The greatest backflip of all… So far!

The greatest backflip of all… So far!Budget 1

So that’s the budget we have to have!   😯

What a bloody joke this alleged government is!

Senators and MPs being sworn in at the Opening of the 44th Parliament at  Parliament House in Canberra.

Senators and MPs being sworn in at the Opening of the 44th Parliament at Parliament House in Canberra.

As I watched QT on Wednesday after the budget release, and saw Bronnie “Helmet Hair” Bitch-chops, further trashing the office of speaker, along with parliamentary process and whatever credibility this criminally/pathetically dishonest and incompetent government had left, all I could do was yell at the TV   😡

Primarily at someone, anyone, to shut that stupid and thoroughly dishonest, despicable and corrupt speaker up, followed quickly thereafter by expletives directed to said lying, incompetent and corrupt speaker!

Then I started swearing at Shorten and the opposition front bench, as they tried, somewhat valiantly, but in vain, to make her listen to the rules that she as speaker is there to uphold and enforce, along with the integrity of the chamber!   😡

I was swearing out of frustration, as Abbott, Hockey, Pyne et al were allowed to lie and abuse the standing orders, and parliamentary protocols totally unfettered, while perfectly  legitimate points of order were summarily dismissed, with nary a second thought.   😡

At one point I was sure that someone from the ALP would call for a no confidence vote against Bitch-chops, at the very least… But nothing!   😯   which made me even madder.   😡   😡

So while Abbott’s mob of mendacious miscreants, carry on their merry way, trashing any remaining semblance of democracy that we may have, the question  I keep asking myself is;  “Why have a question time at all with this mob?”   O_o

I mean, it’s horribly frustrating for me as an observer   😡   ,  so how much more for the opposition who have to sit and listen to the lies and bullshit with no right of reply?

And all over Sloppy Joe’s attempt at keeping his own and Abbott’s jobs… Cos that’s what this “budget”, and I use the term loosely, is all about   😯

It’s a document that needs to be held on to, cos if you drop it on the ground, it’s so full of Hockey’s rubbery figures and spin, that it will either defy gravity and take off into the ether, or just simply… bounce away   😯

I then saw another example of what a waste of time QT is on Thursday, which was the last sitting day of the “Budget” session   😯   before they head off once more.   🙄

And despite the expectation of at least something from the budget, and the subsequent discussions, to set the agenda for the future of our country, I was left wondering… WTF was that?

I mean really, WTF was that   ❓

So in one fell swoop, what we got was a 180° turn around on;

  •  PPL, from a solid gold scheme that was Abbott’s “signature” policy, to accusations of double-dipping and rorting, from the masters of double-dipping and rorting, for women who used the current scheme as it was not only intended to be used, but was enshrined in legislation.   😯          Followed closely by revelations that two of the architects of the policy’s wives were, by their own twisted standards, rorters and double-dippers.   😉
  • Depreciation write offs and tax cuts for small businesses, which, if memory serves, the LNP railed against, and voted against, when the previous government tried to introduce similar legislation.   😯        They then tried to claim the moral high ground for doing it now… WTF?   O_o   😕   o_O
  • Waiting times for the dole, cutting them from six months, to one month for the young unemployed, thinking that we’ll all agree that they’ve been listening, and applaud them for their great generosity… NOT!   🙄
  • The alleged “debt and deficit disaster” which despite 4 + years of scaremongering and lies, has magically disappeared back into the LNP fairy land from whence it once emerged…   😯
  • And the list goes on…

They played, shuffle the dollars and responsibility, for childcare and pensions, pitching one group against another, in the fight for the pittance proffered, and once more rearranged the deck chairs on the good ship LNP Titanic   🙄

Now the truth is that much of the last failed budget was repackaged into this one, as blackmail, for passing the “sweeteners”; which is already causing issues for the cross benches, as the LNP’ers true agenda bubbles away just below the surface, and their mendacious machinations start to unravel on this pathetic document, even before the bloody ink’s dry   🙄

And as we wave a fond farewell to the much anticipated budget week, the sad realities for me are that;

  • The highlight of the week was Shorten’s reply speech, where for once he did display some level of passion, in his own inimitably dispassionate way   🙄
  • Our democracy took another hit, from the mendacious, incompetent and corrupt speaker of the house   😈
  • The government once again displayed their ability to be hypocritically self serving, totally dishonest, and in reality a NON-government!   😯
  • What they produced was not a budget at all, but a barely economic, and primarily political document that’s not worth the paper it’s written on, and;

The greatest backflip… So far!



For anyone that didn’t get to see Shorten’s budget reply speech,  here it is.

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42 Responses to The greatest backflip of all… So far!

