Climate Change thinks Tony Abbott is crap!

Climate Change thinks Tony Abbott is crap!Abbott CC

With the chorus of derision rising, about this (and I use the term very loosely) government, and its $4 million handout to the Climate “Contrarian” Borg for his UWA  “NO  think” tank, and the lies about the funding process coming to light, is it any wonder that we’ve been labelled by the UN climate council as, effectively “Public Enemy No 1”, on Climate Change   😯

For starters, the LNP’ers said that they were approached by the chancellor of the UWA, and the $4 mill was only part of the funding, that was going to be added to by the university.   😕

Then the chancellor was interviewed, and said that the government approached them about the proposal, and the only things the university was providing was space and internet access   😯

We then saw Pyne defending the decision… WTF   ❓

Greg Hunt+There’s also Greg “Climate Change…What Climate Change” Hunt, claiming a “stunning success” for giving away $660 million to polluters, which firstly has, in reality, put a price on carbon (which could rightly be seen as “just another broken promise”), and more importantly in this instance, is blatantly misleading, as the only “Stunning Success” he can claim is in giving away around 1/3 of the total budget for carbon abatement, with no guarantee of reducing anything, except… the budget for carbon abatement!   😯

Part of the reason for my scepticism, is because from what I’ve heard, the majority of this money will be going into trees, the growth of which takes many years, and is, in itself, subject to the ravages of Climate Change, and the resultant floods, fires and droughts.   🙄

The other part of the reason for my scepticism is this is Abbott’s “Direct action” plan… 😯

Now I have to say that, as it turns out, after much thought, I’ve come to the conclusion that Abbott’s idea of a “Green Army” is not such a bad idea   😯   as we have just seen two major weather events in as many weeks, both in NSW, then SE QLD, and now again in NSW, and as a result, the regular SES and local authorities are over stretched, and Abbott’s “Green Army”  would be a welcome addition to help with the clean up.   😉

The problem being that so far, that other aspect of  Abbott’s “Direct in-action” plan, the aforementioned “Green Army” is nowhere to be seen, unlike the effects of Climate Change, which are everywhere to be seen!   😯

So I’d like to say that I wait with bated breath for the UN Climate Conference in Paris in November – December this year…  But in reality, with Greg Hunt representing us, and trying to sell the LNP’ers climate credentials, rather than baited breath, it’s more about cringing in embarrassment as our position as climate change pariah is cast in bronze and displayed on the world stage for all to see.   😳

On the positive side, we have the next instalment of  “As the budget fails”  coming up in a bit over a week, and I live in hope that the LNP party machine comes to the conclusion that their best bet will be to call a DD, in which case we may be rid of idiot boy and his mendacious mob of miscreants, before they make us an even bigger laughingstock and climate change pariah than we already are   😡   , and before the economy finally goes, Lemming like over the fiscal cliff of Abbott and Hockey’s budget disasters, dragging our AAA rating with it.   😦

And far be it from me to speak on behalf of something as dangerous and far reaching as Climate Change, but on this I feel confident in saying that;

Climate Change thinks Tony Abbott is CRAP! 


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  1. Bighead1883 says:

    As usual you brought up not only interesting facts and questions Truthy 🙂 but you get one`s mind thinking as to what really is the agenda with this,because we know these cretins work for corporate masters so they are into wrecking every aspect of Labor`s creativity of the past 6 years.
    Whew what a sentence!

    OK Borg first and he is as you pick I believe “a smokescreen” and the head office at the UWA is a front because how can this prestigious university be involved with this chicanery?

    Pyne being involved,well “I`m Mr Fixit,I fix things,I`m a fixer” FFS

    Now the Direct Action in tree planting is timely to bring up because they could have had DAP money invest in “Blue Gum” plantations for future wood chips,carbon sink,oxygen production,like the 80`s & 90`s MIS schemes should have done instead of bankrupting orchardists and vintners by competing against them.
    Your idea as to the Green Army is spot on but my next sentence ends that thought.
    But I indulge this is the LNP so nothing sensible is being done,just more smoke and mirrors to give Polluting Corps “Money for Nothing and Chips for Free”

    And with only 9 or so days until the opening of ‘When The Budget Fails II” what are we to do but look on in amazement and at least thank “team Australia” for securing our data and keeping us from terror,Amen!

