We want our Labor party back!

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We want our Labor party back!

With the level of frustration around, at the direction that the ALP is taking, and the ever increasing calls for change from within the party, I thought it was time for me to add my own take on it   😯

And as I, like so many have been saying, since the leadership ballot, that the current leader, Bill Shorten, is not what the majority of R&F voted for, I decided to write this poem as a way to join the clarion call   😀

Now I know that many will say that we shouldn’t criticise our own, and that we need to show a united front, to defeat the LNP, but the truth is that we are not the LNP, and unlike their supporters, we don’t just accept without question all that the party serves up.

Many are unhappy with the direction our ALP has taken over recent times, me included!   😡   And  I sincerely believe that it would be much better to deal with these issues now, than wait for the LNP to use all the ammunition, that the current leader and the party has handed them, to win another term!

Reading comments across the media, the overarching theme, from a majority of commenters is that there is little or no difference between the two major parties, and whether truth or perception, it needs to be addressed.

So I make no apologies in saying, for the sake of our country, our futures and the party, we need change, and we need it NOW…

We want our Labor party back


We want our Labor party back

From the right wing interlopers

They’ve infiltrated  branches

To install their own… no-hopers

Professional politicians

Moving too far to the right

And now the rank and file are pissed

And spoiling for a fight


We had our proud traditions

Progressives one and all

Till the factions flexed their muscles

And the leaders dropped the ball

We used to be the party

That supports the working classes

But now it seems we support the dreams

Of a bunch of right wing arses


Like the traitorous “Richo” Richardson

Who to Murdoch, sold his soul

And the mendacious Ferguson brothers

Who should fall… into a hole

There’s so many I could mention

But it’s plain for all to see

That the way that Labor’s going

They could join the LNP


There’s the baggage man Bill shorten

Who the members don’t endorse

But who won the tainted ballot

Supported by the right… of course

Though his actions through the leaders spills

Reveal a shady past

He’s now the only party leader

Who won by coming… last


And with his “Team Orstraya” moments

And “Me too”, mentality

We have lost our grass roots focus

And our clear identity

For the sake of corporate governance

And the Dollar’s siren song

And the rank and file are screaming

The party’s direction, is all wrong


As self serving machinations

Are the order of the day

When they used to be primarily

The coalitions way

With Labor seen by many as

The epitome of greed

When the truth is very simple

We’ve been sadly…  L N Peed


In NSW the factional right

Has sullied Labor’s brand

With ALP and Liberal crooks

All working hand in hand

While cheating and corruption

From the Libs is just expected

But with 4-1 against them

It’s still Labor that’s rejected


With Ed Obeid the poster boy

For all that’s wrong with Labor

While the Murdoch’s rabid MSM

Ignore his Liberal neighbour

Who’s every bit as crooked

With a few more Libs in tow

But all you hear from the MSM is

“Labor’s corruption show.”


But the problem isn’t Murdoch

Or his lying News Corpse mob

Or the Mendacious Mob of Miscreants

Who Just aren’t up to the job

And it isn’t those who’ve left the fold

For corporate reward

It’s the right wing plants that live within

That must be… put to the sword


So all you rank and filers

Lift your voices up as one

And tell the right wing factions

That their time is all but done

That a wave of change is coming

And to fight it is just barmy

Cos you’ll end up like old King Canute

Trying to hold back… the tsunami





About Truth Seeker

Musician singer/songwriter, guitar teacher. https://truthseekersmusings.wordpress.com/
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50 Responses to We want our Labor party back!

  1. melaine says:

    Morning Truthie 🙂
    Excellent way to start the day… a thunderstorm and a wonderful poem 😀
    Just add a custard tart or two and it’s shaping up to be the perfect day 😉

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  2. Bighead1883 says:

    Captured the rank and file mood excellently Truthy 🙂
    I had “Waltzing Matilda” going through my head as I was reading that 😯 😆

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  3. bilko says:

    Nice one thruthy, as a right winger in the party and an R&F(er), I voted for Albo because he had more of a fire within to fight your “Mendacious Mob of Miscreants”. Bill needs a left boot in the rear to kick start our election campaign asap.

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    • Truth Seeker says:

      Hey Bilko 🙂 Thanks for that mate 🙂 And thanks for your comment 😎

      Yes mate, we all have to pull together for the good of the party and the country 😯

      Cheers 🙂


  4. Frank Ston says:

    To paraphrase the Mr Magoo voice over, “Truthy, you’ve done it again!”

