Said the Abbott to the ABC…

Said the Abbott to the ABC…Abbott's ABC+

With the QandA-gate dragging on longer than “War and Peace”, and the entire cabinet being banned from appearing on said show, which most agree, will only increase (possibly double) the collective IQ of the panel, I thought it only fitting that it should get the “Said the Abbott… ”  treatment   😀

So here it is   😯

Said the Abbott to the ABC


Said the Abbott to the ABC

You’ve really done your dash

If you can’t tow my party line

I’ll cut more from your cash

With your bloody lefty lynch mob

And convicted terrorist

Who’s side are you on anyway

I’m acting really pissed


How dare you think that free speech

Is there for you to claim

To give an open forum

For anyone that’s game

And “The Truth” is not a plaything

For the ABC to use

It’s only there for the LNP

To openly abuse!


But this is not about me,

It’s about your lefty mob

And how I don’t think you can claim

You’re doing a good job

We’re spending Aussie billions

To keep the baddies out

With Sovereign Borders and Border Force

To give us lots of clout


But giving voice to all and sundry

Only denigrates

Our efforts to maintain the fear

And aid our corporate mates

Like Rupert with his headlines

And radio… shock jocks

While Q and A, and the ABC

Support the lefty cocks


We just can’t get a word in

So a boycott’s what we’ll do

To make it really “Crystal Clear”

Who’s full of cattle poo

And Bananaby said that fascists

Could get invites for the show

And we can’t have that, so I’ve ordered

All my ministers not to go… Er???

O_o   o_O

Said Mark Scott, to the Abbott

We don’t live in North Korea

And we’re not required to regurgitate

Your verbal diarrhoea

We’ve a legislative mandate

For an independent stance

And not to take directions

From a man in Speedo pants


Said the people to the Abbott

We know what you’re about

A pugilist, misogynist

A bully… and a lout

You say you will protect us

Stop the terrorists getting in

But we know you’re full of naught but lies

And rabid right wing spin


You think that we’re all stupid

Fully lacking brains and class

But a majority of Aussies know

You’re talking through your arse

And when you say you want Australian

Sole citizenship rejected

The truth is that your “sole” concern

Is getting re-elected


So stop your lying, threatening ways

Cos it’s not your ABC

And not the propaganda arm

Of your rabid LNP

So keep your grubby mitts off

Cos the ABC’s just fine

And stick your  extremist right wing views

Where the sun don’t bloody well shine!


Abbott Bummer jacket1



About Truth Seeker

Musician singer/songwriter, guitar teacher.
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27 Responses to Said the Abbott to the ABC…

  1. Judes says:

    NAILED IT ! … Brilliant poem and meme Truthy. ( Keep your head down now ). 🙂

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  2. JohnB says:

    On reading your latest verse Truthy I couldn’t help wondering what underlies the crazy erratic self aggrandizing Abbott.
    His preference to sloganise, generalise, obfuscate or abuse rather than argue logically all indicate a shallowness of intellect; he communicates pre-conditioned deeply ingrained prejudice. IMhO that prejudice is a product of religious training.
    He seeks comfort and authority by association with the pomp and regimented power of military types, which again harks back to his Jesuit religious indoctrination.
    The man is a classic Jesuit nihilist.

    That sent me researching the history of this ‘military’ order.
    There is some astounding stuff out there:
    Jesuit Extreme Oath of Induction (published 1843)
    “… do further promise and declare, that I will have no opinion or will of my own, or any mental reservation whatever, even as a corpse or cadaver (perinde ac cadaver), but will unhesitatingly obey each and every command that I may receive from my superiors in the Militia of the Pope and of Jesus Christ….”

    …and more:

    In fact the nihilists are quite happy to see the world continue to total collapse. Because they are intellectually challenged and don’t study history, they don’t believe in anything, they don’t have a deep philosophy, they don’t study deeply. All that they crave is their wanton pleasures and to live and do what they like, and to hide, lie and believe in nothing and to be able to have all that flexibility to move.