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  2. Truth Seeker says:

    Hey mate 😀 thanks for that 😎
    Yes, I thought I would post it, before I crash for the night, which will be any minute 😯
    I’m trying to lift my game a bit with a few more posts, but my low sats induced porridge brain makes it difficult 😡 but hey, we do what we can 😉
    Night again mate 😀 sleep well all 😉

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  3. consider says:

    Good one mate. But anyone who thinks that climate change is not going to gather tsunami strength leading up to the next election here and around the world is delusional.
    Unfortunately we in this country are being left behind, because these mongrels currently in power, by un-doing the good work started by the previous Govt. on climate change, have placed us in that position.
    Instead of us leading the world on this issue, Abbott, the bastard, along with his criminal cronies, and supported by the selfish unthinking “couldn’t care less” voters, we now find our-selves playing catch-up.

    I`m at the stage of life where climate change won`t effect me, but I feel very sorry for the up-coming generations, including our grand-kids of course.

    Tory voters disgust me.

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    • Truth Seeker says:

      Morning Consider 🙂 and thanks for that 😎

      Glad you and the lovely Considerette came through the storms OK 🙂

      Yes mate, we have been sadly let down by Idiot boy, and those that voted for him/them 😈

      I agree that it’s our kids/grandkids that will cop the worst of CC, but the last couple of weeks shows clearly that we will also be affected by it 😦

      Cheers mate 🙂


  4. SF says:

    An article like this can always do with the Last Hours video, when I first watched it only had just over one hundred views.

    Globalization and it’s signature Free Trade Agreements are closely related to climate change — look more closely — Just about everything that’s wrong in politics is caused by globalization one way or another.

    Bottom line — Fair Trade – Not Free Trade — There’s a huge difference!

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    • Truth Seeker says:

      Hey SF 🙂

      That’s scary shit 😦

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      • SF says:

        Howdy TS.

        Last hours sends a powerful message indeed!

        The climate change deniers only offer proof of how ill informed they are — It’s been proven that their rhetoric is frequently based on a financial incentive from the big energy companies

        Work of prominent climate change denier was funded by energy industry

        Dark Money” Funds Climate Change Denial Effort …!

        The argument on offer by the denialist is that global warming is not supported by data — There is plenty of data — However — One of the main things they deliberately omit to acknowledge is that global warming is simply the prelude to another ice age — which is presented in the form of Climate change.

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        • driftwood12 says:

          Thats called refrigeration effect. It still doesn’t cover the lies SF ,relied on by so many in the sheep fearmongering campaign. That’s why so many doubt. Own the power supply you own the world. The nuclear industry is no slaggard in propaganda either or owning politics and scientists. Get countries in on an exchange and you eventually own them and can manipulate their economy. Katmandu, floods, storms, the washing blowing off the line, has nothing to do with climate change. It is weather pattern change and cycling.

          Where is the volume data of co2 and Earth absorption rates? Thats all the evidence needed.
          Some facts are, the ozone layer apocolypse is also a proven fraud.
          The earths air quality for humans with coal and stove and heating fire burning is very poor and cancerous.
          There are, hopefully, tens of thousands of years and mega billion turnover of humans to follow us and we leave them no resources including myriads of fauna and ecologies to enjoy. No one cares about that on any level. Reflected in enviorenmental law and corporate council actions.
          Cold Corporate and cold institution and cold hearts rules the world. This realm of climate change is in Hollywood publicist , script and copywriters mode, pushed by political and media saturation and supported with hype, lies and fearmongering.
          If climate change was real, the greens wouldnt have a job in the real world as matter of ecology and town planning and attending reclamation would be attended to by law already. It would be a National Security issue . It is not and there are no plans for it. Even our lower humans on the economic scale have no representation aside from lying hype. They are despised.
          Once the uranium mines are underway and more nuclear plant sales, you’ll never hear of renewables or climate change again. Unless its caused by having no Wall st rich mans President or no Bill of legal market rights.

