worn out chestnut “Let me be Crystal clear”   Grrrr   😡

His answers however were far from “Crystal clear” , along with his direction and vision for the future of our country.

What was “Crystal clear” was his contempt for the electorate, and his insult to Victorian and QLD voters, when he said that, ousting a one term LNP government for a Labor gov, was “A fit of absentmindedness”.   WTF?   😯

Another thing that was “Crystal clear”, was his dishonesty, as he tried to blame the new Vic Labor gov for the possible $1.2 bil payout for the cancellation of the East West link, that was one of the terms included in the contract rushed through and signed off on, by the Previous, stupid and dishonest Napthine LNP, aforementioned, one term gov, and again… WTF?

Quoting his shonky figures, and still blaming Labor, were key planks of his speech, but in doing so, he looked and sounded more like a man about to walk those planks.   😯    And if he seriously thinks that anyone, other than his front bench and rich mates, are buying what he’s selling, then not only will he and his party be keelhauled by a fit of “Crystal clear-mindedness” from an offended and angry electorate, but he is in serious need of professional help.   O_o   :/

Rupert "The Pirate" Murdoch, Puppet Master

Rupert “The Pirate” Murdoch, Puppet Master

It was full of slogans, spin, misinformation and downright lies, funnily enough, apart from some small variations and updates, the very same slogans, spin, misinformation and lies that, with the help of Muddick’s propaganda, got him elected in the first place   😈

The only “new” announcement, was the scrapping of his bloody stupid PPL scheme that was his “signature” policy, and one that he declared would define his Prime Ministership.   😯

Well it only took him 5 years of negative feedback to learn that lesson, and then true to form, he’s broken another promise, and one that many young women voted for on the misunderstanding that they would get paid $150,000 for spitting out a kid!   😯

The Irony being that it may well still define his PM’ship, as it looks suspiciously as though he, like his  “Signature” PPL scheme,  will be unceremoniously dumped, if not by his own party, then by the electorate!   😯

In his speech, there was so much crap spoken, and so little said, that the main themes that stood out to me, from this nothing event, were the Abbott’s arrogance, hubris and self praise!

And so I thought that even though this poem was written in early December, it is very relevant to the summing up of this latest speech/brainfart, and covers much of what he touched on   😯

Self praise is no recommendation!

Self praise is no recommendation

I yelled at the TV

As I watched the right wing Abbott

Talking up his LNP

Like before he was elected

When he said he knew it all

About running an economy better

Than Labors “wrecking ball”


Saying interest rates and taxes

Are always lower, under Libs

But the one thing that we know for sure

Is that Abbott tells big fibs

And to sing his party’s praises

He would talk our country down

So with lies and stupid slogans

Phony Abbott went to town


To reinforce these right wing myths

They used old Murdoch’s papers

To spread their lies and right wing spin

And ignore their crooked capers

He went out to destroy careers

To further his own cause

Assassinating friend and foe

Without regret or pause


They cried “Budget emergency”

As Hockey took the lead

Claiming if they don’t fix “Labors mess”

Our country’s going to bleed

With his shonky take on numbers

And his count to “Eleventy”

He proved he wasn’t capable to

Run our economy

O_o :/

But still the Media pressed ahead

To realise Murdoch’s ambition

Of running our great country through…

The nut-job coalition

And here we are 15 months down

The Abbott’s road to hell

And yet his nasty first budget

The Hockey still can’t sell


And stuff-up after stuff-up

Is the story of these knobs

Proving no one in the LNP

Is fit to do their jobs

But as the year comes to an end

The Abbott fronts the press

To play his game of lies and spin

Talking down his party’s mess


He praised his party’s courage

And he praised his party’s guts

And he said they’ve had a productive year

Which proves the Abbott’s nuts

He bragged about how he repealed

That toxic carbon tax

Ignoring world wide condemnation

And scientific facts


He claimed that every household

Would be so much better off

To the tune of five hundred and fifty bucks

Excuse me while I scoff

He said they had good policy

That was worthy of pursuing

While the people say they’re rubbish

And our country you are screwing


He said they’re high achievers

And the job they’ve done is great

But the proof of Abbott’s pudding is

Most would rather eat the plate

With hand on heart he told us that

“The buck stops here with me”

