Said the Abbott to the Bishop, the party is revolting!

Said the Abbott to the Bishop, the party is revolting!

Abbott sleeping+

As Tony does another backflip and calls the spill meeting for Monday, I’ll let the poem speak for itself   😉

Said the Abbott to the Bishop, the party is revolting!


Said the Abbott to the Bishop

The party is revolting

The backbench’s really nasty

And their comments, quite insulting

They say I’m an embarrassment

Some say I’ve lost the plot

I should demand a show of hands

Then smack the whole damned lot


I’ll punch their bloody lights out

If I’m given half a chance

But the buggers run a country mile

When I take my pugilists stance

How dare they call a spill motion

That’s really a low hit

We’ll prove to them on Monday

That their motion’s… full of shit


Said the Bishop to the Abbott

I’m a loyal 2 i c

I’ve been here once or twice before

In the glorious LNP

I’ll sing my leaders praises

And I’ll do what must be done

To flush their motion down the loo

To make sure that we’ve won


Said the Abbott to the Bishop

We shall stare the bastards down

But the courier mail’s not helped the cause

By dressing me as a clown

But your support’s invaluable

In quelling this dissent

Cos I’ve lost my political capital

It’s sadly all been spent


But I know that I’m the best we’ve got

A leader through and through

And Turdball’s just a popping jay

Who’s full of cattle poo

A rabid right wing lefty

Who believes the climate’s changed

Our party wont support his type

He’s clearly quite deranged


But when he speaks in parliament

I really must concede

His quoting of the English bard

Can make old Labor bleed

Though a man of decent intellect

A lawyer and a banker

Our backers and the IPA

All think he’s just a wanker


Where I’m the party visionary,

My future view is clear

And I’ll make the bastards love me

Through my policies of fear

I know it is my destiny

The best man for the job

And Malcolm’s a pretender

An upstart and a knob


Said the Bishop to the Turdball

We have walked this path before

As I signed up to the Abbott until

He’s shown the exit door

So if the motion’s taken up

Then may the best man win

Cos I’ll be there as the 2 i c

With all the usual spin


Now I’ve indicated to the Abbott

We’re on a unity ticket

But if it all goes belly up

I’ll tell him he can stick it

So wait until the count is in

At which time we’ll decide

Whether we can stand as one

Or simply run and hide


Cos if we stick with Abbott, then

The polling won’t be pretty

But if we change, and go with you

The Nats will sure be shitty

And many will be nervous

About the path that we might take

As the right don’t like their Ideologies

Given such a shake


Said the people to the government

Your direction is the issue

So tell someone who really cares

And grab yourselves a tissue

To mop up all those crocodile tears

And stuff your false contrition

Cos we’re done with all your lies and spin

And your stupid coalition


You brag about your big mistakes

And feed us lies and fear

But we’ve woken up to all your crap

You’re talking through your rear

And changing leaders just won’t help

We’ve had your right wing mob

So call a double dissolution now

And let real adults have the job!




About Truth Seeker

Musician singer/songwriter, guitar teacher.
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46 Responses to Said the Abbott to the Bishop, the party is revolting!

  1. Bighead1883 says:

    Rabid Right Wing Lefty 😯 now that I`m stealing as my meme theme for today
    Bloody well done Truthy 🙂
    I kept hearing AC DC`s Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap in my mind`s stereo player as I read this 😯

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  2. ? says:

    Brilliant poem, speaking truth to power !

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  3. Consider says:

    Another goody mate, and so very relevant and timely.
    Cheers. 🙂
    PS. Both well, thanks, Hope Mrs Truthy`s back has settled down. 🙂

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    • Truth Seeker says:

      Morning Consider 🙂 Mate thanks for that 😎

      Glad you’re both well 🙂 and Mrs T’s back is still a bit sore 😦 but better than it was, thanks for your concern 🙂

      Cheers mate 🙂


  4. ? says:

    It’s not just the party revolting either.

    Many people are still waiting for Abbott to procure his British Citizenship renunciation form.

    Omission = admission.

    Produce it or lose the political career.

    Failing that he should resign, or be forced to resign, I have a feeling not many people will object to early elections.

    The opposition(s) ought to consider this golden opportunity to expose his double standards.
    Combined with the secret negotiations surrounding the TPP one could shed light on how certain politicians are disloyal and not honoring their oath of office while surreptitiously arranging for the ceding of sovereignty without openly debating the pros and cons of these secret deals.

    Every man must decide whether he will walk in the light of creative altruism or in the darkness of destructive selfishness. ~ Martin Luther King. Jr.