          There are timber monopolies and a poo fight for control of them. Modern and rich countries are winning that. The peasant countries annoy the hell out of them. The guitar industry, musical instruments, ornate timbers. The markets. Rich mans undercut tantrums . We set no example on timber and ecology, Suicidal and totally ruthless rich man and would be opportunist. The west push for ownership and control.
          There is no forest reconstruction. All the bare land is trees sold decades ago, shipped overseas, millions of acres burnt for stock grazing. My own shire rich in red cedar- you cant find one or the tens of thou of others of rare rainforest variety the region noted for. Gone, sold decades ago by the shiploads, gorged on and treated as common as slash pine.
          All the giants and pig rich want us singing their pig songs.
          Volume data SF.
          And yes , we face extinction as we do and are to all life around us.
          Once nuclear is in, there may even be fines for mentioning renewables. The damage is complex and so will be our deaths. We will get to taste every death from everything we’ve done.


          • SF says:

            What are you really saying Driftwood — You’re a climate change denialist !

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            • driftwood12 says:

              Is that all you’ve got? A populist tag. Doomed like a witch i am. A low heathen.
              I could say your a nuclear political lackey. Or a superior western corporate white playing tree swapping advantage with peasant country’s to slowly control their economy. Damn brown and yellow vermin.

              Volume and absorption rates please. Documented action for same please.
              One common mechanic of co2 is to stay colder for longer. Ozone rises and bleaches the air, cleans, then returns as dreaded oxygen.
              One of the best arguments for getting the co2 matter working is post pics of the deformed looking, huffing puffing, straddling swaggering grunting animals that existed and evolved to high co2 atmospheres on earth.
              Sorting the hay from the Chaff SF. Truth wins. Battery flat, ive got seconds to post. Catchya soon 🙂


  5. bilko says:

    You must be under the weather, this piece lacked your usual fire and brimstone. I understand the climate is crook up your way so store up the ZZZ’s and come out like a dragon for budget fail 2 which only in Tones mind was a success, god what must a failure be like.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Hey Bilko 🙂

      Yes mate, some extra ZZZ’s would be a fine thing 🙄

      Obviously success is only in the minds of the LNP, just as Hunt claimed a stunning success for doing what they said they would’t do… Putting a price on carbon 😯

      And yes mate, what would a failure look like 😯

      Cheers 🙂


  6. driftwood12 says:
    Volcanic action. Climate fear rose with increased volcanic activity leading up to the northern sea route opening. Changes currents and weather patterns. Caused drought in northern parts of Australia.


  7. Bighead1883 says:

    OK here`s something I`ve found concerning the “New World Order”
    I`ve not seen such polls anywhere 😯 and put together with the rest of the article seems yet to be another form of propaganda against science
    I question as to why would a “New World Order” want to create the hoax of AGW because the science of ending AGW also ends fossil fuel dependence going to renewables
    Anyway we can judge many things for ourselves if we care to dig deep enough
    5 – Polls show young Americans are skeptical of Global Warming

    Even in 2015, the year of the planned return of the “global warming” hoax theme disguised under the “climate change” banner, it may appear the young generation is not fooled by the global elite climate religion agenda concocted in the late 1950s and initiated in the 1960s by the Club of Rome. Despite that the climate change movement is in full gear this year, people are holding on to their common sense, critical thinking and rational thought and have not fallen for the agenda. Anyone can clearly see that the Climate Change hoax completely ignores the greatest threat to the planet and that is the planned, documented and carried out geoengineering spaying of our planet. As humanity watches in horror as our blue skies and fluffy white clouds turn to nasty feathery linear tic-tac-toe skies, the climate change hoaxer watches in a silence of betrayal, not willing to say a word to expose the 150 patents the Department of Defense has for spraying our skies. That youngsters are on to some of this and/or are not buying the global warming lie is another sign that we are headed in the right direction in terms of overall human consciousness and awakening, thus bad news for the new world order.

