Who said it couldn’t get any crazier?

Who said it couldn’t get any crazier?

The world at large must think we’re raving idiots.   😡  idiot boy

I mean really, the joke that is this government, has taken blatant political stupidity, to heights even I never thought possible   😯

And with desperation oozing from every open sore and orifice of Abbott and his mendacious mob of miscreants, and the MSM completely ignoring the fact that they seem to have completely lost the plot, one can only assume, and hope, that we are being primed for an early election!   🙄

I started writing this  a couple of weeks ago, inspired by Bronnies efforts in QT, and the continued political attacks on Gillian Triggs, but health problems forced me to put it on hold.   😦

But the truth is that in that time, it got even crazier   😯

Now I’ve heard it suggested that what’s happening is that while Abbott keeps throwing punches at Bill Shorten, he’s made himself such a small target that Abbott keeps missing Bill altogether, and punching himself in the head, instead!   O_o   o_O   :/

Well I have to agree, that’s how it appears   😯   , but I’m not sure that even that can account for the gross lies and stupidity of the last couple of weeks.   ❓

I have to say at this point, Abbott reminds me of the old joke of the Irish hijacker, who walks into the cockpit of a plane, sticks a gun to his own temple and says “Take me to Dublin, or I’ll blow my head off!”    Then, when the pilot starts laughing, the hijacker says “Don’t you laugh… You’ll be next!”   🙄

But I digress… Somewhat   😉

abbott_capone_poster_by_natsa666-d4bgnxw+Now, as someone who’s watched Abbott since the early days of his career in politics, and identified him from the outset, as nothing more than a political thug, his rise to the top was at first something of a surprise   😯   but I have since realised, it’s nothing more than the political equivalent of  “Scum always floats to the surface”.   😯

Which is really a good analogy for Abbott’s tenure as PM; as like the blue green algae/scum, that clogs ponds and streams, starving them of sunlight and oxygen, and killing off the life beneath, so is Abbott and his iteration of the LNP strangling the life and stealing the oxygen out of the future of this country for the sake of blind ideology and blatant self interest.   😈

And once again… I digress   😯

But not content with what we’ve come to recognise as normal stupidity, for the LNP’ers, now we have the ludicrous spectacle of this mob of mendacious miscreants pointing the finger of guilt directly at themselves as supporting terrorists by their apparent financing of people smugglers   😯

By Cathy Wilcox  SMH

By Cathy Wilcox SMH

Now from the earliest days of “Operation Sovereign Bugger-ups”, Abbott, Bishop et al have claimed ad-infinitum that  they would break the “People Smugglers” business model and “Stop the boats”!

They claimed that:

  • People smuggling was an evil trade   👿
  • People smugglers were supporting ISIS   😈
  • Anyone paying a people smuggler, was helping to support terrorism!   😯

And their “public” reasoning for stopping the boats, was that it was all about the humanity of stopping the drownings at sea, which even those with half a brain knew, was clearly not their main, or even their secondary motivation. cos if that were the case, they would have at least considered the “Malaysian Solution” as a viable option… But they dismissed it out of hand on the basis of the most spurious of excuses, as we all  know!   😡

Well it appears now that even though they have claimed to stop the boats, they clearly haven’t, as one was sent back to Indonesia, and crashed into a reef, only last week.   😯      And not only was it sent back, it appears that it was sent back with the captain and crew handed wads of cash from Australian officials, with the message that they are naughty, naughty boys, and shouldn’t do it again   😯   😯

And even though initially we saw the minister for immigration, border protection and zombies, Piecer Mutton, flatly deny the allegations, followed quickly thereafter by the minister for foreign relationship stuff ups and dirty looks, Jules Bitch-chops, do the same, Abbott refused to do anything other than throw fuel on the speculation fire.   🙄

And now the aforementioned ministers have decided that they can n0 longer maintain their previous denials, in line with Abbott’s lack of denials, on the grounds that they don’t want to give out information that may advantage our “Enemies”… WTF?   ❓   O_o


The one thing that we can be sure of though, is that despite the LNP’ers assertions that they won’t give the people smugglers an advantage by discussing “On water matters” etc, the people smugglers know a damned sight more about what’s going on, with this pathetic excuse for an Australian government and their border protection policies, than Australians do!   😯

And if Abbott and his mendacious mob of miscreants honestly believe that their refusal to answer questions is anything other than reinforcing the belief that payments were made, then they are more stupid than even I give them credit for.   🙄

I would now encourage the Senate, if it has any guts at all, to demand that the government answer ALL relevant questions relating to this issue, and exercise the “Blackmail” precedents  set by the LNP, in refusing to even discuss, consider or vote on government legislation, until the people of Australia (Their employers) get the answers they have a right to get.   😡

