Will NSW prove as smart as QLD?

Will NSW be as smart as QLD?Abbott and Baird+

Why is Mike Baird the current Premier?   ❓

Well for starters it’s little to do with skill, ability or talent; he’s there because Bazza Ofazza, along with at least 10 of his LNP mates, got caught up in the ICAC enquiry touted by the LNP’ers as the big Labor corruption exposé.   😯   which caught 3 Labor figures.

So with a ratio of close to 4-1 in favour of the LNP’ers (and not in a good way   😯   ), and counting, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out that the LNP are in it up to their scrawny, dishonest bloody necks.

And from the latest evidence of Baird’s office being  heavily involved in fudging the  official report into the selloff/lease of the poles and wires in NSW. at the very least there’s a cloud of corruption hanging over Baird’s head too   😯


And then, there’s also the small issue of the 1 billion $’s that he lost as treasurer from the NSW coffers, conveniently, it would seem, to make the states financial situation look worse than it was   😯   Accident?   Incompetence?   Dishonesty?… You decide!   ❓

Whatever the reason for the stuff up, as a good friend of the most dishonest, discredited and incompetent PM this country has ever seen, and obviously a graduate of the Hockey school of economics   🙄   one can only conclude that he’s there as Premier only because he’s the best (of a very bad bunch) that they can come up with!   😯

So what is he offering, other than his smile?

In QLD, Newman only had Plan A, to sell/lease public assets.

In NSW, Baird only has Plan A, to sell/lease public assets

Newman was lauded and called a friend by Abbott.

Baird is still being lauded and called friend by Abbott.

Newman jumped on the Abbott’s plan for Asset “Recycling”

Baird jumped on Abbott’s asset “recycling.

Newman wanted to spend the money to support mining corporations and LNP corporate donors and self serving infrastructure, as opposed to the infrastructure that the state really needed.

Baird wants to spend the money raised to support LNP corporate donors, and corporate owned Toll roads etc.   Foregoing nearly 2 billion $’s a year in revenue, for the sake of  around 20 billion $’s of quick money, meaning that he’s handing around 180 billion $’s to the successful tenderers (Corporate mates   😯   ) over the term of the 99 year lease, on todays figures.   😯

So people of NSW, the questions you have to ask yourselves prior to the state election are (in no particular order);

  • Can you trust a man that can conveniently lose 1 billion $’s of your money for purely  political reasons?
  • Can you trust a man that is such a good “Friend” of Tony Abbott, a proven LIAR and incompetent?
  • Can you believe or trust a man who’s office tried to lie to you about their own, report into privatisation?
  • Does the leader of a party, over represented by corrupt and dishonest members, deserve to be supported because he is perceived as a nice guy with a disarming smile?
  • Do you really want to hand the future of your electricity bills, along with at least 180 billion $’s of future revenue, to Baird’s and Abbott’s corporate donor mates?
  • Do you really think that Murdoch’s LTD News and Fairfax have the best interests of the state, or in fact anything but their own gross self interest at heart?
  • Will NSW prove as smart as QLD???


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36 Responses to Will NSW prove as smart as QLD?

  1. Bighead1883 says:

    So far it`s looking that NSW is too smart by half compared to QLD Truthy 🙂
    The Noreen Hay friends of the Ferguson`s camp in Labor politics is a cancer within State and Federal Labor that`s needs removal
    Annastacia Palaszczuk`s run in QLD was as white as freshly driven snow and Foley`s new crowd is as well but they have turd`s of old mixed in who dirty the white and we all know that people don`t eat the brown or yellow snow 😡
    I hope people see past these old cretins and give Foley the go he deserves otherwise NSW is finished as a Sovereign entity and become Incorporated

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  2. kate ahearne says:

    Thanks for this, Truthie. It’s not looking good for NSW, for whatever reasons, but the worst-case scenario is that Labor will regain a significant number of seats, while the best-case remains that they will win.

    I hope this finds you feeling a bit better.

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  3. Gilly says:

    I have a sneaking suspicion that secret polling, either LNP or News, puts the result as, at least close if not Labor. This is based on the latest News poll, it is so totally out of line with all other polls in both result and in movement. Then the timing is strateigic, close to the election.

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  4. Bighead1883 says:

    Airforce #1 the LNP way

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  5. bilko says:

    I ahave no rellies in NSW to jolly along but like you the murdoch blitze would seem to indicate a last ditch finger in the dyke effort so please NSWalies wake up before they sell your jocks as well.

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  6. brickbob says:

    Thanks again Truthie for another good read. We all thought it couldn’t happen here in QLD but it did,so why cant it happen in NSW?


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