    – See more at:

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    • driftwood12 says:

      Notice the writer is a psyche. That is also textbook American. Itself goes back decades.

      Volcanic action is a precursor to little ice ages- as we have now.
      The suns heat is not a constant, it varies, doom us or a saving grace?
      The last little ice age faded with the industrial era rise- cooking up.
      Volcanic action has again lit the fuse.
      The last little ice age was natural. To the Earth.
      Whats coming has mans bonfire on it.
      Our skies have millions of tons of jet fuel exhaust vapourised in it. Saturated. Kerosene is a hydrocarbon. The last 4 decades heavy of it 24 hours a day.
      3/4s of the ocean is under bottom trawl, reduced oxy exchange, capacity to absorb, counter greatly reduced.
      If you give a ton of seafood a ten foot floorspace, just since 1985 when sea catches started declining, even though fleets and ship sizes increased, just the documented commercial catch , not massive global amateur, pirate, indigenous, the seafood covers 9,000 miles x 9,000 miles. That does not include dead and destroyed bycatch.

      The earth fits inside that.

      2.5 Million tons of seafood per year is fed to F wildlife and fauna killing Cats.
      Mega tons more are fed to pigs, cattle.
      Reduced absorption and normal gas exchange disrupted. The ocean surface is where the exchange takes place.
      Massive water pollution globally. The huge methane clathrate deposit in the water of the China/ Japan island dispute is in the unstable earth of volcanic activity. Another is off sth WA. The Artic and tundra and northern oceans has already started releasing. Co2 effects are long lasting. Methane is a bomb campared. 10 year life per piece but a quick big hit. Push co2 to its full potential and life. It will release in volume for some years and we’ve damaged the sink mechanisms that do EVENTUALLY balance. Largely by deforestation, co2 production and ocean depletion etc.

      As the article on the little ice age explains, science is not sure whether it lasted 2 or 7 hundred years. How much was the volcanic activity that caused it? And it was in natural gas terms in an enourmously much healthier and quicker balancing Earth.
      How long is the volcanic action above norm going to last.
      The suns heat is not a constant, will it fall in our favour.
      A little natural ice age is known to have made Australia cold in the south, dry in the north which means freezing ice winter nights which already happen when things are normal. 2 to 7 hundred years a little natural one lasted.
      Think of green produce.
      And Clive wants to,pump our hot bore water over coal.
      Ive seen outback bores slow to a trickle as farms opened up over 20 years, govt forced capping. Galillee volumes frighten the life out of me to think about.

      The above is brief.


    • Dee says:

      @ Biggy. Most young people I know are aware of Chemtrails. Older people, I find, prefer to label deny it, although they are in a better position to remember the clear blue skies and fluffy white clouds of the past. They seem unable to comprehend that their government/military could be so deceptive and would label any messenger as paranoid or a CT. In Australia, we’ve had 15 years of this. If it is intended to stall global warming,(and I do have some doubts here) then its failing miserably as we see more and more extreme weather events. The only hope I can hold to is that corruption and deception at high levels will one day be exposed. Exposure is happening slowly as there are many (of us commoners!) talking about it now but no one in power dares mention as they have too much to lose.

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      • driftwood12 says:

        Dee, aside poisoning selected humans or populations, heading off selected countries rainfall by cloud seeding or dispersal, experiments of such and wind pattern data, there isnt much else to bother with. Unless some have an innoculation to something being spread. Humans are’nt that good at keeping secrets.
        One example, Terry Lewis’s office had tapes from an American General warning and telling what was coming and going to happen including Bob Hawke being installed with the world bank some years before. Could have been a security op. Yanks are bastards for head games and control freaks. It hurts that their psychologies are so heavily here politically and media wise. The mormons were also here en masse door knocking and making friends and listening to all of Australian life , pains and gossip of people and areas.
        Any airborne experiments would be silent for liabilities sake. Kooks and scams and cunning, leave it to the yanks.

