Politics makes for strange bed fellows?

Politics makes for strange bed fellows?

Senators and MPs being sworn in at the Opening of the 44th Parliament at  Parliament House in Canberra.

Senators and MPs being sworn in at the Opening of the 44th Parliament at Parliament House in Canberra.

WTF is going on with politics in this once great country of ours?

Like many, I knew that Bronnie Bitch-chops would be the worst speaker this country has ever seen, but even I underestimated the depravity with which she would approach the position, and the sheer audacity with which she would display her blatant partisanship.   😈

I also knew that Abbott would be the worst PM this country has ever seen, and as each week of his tenure continues, I despise him more, although I didn’t think that possible either   😯

It galls, that he will be entitled to the perks of being a PM, even if he only lasts one term.   😡

It positively sickens me to see the likes of Pyne, Morrison, Hockey, Dutton, Joyce, Ley, Turnbull, Bishop and the rest of the rabid right, occupying the front and back benches, with their self satisfied smirks, and their holier than thou attitudes, whilst doing everything they can to destroy the very fabric of a society that made us one of the great democracies of the world.   😦

But what I find just as galling, is the erstwhile left wing ideological nut-jobs, supporting the rabid right nut-jobs led by the most mendacious Abbott   😯

In the past we’ve seen the greens exercise their own hypocritical brand of ideological intransigence, that had them supporting the very outcome that they so vehemently, publicly opposed.   😡

There was, of course the original ETS, that the greens refused to vote for, cos it didn’t go far enough   🙄   , and now we have… Well, nothing!

So in their gross ideological intransigence (some would say stupidity   😡   ), rather than opting for 20% of something that could be amended and built upon down the track, they opted for 100% of nothing   😯   That’s like saying, “I’m holding out for the full three course meal, and I’d rather starve to death, than eat the baked beans on toast, that’s on offer!”   🙄        RIP greens… NOT!

Then there was the small matter of the proposed “Malaysian Solution”, which had a very good chance of stopping the deaths at sea, as well as the people smuggling trade, boosting our humanitarian intake, reducing the numbers of true asylum seekers languishing for years, in camps across the region, and being the foundation for a real and effective regional framework to deal with the issues!

So what did the greens do?Greens 1

Refused to see the sense in the possibility of the proposal for, once again, their manic Ideological intransigence, and effectively set the foundation  for what is now in place,… “Operation Sovereign  Buggerups” complete with Manus, Nauru and deals with the likes of Cambodia!   😡

So in both cases, in holding out for ideology, they have been instrumental in delivering policies that they are diametrically opposed to.   😯

And as a footnote to this issue, we now see the hypocrisy of Abbott writ large, as he asks the opposition to support law changes to foil a high court challenge to the illegality of off- shore detention, when in a very similar position WRT the Malaysian solution, he himself refused point blank to support such action   😈   ( but Short-on will   😡   )

And now we see Richard Di Natale making a deal with Abbott, who has proved time and again, that any deals he makes are not worth the time it takes to shake hands on them   😯

And the question therefore is WTF was he thinking?   ❓

And the answer I would suggest is… Not bloody much!

After all, what he has agreed to, is allowing many of those partly self funded retirees, who decided to work hard, and in some cases go without, to acquire a small, dividend returning asset, to be stripped of the pittance paid to them as a part pension, and consequently forcing many to either live on an income  below the poverty threshold, or to consider liquidating their hard earned asset so as to feed themselves and pay the bills!   😈

Greens 2

All the while Abbott has made it perfectly “Crystal clear” that he has no intention of even considering the recommendation that those on a large income from investing millions of dollars of their disposable income into super, should pay a nominal figure of tax on said income over and above something like $80k per annum!    😯

And the accusations and rhetoric from Abbott about Labor stealing you super is just plain lies, as once again he runs true to form.   😯

Now, as someone who has no investments, other than our home, I could be wrong, but it’s my understanding that if I had investments that paid say $100k per annum in interest, I would be required to pay tax on that, as “un-earned income”, hence the reason why you have to provide a tax file number when opening a bank account; so that interest paid on any money in the account can be subject to tax.   Now those that are earning that kind of  interest income from super, received a tax break, to stash it away in super, in the first place, and the principle of mega bucks saved, will not be touched.    But why should they get a tax break for having saved millions from their disposable incomes, only then to not be subject to paying tax on the interest paid to them, as the rest of us, who have so much less, are subject to?