  1. consider says:

    When we said it was a ” re-elect me and stuff the country budget,” we were right. The Galaxy poll today showed a 10 point turnaround. ALP down 5 and LNP up 5.
    What a mob of selfish unthinking pack of idiots they must have polled.
    If this mob get back in, that`s it, this country will be stuffed forever more.
    Vale Australia. 😦

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    • Truth Seeker says:

      Hey Consider 🙂 thanks for your comment 😎

      Yes mate, they’re already talking early election 😯 but just remember this poll was commissioned by Newscorpes, so i wouldn’t worry too much, and even that shows they will still lose 😀

      I’m waiting for the next Morgan poll 😉

      Cheers mate 🙂

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    • Florence nee Fedup says:

      That is since February. Polling on budget is not good.

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    • olddavey says:

      They polled 1,600 people. that’s 1 in 10,000 voters.
      What a crock of shite.

      And Abbott’s already slimebagging his way around the country spruiking for an election, witness his performance in Melbourne today with that left over Liberal scumster Mathew Guy.

      But if they do go for an election and get a majority in both houses, they will put Australia back 20 years.

      And as for Labor, at the moment I despair for the way they are going.

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  2. SF says:

    The bigger the budget, the more that a government will have to borrow.

    The more that a government has to borrow means the more sovereignty that a government will have to offer to their creditors, in other words privatize.

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    • Truth Seeker says:

      Hey SF 🙂 yes, we can see it coming a mile off 😯

      LNP = Dickheads 😈

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      • SF says:

        Southern Duopoly — Politics suck — Not many noticed a thing when Labor was negotiating the same deal that the LNP have approved with ISDS provisions.

        Wait — News flash !

        You should always be better off when you earn more ~ Abbott.

        O really ?

        Abbott’s corrupt Cronyism enables his daughter to rent Australia’s most valuable water front property with rates that even an single unemployed person with rent assistance could afford…DUH !

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  3. Bighead1883 says:

    WTF was that? I see you asked,no you mean WTF was that really?
    Lunacy from the company that brought us the Lycra Looney
    Efficaciousness at crippling our already dead economy and how that backflip has become the norm for LNP politics
    If the aim is to only strip all the wealth from the middle class whilst trying to maintain the picture in a stable form then the auto tuner can`t work and it all just won`t vertical hold-roll over roll over roll over
    the early 2014 G20 in Brisbane laid out the agenda to the IMF but as usual most didn`t listen or understand
    For purists hidden in TSM`s past is where I wrote of the $2 trillion growth promised the IMF by Hockey&Co over a 5 year period
    So one term can`t see their promise at total destruction of our middle class completed
    You see that in 2013 Australia`s middle class net worth was just a little over $2 trillion,graphs were done back then as we were one of the wealthier Nations on Earth with the wealthiest citizens

    So what to do?
    How to grab that wealth?
    It should have been grabbed after 2010 but Labor`s Gillard and a bunch of Indies put a stop to that and the robber baron central bankers of the IMF had to wait
    Enter an LNP win in 2013 and enter austerity politics
    Enter fiscal madness into government spending on “nothing” tangible then top that up with killing off anything the government has making itself money {MRRT-CT-Assets-Services} and they have to tax the poor more
    Like in the US once this spiral begins there`s no stopping it and WA&NSW are now selling everything publicly owned which will further erode fiscal responsibility
    No one is writing of it in the news “yet” but housing repossessions are rising
    Those made recently unemployed have maxed out their credit cards and no one is buying their toys

    Many of these things are harder to see in a big city,but in regional areas economic downturn has been growing exponentially since Sept 2013
    Just a walk down the CBD`s of regional towns will show the closed businesses

    Truthy 🙂 WTF is correct in this Budget just as last years Budget Emergency was WTF
    Let`s hope they never get to give us a third WTF Budget 😡

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  4. AND they improve their poll ratings!!! Perhaps the bulk of Australians just can’t be arsed to inform themselves, and swallow the MSM propaganda and piffle. Are we really that gullible, that stupid, that thoughtless forgetful and ignorant? YES!!!

    One would never know we all experienced the GFC and Lobor’s finest hour in saving the nation from recession and austerity.

    Perhaps we really do get the politicians we deserve.

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  5. bilko says:

    I concur 100%, your fire and brimstone is back but let us use solar power to keep the heat up on this useless bunch. Budget fail 2 is going down the gurgler faster than its infant terrible first born, let the fun begin it is not over until the fat lady(beehive head) sings.

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    • Truth Seeker says:

      Hey Bilko 🙂 thanks for that 😎
      Yes mate, I’m a bit of a fan of solar 🙂 unlike idiot boy and his mob 😈

      It’s like a poorly knitted jumper, you pull one loose thread, and before you know it your jumper has unraveled to just an indistinguishable pile of wool 😯 and in Abbott/Hockey’s case, there are sooo many loose threads, and sooo many pulling on them 😀

      And you should watch out calling her the fat lady mate, cos she’ll tell you there’s no point of order, and eject you under 94a 😯

      Cheers mate 🙂

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    • Truth Seeker says:

      Morning Cornie 🙂

      Yes mate… to coin a phrase ‘Hypocrisy your name is LNP!’ 😯

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    • SF says:

      Nice one, any idea how much is spend on security for KB house ?