        There are no unatural events. All happened before in cycles. Many years ago in horse and buggy days a cyclone came down and sat in the fill basin of what is now the Somerset dam. A wall of water flowed down , slammed into a 200 ft high Cliff and moved a high set Queenslander in the paddock beyond nearly off its stumps. A guyvgallpped thru the night non stop through virgin bush to Petrie telegraph and sent a warning to Brisbane. They did nothing, warned no one, it wiped out Brisbane and all the bridges.
        It happens all the time. Caboolture recent floods? Just north of Caboolture holds the highest recorded dump of rain in 24 hours. I believe it was 6 inches in one hour- can be googled. That old local hitting cyclone in another form and decade.

        With media today you get to hear a fart in Iceland and see every event thats gone on in cycle for millennia in silence unknown to the other side of the world. The weather and patterns always change, lately, volcanic action has changed matters. The glaciers, dry earth, the earth moving from Iceland, Greenland, Pacific rim , volcanic action -Katmandu.
        Nothing out of place YET. Will Gaia intervene or is man overdue for a punch in the face.
        Storms and rain are a big equaliser.
        Lots of hype and bullshit and fearmongering around for big money and big players advantage and thuggery.
        The daily sheeple? What 9/11? Did you see a 9/11? How could you not see a
        9/11? Run from it, don’t question, we don’t want to know about it, let time kill it, old men die, blame them in a dozen different who dunnits.
        No the global marauders and conquorers have not gone, nor asleep. Accept their comfort and your hell.


      • Bighead1883 says:

        I`m in from the bush 4 a 1 night stand and it`s “Husta La Viste Bebbee”
        The article I posted is a lend ;wink:


    • driftwood12 says:

      Russia is run by the US. Chernobyl was sabotaged they know who and the US ambassador recommends arrests. Very interesting. It’s in broken english translation but easy to folllow. Another part to post. Written by a Russian intel officer.

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    • driftwood12 says:

      It’s in poor description english but you get the gist. The technicalities are explained.
      The first title posted means the Cold war was fake.
      Not sure if its all a nuclear pitch and an eneryy fight but the who dunnits interesting. Includes 9/11 info tied up with it all.


  8. driftwood12 says:

    Perhaps we should ask the comic book trash Daily Sheeple who organised, the trail of, for John Howard to be in the States for 9/11. And when, in detail. It would also be interesting to compare with other script timelines especially as the Cia and Fbi watched and documented the towers getting worked on for the big day and many high staff were warned somethings going to happen up to months before.
    Where are the answers from our public servants and their owned media and journo’s ?

    May or will Abbott be the last dinosaur. I’ve had the c..s And this countries directions and imbecile politics.


  9. I don’t mind a bit of polemical badinage myself but some of the posts appearing here border on the deranged. A little more peer reviewed evidence might help defuse some of the more paranoid global conspiracy ranting. As the solid scientific evidence mounts astro- turfing climate obfuscation and denialism is becoming ever more shrill and ridiculous.

    I doubt that even the current US imperial takeover bids via “free trade agreements” are particularly well organised. I think our failing democracies are bumbling rather than goose-stepping their way to becoming authoritarian fascist corpocracies.

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    • Truth Seeker says:

      Hey Phil 🙂 thanks for your comment 😎

      I think you may be right about our failing democracies 😯 , and in Abbott’s case it’s certainly true that he’s bumbling his way into fascism 😦

      He really is an idiot, albeit a very dangerous one 😡

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    • Dee says:

      “some of the posts appearing here border on the deranged. ”
      “paranoid global conspiracy ranting”
      FYI phil, I have observed the changes in sky colour and clouds long before any conspiracy sites commented on it. I come from a family of sailors and have been a sky and weather watcher since birth. Of course there is no empirical evidence available and as if there would be! I think I have just been labelled “deranged” and a “paranoid” CT for having a non-consensus view and there lies the whole trouble with this world. I don’t pretend to be an expert but at least my mind is open to all possibilities. Sorry I ever spoke on this taboo subject! We’ll just leave it to the young people to challenge consensus reality. By then it might be too late.


