Reclaim Australia… From whom?

Reclaim Australia… From whom?Reclaim-Banner-300x300

I’d like to tell you all a short story about my childhood.

When I was a kid in London, there was lots of talk of racism, and at one stage I was accused of it myself   😯

Now I started school, at the age of three, as my mum was pregnant with my little sister (who later died, at the ripe old age of six months, from  whooping cough and pneumonia…   😥   )

My mum was very sick, with the pregnancy, and spent months in hospital prior to giving birth, and so I just had to go to school, as there was no other option   😦

So off I went, to Findsbury Park, Montem Street Primary School, where at the time there were some 28 nationalities attending said school, around half of whom could not speak English   😯

Now I was very much a loner at school, and only found one boy that I called friend, and his name was… Photius Themostoclious ( I’m not sure if the spelling is right), a good Greek boy from  mainland Greece.

I clarify  that point, cos at the time, in our school, there was a lot of issues with Greek and Turkish Cypriots (Greeks and Turks from the island of Cyprus) who were the cause of lots of trouble.

Now Photius and I were on the outer with the other kids, cos we were always top of the class, reasonably big for our age, and kept to ourselves, playing in our group of… Just two  😯

One particular day we were in the playground, playing “Scuba divers”, which was a bit odd (at least for me, as I couldn’t swim, and had a real fear of water   😯   ), but there we were in the playground, being “Scuba Divers”, when we noticed about 20 kids milling around in a partially hidden corner of the playground   ❓

So we decided to go and see what was going on.   😉

To our annoyance, there were all these Cypriot boys, picking on one little English kid   😯   so Photius and I went in and broke it up , freed the little English kid, and then went back to our game of Scuba Divers, thinking no more about it   😀

A little while later, we were called up to the Head Masters office, (A certain Mr Fish) and threatened with the cane, for picking on the Greek kids… WTF?

The upshot being that at the age of  around 7, one English kid (With a European last name, and one Greek kid were accused of being racist for picking on around 20 Greek boys.   🙄

Luckily my Mum worked at the school at that time, and quickly told Mr Fish what he could do with his accusations and his cane!   😯

And that was my introduction to racism and injustice.

So we were told that we were naughty naughty boys, and not to pick on 20 greek kids again!

Now to be fair to the aforementioned Mr Fish, he was only responding to numerous complaints from the Cypriot kids parents without any knowledge of what really happened!

The truth is that the bullying and intolerance shown by those Cypriot kids came not from them, but from the racist attitudes of their parents, who were in the UK not to become assimilated into British society, but primarily to take advantage of the NHS, via a loophole in the immigration policy.   😦

Another example was the barber that my mum used to take me to, was taken over by a Muslim, and when she took me there for a haircut, the first thing he said to her was  “You hate me… Don’t you?”   😯   Somewhat taken aback, my mum replied,   “I don’t even know you!”  RCA

Now the majority of said Cypriots were Muslims, and arrived with a huge chip on their shoulders, but although many judged all people from Cyprus and Muslims according to the few that were seen as racist and and nasty people, there were many more that never caused any problems, just wanted to assimilate, and have a better life for themselves and their families.

The funny thing is that my family background includes everything from English aristocracy, to Scottish brigands, with a smattering of the Welsh and Irish, through to a very old Italian family that won our coat of arms during the crusades, (Those particular ancestors were artist and musicians, as indicated by said coat of arms, which included two daffodils (Roses) and a rampant duck (Swan)… or at least that’s how I describe it   😀  ).

But I digress   😯

So why am I telling you all this?

Because the part of London that we called home in the 195o’s, was a melting pot, with every nationality imaginable, and what I learnt during that time, was that there are good and bad in all races, which has only been reinforced throughout my life since.

We even had the Polish/Jewish Dr involved in the QB VII court case, Dr Dering, as our family doctor, who despite the claims against him, was a truly decent man and a brilliant doctor, who we watched deteriorate through the court case, which eventually killed him   😦

I’ve known good and bad Muslims, Jews, Germans, South Africans, Italians, Asians, Japanese, Croatians Americans, Enlish and yes, even Australians   😯

But in my experience, the vast majority of all nationalities are essentially just like us; people who just want to live in peace, and make a good life for themselves and their families.

IMHO we should all “Treat others as we would like to be treated ourselves!”

And everyone deserves to be treated with decency and respect, until THEY prove otherwise!

So the question is:

Reclaim Australia… From whom?







About Truth Seeker

Musician singer/songwriter, guitar teacher.
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59 Responses to Reclaim Australia… From whom?

