LNP, the Lying Nasty People.

LNP, the Lying Nasty People.TONY_WINTER_SM__57351.1378638419.1280.1280

What is it with the morally bankrupt LNP, that they think it’s OK to attack the sick, the elderly and the disabled   ❓

I mean really; we know about their efforts to cut pensions   👿   when they promised no changes   😯   and we know about all the other cuts that they promised they wouldn’t do… and then did   😈   , we know about the lies and spin that we were subjected to 🙄   and we know about the LNP rorts, as highlighted by that doyen of the born to rule set, one Bronnie “Helmet Hair” Bitch-chops   👿   , but what we didn’t hear about was the changes to the criteria for gaining access to the DSP   😯

Kevin Andrews+Under the evil   👿   and twisted   😈   oversight of the then minister for  social services, the hugely incompetent and heartless Kevin Andrews, along with the rest of the soulless and totally amoral LNP’ers, not only was the Centrelink budget cut, but the criteria by which applicants for the DSP were toughened to the point that many will be dead before they will ever qualify!   😦

Now I know that some may think I’m making wild and unsubstantiated claims, but sadly I can speak with some authority on this subject, after spending nearly 18 months, trying, in vain, to help get my BI onto the DSP.

Now  let me paint a picture for you   😉

A man who has spent his entire life working and paying tax, as a truck driver/plant operator, wakes up one day, blind in his right eye, and after going through all the tests, is informed that he has had a stroke in his eye, and can no longer work as a professional driver, and will only be allowed a restricted licence.

He struggles on for a year, or so, trying to get work as a courier driver, using his own ute, until he ends up in hospital with severe asthma and emphysema.

He can no longer work!

His only option to survive is to sell up everything and move a thousand + klms south, away from his friends and life, to live with his sister and brother in law, which he does.

Once settled, he applies for the DSP, which despite all the evidence from the hospital, and his GP, is quickly rejected, and he is placed on Newstart, which is much less per fortnight than the DSP.

He then receives a text message, telling him that he has to report to a “Disability” jobs network provider, who will try to find him a job!

Despite a severe lack of confidence for driving in traffic, he arrives at the appointment, stressed out and struggling to breathe, and was immediately sent home again, as he was obviously too sick to even go through the initial interview, and told to get a doctors certificate, to excuse him from further appointments for 3 months, which he did.

Centrelink was given a copy of the doctors certificate, which they promptly rejected, and sent him another text message and letter telling him that if he didn’t go to his appointments with the Job network, his “Newstart” allowance would be cut!

After numerous cancelled appointments due to ill health and even hospitalisation, and a number of submissions from the the Jobs network officers, telling Centrelink that they are wasting their time, and  would not be able to find him work, and recommending that he be transferred onto the DSP… He’s still on Newstart!

And the question is, WHY?

It’s hard to know how much it costs to keep a “client” on the books of these “Jobs Network” providers, but would it be less than the difference between Newstart and the DSP?… I doubt it!

Is it in the best interests of the “client”?… Definitely not!

Is it improving the quality of life for these people, many of whom are already dying from terminal diseases, while others are in a state of terminal despair?… NO

This is just one story of many   😡

And just today I heard a very disturbing report, from a credible source, in the medical field, that there are changes afoot, from the 1st of October, which may strip some carers of their Pensions/payments/allowance, and force the frail, the elderly and disabled to  access their care, not from their loved ones/ carers, but from such organisations as blue care and other paid (by the recipient) care givers, and the community nurses, who are all already grossly under resourced, and over worked.

Now I’m still trying to verify this information, so I can’t say for certain that the report is 100% correct, but with Scott Morescum, now in charge of the welfare portfolio, and the Abbott’s LNP… anything’s possible   👿

As many of you know, my sister was recently out from the UK, and when the talk turned to politics   😯   one of the first things she said was that the Tories in the UK are trying to kill off the elderly, the sick and disabled, with similar policies to those of the LNP over here   👿

Is this the kind of Australia the we want, for our elderly, sick and disabled?

Is this the kind of Australia that, past generations of Australians fought and died to protect?

Is this the kind of Australia that we want for our kids and grandkids?

And is it any wonder that many call the LNP:

The Lying Nasty People?


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  1. JohnB says:

    Great article Truthy,
    I’m heavy in flu and have been laying low all day – but I just had to congratulate you on the exposition above.

    …and 47% say they will still vote LNP?…- says much about the power of concerted and continuous propaganda saturating our corporate dominated media.

    Democracy is now but political control tool of the powerful avaricious corporations – so many politicians are their puppets.

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  2. sandrasearle says:

    This treatment by the current govt. is nothing short of criminal Truthie. This information must be spread far & wide because it is absolutely disgusting.

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    • Truth Seeker says:

      Hey Sandra 🙂

      Yes, it is truly despicable, what they are doing, and sadly the human cost of their cuts and money grubbing ways, may never be fully known, as many will just give up, while others will just become another suicide statistic 😡

      We had a glimmer of hope that sanity would prevail, when the last submission was made to Centrelink from the jobs network officer, but as with the others, it came to naught 😦

      In my mind this is tantamount to criminal behaviour, and must be exposed!