But we all know consequences don’t apply

When you’re in the LNP


His arrogance is astounding

And his hubris immense

He lives for ideology

Ignoring common sense

He has no social conscience

Cos it’s all about the money

He’s a laughingstock around the world

But for us it isn’t funny


He claimed success at the G20

But it really was a farce

With the blunder from downunder

Talking shit… Straight from his arse

He whinged about the senate

Blocking policies that are bad…

The policies he’s sticking by;

Which shows he’s raving mad


He’s a man of little substance

And a hypocrite supreme

And blowing his own trumpet

At the presser, was the theme

He suffers verbal diarrhoea

But mental constipation

And we need to make him understand

Self praise is no recommendation!



An oldie but a goodie!    :grin:

An oldie but a goodie! 😀

And in conclusion;

When it comes to disappointment, Abbott doesn’t disappoint!   😉


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Musician singer/songwriter, guitar teacher. https://truthseekersmusings.wordpress.com/
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40 Responses to When it comes to disappointment, Abbott doesn’t disappoint!

  1. Bighead1883 says:

    Unbelievable at how nothing has changed other than the bleeding obvious Truthy 🙂 ,getting rid of the PPLS.
    We`ve has SA Vic and QLD come aboard,Tassy was crazy but Taswegians are spewing on the greens more the Giddings over their fiasco.
    Well done mate and I can`t wait for the Queenslander when the election smoke clears and you guys breathe some Palaszczuk logic,her old man is one smart cookie:smile:
    Well done article and the poem is a classic.

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  2. SF says:

    While Abbott is what he is, ultimately its his handlers that decide and direct which policies to follow.

    If it wasn’t him — there would simply be some other stooge to willingly carry out the corporate agenda – That brings me to the TPP.

    One government after another have all been involved with these negotiations — yet none appear to have been particularly alarmed about the consequences in regards to matters such as the ceding of sovereignty.

    The thing about these deceptively termed and secretly negotiated FTA’s is that they are like a toothless tiger when the ISDS clause is not included — that’s where corporations find the legal mechanism to hold government accountable to their financial agenda in closed and private tribunals where they use taxpayers funds as settlement and corporate officials as judge and jury.

    I’ve read that Labor negotiated to try exclude the ISDS clause from the TPP — and the Howard government before them — that does not mean that they would have succeeded in preventing the ISDS clause from being excluded.

    Several internal coups and one messy election later…

    FTA’s are simply not finalized unless the ISDS are included — that’s what they’re really all about !

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    • Bighead1883 says:

      SF mate,this is what getting rid of Rudd was all about.
      If you check or recall that during the Murdoch/LNP attack on Rudd over BER&Pink Batts stimulus he was also negotiating over 20 FTA`s without American involvement and NO ISDS inclusions because Rudd was runnnig the agenda for Australian.
      THIS got the CIA Embassy here working and they handed out the blackmail/bribery/briefcases/etc amongst Labor and the rest is written
      The Arbib/Shorten connection

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      • SF says:

        BH & TS…
        Yes they wanted to replace Rudd with Gillard who gladly accepted to replace Rudd — the thing about FTA’s is that they are pointless for corporations unless the ISDS clauses are included.
        Rudd in the eyes of Washington was far too friendly towards China – I call that clever by Rudd — ( it pays to be on good terms with your near neighbours) while Gillard could be counted on to do Washingtons bidding in the pivot towards Asia – (stationing US troops in The NT)
        [Then] New Trade Minister Richard Marles has confirmed Australia will not sign the agreement if it includes a so-called Investor State Disputes Settlement clause that would allow companies who believed an Australian law had harmed their ability to invest to take their dispute to an supra-national body with the power to overrule Australian laws.
        The opposition at the time expressed their delight and that they would be happy to include the ISDS. (1)
        I’ve concluded that the fallacious GWOT and the FTA’s are definitely related – both are to ensure US hegemony over the planet.
        Then there’s the pivot to Asia, exactly what role did Washington play in that Rudd – Gillard coup ? (2)
        Could Labor have won the 2013 election with the support of the Greens ?
        That would mean no Abbott now and no ISDS — better still no TPP — A trade deal that Labor did not object to yet it should have declined because of the ISDS clause.
        What possessed the Greens to pave the way for the LNP to win — call me crazy but did Washington have a role in that as well ? (3) They have quite a history of meddling — What motivated the Greens to throw their support behind their mortal enemy the coal baron come politician — We’ll never know but it pretty well ensured that the ISDS happy LNP become elected.( politicians with conflicts of interests)
        Labor should have concluded the negotiations but without the ISDS clause, now there are many more FTA’s that include them – the global corporate coup D etad — AKA -the final phase of globalisation.

