The NSW election…

The NSW election…Abbott and Baird+

With just one day to go, till the punters of NSW go to vote, I thought I should post my take on this critical time in NSW and Australian politics.

Victoria, SA and QLD all screamed a resounding NO to state LNP’ers, and Abbott’s mendacious mob of miscreants, and QLD in particular completely rejected an almost identical policy direction to that currently being proposed by the smiling assassin Mike Baird, which shows complete contempt for the truth, and  what his policies mean for the people of NSW.

He is just another LNP’er who wants to piss our future up the crumbling wall of NeoLiberalism, with complete disregard for the people of his state, and the wider community that is Australia.

So with just 1 day to go here’s the NSW election campaign and election in verse   😯

The NSW election…


The NSW election’s on

With all the usual spin

About the Liberals selloff con

While Murdoch says they’ll win

Mike Baird says that it’s just a lease

Lasting for a century

But lies and spin will never cease

From the mendacious LNP


They say the lease of poles and wires

Will result in cheaper bills

But the LNP is full of liars

They treat us all like dills

They tried to fudge their own report

Which could bite them on the arse

Cos all the smarter people know

This policy’s a farce


They’ve promised billions spent on roads

To end the traffic woes

But decentralisation eases loads

As everybody knows

With public transport a priority

And a first class NBN

The corporate masters of the LNP

Can be put back in their pen


Cos we’ve left the 20th century

And to the future should be led

But if left up to the LNP

Our future’s all but dead

Plan A’s the only plan they’ve got

And it isn’t a good plan

And if they win, they’ll sell the lot

And flush us down the pan


Ignoring facts and experts

Is the best the Libs can do

Cos for Liberals, thinking really hurts

And they’re full of cattle poo

And Baird is no exception

He is Tony Abbott’s mate

So lets force a big correction

And kick Michael in the date


Say NO to privatisation

You can only sell things once

And this policy constipation

Proves that Baird’s a right wing dunce

A man of tunnel vision

And rabid ideology

Who deserves our firm derision

As does all the LNP


But Luke Foley is a decent man

Of deep integrity

And both are traits you’ll never find

In the lying LNP

Their policies foster corruptions seed

Whilst they’re living in the past

So say NO to Murdoch, and corporate greed

And put the LNP’ers LAST




About Truth Seeker

Musician singer/songwriter, guitar teacher.
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20 Responses to The NSW election…

  1. Truth Seeker says:

    The big question for NSW is;

    Do they show themselves as NSWelshmen (No sexism intended)… Or NSWallies ❓

    Don’t fall for the lies and spin of the LNP, put them where they put you… LAST!

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  2. kate ahearne says:

    Morning Truthie. Gosh, do you ever sleep? ‘Cattle poo’ to all them dastardly LNPers. Why, oh why don’t people ‘get it’ that when you sell something that earns or saves you money, you don’t get the income any more? Love it, Truthie.

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    • Truth Seeker says:

      Morning Kate 🙂 and thanks for your kind words 😎 and the answer to your first question is… Not a lot 😦

      Yes, it makes you wonder where their heads are at O_o :/ when they can’t work out the most basic of concepts 😯

      But let’s hope that the voters of NSW are at least as smart as Victorians and QLD’ers. 😉

      Cheers 🙂

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  3. bilko says:

    Nice one truthy, Labor creates and liberals do not, it is in their DNA as quoted elsewhere. Sadly the national interest comes last in their agenda as self interest is always first.
    Can anyone tell me what have they ever done for us(the country that is) as per Monthy Python Life of Bryan sketch, even going back as far as the Ming dynasty.

    For gods sake let Australia stand on its own two feet, kick off the UK apron strings, say cheers to Liz 2 and her ilk. I am a possy ex uk born and things should be a lot better than this” mendacious mob of miscreants” portrait.
    Wake up you NSWallies, bugger Murdoch and his rags and once again think for yourselves and future generations.

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  4. Truth Seeker says:

    I notice Baird this morning quoting that lying, traitorous piece, of crap, Ferguson, as a reason to dismiss the Labor claims about his selloff, and vote LNP 😯

    But the truth is, if anyone believes Baird or Ferguson, the tooth fairy and the boogie man will be around shortly, in their rubber van, to collect their brains, cos they’re obviously not using them! 😯

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  5. Bighead1883 says:

    Geeze mate I can swear there`s a poet reading the news here 😆
    This should be shared with Australia on “Mad As Hell”

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  6. Gilly says:

    Good stuff Truthy. For one who is a regional resident, the reference to decentralisation rings the bell. The change from Country Party to National Party well illustrates the disenfranchisement of regional areas.

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  7. John lord says:

    Love your work.

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  8. bilko says:

    Well thruthy, the wallies failed us, went for the charm and the crocodile smile, even my OH commented well on the latter. So our Tones lot will take heart and he remains until we off load his remains in 2016 or his mob move on him sooner. The stuff ups and gaffes will continue he can not help himself.
    off to Melbourne for easter

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