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    • Truth Seeker says:

      Quite right mate 🙂 but the double entendre only fits with the party 😀

      We are revolting against his dishonesty, hypocrisy and downright stupidity, but we’re not “revolting”, at least not all of us 😯

      Cheers mate 🙂


      • ? says:

        The Au Guardian reports that the spill vote might be happening on this Monday

        O no not another leadership challenge – he is what he his and I never liked him — that won’t change the course that the LNP is following and my concern — the geopolitics behind it all ensures that government remains accountable to the financial elite via existing and proposed FTA’s.

        A smarter politician will only be more gifted in the art of political double speak.

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  5. Wazman says:

    Holy crappola batman, you go away for a little while and the whole joint goes down the toilet. So much for the adults being in charge? Anyway Truthie how have you been, long time no see, hope all is well. What really amazes me about TA is that he still doesn’t think he has done anything wrong, he doesn’t know how to say “okay i made a mistake, how do we fix this” instead he is prepared to let his chief of staff take the blame. I don’t think he realises that nobody believes or trusts him anymore.

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    • Truth Seeker says:

      Hey Wazman 🙂 we’re still here mate 😯 and yes it has been a while 😦

      Hope is all good with you and yours? 🙂

      Yes Abbott is the gift that keeps on giving 😯 for all the wrong reasons 😉

      And like all Liberals… they just never learn 😦 It’s what I call the “Thick as a brick” Syndrome, where they think they’re so smart that they’re incapable of making bad or stupid decisions 😯

      Chjeers 🙂

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  6. ? says:

    BH – Re 3:42 pm – No harm done — it does not really matter, forgive me as the entire point was to prove how easy it is to recognize another writing style — more to the point — I’m referring to what appear to be several proxy commenting accounts — strongly suspected to have been employed by a certain deceptively editing jerk for the sole purpose of manipulation on various comment boards, shame for those that allow this — perhaps media matters could be interested (^^,) pretty soon Greens turn out as beetroots. Ouch !

    Something smelled very rotten soon upon investigating the comment accounts of the usual suspects (TUS) and where the immediate and obvious conclusion are the extreme similarities in writing styles — You can change the name and the avatar but you simply cannot change the writing style — the TUS all are similarly threatening to do the same to their opponents by threatening to report and flag them — Obviously they do — all are frequently responding to comments that have already been removed — All are supporting each other back to the same month that the accounts were created — all are enjoying an exceptionally healthy comment to like ratio while the comments are not all that exceptional — All appear to have inside knowledge of who has been banned from certain sites — Now that’s revealing inside information no one should even have access to, and which actually constitutes a breach of conditions etc.

    Bugger indeed !


    • Bighead1883 says:

      I`ve stated before that say hypothetically IA sub editor Tess Lawrence [self admitted Greens supporter] assumes Avatar/s for commenting to help the page along etc
      None of this is uncommon in the blogosphere or online publication world.
      We all got mixed up in a site proposing to be Indie but also obviously left leaning that couldn`t hide it`s Green element any more because the Labor Left of TSM saw through their shit and attempted manipulation.
      Now DJ and his band of bots armed with their Greens propaganda school daily sheets was/is a protected species for reasons only know to DD-Jaycee became that as well.
      Inane commentary with only questions when asked for answers is typical troll shit and is moderated on better sites
      The crap that went down was even noticed by the Twitterati and has not been a good look for IA,but the choice is theirs alone and good luck to them because my battle is with all foes of Labor including any within whom are traitors [but that`s a well known]
      Veteran Nine Network political editor Laurie Oakes has just told his viewers he thinks Abbott currently has the numbers to see off the spill – however – all things liable to change without notice. A bad Newspoll in the morning. Some public declarations.

      The long term picture for Abbott is grim, Oakes reasons.

      Facebook Twitter Google plus expand
      14m ago
      Time: it’s all relative

      Poor old Joe Hockey. Wake up to speculation you are for the high jump. Then have the prime minister shaft you in a deal cutting frenzy ahead of debate on a spill motion.

      Joe Hockey, December 2, 2014.

      It usually takes 10 to 15 years to build a submarine from development stage to outcome in the water. Labor knew that. The first Collins class sub is decommissioned in 2026, so we’ve run out of time in a sense and we need to make decisions now. We don’t have time to go through a speculation process. We do not have time for people to suggest that they can build something that hasn’t been built.


      • ? says:

        None of this is uncommon how very true — in my experience an author or a staffmember that identifies him or herself openly on the comment boards is hugely respected and appreciated indeed ~!

        When the manipulation of the desired content becomes so obvious that it’s deliberately manipulated and independently verified by several commentators that people are correct to start asking serious questions…..which require answers…enquiring minds like to know.

        Answer to questions such as the most obvious: how could a political platform still be considered as democratic when it is proven to deny freedom of political expression to its participants but as granted under the constitution of said.