        There is absolutely no logic to continue negotiating these deceptively termed free Trade Agreements when you realise what effects the ISDS clause will have on the sovereignty of your nation –so they thought they could try exclude the ISDS clause ? — That did not work out very well — Could anyone have had the foresight that things might be viewed slightly more favorably for the corporations after the 2013 elections ‽ In any case they certainly are now.

        (1) http://www.smh.com.au/business/marles-vows-not-to-cave-to-us-pressure-20130714-2py8r.html
        (2) http://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2010/07/wash-j15.html
        (3) http://www.alternet.org/world/americas-coup-machine-destroying-democracy-1953

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        • Bighead1883 says:

          Yes mate and my Rudd file has all the links
          When the proper truth about Rudd becomes common knowledge Australia will see how close we were to freeing ourselves from the Imperialist US/Zionist yolk
          Rudd got us far closer to freedom from the Imperialist than Whitlam did.


          • SF says:

            Honestly — People should not have to wait that long for the truth to come out — there is such a thing as — duty of care — if a deal is a lemon its everyone’s duty to sound the alarm as opposed to continuing the agony.


            • Bighead1883 says:

              The Imperialist/Zionist owned MSM won`t allow the truth to come out
              It dribbles just like the “Kill Whitlam” telegram.


              • SF says:

                Even though we full well realize the consequences of a corporately owned and controlled MSM — That does not prevent future whistle blowers to approach the independent media.

                Everybody knows that the MSM cannot be trusted for delivering the truth or doing proper investigative journalism for that matter.

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        • SF says:

          Bugger… no paragraphs breaks


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Morning SF 🙂 that’s why the ALP didn’t sign the FTA’s, and continued negotiating, while Abbott et al went in boots and all to sign everything they can, cos they don’t care about the ISDS provisions, they only care about looking like they’re doing something, and damn the consequences! 😈

      Cheers 🙂

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      • SF says:

        IMO — A trade agreement is much like a pyramid scheme — it really helps when you’re the one designing and selling it — all those that enter at a later stage are destined to suffer financial losses — after all that is what they are designed for — FTA’s are all about ensuring perpetual economic growth ( for the financial elite that is)

        When one realizes that they have entered into negotiations that amount to a pyramid scheme most people would conclude that its wise to simply opt out – and immediately warn their friends of the impending doom that awaits them — blow the whistle etc.

        That didn’t happen…

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        • Truth Seeker says:

          SF, good analogy 🙂


        • Bighead1883 says:

          Also SF the ISDS is an additive to Austerity politics which is creating Globalism
          Simple reality.
          Step 1
          Banksters via their Corpse buy all Nations assets and services after bribing/lobbying politicians to run down their countries and economies.
          Step 2
          Put in place FTA`s loaded with ISDS and their Corpse have free reign over all Nations resources.
          Step 3
          Voting is a futile exercise completely,like voting in your corporation CEO
          Step 4
          Globalization is here-Totalitarian State
          It`s not hard to see where certain countries around the world are at.
          But the fightback is on beginning in Greece right now in the West
          It`s been on in the East for Years and has spread to Sth Africa and Brazil with BRICS who are now negotiating with Greece

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  3. bilko says:

    Love the poem however I am waiting on the epitaph you will pen to follow Tones plan A – do a Giles and refuse to resign, plan B- nick off to the GG’s and have him disolve parliament or plan C call a spill with all positions up for grabs and sit back and watch the fun.
    either choice will be amusing or from left field sack his ministry and appoint newby’s in their place.