    “One of the great historical anomalies is the behaviour of both Adolf Hitler, Fr Himmler S.J. and Fr Joseph Stalin S.J. in the Nazi Russian Invasion. Contrary to spin historians, these men had not only shown ruthless pragmatism in managing power until this point, but were actively working together on a number of military and scientific fronts until the invasion.
    A frequent excuse given is that fiercely Catholic Hitler had become “drunk” with power and decided to invade Russia because he hated the Russians. But Hitler was a mere soldier, compared to Fr. Himmler S.J. the new Grand Inquisitor of the Roman Catholic Church and his massive army of assassins and torturers.

    Religion is a dangerous master – secrecy and militancy is their stock in trade.

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    • melaine says:

      Hey MrB 🙂

      Thanks for that, I don’t feel like I’m quite so paranoid now… I have felt for quite some time now that they are playing out an end game scenario, which has been in the making for a very long long time… and this time round they just may get it.

      Never give in, never surrender…

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    • Truth Seeker says:

      Hey John 🙂
      Mate, as one brought up as a Catholic, and saw first hand the hypocrisy and politicisation of what was meant to be a spiritual organisation, WRT Catholicism I can but agree 😯 😦

      I was driven away from Catholicism due to the aforementioned first hand encounters, and the resultant disillusionment, and although I became a Christian in my 30’s, I believe very firmly in the separation of Church and State, and know that the Roman Catholic Church and its offshoots in Catholicism have a lot to answer for, WRT its politicisation and man made doctrines, as do some other religious denominations/organisations 😦

      And I would also agree that some religions can be a dangerous master, but in my experience, the biggest problem for Catholicism and other religions, is false doctrines, based on mans misinterpretation of the scriptures!

      A simple example in Catholicism is the doctrine of celibacy based on Paul stating “I would that you were all like me” (Celibate), but he then goes on to say “But It’s better to marry than to burn with lust!” The second part of the sentence either dismissed or ignored!

      Having said that, I try to maintain the separation of Church and State on TSM as well as in my general philosophies 😉 🙂 And on that note, let me just say…

      Barkeep, a bucket of your best for my learned friend |_|

      Cheers mate 🙂

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      • JohnB says:

        I appreciate your efforts to separate church and state on TSM Truthy, I just wish the church using/promoting types would keep their collusive networks out of our democracy.

        I can’t dismiss it as mere coincidence that we have so many Jesuit educated Catholics at the top of the political heap in Canberra.
        As one who also experienced an early Catholic upbringing I am always suspicious of ambitious god-botherers/secretive societies of all varieties – NCC, Opus Dei etc are to be ignored at one’s peril.
        I’ve seen first hand the work of the NCC in a union – found out too late, only after assets stolen and membership sold out.

        I learnt all I needed to know about religion in the first 4 years of my schooling – I have never forgot (or forgiven) the hypocrisy and cruelty they inflicted on fellow students – children of ten years and younger caned, strapped and threatened by frustrated deluded demons in black.
        I changed to a public school after 3rd Class primary and vowed never to return or’their world’ of patronising self serving delusion and discrimination.

        I told the old De La Salle head ‘Brother’ – I won’t be back! – and I never have, and never will.

        Meanwhile, since you bring up false ‘doctrine’, this is a very informative site for those with that interest.


        • Truth Seeker says:

          Sadly John, false doctrines and hypocrisy are, for many, what define Christianity along with most other mainstream religions. 😦

          It’s the same old story of self interest and ideology driving the agenda, when if you want “The Truth”, go to the source, not some self absorbed and/or ideologically driven reporter who will spin the story a particular way so as to promote their own self serving agenda.

          It’s the same with our current crop of Murdoch owned media… If you want the unbiased truth of a story, you just don’t go there! 😈

          Always try to seek out the source, is my philosophy 😀

          Barkeep |_|

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          • driftwood12 says:

            Morning Truthy, warm here, may have showers. It’s been an icy breeze here otherwise and i notice a warning of a very cold snap not seen for some years. Up here that means hail breaking out at Septembers end .

            I saw the end of the old days, Pine Rivers was still how the pioneers left it decades ago for 6 years before its fall to developement. I remember Brisbane , all suited and the ladies hatted in monstrocities and long white gloves. The inner city Churches and surrounds were very distasteful . The country areas fared better and in participated in all faiths of youth activities. CE, the Baptist boys brigade and the only decent participation with the Catholic of which i’m demonitated was with a youth group overseen by a young Army priest. The rest was authoritive to nasty extents and no time for anyone.