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      • Truth Seeker says:

        Morning SF 🙂


      • cornlegend says:

        Dunno about Security or staff, but the need to up the rent to get these costs back,
        TONY Abbott has spent more than $120,000 overhauling Kirribilli House since winning the election – including $13,000 on a family room rug.

        The makeover of the Prime Minister’s official Sydney residence includes $64,988 of landscaping advice relating to dilapidated paths and how to prevent tree roots invading garden walls.

        Another $24,343 was spent at Waterloo’s Premier Carpets on floor coverings, while Sydney heritage roofing company Sovereign Slating Co won a $19,443 contract for repairs.

        January 08, 2014 newsdotcom

        The Federal Government is spending about $200,000 a year keeping the surrounds at Kirribilli House blossoming.

        A three-year contract for grounds maintenance services at the taxpayer-funded official Sydney residence of the PM costs $601,732.56.

        4th May 2015

        they don’t want to save a $

        It was a present intended for the Prime Minister’s residence in Sydney.

        But a government decision to reject a gift of a set of solar panels for Kirribilli House has seen it come under fire for its attitude toward renewable energy.

        Christian lobby group Common Grace crowd funded a set of solar panels in December, hoping the government would agree to install them on Kirribilli House.

        They presented them to Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s office, only to receive a letter from the Department of Finance – which administers government properties – that the gift could not be accepted.

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        • SF says:

          Having his daughter stay in KB house for a measly $250 p/w is pure cronyism.

          Some sources suggest that the property is valued at 21K p/w.

          250 x 52 = 13000.

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          • cornlegend says:

            I hope she doesn’t spill anything on the $13,000 rug that Tony picked then

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            • SF says:

              I hope she does –That triggers a memory — Just like a rental property requires a before and after inspection report to protect the interests of the so called investor — A government should be subject to the same.

              A government should be regarded as nothing but a temporary tenant — Like any tenant — Improvements and maintenance should be encouraged but these should never be allowed to include the selling of items listed on the inventory, like f.e. state run schools and hospitals, roads electricity etc.

              Voting in an election should be regarded as an investment that the electorate makes — Neither could they expect to elect someone who will claim to be exceptional and above the law.

              On KB house — It’s easy to see that in this day and age of Straussian paranoia — Any security expert worth their salt would immediately list KB house as too easy a target not fit for a head of state or visiting royalty for that matter.

              As you know — The MSM watching masses are told a fair few things that are devoid of solid and verifiable evidence,

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            • Truth Seeker says:

              I hope she trashes the joint, and Abbott gets the bill 😀


      • SF says:

        Double dip dibble dab….

        May I ask how you’d imagine the best possible scenario for ending the ever fallacious global war on terror?

        Not even a change in Canberra appears to lessen local support.


  6. brickbob says:

    Great article truthie, and that picture of the 3 stooges from the cornlegend is a classic.

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  7. Bighead1883 says:

    CFMEU National ‏@CFMEU_National 1m1 minute ago
    “@LindaWhiteASU: Love post budget cartoons #insiders”

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  8. Florence nee Fedup says:

    R.I.P. Austerity

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  9. Florence nee Fedup says:

    Maybe they can make a video on that fabulous mat, as they did of Julia and the first man. Shame that their does not appear to be a dog. 1 flag wouldn’t be enough. .

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  10. Gilly says:

    Hi Truthy, been walkabout. Well done M8 you have properly captured my. and many others, total frustration at Beehive. What I suggest is that Labor wage a campaign disobedience. Use no confidence motions and continual debate with beehive. Labor need to be so disruptive that there is no chance for rven the first question to be asked, be continuous until the end of QT or everyone but everyone has been given 94A. Keep it up every time beehive until she is replaced.
    has the chair I am serious with my suggestion, even though it compromises Parliamentary Integrity it is consistent with what the LNP have done.

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  11. Truth Seeker says:

    Hey Gilly 🙂 thanks mate 🙂 And I agree entirely 😯 there’s no advantage for them being there, so they should make a stand , and really point out what a waste of space time and tax payers money (Not to mention oxygen 😯 ) she really is 😈

    Cheers mate 🙂

    Mate I agree completely


  12. bilko says:

    I can see this blog being 94A’d by reason of contempt of the chair. When I use to drive ComCars she was in the Senate at that time all the drivers disliked her(putting it mildly) the rodent new how to handle her but our tones a hopeless case is stuck with her and the other clowns mostly descendents from Nelson’ choice back in 2006. So nope a dope has excelled himself again what a throw back from the Game of Tones era. See you after the next AFP raid. may the force be with us all.

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