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  4. SF says:

    BH Re – 630 pm …. Goes to show how profits FOR the MIC are closely related to funding coming from the IMF.

    Short and sharp — The two appear to be inseparable.

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  5. bilko says:

    SF says:
    03/02/2015 at 7:47 pm I really like plan B

    Plan B does have a nicer ring to it, he might do it just to pee off his cabinet “mates” I like it. Remember they have never had a plan B for anything before now. it could be a first.


    • SF says:

      A growing number of people — all over the globe — all agreeing that the negotiations surrounding the current batch of deceptively termed and secretly negotiated Free Trade Agreements amount to some form of treason — Including legal experts that I’ve encountered over a number of years all agree that this is indeed the case while it would be hard to prove this in the high court.

      Obviously I’m not a legal expert* — I realize that politicians are under a oath of office — therefore I conclude that the negotiations that amount to the virtual ceding of a nations sovereignty definitely amount to a serious conflict of the interests that they have sworn to protect and uphold — I conclude the GG would be correct to dismiss the government that is involved with these treasonous negotiations that have nothing to do with the well being of the electorate as much as they have to do with the financial well being of the financial elite.

      The question that needs to be raised is whom’s interests are more important — that of the financial elite or those of the electorate?

      Why are interests of the electorate sacrificed for corporate profits ‽

      * It might be worth mentioning that those who have acquired the skills to debate these matters before the ”crown” are already serving the interests of the global financial elite and neither does the public have the resources for a prolonged and financially exhaustive appeal process – most of us ordinary folk do not deal in matters such as these on a daily basis — therefore the majority of the electorate have not given these matters much thought.

      It pays to stay up to date – here’s today’s article on this controversial topic
      Secret’ Trade Pact Stirs Up Suspicion

      The irony of it all — All around the globe people are expressing their disgust at these secretly held negotiations while there’s not a single government openly fighting for civil rights — somehow they’re all advocating for increasing corporate rights – a notable exception would be Uruguay.

      So ultimately another question that needs to be asked — what motivates them?

      Lets ask politicians — Who is your daddy ‽

      Politicians realize full well that by the next election they could be without a income — while the next most lucrative career option will be found in the corporate world – after all two years ago – 37 of the worlds 100 economies were those of corporations.

      A conflict of interest exist indeed.

      The only solution is revolution….

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  6. YouFO says:

    A very informative article , so thanks for the education.

    I noticed your run in on Truthout .
    It was interesting, regarding the troll you mentioned.
    He didn’t post on IA for 6 days .
    Miracle of miracles, neither did any of the phantom upvoters post anywhere on other sites {Junkee etc} or upvote in that time either.
    He returns and one hour later the phantoms have also returned
    coincidence ? :-}

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    • Truth Seeker says:

      Morning YouFO 🙂


    • SF says:

      Thank’s for the compliment ~!

      The Phantom and rather dormant accounts promptly returning rather gives the game away, are they really doing nothing other than waiting for a certain dickhead to show up…I somehow doubt that it’s sheer coincidence as this has happened frequently and been confirmed by independent sources.

      In the couple of years that I’ve been commenting — I’ve learned to recognize deliberate manipulation of the comment boards, that one certainly fits the description of someone using proxy accounts in order to up vote their own and selected content, which could originate from a variety of sources.

      It was amazing how fast my comments we’re deleted when suggesting the methods, the most likely is the first one.

      1) A number of computers at home for maintaining different IP numbers and which creates the ability for speedy up votes, but also flagging — signing out of these accounts allows for a repeat performance only then they’ll show up as guest votes.

      2) Dedicated PC software available on the web — the disqus liker bot* is only one program – there are more.

      3) Government trolls and social media control (unlikely but its out there) http://www.roundtree7.com/2011/04/social-media-influence-sock-puppets-and-government-trolls/

      * This was a huge issue on Al Jazeera & CNN blogs recently where this had been happening for some time and where I first read about it in the comments — AJ has now dropped disqus*.

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    • SF says:

      Bear in mind its all part and package of divide and concur which has the consequence of getting people off topic.


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