  1. Bighead1883 says:

    Well the title says it all “Reclaim it from Whom?” and your life`s shared experience can be played over here in Australia by WW2 refugee families { I know first hand and it`s no different from what you wrote just a tweek of Nationality where the Greek Cypriots were Aussies and the victim had an unpronounceable name-to them }
    The worst racism happened/happening is to our First Australians because this is ingrained in our MSM {like they`re trying to do to Muslim}

    Aboriginals draped a huge First Nations Flag over a street walkway with “Not Yours To Reclaim” sewn onto the bottom
    To me this was the epitome of the of the two marches “The Reclaim Australia” and “The March Against Racism”
    Kevin Rudd continued Gough Whitlam`s reconciliation work with our First Australians and Tony Abbott trashes it just like John Howard did
    Racism/hypocrisy and bigotry are all handmaidens of neo-con LNP/IPA ideology woven into their fabric of lies and deceit held together with the glue of greed and corporate welfare from US the taxpayer and from the stolen lands of the First Australians.

    Thank you for writing of this Truthy 🙂 because it`s the discussion ADULT Australia must have.

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    • Truth Seeker says:

      Thanks mate 🙂 , and yes, racism is a blight on all societies, in all its guises 😈

      We as humans do have the ability and right to discriminate, and do it every day, in the things we buy, eat drink, the friends we choose, who we give of ourselves to, and what we choose to give, etc…
      But I sincerely believe that all discrimination should be based on knowledge, understanding, common sense and reason, and not blind ideology, fear and/or hatred for a particular race, colour or creed 🙂

      And the kind of fear mongering undertaken by the rabid right, in this country and around the world, for their own personal ambitions, hatreds and greed should, and must, be called out for what it is, and roundly condemned by caring people of all nationalities! 🙂

      It was a good lesson to learn, albeit at a young age, and the abhorrence of racial discrimination and injustice has been with me ever since!

      Cheers mate 🙂


  2. Bighead1883 says:

    This particular photo and face off confrontation said it all for me

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  3. Bighead1883 says:

    Dossy Tighe
    @TigheDossy FOLLOWS YOU
    iam a strong gamilaroi yinaar &speak from da ❤


    Paul Dutton John Wren IndigenousX Pty Ltd MISH
    Followed by Paul Dutton, John Wren, IndigenousX Pty Ltd and 9 others.
    Dossy Tighe ‏@TigheDossy 2m2 minutes ago
    @mrbenjaminlaw @Biggy1883 wat welcom 2 destroy this beautiful nation

    Dossy Tighe ‏@TigheDossy 3m3 minutes ago
    @Biggy1883 @cornlegend1 the gubbament and the foreign policy that we are all subject 2

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  4. cornlegend says:

    an interesting subject. Sorry in advance for taking up so much space, but this is an issue that has weighed heavily on me also, particularly in the last week
    Now I don’t know or really care that much what my geneology is, and never had problems really but have saw the tensions, with Croatians, Macedonians, Yugoslav, Italians etc when they were brought here in droves as factory fodder for the Steel Works at Port Kembla.
    Now these people are the grandparents and great grandparents of our current generation and there is a melting pot blend in our current generation and all live happily ever after it seems.
    The difference I think is that those days, it was race, now it is religion .
    I have an old ex wharfie mate ,an old red , who coincidently came for a visit just last week after his return from Europe
    His Aussie daughter married a Pom about 10 years ago and they went to France for his work.
    My mate and his missus spend a month over there each year visiting them and their now, grandkids .
    He assures me, that if Australia continue to be copycats of Britain and the USA, things will get much worse before they get better in regards to Islam/Muslims acceptance .
    He says he has seen it get progressively worse, with the far right growing on his every trip.
    This is happening throughout the whole of Europe .
    He gave me the names only in the last couple of days of a few current doco’s which highlight the problems over there, and expressed his concerns of Governments turning a blind eye to the whole issue .
    The current Right in France , based on their anti Islam rhetoric are going ahead gangbusters,
    a link below to the poster girl of the far right
    Just in the last week, these 3 docos have been screened on British tv, and I have downloaded them to watch.
    I have watched the first last night and it is disturbing , a BBC production “A Nation Divided The Charlie Hebdo Aftermath”
    He assures me the other two will be of even greater concern
    They are
    BBC This.World.S12E03.Britains.Jihadi.Brides
    Panorama – “Secrets of Britain’s Sharia Councils”
    in which apparently it exposes 55 Mosques?Sharia Councils dispensing Sharia Law daily, although outlawed by the British Government
    all the above available online now, only released in the last week or so,

    I really fear, once the far Right, and the morons get brainwashed with this here, from Pickering and the ADF and groups springing up daily, this will get one heap worse .
    I fear Abbott and the LNP will use it as a political tool, and on overseas happenings, could lead to his resurrection
    The link
    Marion Maréchal-Le Pen: The poster-girl of the French far-right is more extreme than her aunt and bigger box office than her grandfather

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    • Truth Seeker says:

      Yes mate, I share your concerns 😦 , and saw the foundations of the problems that the world now faces even way back then.