            In Cooktown in the war years, as my Gran was a subordinate of the big impressions and authority and was a good soul , my Father went to the Convent. He came home crying with fingernail scratches all over his face, swollen ,split lip, hair in dissaray. A Nun savaged him and threw him around the classroom because he kept writing with his left hand. My grandfather went up to the convent and the soldiers said they heard him from the other side of river.
            While my grandfather was dying from TB, everything was stolen out of the house. Gran ended up back there widowed with 3 pre teen children and not even a spoon.
            The Catholic church ignored her, she who parted with money religiously and baked a hundred cakes etc for the activities. I’d say being vulnerable she got paid back for Grandfathers fury. A young Methodist priest gave her half of everything he owned. Insisted. Back in Brisbane she still was loyal, out of fear and peer pressure in the community. The last time she went to church or had anything to do with them was when she took me on my first pilgramage. As we headed home in dead silence, my last words to the packed house and areshole priest from the arched doors at nearly 5 years old was “And your dress is too long!” We didnt get on.
            Gran blew up on me after an hours silence. She can NEVER goback to church again. Good gran i said.
            Dad rang and while i was telling him, what church was like he seemed to think it was funny, Gran was telling him the shame of it from the kitchen, dobbing me in. Dad said you tell Mum the railmotor goes down to Lota baths every Sunday at 8.30 pm.
            I nursed Gran at 87 for her last 9 months and she died scared of the church and terrified of everything outside her front door and of a city and peerages.
            We lived all over Brisbane till Dad got a house under the soldier scheme and many of the inner city school teachers werent much better than the priests as far as rage and lunacy went in those days.
            I saw the end of old Brisbane and times ,and the last of a country shire laying dormant from decades before.

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            • Truth Seeker says:

              Yes mate, My grandparents in London were staunch Catholics, and always supporting the Church, and when the Billy Graham “Crusade” came to London, they went and signed up, sending money for years, until my Nan got very sick, at which time they never saw the local priest, and only heard from the Graham mob after they stopped sending money. They received only one visit from the local parish priest wanting to know why they stopped coming to Church and were no longer contributing financially, which really upset my Granddad as they didn’t seem at all concerned about my Nans health 😡 and after a while of not sending their contributions to the Graham “Crusade”, received a nasty letter threatening them with all kinds of hell fire and damnation if they didn’t continue 😡 Explaining the situation didn’t change their attitude, at which time my Granddad, who was a very faithful man, told them, in no uncertain terms, to get well and truly stuffed!

              Very sad 😥


          • JohnB says:

            BTW, Love your verse Truthy,
            He wants to turn it into Abbott’s Baloney Club.
            The ABC this morning is running News headlines of “Shorten failed to disclose 10’s of thousands of dollars from a company…etc,etc union operation may have been compromised .”

            Shorten should have been prepared for it at the RC and responded with some factz to embarrass the LNP; could none of his staffers have found similar if not worse cases on the conservative side of politics ?
            There are many of them, and larger amounts than $30K.
            And while we are there, lets talk about some serious ongoing corruption – Political donors gave Liberals $13 million, ALP $3.6 million before election, AEC figures show.
            What strings were attached to those mega “donations” on the AEC’s long list?
            How compromised must our politicians be with that much money thrown into their wallow.
            Mrs Roslyn Packer $580,000
            AHA $306,250
            Another opportunity missed – methinks he’s been nobbled by big punters.
            On that other distracting subject…
            “…Always try to seek out the source…”
            There lies the problem with all religions Truthy.
            There is no ‘absolute’, or even reliable fact source – the further one looks, the more hazy and misty become the so called “facts”.

            Back into the world of mythology the ‘sources’ go, years and eras of ‘events’ all mixed and shifted in time to suit whatever is needed to affirm ‘accepted’ current theology.
            If one concentrates on the detail and attempts to forensically construct a reliable time-line to support the hard held ‘beliefs’ religious leaders it soon turns to ill defined rubbish.
            The closer one looks the more defects become apparent in the records.