        Excellent comment btw, Manyana will be revealing – some people don’t like mondays (^^,)


        • Bighead1883 says:

          It`s a common ploy and operated by many publications.
          Financial pressure leads most to go where their sponsors are and two obvious things are not discussed by out group.
          !- A fair sized {donaton/subscription] is paid by those wishing “their” repertoire`
          2- simply paid for non disclosed political payment or favour
          As I stated,I was hard to move from there for numerous reasons but when the whole picture began forming I had no problems pulling up stumps.
          I went through a year long commenter /editor war with Chip Rolley of the ABC`s the Drum and as commenter you can`t win because they have their agenda their personal politics and their direction all which is paramount to them

          The #libspill is very interesting as the worst fighting to hold on and the second worst waiting in the wings for a lift up because if the position “is: declared vacant then Goodbye Tony and hello Malcolm
          Malcolm will decimate the front bench x3 so we would see 7 or so be replaced
          I don`t think Turnbull would keep Pyne as he know how hated he is,another poisoned long ago chalice.
          Cheerz M8


          • ? says:

            The Lethargic Neoconservative Propaganda (LNP) leadership challenge also allows for a even worse scenario — my question WTF is this happening yet again ? – isn’t this part and package what they were campaigning against in the first place ?

            Tout est juste dans l’amour et la guerre ?


            • ? says:

              The challenge also allows TA an easy way out, he’s done what he had to do etc etc…


              • Bighead1883 says:

                Yes as us minions are just that will be fed what suits
                TA`s part of the ploy may be completed for the time being and another gambit has taken shape and is morphing before our very eyes-:”but can we recognize what it really is?”


                • ? says:

                  Lets wait what tomorrow will bring amigo ~!


                • cornlegend says:

                  This isn’t a spill according to Andrew Robb.
                  This bears all the markings of a full on conspiracy to deny us our Tony, it was an “ambush”

                  Mr Robb criticised the move against Mr Abbott, saying it has been a “quite calculated and orchestrated ambush”.

                  He said he did not expect the spill motion to succeed.

                  “I do think that, overwhelmingly, people will see that this has been an ambush in many ways,” he said at Canberra airport.

                  “I am not going to get into names; I am not certain of all the people.

                  “I do know that there [were] things being organised from as early as early December to put a shot across the Prime Minister’s bows.”

                  I think a shot went across the scumbags bows on about September 8th 2013

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                • Truth Seeker says:

                  So now they’re claiming that It wasn’t an iceberg that sunk the LNP Titanic, but a right wing torpedo 😯

                  I love the smell of Tories burning, themselves, in the morning 😀

                  Or to put it another way… Death by a thousand cuts, and the worst case of political suicide we’ve ever seen 😆


  7. brickbob says:

    Wonderful poem Truthie,bloody fantastic. I dont know what will happen tomorrow,but which ever way it goes it is only delaying the inevitable. Cheers.””

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      • ? says:

        To the girl carrying the board — if you really want a government that’s not for sale — than the government that is elected needs to be willing to tax the financial elite instead of continue borrowing funds from them.

        More to the point, if you really want things to chance for the better — you have to be more than willing to tighten your belts than corporations are willing to see their profits dwindle. [Inspired by Howard Zinn]

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    • Truth Seeker says:

      Thanks mate 🙂

      And yes, it’s a slippery slope from here for the LNP 😀

      Cheers mate 🙂

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  8. cornlegend says:

    You know you need to keep me here
    To do dear Oz a favour
    Because you know you dopey lot
    It’s cause “I’m just not Labor”
    Youu may think that I am quite deranged
    A complete and utter fool
    But that doesn’t strip my DNA
    Of the Liberals “born to rule ”

    And now I’ve done a Truthy
    I think I’ll have to leave it
    Cause buggered if I could find a word
    To rhyme with Abbotts “collegiate “

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  9. bilko says:

    another beaut poem, you are making the Bard of Stratford redundent. I just watched the 730 report Abbott still the same no change not that I expected any, a leopard does not change its spots. Any prose for the sub debarnacle.

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    • Truth Seeker says:

      Hey Bilko 🙂 thanks for that mate 😳 😎

      Yes, and we’re seeing the same old lies and spin about the subs again… They treat us with complete contempt, and then wonder why we don’t believe them 😯

      Liars and dickheads every last one of them! O_o o_O :/

      Cheers mate 🙂


  10. bilko says:

    Why would anyone be surprised at Eleventy Hockey Labor controlled senate comment never picked up on, remember the previous coalition treasurer maintained the GST was a state tax likewise hardly picked up on. They were all trained under the Lying Rodent.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Truth Seeker says:

      Hey Bilko 🙂

      Yes mate, and what an inept and completely incompetent class they turned out to be 😯

      And Hockey would be head of the LNP economic incompetents O_o o_O :/

      Cheers mate 🙂


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