      I started writing this piece just after the marches, as it’s something I feel strongly about too, and was even in the back of my mind, when I wrote my piece about blood on the streets, a while back 😯

      Also when I wrote my piece “Half the word’s goin’ mad… And the other half’s already there!” 😯

      It’s scary mate! 😦

      Cheers O_o :/


    • Jim says:

      The troubles will pass ,the truth is many immigrants do go through an identity crisis and so fo many Australians over it and as far as mixing pots and Australia, no one does it better.
      There are immigration number undertones in this and i think the influx needs addressing. Wealth is having a pig fest with it the rest are copping hell. If you look you’ll see the immigration hiding in the politics and personalities overseas. Racism has nothing to do with relieving having a rest for catchup in the neo’s immigration cash hit titled and themed under their brand of shove em in cashcow humanity.


  5. HO says:

    Well said Truthy. My Brit parents always ingrained in us to treat others as we would want to be treated ourselves and I have always endeavoured to live by that example. My patience and good nature has been sorely tested at times by those raised with different values with regard to tolerance of race and religion. People raised in a culture of hatred or disdain to others who do not fit their narrow and twisted views become the extremists of this world and are very difficult to reason with.
    When ethnic groups continue to form enclaves in their adopted countries, with their own education systems, the divides of race and religion will continue to grow, more mixing and melding is required. As long as the Right controls the MSM and the government I see things only getting worse in Australia, look at the (miss)treatment of First Australians since the Abbott government has been in power.

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    • Truth Seeker says:

      Hi HO 😀 Thanks mate, I appreciate it 😎 and I hope all’s well with you and Judes across the ditch 🙂

      Yes it’s a shame that the RWNJ’s just don’t get it 😈

      Cheers mate 🙂


      • cornlegend says:

        Thats the problem Truthy.
        I think the RWNJs DO get it.
        The LNP kind of RWNJS, and will milk it for all the political mileage they can.
        This could be their 2016 Election winner issue


        • Truth Seeker says:

          Mate, do you really think there’s that many scared, and redneck Australians? ❓

          I think what they do get, is that playing the fear and racist card worked for Howard, when combined with a pack of lies and a complicit MSM, but I also think that a majority of “Thinking” Australians are pretty sick of the spin and lies, and have stopped listening, hence the fact that even a war didn’t raise Abbott’s flagging popularity 😉

          And even WA are turning on him/them! 😀

          I really don’t think anything can save Abbott and the LNP… except maybe Shorten 😯 and even he’ll have to really work at it 🙄

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    • Jim says:

      Yes HO, the msm. And still controlling govt.

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  6. Bighead1883 says:

    We`re getting more concern about the dangers of the TPP from old warhorse Lib Bill Heffernan than our own Party
    Liberal Senator Bill Heffernan blasts Trade Minister over secret TPP talks

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    • Jim says:

      A disclaimer, foot in both paddocks for safety.

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    • Truth Seeker says:

      Mate it’s not a good look when Hef is doing the job that Labor should be doing 😡


    • Bighead1883 says:

      This does not fit the ultra neo-con agenda Jim and hef is act small L Lib


    • Jim says:
      Blaming the “lefties”. They miss their 40 dollars a cd, i dont miss the monopoly and the commercial dominance and culture push here and the politics sneaking through with everything and the policing. A lot of psyche plays and other matters go with it.Especially training youth generations for US and institution money matters. Crocodiles.
      Things got rough for me on twitter when i voiced dissent and concern over hollywood tpp matters. Was everyones golden haired boy and hope till then. They are EXTREMELY organised. And i’m talking hack and full net capability.
      Little is about trade if you get to read the article. A great part is just corporate freeway and domineering.

      On other matters i think Billy Gordon needs a fair go, he’s come from plight, he’s no Murdoch Kissinger hack(yet maybe) and he’s coming across quite noble unless he’s getting fed lines and got someone’s hand up the back of his shirt. If they are going to rough him up or give him the treatment that’ll piss me off. I’m watching him though over other matters.