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  5. JohnB says:

    Great stuff Truthy…
    It’s time R&F union members took ownership of ALP affiliation back from the union execs – they have betrayed the members trust, using it to build THEIR ALP.

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  6. Fran says:

    Cornie is away for a couple of days but these are a few more tidbits that a friend of mine compiles for Cornie.

    Whilst Cornie and I differ on Green motive, he sees them as a handy preference gatherer, I see them as the Opposition.
    The , no differently than the Liberals or the Nationals are out to gain their best political advantange, and if that be Labor voters, that is fair game to them.
    One thing we do agree on is that they are opportunists, able to promise the world without fear of having to deliver and a not too reliable ally when the chips are down.
    One the rhetoric that they, and their preferences continually “get Labor a win” and are therefore some sort of power broker, facts don’t deliver that confirmation .

    While the NSW Election count continues at a snail pace Antony Green ABCs Election Analyst has made the following observations regarding the Greens

    NSW 2015 – preference flows of 33.6% to Labor, 14.8% to Coalition and 51.6% exhausted.

    Note that the Greens polled 10.2% at both elections while support for non-Green minor party and independent candidates fell from 13.0% in 2011 to 10.0% in 2015.

    In Gosford, the Greens didn’t preference Labor, the Greens preferenced an independent who didn’t preference anyone, thus exhausting the vote

    In 2011 the Greens advocated a ‘1’ only vote and only 19.7% of Green voters gave further preferences above the line

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    • Truth Seeker says:

      Hey Fran 🙂 I tend to agree that they are just another opposition party, albeit highly opportunistic 😯

      I must admit to finding it the height of hypocrisy though for any green to preference the LNP, as they are, in theory at least, diametrically opposed 😈 😯


  7. consider says:

    Good one mate, but in my humble opinion, leadership is only part of the problem. A big one ,yes, but the party has a massive problem in the direction it has been going for years.
    May I be so bold as to give my reason for this ?
    I believe for years the workers have had it too easy and have either lost sight of how the conditions they currently enjoy were obtained , or the majority of them don`t really understood the effort it took to get those conditions. Hence the current lack of support for the union movement. (maybe they think they were born “entitled”). The same principle applies to a great number of “Labor members/supporters” who have never “sucked the milk”. All the hard work has been done. NOT.
    Having been a member of the party and a State Executive member of my union in the past, I suppose I must take some of the blame for where we are at today. But at least I had a go.
    I think the current crop should attend the “University of Hard Knocks” to get the party back on the right track again, and study the true roots of the ALP and Union philosophy. They might get a shock when it`s compared to what we have today.
    Cheers all and keep up the good work. It`s obvious our hearts are in the right place on this site, anyway. 🙂

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    • Judes says:

      Consider, It’s the huge number of workers who think they’re above joining their union … while taking every advantage of the benefits, hard fought for by those who put their neck on the line to get them ALL a fair go. These are the bludgers who usually vote against their own best interests come election time. THIS is where the new Labor story should begin ….IMHO


      • consider says:

        Spot on Judes. Some time ago I highlighted the problems our union was having with some “free-loaders” (not the name I usually call them) on the IA site, and copped a blast from some idiot who reckoned, along with all unions ,I was the typical arrogant type who has got this country into where it is today.
        Oh well you win some and you lose some.
        Cheers. 🙂

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    • Jim says:

      I dont think anyone had it too easy Consider, i would say outsmarted, and that also came from inside labour. Especially after 75.
      One old tug driver ,a lifetime on the wharves, said the same to me, “the young guys lost everything we fought for”. But they were different times , people and contentions.
      Fighting for rights became a massive maze wander and corporate devience became sharp.
      The backhoe, replaced hundreds of labourers, three and four floors of pmg workers in accounts dept replaced by one computer, a man could bring a wage home to get all, car, home, holidays. Then women were catered for taking two to get the same and powerful protected monopolies grew as did a powerful lapse easy street of public servants as old workplaces dissapeared, and old life lessons and worker numbers.


      • consider says:

        Jim, here is another one who was “outsmarted” by the tories. (Dr. Karl).

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        • Jim says:

          he wasnt aware of the nature of the beast he was swimming with. Says a lot.
          Gets us all. I see your point of educating todays workers but i also know the enemy wants to rally the sheep to finish its web and put in a corporate president, market and power based bill of rights etc so im cautious of all. Incedently the old wharfies and other workers of golden days blame World bank Bob Hawke for the downfall. Screwed them over.

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        • Gilly says:

          Consider, not outsmarted they just emphasised how low they are by lying to an honest man.


