Well Tones, you set the precedent!

Well Tones, you set the precedent!idiot boy

With the TURC dominating the headlines, as Shorten faces the blatantly outrageous Stoljar searching in vain for the smoking gun, to fulfil the LNP’ers brief of union and Labor bashing, the question is:

“Should  a future ALP government adopt the Abbott model for political opponent bashing, seeing as how the precedent has now been set”?

Well I for one say a resounding yes   😯   , as I sincerely believe it would be in the public interest to do so.   😉

The truth is that at a time when the LNP have been telling us that the sick, disabled, elderly, disadvantaged, young, unemployed and basically all from the lower Socio-Econ0mic demographic, have to tighten their belts, so that the mega rich can continue to receive huge subsidies, and they can pat themselves on their collective backs for achieving   “welfare sustainability”, and  some mythical surplus , they are throwing tens of millions of tax payers dollars at blatant political witch hunts, under the barely veiled guise of Royal Commissions.   😈

So what should the ALP  do?   ❓

Well ideally, IMHO a federal ICAC would be the place to start, but I think that they should at least set up an  RC into political donations, with terms of reference written by the ALP, and covering such areas as:

  • Trust funds, such as Abbott’s own “Australians for honest politics” fund
  • Money laundering
  • Cash for access, as per “Treasurer for sale”
  • Entities like Joe Hockey’s Millennium Forum
  • Party fund raising events held in the speakers chambers
  • Mafia links in funding

An RC into travel and living away from home allowance rorting, with terms of reference including:

  • claiming expenses for private functions like weddings of friends, relatives and colleagues.
  • Charity bike rides and other similar public events
  • Claiming a living away from home allowance for staying in a family owned home.
  • Overseas and interstate junkets that coincide with the timing of major sporting, social and/or cultural events, that require no official representation

An RC into the unholy alliance between multi national corporations and  think tanks in the formulation of public policy, with terms of reference including:

  • The level of overseas influence exerted by such groups as the IPA
  • How much LNP policy is determined by multi national self interest

An RC into the media, with terms of reference including:

  • Recommendations for mandatory  accountability for false and misleading reporting, including headline for headline corrections and apologies
  • Ownership rules and responsibilities
  • Consequences for blatant bias based on self interest
  • Recommendations for changes to a Canadian style ‘truth in media’ legislation.

Now I know that some will say I’ve gone a bit over the top   😯   but in my humble opinion… The more the merrier, and all I have to say to the LNP’ers is;

Well Tones, you set the precedent!   😛

What other RC’s would you like to see Labor announce… If any?

Austrlias debt

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9 Responses to Well Tones, you set the precedent!

  1. Bighead1883 says:

    First thing for Labor to do IMHO
    Before any RC or ICAC all FTA`s currently entered into with ISDS are to be repealed and none taken up in the future
    This is high treason to our citizens and sets Australia up for ruination and loss of Sovereignty
    Politicians committing treason to be prosecuted

    Second thing to do-Secure essential services provisions retaining a percentage of natural resources for domestic supply only

    Third thing- Open another National Bank that not only prints our currency by does QE when necessary

    What other RC`s if any you ask,wow
    1-The Pauline Hanson slush fund-your first one referencing all donors and the veracity of evidence provided
    2-Jacksonville beginning with Lawlers appointment by Howard referencing all parties using Jacksons evidence in the Thomson affair and HSU embezzlement-veracity of long term workers comp etc
    3-Ashbygate-the full monty with Palmer/Brough/Hockey/Pyne/JBishop/Abbott/Roy/Ashby/Doane
    open ended referencing
    4-Iraq-AWB-Securency dealings
    5-Tim Wilson from his appointment as HRC on all expenditures and dealings
    2-5 are added to your list Truthy 🙂

    The most important legislation needed is strong anti-monopoly laws in cross media ownership
    No one entity or subsidiary [affiliation etc] to be allowed more than 20% media ownership across the board
    News Media {digital/print/radio] to be owned majority Australian ie:+50.01% [this is obvious as how or why should foreign interests be allowed to control Australian news information

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    • Truth Seeker says:

      Hey mate 🙂

      Yes, all good fodder for RC’s, and well deserving of scrutiny 😀 and I agree all FTA’s with ISDS provisions should be rescinded immediately 😡

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    • An expensive list that would run into a $billion if all went ahead. Perhaps we should make the cost payable by the corporations who’ve driven the L-NP agenda and get some of our money back?

      I’m of the mind to send the ringleaders off to the Hague as well, although I’m not sure of the order in whichall these things should proceed.

      I must admit that I’m feeling dejected at the thought of Abbott & Co being elected for a second term. The country won’t be worth saving after they’ve finished with it in that event.

      Imagine the damage if they had a majority in the Senate.

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      • Truth Seeker says:

        Apocalypso, welcome to TSM 🙂 and thanks for your comment 😎

        I agree it would be very expensive, but IMHO worth every cent, for the expected outcome 😀
        I do like your idea of making the corporations pay, but I would also include expenses awarded to the gov from any LNP’ers convicted 😉

        And I’m with you, a second Abbott term would be my worst nightmare incarnate 😡

        Thanks again for your comment 😀 , and I do hope that you can join our conversations again 🙂

        Cheers 🙂


  2. Dee says:

    Hi Truthy, Bill seems to think turning the other cheek is a good tactic. Well it hasn’t worked well for him so far! With the level of anti-Abbott sentiment (esp after his assault on wind and solar), the ALP should be polling at least 60%. There is an element in our community who think an aggressive PM is a good PM. Although it will hurt Labor (to a much lesser degree) my first RC would be to investigate political donations, and it’d be very popular with the electorate too.

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    • Truth Seeker says:

      Morning Dee 🙂 and thanks for your comment 😎
      I agree, Bill needs to get a bit of mongrel about him, or step aside for someone who will 🙄

      Yes, an RC into political donations would be well received by the public, and likewise a federal ICAC IMHO! 😀

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  3. JohnB says:

    It pains me to have to say it, but i must be said:- Bill Shorten is emulating Neville Chamberlain in his dealings with Abbott’s LNP.
    Conciliation and appeasement might be fine in dealing with bosses of industry, but to the vile Abbott’s LNP, helpful concession is interpreted as weakness, a lack of conviction and commitment to Labor ideals.
    It merely emboldens the neo-cons to engage in further, ever more more audacious incursions against properness – safe in the knowledge that the ‘Neville’ in Shorten, when push come to shove, will provide a them way through – with at least some of their claim intact.

    The pattern has become too frequent – Australia needs a Churchillian leader if we are to fend off rampant unfettered capitalism.

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    • Bighead1883 says:

      So often the party room Brutus is no good at presenting themselves to to public and really have to be moved aside for the Party and good governance within
      Simon Crean and Mark Latham are two classic examples who should never have attained LOTO but did.


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