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      • Truth Seeker says:

        Hey Jim 🙂

        Mate I have no issues with him per se, other than he should have declared everything up front so there were no surprises, but Annastacia was in a no win position; damned if she did and damned if she didn’t… at least by the LNP who’re only driven by self interest and greed 😯

        I just hope that she has enquiries into the LNP corruption, and put the damned lot in gaol 😀

        Cheers mate 🙂


        • Jim says:

          All i know of it is his fonestic violence troubles whivh he doesnt have to mention by law because of time and that he’s being investigated for misapropriation. This virgin mary stuff of the right is old early 1900’s stuff of privelage. I say give Newman or Fraser or Beasley etc, any of them paupering, a black mans life and “advantage” and see how they go. All the people inholved in killing my Father walked and were protected, many became rich, given elite positions. None of the doctors who wrote others and medical speciallists telling and ordering to say he showed no symptoms of his complaint, were ever questioned let alone charged. Their children too, well off now and privellaged. Never had a worry in their life and highly protected and all doors open for them. Earning hundreds of thousands by the early 80’s after the disskissal and lifted above others to be judges etc. Kissingers kids.
          We are allowed their perspective , view and input of life and capability on others but not any of Black Billy’s by corrupt advantage. Billy is not there amongst them by gang related murder and treason and criminal privelage. The country heights new his background before the election.
          This is just a political class advantage.


  7. Truth Seeker says:

    Well truth seekers, I’m calling it a night 😯
    Night Biggy, Cornie, Jim, SF and all 😀
    Sleep deep and satisfying, 🙂 and dream of Islands like Manus filled with LNP’ers, with no prospect of repatriation 😯


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  8. SF says:

    Reclaim Australia – from globalization.

    Reclaim Australia – from the greedy LNP.

    Reclaim Australia – vote Labor.

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  9. SF says:

    Helmut Schmidt got it right when he warned already in 2007, that, when it comes to world peace, there is far less risk from Russia than from America, and that NATO is only a tool for maintaining US/American hegemony. And if that is correct, then we are left with one set conclusion: that Europe must finally make policy separate from, and independent of, the United States. ~ Sahra Wagenknecht


  10. driftwood12 says:

    Always a need to be careful SF. One minute we’re wiping out nations under terms of Vermin terrorists, radical, they want to take over the world ,fear them, etc etc etc.
    Then the ruling class packs as many as they can under immigration over the top of the lowers welfare largely concerning housing and opportunity and decent wages increasingly over 3 decades. The bloodthirsty corpirates and profiteers call it humanity to all from the heights.
    Now we have the theatre of the cattle industry, “no one ” knew Indo was going to drop intake even though we’ve helped set up their own feedlots and stock in their country.
    China’s ready to take the market …and next will be a shit fight over foreign workers coming here to process them along TPP corpirate terms of profiteering in Googles new world.

    But you wont hear that in any matter of the rallies even though the subject and more is seething across states. The 9/11 agenda is still running full steam in instalment.

    You cant bring in large numbers of foreigners anywhere without their traditions, insecurities and trimmings coming with them. Then ensues the local humans learning about themselves and foreigners, and their same in intellect among foreigners having a hard time and identity crisis as they adjust to the flow of things.
    Basically, the heights are reaping what they sowed.

    We do need to take the country back but i feel it is far too late. Money wins.

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    • Truth Seeker says:

      Morning Jim 🙂

      Hope you’re OK mate ❓


    • SF says:

      Political correctness was thrown out the window for a seat aboard the gravy train.
      Whatever problems AU is facing, they’re global — in a nutshell they’ve all been caused by globalisation and it’s close cousins PNAC the GWOT plus FTA’s.
      Refugees or guest workers on visa’s, they’re all related back to globalisation.
      What this means is that the current economic model is all wrong as it is based on perpetual economic growth for transnational corporations at the detriment of civil rights and the environment but also government itself ( No matter which particular government of the day, they were all negotiating, they’re all catering to the usual suspects, why what is their MO? — By selling out they hope to become part of the aristocrats themselves.
      The only sound alternative to the current economic model = Eco-Socialism IMO the fifth political theory.
      Article of the day – Revolution’s Matchstick Catches Fire . . .
      In our real lives, we are witnessing the advance of the corporate coup. The latest slurry of acronyms (TAA, TPA, FTA, TPP, TTIP) spells out the coded story of the rise of corporate power over living, breathing people. The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) is still shrouded in secrecy, but one detail we know from leaked text is that a transnational trade tribunal will have the authority to overturn local, state, and federal laws as barriers to trade.

      Gone is our right to self-govern. Rivera Sun


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