I just don’t see the equity in allowing low income earners, both employed and retired, to subsidise the incomes of retired multi millionaires!   😡

But my ire is not only directed to the gross  hypocrisy of the greens and LNP’ers, but also Bill Short-on, as he has just agreed to support the petrol excise reintroduction… Good one Bill… NOT   🙄

It appears to me that all he has achieved is:

  • Giving Abbott another win, and bipartisan support for, a bluff/blackmail exercise, for the sake of more LNP pork barrelling  in regional LNP marginals, whilst further hitting the cost of living, and consequently the disposable incomes of those least able to afford it, as higher fuel prices flow on throughout the wider economy, pushing up prices of everything that needs to be transported!   😡
  • Further blurring the lines between Labor and the LNP!   😡
  • And along with many other “Me Too” moments, given the sceptics further reason to again accuse Labor of being LNP light, and pointing the finger of hypocrisy squarely at them!   😡

And at a time when IMHO all opposition parties and independents should be withholding  support for Abbott, his fascist ambitions, and his mendacious mob of miscreants , with few exceptions they seem to be falling over themselves to find ways to support them.   😡



And at the risk of sounding like Abbott myself, I have just two things to say about that:

Politics makes for strange bedfellows   😡

And, where’s that bloody barkeep?   O_o   😕   o_O





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29 Responses to Politics makes for strange bed fellows?

  1. JohnB says:

    Well said Truthy.
    My thoughts too.
    I am very disappointed in Shorten’s me-to-ism -especially over this last week or so.
    It’s past time some lefty Labor pollies showed some backbone and moved to get the ALP back on track.
    Shorten should have left Abbott hanging with his overseas detention bind, and his road funding handouts to the Nats – Abbott would do nothing to help him out if the tables were reversed.

    No heart and no guts sums up my feelings about the lack of opposition.

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    • Truth Seeker says:

      Morning John 🙂 and thanks for that 😎

      Yes mate, it’s just crazy shit! O_o and bloody frustrating 😡

      Cheers 🙂


      • Judes says:

        So true Truthy … I just cannot understand why Labor and Shorten roll over so easily to this Abbott/IPA dictatorship, Most days lately I am furious !
        Labor is treated like dirt under their feet, they are blamed for ALL of the appalling financial inadequacies of this COALition, and madam ‘speaker’ uses them as sport in QT.
        WHY don’t Labor refuse to do any bipartisan deals or enter into any discussions what so ever … Until they are given the right to be heard on ALL matters… and until the many LNP gagging motions are STOPPED, in the circus which we have come to know as QT these days ?
        We are now living the story line of a B Grade movie in Australia under the Abbott regime.

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    • Bighead1883 says:

      Hey JB and Shorty`s group has another agenda with Rostrum IMHO as to why we are so out of kilter with sound logic
      But also remember the Wong as ALP Senate leader and a Lefty has a say as well,so the dilemma gets worse as there`s factional bipartisanship in these decisions

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  2. Bighead1883 says:

    What an excellent and timely article Truthy 🙂 because you hit real nails on the head unlike Greens dreams
    I`ll just expand on one aspect of you piece because it encompasses much,that is AGW
    WE`re seeing now more fruits of the Greens [rejecting Rudd`s ETS] come home to roost
    We of course have the hilarious Commisshioner for Windfarms video made by someone I`d love to meet&hug >

    But sadly this comedy only makes us feel better for a few minutes because the LNP with help from the Greens are destroying Australia
    I mean this new one “”Tony Abbott, Greg Hunt confronted by anti-climate science push from within Liberal Party”” http://www.canberratimes.com.au/environment/un-climate-conference/abbott-and-hunt-confronted-by-anticlimate-science-push-from-within-liberal-party-20150624-ghwuzg
    Because we never embarked on an ETS way back Kevin time we now have the Froot Loops really out in force [yes Truthy the Greens all or nothing approach worked a treat hey]
    Reading the CT article will make people angry because it has yesterdays LNP Twitter posterboy Dennis Jensen involved] oh he neglected to say The Australian paid Mallah $500 for a previous interview
    PS I`m re-naming The Äustralian to The Daeshtralian

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  3. Bighead1883 says:

    Truthy could you please swap that meme for this one as I had an so obvious spelling mistake in it
    I`d been writing commish all week on twitter as to Abbott`s Windfarm Commissioner [time warp mate]
    Mod: as requested 🙂


  4. consider says:

    Truthy, I think the dangerous Idiot Boy has just about taken the final step. Surely someone has got to move on him for the sake of our country.

    I see the idiot has just announced an inquiry into the Q and A programme, on that panel were two grubby tories, Ciobo and Morris. One who said that someone should slit our then Prime Minister`s throat and the other who said she should be kicked to death. (Both comments on the public record).

    I wonder if the inquiry will highlight the fact that the bloke in the audience was jailed for two years for making similar threats to an ASIO official.
    But then again the threats made by those tory grubs was only to our P.M. after all, and not Abbotts mates.
    I cannot believe this country has sunk so low.

