Border Force… WTF?

Border Force… WTF?

Piecer Mutton, minister for Zombies and the Border Force!

Piecer Mutton, minister for Zombies and the Border Force!

When I heard the name “Border Force”, coming out of the TV, my first thought was B grade 70’s TV show.   🙄

Then I saw the “Black is the new brown” shirt, corporate uniform, and immediately realised this was not just a bad joke, but Abbott playing Rambo again!   😡

Now emotionally, I want to just punch his lights out, whilst telling him to bloody well GROW UP!   But the rational side of me wants to ask WTF are you doing, you dickhead?   ❓

I mean really!    Is scaring old ladies and firing up the redneck contingent the best he’s got?

The truth is, we have the Army, we have the Airforce, we have the Navy, we have the AFP and state police forces, we have ASIO and Customs… WTF do we need another “FORCE” for?   O_o   😕   o_O

The border Force   :shock:   God help us   :mad:

The border Force… God help us! 

And when we have been told over and over, that we (The poor, the disabled, the pensioners, the unemployed the sick, the students, the homeless and dispossessed)  have to tighten our collective belts, cos of Abbott and Hockey’s confected “Budget Emergency”, I don’t understand how we have suddenly found millions to finance another of Abbott’s muscle flexing thought bubble/brain farts?   😡

Then whilst still seething over this gross stupidity, George Braindead’s and Pissy Cryin’s stupidity, not to mention Abbott and Julie Bitch-chops misleading… pretty much everyone… on everything   😯    and the news that they are now considering secret court hearings to provide phone taps, search warrants etc, we had Bananaby Juice, on insiders, pontificating over his reasons for accepting a place on QandA whilst claiming that they, the ABC have seen the error of their ways, which was just as well, as the next step would be fascists on the show… W…T…F…   ❓   😯    Hello!images

Bananaby, that ship has already sailed and sunk on the back of Wilson, Ciobo and a plethora of other IPA and LNP, rabid right wing nut-jobs, and you were planning to be there on Monday night.   🙄

But then we heard that Abbott had pulled the pin on Bananaby anyway!   😛    …   Fascists?… What fascists   ❓

But I digress   🙄

Meanwhile, back at the “Border FORCE”, and the question WHY?

We are supposedly a first world country   😯   , and a bloody big island, a long way from most of the rest of the world, and we are being told that ISIS, with no Airforce, or Navy, and only a relatively small army, comprising a group of thugs, rapists, murderers and fanatics, based in and around Syria, are “Coming for us”   😯   and we need to spend millions more to protect our borders, and keep our citizenry safe???… And once more with feeling… WTF?   😡

The truth is that the only weapon that they have, that might threaten us, is the internet!   🙄   And although their speeds are probably better than ours, (Who’s aren’t   🙄   ) why not just employ a couple of teenage hackers, to block them and infect their computers with viruses?   😉   They could even give the hackers black uniforms… for effect!   😉

That would then presumably free up millions of dollars, so that:

  • People with real disabilities could access the DSP, instead of languishing on Newstart, for around $100.00 less a fortnight, and having to spend money they don’t have, going for interviews for jobs that aren’t available, and they’d never get even if they were available, cos they’re not capable due to their disability!   Grrrr   😡
  • Pensioners would not need to be threatened with cuts to their meagre pittance!   😦
  • Jobs could be created for the young and long term unemployed by investing in such radical ideas as renewables, and the new innovation, science and technology jobs of the 21st century.   😯
  • AVO’s can be enforced, and the hundreds, if not thousands, of domestic violence victims, each year, can get support from more emergency accommodation, and better police protection!   😡

So IMHO, the only new “FORCE”  that we need is some “body” that could “FORCE”:

  • Bronnie ‘Helmet Hair’ Bitch-chops to stop trashing our democracy!   😈
  • The LNP’ers to “stop the fear-mongering”!   😡
  • The “Government” to set the right priorities!   😯
  • Abbott and his Mob of Mendacious Miscreants, to TELL THE BLOODY TRUTH!   😯

And in conclusion…

Border Force… WTF?

Border Force 1


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17 Responses to Border Force… WTF?

  1. Bighead1883 says:

    WTF is the correct expression Truthy 🙂
    Global neo-cons aren`t there for the people who voted them in 😕
    Their job is to do what the bankers say to do,end of story 😡
    And IS is something created for one purpose
    As a boogyman for Western Fascism who have used a plethora of false flags since WW2

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  2. bilko says:

    WTF indeed, my grandson was in Customs last week (IT side) this week not sure, chaos as thousands of public servants are shuffled around to create this entity to make Abbort re-electable. Meanwhile all us oldies can sleep better at nights, even the rodents indigeneous people living in our backyards seems a tame claim (just as untrue as the hordes of IS chaps leaping into boats to invade us) compared with this mob. Please God/Allah/Johhny Farnham the Australian people will wake up and put this bunch of “adults” to the sword preferably on Q&A which I would pay to watch. Amen off to the confessional to pray for forgiveness.