    • Frank Ston says:

      You’re dead correct (we don’t like saying ‘right’ around here).
      I’m inclined to blame Howard for pinching the battlers but in truth the rot started much. much earlier. In some senses I think it may be driven by the same psychological process that causes 24 year olds to think that they are entitled to start where their parents finished. Or why a lay about yobbo on the train thinks it’s OK to take up two or three seats for himself, It’s why people walk into my trolley at the supermarket while using their iphones.
      Because they don’t give a flying, fat rat’s patootie!

      15 years ago I was friendly with a young fellow, at my place of employment, who got himself onto the FSU as a workplace delegate. He came to me one day seeking my views on a matter that was before the union for consideration. He claimed that the union were contemplating a wage increase in exchange for the abandonment of the Annual Leave Loading. Apparently one of the senior staffers at the FSU had been ‘tipped off’, by an employer group spokesperson, that it was a deal that might secure employer agreement.
      My advice was to ‘go for it’ with as much vigour as could be mustered. Then as an afterthought I asked him why it was limited to the abandonment of the Annual Leave Loading. When the puzzled look passed I explained to him that the Annual Leave Loading was in fact the result of an imaginative treatment by the Arbitration Commission of a CPI award variation of 1.3%, in respect of which the Commissioner was concerned that the rate of increase was so small, in relative terms, that it would be quickly lost if made as salary/wages adjustment and offered to concentrate it’s benefit at a time when people were taking holidays.
      When he took that back to the union he was challenged as to the source of such bullshit, until he offered my attendance at the next meeting.
      Moral: If the unions don’t know why they exist and don’t know their own history, or have been contaminated by having a foot in the employers camp, can we “oldies” blame the working class for the ills we face.
      PS; I don’t know the answers.

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      • Jim says:

        I agree with Consider Frank except for my point. Workers numbers dissapeared as did the organisation. The younger are victims, the populace got given no jobs , casul rise and bankcards to survive and real estate became the game, a job, finance. Parasites infested the public service.
        Across the board, technology replaced millions in a very short time.
        The old tug driver failed to mention mention millions of jobs were replaced by technology, crane systems, containers, roll on roll off systems. Trucks were now carrying 4 times the loads replacing drivers etc etc.
        I told the old tug driver, an old mate whos family babysat me for years that he is smug and boastful at his own wealth , comfort and times. It was the same to me as the bastardry in the RSL of soldiers telling others their war was worse than others like they were the only ones who ever fought a battle.
        A lot of older would be curled up in a ball crying if they had 5 years of a young persons life today. I’m not talking about mr and mrs backstreet feral from Sydney sold the asbestos shack for a mill and moved to Brisbane and bought 5 houses. Whose brats still wander the streets, drugs, fast new commodores, jet skis and punching and abusing people.
        How young people whish they had the old days.

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      • consider says:

        Frank, if ever the saying ” Those who forget history are doomed to re-live it”, was relevant, it is in the question we are trying to resolve right now. mate, regarding the ALP and the Union movement.

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      • consider says:

        Frank, a similar thing happened in my union, only on a much, much larger scale, and when I warned them about the consequences of their collusion with the “enemy” I was not listened to.
        It is now history as to what happened to that orginisation and the many, many thousands of lost jobs. It is now a shell of what it was previously.

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    • Truth Seeker says:

      Hey Consider 🙂 Thanks mate 😀 and I hope you and the lovely Considerette are doing wel 🙂
      Mate, I agree that a lot of workers take for granted what they have today, in the same way that many here dismiss the GFC, cos the ALP were too bloody good at avoiding it 😯 It’s the old story, you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone 😉

      There is also the old chestnut of the bad press that the unions have got over the last few years, and the relentless ideologically driven attacks from the LNP and their complicit MSM 😈

      Cheers mate 🙂

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  8. Judes says:

    Nailed it Truthy … Now let’s break out the ‘I fight Tories’ bubblebacks, and whistle up the tsunami !

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  9. Jim says:

    A good ryhme truthy.
    Corporate , and get in the public service and get what you can out of it hss got way too strong.
    The one percent , military industrial complex, 5eyes rotten with corporates and its capabilities stolen by business class connivers behind everyones back decades ago. And rolling in pig easy street. No different to crime taking over the wharves and Herbert , the police force.