  10. driftwood12 says:

    2.5 million guitars are sold in the US a year alone. Wiping out competition is a big pastime globally , the big guys are good at it. Youtube is dotted with the ind snf outs and tactics. The big guys , their allies, govts become very green when they have competition. Martin makes 200 a day
    Cort had / does held 30 % of the global market. That is massive. And a lot of specialty trees.
    Based,in Korea , pittance wages, overheads , no workers rights etc they still arranged to come out in the black for 10 years.
    There are massive poo fights over timber supplies, dirty wars. Taylor guitars, around 60 thou guitars a year at 2.5 to 8 thou each is supposed to own all supplies of either ebony or rosewood.
    They hate the asian and little guy competition unless they own them or they’re making guitars for them for nothing. The timber is heavily monopolised and fought over.
    They become very govt green about others access to their supplies. Check the war dates against We are green all of a sudden and highly concerned about trees , and timber industry moves and fights. History and dates of.
    As other matter and tree exchange programs and climate change etc , look around and ask yourself WHAT THE HELL DOES OUR GOVERNMENT OR POWERS DOWN TO LOCAL GIVE TWO STUFFS ABOUT ECOLOGY OR TREES? Unless mr big western guy is getting his arse whooped by little asian bastard .
    Yes we are green, stop their supplys and adhere to our established and faithful monopolies. Quick , i’ll have to sell an island.
    Matters as this and more, appear through Climate Change from oil supply, copper for renewables, nuclear. Yes they will destroy your life with lies and stress and fear for profit. Yes your govt will serve them. Yes your media will run it again and stir it up as distraction to other matters. Repeatedly.
    Yes, there’s truth and trouble to climate change. NO, they are not green. Think Taipan with green paint, looks like a grass snake.


  11. driftwood12 says:

    Keep a raincoat handy Truthy, that little reacurring cyclone prefers the east side of the range since the Wivenhoe and Somerset were built. It has little business it seems, over the other side these years. Man caused weather pattern change. The regular Kilcoy droughts may also show signs if watched.

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  12. driftwood12 says:

    Electricity. Qld’s bore water is mineral heavy. Holds heat. You can cook in it. Whole pigs. Graziers have measured some bores and told me it read a dot above boiling.
    Channels out west , and to redirect some flood water for farmers. Enhance rivers, catchments.
    The sun is hot out there. It would take very little solar to turn bore water to steam for generator turbines. Very little coal even. Plus wind generators.
    Water and electricity everywhere. Very little fuel supply structure. Drill down for water to reach artesian basin levels quicker to keep replenished from rain and floods.
    How do you make them listen.


    • driftwood12 says:

      This article is in layman terms and brief.

      Now, he says earth action with co2 takes up to 150 years before Antartica melts at present rates.
      Here’s an attempt at whats going on.
      North is under volcanic action, heating. Cold water and clime absorbs co2 .Antartica is growing but impeded by warm and fast currents trying to counter co2 and in refrigeration effect- cold is made out of heat. The poles are out of balance.
      While we are facing erratics, cold snap lasting centuries, a little ice age. It is happenning with mans co2 bomb on top. Including decades of airiel spraying of jet fuel etc etc, massive deforestation, depleted ocean chemistry.
      Everything to date is normal to the volcanic action and formation of little ice age. Weather pattern changes. Even the Nasa vid happens normally but that it coincides with industrial age is no coincidence . While have the volcanic action we have our bomb on top as petrol on the fire. A double bunger.

      Waterproof explosive fuse burns inside a case. Where you see the burn and smoke, the lit fuse is inside and about 8 inches ahead. Dangerous stuff if your holding a stick of gelignite to throw and dont know waiting for outward signs as timer to throw. You’ll blow yourself up. Go off in your hands.
      Same with whats going on with climate. There is a huge backed up momentum to get to where we are, waiting to burst. There are open visible signs the fuse is lit including the
      Petrol and gelignite- methane weather etc. The lit fuse is far ahead of what is visible up near the bomb. It is runaway, man has no way possible of changing or stopping it.
      Co2 has a hundred year life of effect.
      Much depends on relief concerning life span, intensity. Co2 relief and how long the volcanic action will last. Which is being additioned to by the pole imbalance tearing at each other. Cold and heavy one end, hot and ice lighter the other.
      If Volcanic action and co2 effect win, Antartica’s growth by co2 absorbing ability and refrigeration effect which is already fighting warmed up and fast currents will stop and relent. That puts effects weatherborn. Antartica is presently fighting the effects, soaking up. What stage of capacity it is or can hold is a guess.
      Methane has stepped into the arena. Which includes with it a huge bank of co2, the tundras etc.
      Compared to natural Earth time of such things ,this has happened , and IS, VERY fast. No 100 year creep on this. Amazing.