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    • Truth Seeker says:

      Morning Bilko 🙂

      Yes mate, it’s all about the Abbott and his re-election chances 😈

      I did notice this morning that the ABC was talking about new opinion polls out today, but only mentioned how Short-on’s approval has dropped, so it would be safe to assume that the TPP figures for the LNP are still tanking, as they were not mentioned at all… that I heard anyway? 😯


  3. bilko says:

    WRT 98%+ polls any election held in the last 18mths would have delivered Labor a comfortable HOR majority reason enough for Abbort to hang and like Mr Micawber ”
    I have no doubt I shall, please Heaven, begin to be more beforehand with the world, and to live in a perfectly new manner, if -if, in short, anything turns up. – (Chapter 11)

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  4. Frank Ston says:

    Geez, thanks for the heads-up Truthy.
    I thought that it was Bawdy Farce, as in a collection of Benny Hill, Frankie Howerd, Les Dawson type comedy sketches.
    Now, thanks to you, I discover it’s a penny dreadful drama featuring Benny Hill, Frankie Howerd, Les Dawson, together with regular appearances by the man God made to help you laugh, Dipstick Dutton, straight from his role as ‘Plod’ in the terrifying drama, “Noddy stuffs the country”.

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  5. Dee says:

    Thanks, Tony! We all feel so safe now with this new “force” looking after us. Frankly, I’m more worried for the job situation, our ballooning deficit, our poor international standing, our relationship with our neighbours to the north, the rise of fascism, your mental state as PM, your own cabinet’s gutlessness, our future prospects on the old age pension…….and many more. ISIS doesn’t even rate amongst my insecurities. Good writing, Truthy!

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  6. SF says:

    Border, what border – the sheer size of AU territorial waters just about doubles the total amount of territory.

    Isn’t it perfectly obvious that this has everything to do with a narrative that’s decided in Washington,Virginia where-ever – all this really amounts to is another layer of bureaucracy – another expense for the taxpayers while mind you, the thought of increasing taxes for the financial elite would never have occurred.

    Personally I really hate being sprayed upon arriving by flight, if a boat journey prevents this than I can understand why many are opting to travel via sea – anything but the poison spray delivered by a smiling attendant simultaneously masking his or her own mouth.

    You’d think that being sprayed like cattle upon arrival would be enough of a deterrent for anyone trying to fly in, personally I hate it and would rather take a journey on a boat if it avoids being sprayed upon arrival, anything but those bloody poisons.

    Seriously, the Border patrol are only looking at the sympthons of a far larger problem called globalization – The real reasons why these people are trying to find a better life are never publicly admitted or addressed – All that matters is that the Status Quo remains, no matter which particular side of the Duo-Poly happens to elected at the time.

    For the record the ever so fallacious GWOT has created 10 million refugees in the middle East alone.

    Oh, Borderline


  7. olddavey says:

    WTF are all those medals Abbott’s Barmy Army have hanging off their chests?
    Maybe they’re all ware heroes?
    Funny how the head Barmster only has three and he’s tried to spread them out a bit to make himself look more decorated.
    My good lady seldom swears, but when she saw the performance it was WTFFFF!

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  8. bilko says:

    Following on from your “Border Force/Farce” headline if you have not seen the piccies already, go to the Loon site where our very own Tony “Biggles” Abbott, in full regalia is on I think, the USS George Washington.
    Where he is possible, negotiating to beg/borrow/steal/lease, said ship to head up his border fleet and keep the Dunkirk like Armada heading our way from Indonesia out.

    The problem is like the Singapore WWII guns they are looking the wrong way. There are more “illegals” slipping in via that bastion of democracy NZ but never you mind about (aka Joh Bjelke-Petersen) they look just like us.

    The iron(y) curtain is surrounding Australia You could not make this up if you tried. May the Force/Farce be with us. Back to my meds


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Morning Bilko 🙂

      Mate, I saw Abbott with his Bummer Jacket on, making an arse of himself, on a live feed, at the time 😯

      I think he holds the record for most derogatory nick names of any politician known to man, from the mad monk to Prime moron and prime minuscule and all points in between 😯

      But I have to say one of my personal faves is “Idiot Boy” which indicates the level of contempt with which he’s held O_o 😕 o_O 😀

      Enjoy your meds mate, I know I will enjoy mine O_o 😉


  9. Bugger says:

    New U.S. National Military Strategy: U.S. May Invade Any Non-‘Ally’

    “U.S. ENDURING NATIONAL INTERESTS: The security of the United States, its citizens, and U.S. allies and partners.”



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