      Thanks for sharing it with your readers Sandra 😎 I appreciate all your support 🙂

      Cheers 🙂

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      • Judes says:

        Another great article Truthy … We know of course that when we are forced to leave our pride behind and walk through their doors, that we are in for one mighty game of Trivial pursuit … Centrelink style.

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  3. Bighead1883 says:

    You`ve opened an excellent can of worms there Truthy 🙂 because this was higlighted on a 4Corners story some time back
    Howard privatising the CES is a massive cash cow for the corporate shonks who operate just to keep people on the books.
    When the GST hit and BHP closed down South Australia I was the last of over 1600 contractors choofed off,.
    That was Fedruary 2009,so I looked online and signed up with some Labour Hire Co`s
    Of course no work came and in fact things got very bad in my trade
    Anyway lets jump forward 6 1/2 years and I`ve been a carer pensioner for the last 5 of those years [doing voluntary ambo work when needed]
    Only just last week one of these so called Labour Hire firms sent me an email-again as there were 3 or 4 sending emails about work which does not exist [nobody employs a +60yo boilermaker]
    The other firms did as I instructed them,”Stop pretending to look for work for me when I`ve told you years ago I`m not available
    One firm Seek”” did not so I threatened to report them to the authorities for fraud
    The criminals are running the show and we`re all being fleeced with the youth having their futures stolen off them as this global austerity drags on

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    • Truth Seeker says:

      Hey Biggy 🙂 Yes mate, the whole situation is appalling, and as I said this is just one of many stories, and I have heard many others, including from the job network workers themselves, as well as from disgruntled Centrelink and health workers, that make you just want to cry for the people 😦

      There is no humanity in the Abbott regime, and we have to do all we can to bring them down… and to account!

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  4. Fran says:

    Truthseeker , I applaud your excellent article .
    I am absolutely disgusted at the way the general public is kept in the dark about significant changes that have major impacts on the well being of the community .
    The MSM, through guilt by omission , fail to inform the publiic of significant changes to Legislation that will have serious and detrimental affects on their wellbeing .
    Things will only get tougher and an example of that is the passing of the Medical Research Future Fund Bill 2015, which has been legislated in the Senate with the support of the Greens .
    Whilst no doubt, the Medical Research Future Fund Bill is of critical importance, and in principle, supported by Labor , the cuts to achieve such Bill are significant with some serious impacts .
    I provide just a small part of the discussion on the Bill in the Senate yesterday , which has passed by, with NO Media comment ,
    It is removal of programmes by stealth, and unfortunately the Bill, and it’s obvious ramifications was brought about by the willing compliance of the Greens to add their support to the LNP Bill.
    A rather telling exchange came from Senator Jan McLucas in the Senate yesterday
    From Hansard , and the devil is in the detail .

    Medical Research Future Fund Bill 2015, Medical Research Future Fund (Consequential Amendments) Bill 2015

    Senator McLUCAS (Queensland) (11:50): Minister, it is at this point that I would like you to list all of the measures that were identified in the 2014-15 budget. My recollection is that in the 2015-16 budget nothing was identified—but please correct me if I am wrong. At this point—and it is a question that I have asked at estimates so I am sure you have that at hand—in order to assist Senator Lambie and also for the chamber, I am seeking to understand the extent of the programs that are being mopped up, for want of another word, to put into this fund and who it will affect so that people are very clear that this fund is being established—as much as we agree with its intent—and that the people who are paying for this fund are people who are sick today, people who need to go to the hospital today, people who need their teeth dealt with today and people who are mentally ill today. These are funds that were previously allocated to programs to support people who are sick today and that will now go into the fund to provide medical research. We just need to be very clear about what we are doing.
    Senator McLUCAS (Queensland) (11:54): So, Minister, if you are not going to share the detail—

    Senator Cormann: So you asked me a question when you know the answer. You have made my point.

    Senator McLUCAS: The point is that I know but I do not think the community knows—and I think Senator Lambie might be interested in knowing this—that monies flowing from the cessation of the Tasmanian Nursing and Allied Health Scholarship and Support Scheme will be going into the fund. I thought Senator Wright might be interested in the reduced funding for the Partners in Recovery program, a program that is supporting people with very chronic mental health issues in our communities. The second tranche of the rollout of the Partners in Recovery program will not proceed. This program supports people in our community who are chronically mentally ill. But we are not going to continue with that program and we are going to put that money into the research fund, as important as it is. Then we have the National Tobacco Campaign. I know that Senator Di Natale is very keen on ceasing tobacco use in our country. Savings from the National Tobacco Campaign, a newer and lower cost media campaign, are going into the MRFF. The national partnership agreement on adult public dental services was another issue that I thought the Greens were pretty hot on. I thought they really believed that dental work was the next cab off the rank when it came to reform in our health system. Money from those programs will now go into the Medical Research Future Fund. Senator Cormann, this list goes for more than a page. I am astonished that you would not table this, so that Senator Lambie, in particular—

    Senator Cormann: It has been tabled.