And the questions are;

  1. Were payments made to the captain and crew of an asylum seeker boat? and if so…
  2. Exactly how much of tax payer funds have been handed over?
  3. Who knew that this was happening?
  4. Who authorised said payments?
  5. How long has this been going on?
  6. Will the ministers (Dutton, Bishop and Brandis) that originally denied that payments were made, and those that authorised such payments, be sacked and prosecuted under commonwealth laws relating to people smuggling?
  7. Why would anyone, in their right mind, believe that paying people smugglers was a good idea, and a useful tool in “Breaking their business model”, as opposed to an attractive option for “Evil criminals” to double, triple or even quadruple dip, at taxpayers expense?
  8. How can Abbott and the LNP continue to lie to the people of Australia about the alleged “success” of their border protection policies, and stopping the boats, when they have clearly not stopped, as they are still turning them back, by force or bribery?
  9. How can Abbott continue to claim that they’ve stopped the deaths at sea, as opposed to just stopped the information about how many boats have been turned, towed or bribed and sent back, making it impossible to compare numbers that have actually made it back?
  10. Who said it couldn’t get any crazier?


By Mark Knight

By Mark Knight



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23 Responses to Who said it couldn’t get any crazier?

  1. melaine says:

    As always you have hit the correct note here Truthie 🙂

    My brain hurts trying to keep up with all the BS the lying nasty people are throwing at us O_o o_O

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  2. Dee says:

    Couldn’t agree more, Truthy! For me, the all-time low was the demented rhetoric Abbott used to that group of Muslims last week…..how the death cult was coming to get each and every one of us. (I have relatives who actually take this stuff seriously!) If that speech was videoed and played in other parts of the world, his level of insanity would be exposed internationally. That speech showed a level of childishness and complete desperation. Ms Asbestos’s high pitched screeches on QT show she’s feeling the stress and Ms beehive’s efforts on Q & A….say no more. They are falling apart at the seams and Rupert is desperately trying to prop them up. The more stressed they all get, the more they’ll make more gaffes and blunders. Bill just has to stand by and remain calm.

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  3. consider says:

    You are right mate, this mob is truly crazy.

    Now that this dangerous clown is on record as saying they will do anything ,”by hook or by crook”, if they consider the safety of this country is at stake, it naturally follows that its concerned citizens can also do anything “by hook or by crook”, if they consider the future of this country is at dire risk if this current mob continues on its idiotic path.
    Why wait for an election. If our leaders do terrible illegal things under the guise of protecting our country, why can`t concerned citizens do the same thing ? Is that what this boof-headed p.m. really wants, ANARCHY ?

    Unfortunately I honestly believe this deranged individual couldn`t care less what happens to our country ( not his), just as long he stays in power, to fulfil his evil agenda.

    It is obvious he will keep goading the Indonesians and rattling his sabre right up until the next election. He will, unless something happens in the mean time, such as, someone with a bit of common sense in his party pulls him into line.

    We are fast running out of time.

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    • Truth Seeker says:

      Hey Consider 🙂 Thanks mate 🙂

      Yes mate, “Can of worms” comes to mind, 😉 and It’s got to the stage where calling them “Stupid” is just being kind 😯


  4. Frank Ston says:

    Thanks once again for saying what most of us feel.
    I reflected on the lounge a little earlier today regarding the suggestion that ALP had been paying the masters and crews of Indonesian vessels in past years – it sounds awfully like a “look over there” deflection.
    The other thing that I’ve got to say is that Bitchops (Snr) treatment of Prof. Triggs last night was the worst example of political hectoring that I have ever seen. The major disappointment lay in the fact that it turned out to every bit as bad as I had earlier imagined it would be.

    PS:- In 2011 I wrote a letter of objection to the then leader of opposition business in the HoR, Christopher Pyne in which I said among other things,
    “Finally, can I add that in some curious senses I am grateful to the Member for Mackellar. Her behaviour, especially on the evening of 11 October has provided me with the opportunity to discover the true meaning of the term ‘harridan’ (Concise Oxford preferred).

    After many years of business writing, including the preparation of correspondence for the Minister responsible for WorkCover in this state, the Member for Mackellar has generously provided me with the opportunity to use the words ‘contemptuous’ and ‘contemptible’ in the same sentence in describing her behaviour.”

    PPS:- The Concise Oxford dictionary defines “harridan” as, – an ill-tempered, mean spirited, shrewish old woman, from the middle ages Fr, referring to a worn our, broken down old farm horse.