    As i said to Consider, backhoes replaced tens of thousands, electric powertools tripled the pace of life, office cunning and deceit became the norm and the populace was given Bankcards for Australia to learn what Bankrupt means. Marriages failed, kids to the streets, rolled out of their homes. All that after 75 and the people couldnt catch up. The nation kept as dumb as possible for heights advantage. School textbooks still in 74, full of turn of century pioneer stories and aimed at providing, labourers , jackaroos and soldiers.
    We were jumped.

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  10. SF says:

    We want our Labor party back, …ok.

    Getting the Labor party back does not mean a return of lost sovereignty.

    What are Labor policies on annulling FTA’s?

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  11. gothik2011 says:

    Just realised that Shorten and his family live in MOONIE PONDS. Now that is a distinction that they SHARE with another FAMOUS FAKE Dame Edna.

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  12. orangefox says:

    Those photos you used would have you executed in some countries. I hope you’re using public wi-fi to protect yourself.
    As I’ve said before to you, the only way Labor Left will flush out the right factions is if they walk away and form a new party. Old Labor would then collapse and the real Labor Party could start fresh.
    I don’t know why they don’t do this.

    Also, regards to the Gosford seat the Green’s were right fpr not preferencing Labor. As I understand it, the Labor candidate has connections and support from a former right wing Labor stooge.

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    • Jim says:

      Truthy doesnt post many photos Ofox. He is a great guy and Christian who lets cater to all. Very patient and forgiving. Your other party has also been discussed on here between diehards even because of truthy’s example.
      Truthseeker. We all live and learn. This climate is where all could unite.
      Dogedness is a virtue heights and Murdochcracy holds dear to play in its sheep.

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    • Truth Seeker says:

      Hey Orangefox 🙂 thanks for your comment 😎

      I’m not too worried about ramifications from my little site 😯 although I know that there’s probably a file somewhere with all my subversive poetry in it 😯 I just hope they have as much fun reading it as I have writing it 😉

      I still think though that a split would be a last resort, as the brand has a lot of support, even though it may have been subverted by the “right” factions, and the R&F can and should reclaim it for the true believers, they just need to reset the ideologies to the grass roots, upon which the foundations were originally built.

      Hard… Yes 😯

      Impossible… NO 😉

      Worth trying… Absolutely 🙂

      IMHO, with one member one vote, the parameters can be realigned, and the party will find its true position again, and achieve genuine representation of and for the working classes.

      And in the process gain back much of the support that has gone to the greens and independents 😯

      The reality is that the real enemy of Australia (and the wider world), is the Neocons, and further fragmenting the Labor brand, IMHO, would only play into their hands, as a new party would take years to establish, and by the time that was able to stand as a real alternative, there may well be little if anything left to salvage 😯

      The foundations of true Labor are still there, just buried under the detritus of right wing infiltration, so we just have to clean out the rubbish and reignite the passion and ideologies of the real, progressive left, based on the aforementioned original foundations 😉

      There is, and should be, room for Labor left, centre left and right, within the framework of a truly balanced party, that is seeking to represent the working classes, and I sincerely believe that a real democratic shift to one member one vote can achieve the right balance.

      Or to put it another way we don’t need to throw the baby out with the bathwater, just show it that it is “The Baby” and put it back in the cot until it can learn to play nice, decent and fair 😯

      And on that bombshell…

      Barkeep… Cheers 🙂


      • Anonymous says:

        I admire your dedication to wanting to keep the Labor
        Regards to winning back Greens voters, better to leave them where they are than have them come back and disrupt Labor direction.
        But as you already know I am an independent campaigner and that’s where I think people would gain better outcomes for tge country.
        Keep up the good work. I enjoy your mussings.

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        • Truth Seeker says:

          Orangefox, I think that when Labor sorts out its own house, many will return without any prompting, as I really don’t see the greens doing much more than going the way of the Democrats (or the Dodo) long term. 😯

          I know that you support more independents, and respect that point of view, and I had a lot of time for the likes of Oakshott and Windsor, even though they were conservatives, as they were a rare breed of truly decent, independent politicians, and I have no problems with the likes of them holding the balance of power, but this current crop (both state and federal) leaves a lot to be desired 🙄

          Thanks again mate for your comments 😎 , kind words and support 🙂

          Cheers 🙂


      • JohnB says:

        I’m with you there 100% TS.
        My efforts on the other thread are not intended to create a party schism, but to provide R&F/left with sufficient bargaining power to persuade the ruling hierarchy that they must voluntarily give up their iron hold on the structure and operation of the party.
        As I said in my email to Faulkner, he has assiduously tried the normal/proper channels, and his efforts were strenuously rebuffed by those guarding their power advantage – it is time to turn to some less ‘gentlemanly’ techniques.