      The amazing force yet to reap, unstoppable behind this, like a dam wall bursting, decades of mans fuel.
      Intensity depends on length of volcanic action. The Earths spin and centrifugal balance momentum. How much more fuel adds to the fire.
      The cold adds to trees dying and not being able to absorb co2.

      The human effect- greenhouse heat effect in the process of refrigeration effect.
      What happens to human temperament in heat? Now add stress. Don’t forget hormones.

      The God is angry, hopefully it will only be a hard lesson. Repent or die.


      • driftwood12 says:

        I will add that mans damage and co2 manufacture could well have activated the volcanic action. Where without our co2 manufacture, the ice poles may have handled and managed the volcanic action.
        I’m not waiting to see what happens or for seeing how much longer we can make whats coming extend. I want action. It may have taken 1000’s of years for the last little ice age to come about and we’ve tipped it back.


        • cornlegend says:

          you are worrying too much mate,
          Maurice Newman said so CC is all a UN plot

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          • driftwood12 says:

            The nuclear, coal, renewable, oil wars amongst, greatly confuse matters. They all have copywriters and marketing houses in employ, and public servants.
            States are being weakened to conquor and privatisation does that too.
            The UN comments are idiocy to enrage as heights want to jam pack more immigrants here. It is very profitable for some. If anyone can be used, they get lifted up. Or killed off quick if against.


  13. cornlegend says:

    Geez, I don’t know what you lot are worried about ,
    bugger scientists, or just sticking your head out the window and witnessing change,
    Nothing there people ,
    If you take this advice
    Climate change a UN-led ruse, says Tony Abbott’s business adviser Maurice Newman

    limate change is a hoax led by the United Nations so that it can end democracy and impose authoritarian rule, according to Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s chief business adviser.

    Maurice Newman, the chairman of the Prime Minister’s business advisory council, has written in The Australian that scientific modelling showing the link between humans and climate change is wrong and the real agenda is a world takeover for the UN.

    The column has been written to coincide with an Australian visit by the head of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, Christiana Figueres.

    scary shit when these are Australias decision makers

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  14. JohnB says:

    WA university academics think Bjørn Lomborg is crap….

    “The University of Western Australia (UWA) has handed back $4m in federal government funding to host a “consensus centre” with climate contrarian Bjørn Lomborg, saying that lack of support among its academics made the centre untenable.
    Christopher Pyne says the government is seeking legal advice and will find another university to host ‘consensus centre’ after $4m in funding was handed back…”

    Not much good news today, but this revolt by UWA’s lowly academics represents a faint glimmer of hope for humanity.

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  15. cornlegend says:

    Now the UWA has pissed off the Danish douchebag climate denier and Pynes $4 million, Pyne has the job of bribing someone else to take the fool, and the taxpayers $4 million .
    Pyne says he’s Mr Fixit, and will sort it.
    Why not just house this idiot with the IPA ?
    Keep all the crooks together .


  16. driftwood12 says:

    Bjorn was reported to Demarks commitee for scientific lies over his outright deceptions and lies. As all the complaints were the same they made one investigation and there was no charges as though he lied and misled and decieved, the commitee found him too dumb on the subjects science to hold to account. Mind you, Cambridge grabbed his book as a literary work on political environmental science.
    He’s a white shoe bullshit artist. He’s going for the controversial Bernard King tv spot. The Celibrity Baffle Em With Bullshit Entrepeneur. A political distraction maker. God knows everyone including Murdoch is sick of the job.


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