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    • Frank Ston says:

      edit: ooops!, bugger.
      Last line our should read out.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Hey Frank 🙂 thanks mate 😎

      And I agree with the thrust of your lounge post 😯

      Yes, Harridan fits her to a tee 😯 and every time she sits in the speakers chair, she just reinforces the fit 😛

      Cheers mate 🙂


  5. cornlegend says:

    They play the Pollie Waffle game
    as though it were a fight…
    I wonder if they feel much shame
    when they go home at night?
    It’s obfuscation all day long,
    just bluster, bull, and bluff,
    so we can’t tell the right from wrong
    in all their tiresome guff.

    I’d like to feel a sense of pride
    in what our pollies say,
    but mostly I just want to hide
    from politics today.
    Compassion seems in short supply,
    integrity has fled,
    while common sense has said goodbye,
    and honesty is dead.

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  6. Florence nee Fedup says:

    Jenny Macklin mocking Abbott in MPI. Telling pensioners, Tony is coming after their pensions. No compassion from this mob. Jenny doing good job

    Liked by 2 people

  7. bilko says:

    The clowns, all ex inmates of WENTWORTH, are still riuning the country not as they think “running it” all the polls must be held in Western Sydney with its over abundance of rednecks if their vote is still above 40%. My OH not as politically aware as me just shakes her head over the mad monk utterings.

    You like me must be pleased our Indon relationship is so good as our Tones keeps saying, seeing that Aussies are excluded from some of their entry restrictions unlike the Kiwi’s and numerous others.
    Do you remember the Aussie “Red Dawn” equivalent movie, I cannot remember its name.

    Tones could be dragging us in that direction I already have a campaign medal from the Confrontation during the Sukarno ere (1963-1965 for me). There is more backbone in a jelly fish than the whole Noalition parliamentarians put together. Must double up on my meds to stay alert we need more lerts

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  8. JohnB says:

    Good work Truthy crazy is too good a word to waste on these incompetent lyng LNP imbeciles.

    Notice how when indefensible events occur, the LNP and their propaganda machine implements Goebells response Rule 101 – irrespective of truth, accuse/blame your enemy of the same heinous crime that you have committed.
    Confusion follows- the indefensible action is neutralised as an issue among supporters, damage thus minimised.
    The party faithful (and the gullible propaganda bathed masses) welcome and believe a reassuring lie in preference to confronting a distasteful truth.
    In the wake of the defeat of Hitler’s Germany, quizzed German citizen’s said they accepted the nazi lie, for to accept the truth was to admit failure of personal judgement – a party they had chosen to support would never carry out such dastardly deeds.
    Present always was a reason or excuse not to accept the unwelcome remote reality.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Truth Seeker says:

      Hey John 🙂 Thanks for that mate 🙂

      Yes, you’re right, they will never take responsibility for anything, only blame and accuse their opponents for what they themselves are guilty of 😈

      Right wing projection in full swing 😯 and sadly there will be many that cannot accept the fact that they have been fooled by the king of morons, cos if they do, then what does that make them?

      We did try to tell them, but they just wouldn’t listen 😦

      It’s interesting though that the MSM have all but ignored the latest Morgan poll, which has the ALP at, from memory, 54.5 – 45.5 TPP 😀

      Well mate, I’ll have to say a hearty good night now, as I’m now stuffed, and my four poster is calling out to me 😀

      Sleep well mate 🙂 and all


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  9. Rik says:

    “Anyone paying a people smuggler, was helping to support terrorism!”

    I’ve been trying to find a source for this. Any idea when/where this was stated?


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Hi Rik 🙂 and welcome to TSM 😀

      It certainly sounds like something Abbott or one of his cronies said, cos they said a lot of similar things when justifying the LNP stand against asylum seekers 😈

      I’ll try to find out, but if I can’t, I’m sure someone will know 🙂

      Cheers 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    • Truth Seeker says:

      Sorry for the somewhat ambiguous response earlier, as I was very rushed in my reply, and just wanted to approve your comment.

      The three statements were not direct quotes from any one minister, as far as I can remember, but paraphrasing Abbott and a number of cabinet ministers that said similar things.

      That’s why I didn’t put them in as quotes, just general statements, but if you’re genuinely interested in direct quotes, I’ll find some and post them for you, with credits 🙂

      Cheers 🙂


  10. Florence nee Fedup says:

    I think FM Bishop said it. Shadow FM asked her in QT if she still believed this.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Truth Seeker says:

      Hey Florence 🙂 and thanks for that 😎

      I know many of them made the same sort of statements, from the beginning of Operation Sovereign Buggerups 😯

      Cheers 🙂


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