        Bear in mind there are other still yet other unmentioned provisions in the various workplace acts I examined that in my opinion are dynamite – I would hope an amicable arrangement could be reached that does not involve calling in ‘the dogs’.
        The party powerbrokers should negotiate a sensible settlement to install genuine democratic reform processes to avoid a vitriolic unproductive split.

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  13. Jim says:

    The people are that broken A Butt is logging Bruny Island destroying the Swift parrot nesting grounds. Would’nt be happening under other older generations. Just shows too how uninventive and disinterested present govt is. Grabbing things for free as productive. All the parties have rot that unite in own self security and corporate crawling servitude .
    Perhaps we can breathe easy when there is no free stuff left for a small minority’s comfort.
    Year after year we suffer from no foresight with growth. Schools, health, roads, infrastructure, resources. Forcing hype and monopoly grabs at anything handy.
    Management are a bunch of grab all gangsters.

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  14. It’s a sad fact that The Green’s policies are more attuned to establishing social democracy than Labor’s. If Labor fails to reclaim the high ground as its own it will continue to fail the people. If a fascist corpocracy becomes fully established in Australia it will be as much Labor’s fault as the LNP and IPA.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Hi Phil 🙂 and thanks for your comment 😎

      IMHO, the really sad fact is that no matter what the greens policies, at around a consistent peak 11%, country wide support, there’s not a snowballs chance in hell that they would ever get the opportunity to implement any of them.

      And that apart from the other fact that when given the opportunity to make a real difference, and gain some credibility for their policy direction, they fell back on ideological opportunism, and failed Australia spectacularly. 😦

      WRT Labor, I wouldn’t call it “the high ground”, but rather the need to return to the grass roots foundations of true Labor, where the right factions are are just another set of factions, subject to, and constrained by the will of the membership.

      I agree that the current Labor lack of leadership is enabling Abbott’s mendacious mob of miscreants, on the inexorable slide into fascism, with Shortens “Team Orstraya” moments and his “Me too” mentality, but I do think that Abbott will be strung up by his petard, claiming the “Moral High Ground” in his pre-election Lie fest and then backflipping on just about everything, except the policies that most thinking people now recognise as the wrong direction anyway.

      Yes, Labor has a lot of reform to undertake, and as expressed by my post, I’m not happy with Shorten, and the ammo that his appointment has afforded the LNP, but they and Abbott are so on the nose, that I cannot conceive of the possibility that they will win a second term.

      I do however hope that the Labor Party start to grab, with both hands, the free kicks that Abbott keeps handing them, instead of this stupid attitude of keeping their heads down and hoping they’ll just fall over the line, as I don’t just want them to win, but deserve to win, and win convincingly, so that the likes of these right wing nut-jobs are relegated to the garbage bin of Australian political history, where they belong. 😈

      I sincerely believe that a reformed Labor are the only real alternative, if we want a future for our country , and future generations.

      And that’s why, We want our Labor party back!”

      Thanks again for your input 🙂

      Cheers 🙂

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    • driftwood12 says:

      Any minority party is in a good position to kick nuts where major wont or can’t. They can also voice and champion causes for brownie points that they dont even believe in. Once having the drivers seat though and major confrontation with power and choice realties, just what comes out of minority is left to surprise. Once in power, other forces control, wreck and undermine at will.


  15. Thanks Truthie. The high ground I had in mind was a green grassy hill topped by a beacon of hope, aspiration and achievement. That light on the hill inspired the struggles of Labour Movements and Democrats from the Tolpuddle Martyrs, the Chartists and the establishment of the 8 hour day onward. It burned bright for less than one hundred and fifty years.

    The lust for individual, factional and political power/money has corrupted the unions and their one time party. Over-mighty barons have usurped the sovereignty of the people. The light is all but extinguished.

    I don’t believe the Australian Labor Party is sufficiently motivated or capable of the reform necessary to lead us out of the wilderness. Look at New Labour in Britain; what a ghastly Thatcherite Travesty.