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  5. melaine says:

    Yep, it is enough to drive anyone to drink 😯

    Once again Truthie you have done did well 😉

    Custard tarts, blueberry muffins and a big slice of black forrest cake for this effort 😀


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  6. Bighead1883 says:

    Here`s a reminder from Crikey on how the Greens fucked over Labor and Kevin Rudd
    Wednesday, 27 June 2012
    Australia paying a heavy price for Greens purity
    by John Menadue, Centre for Policy Development fellow and former Department of Immigration secretary
    Gough Whitlam said that “only the impotent are pure”. He was referring to the state branch of the ALP in Victoria in the 1960s. It could just as well be said of the Greens today. Their posturing on asylum seekers and formerly on climate change has played into the hands of cynical opponents.

    The Greens oppose overseas processing of asylum claims, yet it is the collapse of the Malaysian arrangement that has given oxygen to people smugglers persuading desperate people to take dangerous sea voyages.

    It was regional processing in Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand during the Fraser government that resulted in one of the most co-operative and successful managements of refugee flows in history. Regional processing is essential, but the Greens oppose it.

    It is true that the number of boat arrivals who seek asylum in Australia are minuscule in world terms. More asylum seekers arrived by boat in Italy in one weekend during the Libyan crisis last August than come to Australia in a year. But we have a political problem with boats that is exploited by Tony Abbott and Scott Morrison. The Greens are abetting them in the name of policy purity.

    It is true as the Greens say that Malaysia has not signed the Refugee Convention. But no country in the arc from Yemen to Australia has signed the convention. Asylum seekers coming to Australia come through that arc of countries. An important feature of the Malaysian arrangement was that it was a first between a signatory country to the convention (Australia) and a non-signatory country (Malaysia). UNHCR supported the substance of the arrangement and saw it as an important precedent in relations between a signatory and a non-signatory country.

    We would all like countries of the region to be signatories, but the political facts are different. In any regional arrangement we have to deal with non-signatory countries. Nauru has signed the convention, but mainly for financial benefit. Even though Australia has signed the convention, mandatory detention of boat people is clearly in breach of the convention. The UNHCR has consistently pointed to Australia’s breach of the convention.

    It is also true as the Greens say that we should increase substantially our refugee intake, particularly from transit countries. Adjusted for population increase since the Indochina intake of the late 1970s and early 1980s, our present offshore intake is only about one quarter of what it was then. But the posturing of the Greens about increasing the intake does not address the immediate problem that the collapse of the Malaysian arrangement has encouraged people-smuggling.

    These diversionary tactics by the Greens are designed to avoid the current pressing issue — people risking their lives in dangerous boats.

    The Greens must also accept major responsibility for the decline in public support for effective action on carbon pollution. They opposed in the Senate the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme of the Rudd government. Belatedly the Greens then supported the Gillard government’s legislation, which is much inferior to the CPRS. In the intervening years we have seen acrimonious and divisive debate and a denial of the science on climate change. As a result, public support for a carbon tax or Emissions Trading Scheme has plunged from 75% in 2007 to less than 40% today. The Greens cannot wash their hands of this debacle. They triggered it in the Senate.

    Whether on climate change or on asylum seekers, Australia is paying a very heavy price for the Greens’ policy purity. Asylum seekers are paying an even heavier price. The Greens have helped put the people smugglers back into business through opposition to the Malaysian arrangement. That arrangement offers the best prospects for building effective regional processing. It is far from perfect but it is an important first step.

    *John Menadue is a fellow at the Centre for Policy Development and was secretary of the Department of Immigration and Ethnic Affairs from 1980-83

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    • Fran says:

      To compliment your video, a look at the Speakers record as well,The member for Wakefield, Nick Champion, becomes the 400th MP to be sent out of question time (that’s 393 Labor, 7 Coalition).
      Labor frontbencher Anthony Albanese says that makes him the “Brian Lara of the Parliament”.
      The Speaker defends her record: “This house only has 150 MPs but you have a lot of recalcitrant members.”

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  7. Dee says:

    Yes, Truthy the Malaysia solution was a huge error on the Greens behalf and they lost a lot of support from their stance on this one. For several years previously they had my vote and that was the issue that turned me back to the ALP. Clearly, we had a problem. Some people were abusing our goodwill, many were dying and some control needed to be taken over the situation. It’s all very fine to be everlasting benefactors but it just doesn’t work. Unfortunately human nature is to take advantage of too much kindness just as Abbott’s nature is to take advantage of human weakness. (ie fear) Even my “extreme right wing”, islamophobic (and also “indigenousophobic”) brother agreed with the Malaysian solution, so that puts LNP and the Greens even further right than he is. Now that is scary!

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  8. Fran says:

    Truthseeker, another great article 😀

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  9. Bighead1883 says:

    Some Chop Suey because it`s dinner time


  10. Bighead1883 says:

    Margaret Goodwin retweeted
    ABC News 24 ‏@ABCNews24 12m12 minutes ago
    Scott: The part we play is a vital one, central to our culture & democracy – that of being an independent public broadcaster. #ABC

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