            There lies the power of “faith”; faith allows one to believe despite the absence of reliable evidence – faith also allows one to dis-believe despite the facts (witness- AGW denialism).

            A very powerful force (or weakness) in the human psyche – exploited time after time, era after era, by many wily ‘believable’ rogues through history to great personal gain.


            • Truth Seeker says:

              Morning John 🙂 and I appreciate your kind words 😎

              Mate, I thought the same thing WRT political donations 😯 and I just hope that the ALP announce a dozen RC’s into all things LNP when they return to Gov 😀 (Cos that level of LNP squirming would be a great spectator sport) although I have my doubts they will do it 😦

              On the other issue, I agree up to a point, and that’s why I put the “TRY” in italics, as I think it’s important to at least try.

              But it’ll have to wait for another time, as I’m flat out today with other stuff, and am about to go out and get started on some of it 😦 and besides, it’s difficult to wax philosophical or even think too hard with my current state of porridge brain, courtesy of low blood sats 😡

              Cheers mate 🙂


  3. melaine says:

    Delightful as always Truthie 🙂

    Basket of baked goodies coming your way 😉

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  4. Frank Ston says:

    Thanks, yet again.
    I had to have a second look at that still photo. I’ve got to say that Top Gun, Tom Cruise, has gone to shit as he’s aged.

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  5. Dee says:

    Your best one yet, Truthy! I’m fully convinced that he’s mad……just wondering why his colleagues can’t see it yet. No matter how thick they are, it has to dawn on them sometime. (I just loved the puzzled looks on those sailors around him! I’m not sure the look is one of admiration!)

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    • Truth Seeker says:

      Hey Dee 🙂 Thanks for your feedback 😎 and kind words 🙂

      Yes, in your guts you know he’s nuts 😀

      He really is a few sandwiches short of a picnic 🙄 A six pack short of a slab 😉 etc etc 😦

      Mad as a hatter 😈 and I can’t see him lasting too much longer, as they only gave him till August to turn his polling around 😯

      Barkeep 🍸


      • Dee says:

        A few kangaroos loose in the top paddock also comes to mind, Truthy! 🙂 I agree that he’s not going to be staying much longer, which is not good for us at all. However, they’ll have to go to an election quickly before the infighting begins. We live in interesting (but dangerous) times!

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        • Truth Seeker says:

          Interesting times indeed Dee 🙂
          But their options for replacing idiot boy are severely limited, with Turdball making a complete arse of himself on many levels 😈

          The fact that he was prepared to contradict Abbott on ISIS, but dump on the ABC shows he’s all over the place and his cred is in question, O_o 😕 and his decision about QandA for next week will be telling, and a critical test for him too! 😉

          Strap yourself in and get the popcorn… It’s going to get a bit hairy 😉


          • Judes says:

            As usual, your latest certainly did work Truthy .. Posted a link on the Guardian, Just 2mins before you did. 🙂 It’s going to get messy ..even though they are now in ‘damage control’. BUT after the Barnaby Joyce New England / ABC hiccups perhaps the Nats will ‘see the light’ and run from them.. If not, they will just have to roll around In that great big Lib rorts trough, having their belly tickled as usual. AND if The Prince of Point Piper defies the dictator and fronts up for his turn on QT .. It just may be all on, for young and old…
            I see the dictator is trying on leather jackets in a ‘me too’ look, is he REALLY trying to be like Malc ? LOL. Scrawny little twat !

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            • Truth Seeker says:

              Hey Judes 🙂 Thanks for that 😎

              Yes, when I stated posting my link, you weren’t there, but when I hit the post button, I saw yours 😯 we must have started at the same time, or thereabouts 🙂

              It will certainly be interesting to see what Malcontent Turdball does 😀 but whichever way he goes, there will be no winners in the LNP 😀 IMHO 😉

              I love the smell of Tories burning… Whenever it happens 😆 😆

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          • Bugger says:

            Obama Finally Comes Clean (By Accident): ‘We’re Training ISIL’



  6. Bighead1883 says:

    Mate,bloody terrific and I read this whilst listening to this and it fit like PERFECT { not fair and I think you`re really mean} hahaha
    Go Truthy 😆 your best work Huzzah

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