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    • Truth Seeker says:

      Hey Phil 🙂

      I live in hope, 😯


      • cornlegend says:

        The reality of the fact is that the Greens are to inflexible, fail to sell an acceptable message and blame everyone for their own wrongdoings .
        They use yrns like their preferences get Labor elected , when in fact Greens prefeneces or about 50% are exhausted after the first count.
        They also concentrate on individual seats, where they can pick up on the momentum that grass roots groups spent years building
        North Coast NSW as a prime example.
        They have had small wins, but overall continue to lose out on broader based party building
        They falsely claim victory for others actions
        EWL for example .
        And they may tell you they are going ahead in leaps and bounds, but the facts and the various Federal. Territory and State Electoral Commission provide a different picture.
        The workimg classes only hope is a reinvigorated ALP.
        I posted this before, but it may help you understand my reasoning
        Actually, to be precise The Greens lost a % of the vote in 55 of the 59 seats in the WA State Election 2013
        Some seats like Fremantle -8.5% Perth -6.6% Swan Hill 7.9% etc

        In the most recent election in Victoria 3014 . where the voters dumped the toxic Napthine Government
        The Greens gained a State wide swing of 0.3 % but managed to have a swing against the , with a loss of % in 47 {fourty seven} seats
        In Queensland with the devastating defeat of the Campbell Newman LNP, with massive swings occuring,
        the Greens managed to gain just a tiny 0.9% swing to them

        Now the South Australia 2014 Election
        The Greens managed a 0.6 % increase in their Statewide vote
        HOWEVER, they managed to get a swing against them and lose of % in 18 {eighteen} seats
        with swings against them like the seat of Giles -7.2%

        Now the Queensland Election 2015 , Campbell Newman , Biggest swings around, 30%+
        A change of Government and
        The Greens managed to increase their statewide % by just 0.9%

        continuing with the same trend however, they actually had a swing against them in 33 seats where their % of the vote dropped.

        In some seats, like Mackay, Hinchenbrook,Warrego, Lockyer etc, the vote was so low, the ABC election site just lumped them in with “Others” for expediency

        The ACT election 2012 were even worse.
        Its better to let Canberra Times have the last word
        “The ACT Greens slipped into deeper electoral trouble last night with updated vote counting showing for the second night running that their leader Meredith Hunter is heading for defeat.

        And history is against Ms Hunter in her Ginninderra electorate, where no independent or minor party MLA has ever lasted more than one term.

        Last night’s updated interim preference figures show the Greens heading for a near wipeout, losing three of the four seats they won in their historic 2008 showing.”

        Also, the Tasmanian Elections 2014
        Tasmania saw the Greens suffer an 8.1% swing against them, and end up not even being able to maintain “Party Status ”

        Now Federally, the last result , 2013 didn’t give the Greens a warm inner glow either with its vote dropping to 8.6% a loss of 3.6% nationally
        Not only did their vote drop Nationally , but in the 155 Seats they managed to lose a % of their vote with a swing against them in 135 seats Yeah correct one hundred and thirty five seats had a swing against the Greens
        135 !!!!
        And it wasn’t small swings, Bass-7.7% Denison -11.1 % Durack -12.2% Fairfax -9.7 %
        Even in Tony Abbotts own seat the Greens managed to lose 0.8%

        Then we have the current NSW one , where with counting continuing, so has the trend.
        Currently, Greens 0% increase and in the Legislative Council -1.7 %

        Stay tuned for updates

        all the above can be verified at

        Just the conclusion of all recent elections State Federal and Territory
        showing the Greens exact position in the game

        NT votes 2012 Northern territory 2012
        Even though Labor copped a flogging, you would have thought this was the ideal opportunity to see the Greens make some gains at Labors expense.
        They even ran new candidates, in seats for the first time
        But no, again, even contesting more seats, their Territory wide vote dropped by -1.0%
        and in some seats, took a hammering

        Greatorex -8.8% Nightcliff -17.0 % Port Darwin -9.6 %

        Then we move on to the just held NSW Election

        The Greens have declared their strong showing at the NSW election sends a strong signal to the major parties that voters are dissatisfied with their policies
        Greens MP John Kaye said the result showed the major parties had been put on notice

        This is the type of hype and spin they
        get away with.
        A ‘strong showing” equates to NSW Election 2015

        A 0.0% increase in their statewide vote
        a loss of 1.4 % in their Legislative Council vote
        Currently, with almost all the vote completed the Greens have managed to have a swing against them in 56 {FIFTY SIX} of the 93 seats in the State
        Yep, a loss in % of the vote in 56 seats

        Now Labor picked up 20 seats and that was a “poor result”

        Greens has a swing against then in 2 thirds of all seats . yet “The Greens have declared their strong showing at the NSW election sends a strong signal to the major parties that voters are dissatisfied with their policies”

        Now that is the most recent of all Federal, State and Territory elections .

        This Greens hype rubbish has to end !

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