    Senator McLUCAS: I am talking about in the course of this debate, so that people are very clear what they are voting against and what they are voting for. “

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    • Truth Seeker says:

      Morning Fran 🙂 and thanks for your kind words and comment 😎

      Yes the greens have once again sold out this country and in particular the sick and most needy/vulnerable, for the sake of trying for short term political relevance. 😡

      Their history is a litany of sellouts based on ideological and political expediency, with their own short term interests ahead of the national interest, and they should be exposed as such, and a totally self serving party! 😡

      Cheers 🙂

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      • Fran says:

        Truthseeker, I am sorry to take up so much column space on this issue , but people fail to realise, in gaining one thengs like the MRFF, we lose so many more, without the public being informed until after the event, or if ever a journalist decides to venture into the realm of hidden legislation .
        As I mentioned yesterday, the LNP added 20+ amendments to the Bill, 2 hours before its passing .
        How can that be scrutinised and debated when the Greens had already given support .?
        further on Labor Senators Hansard statements yesterday , and this clearly shows Legislation being pushed through on an unsuspecting Nation
        From Hansard
        Senator McLUCAS (Queensland) (11:42): by leave—I move opposition amendments (1), (4), (5), (6), (9), (11), (12) and (19) on sheet 7711.

        (1) Clause 4, page 3 (lines 18 to 22), omit “Initially, the Fund’s investments are a portion of the investments of the Health and Hospitals Fund which was established under the Nation-building Funds Act 2008. Additional amounts may also be credited to the Medical Research Future Fund Special Account”, substitute “Amounts are credited to the Medical Research Future Fund Special Account in accordance with determinations by the responsible Ministers”.

        (4) Clause 5, page 6 (lines 3 to 5), omit the definition of Health and Hospitals Fund.

        (5) Clause 5, page 6 (lines 6 to 9), omit the definition of Health and Hospitals Fund Special Account.

        (6) Clause 10, page 12 (lines 6 to 10), omit “Initially, its investments are a portion of the investments of the Health and Hospitals Fund which was established under the Nation-building Funds Act 2008. Additional amounts may also be credited to the Medical Research Future Fund Special Account”, substitute “Amounts are credited to the Medical Research Future Fund Special Account in accordance with determinations by the responsible Ministers”.

        (9) Clause 15, page 16 (line 23), omit “amounts referred to in paragraph 34(4)(a) are”, substitute “amount referred to in paragraph 34(4)(a) is”.

        (11) Clause 19, page 20 (line 21), omit “Agency; or”, substitute “Agency.”

        (12) Clause 19, page 20 (lines 22 to 24), omit subparagraph (iii).

        (19) Clause 34, page 36 (lines 15 to 20), omit paragraph (4)(a), substitute:

        (a) the principle that the total amount (in nominal terms) that has been credited to the Medical Research Future Fund Special Account under section 15 should be preserved over the long-term;

        These issues go to the Health and Hospitals Fund. Labor does not support the abolition of the Health and Hospitals Fund and its remaining funds—somewhere in the order of $1 billion—being rolled into the Medical Research Future Fund.

        I particularly want to make mention of some of the projects that have been delivered through the Health and Hospitals Fund and the positive impact that that fund has had on the health and wellbeing of Australian people. In particular, I want to acknowledge the 24 regional cancer centres delivered across three rounds of the fund, including in areas where, up to the time of their opening, patients had had to travel many, many hundreds and sometimes thousands of kilometres to receive the best quality treatment for cancer. I refer in this regard to the services constructed in my city of Cairns, Townsville, Traralgon, Ballarat, Bunbury, and Whyalla in South Australia. The Health and Hospitals Fund also contributed to countless other projects of significant value to communities across the country, including through the Garvan St Vincent’s cancer centre in Sydney, the Nepean Clinical School, the Melbourne Neuroscience Institute project, the new rehabilitation unit at the Fiona Stanley Hospital in Perth, the Midland Health Campus also in Perth, the acute medical and surgical service unit in Launceston and the research and training facility at the Menzies School of Health Research in Darwin.

        I also want to comment on Senator Sean Edwards’s commentary in his second reading debate where he spoke glowingly about the SAHMRI, the cheese grater, in South Australia. He talked about how proud he was to attend with Prime Minister Abbott the opening of that facility a couple of years ago. It must have been early in the time of the new government—that was funded through the Health and Hospitals Fund. That was a project that has been delivered by the Health and Hospitals Fund in its current iteration, in its current structure. If our amendments are not carried today, those moneys, that billion dollars that is still left in the fund, will then move across into the research fund. As I said, Labor supports research funding. I think it was Senator Xenophon who said, ‘I hope we are not robbing Peter to pay Paul.’ Well, Senator Xenophon, I think we are. And, to answer that question, we are. We are taking money from, in this case, the Health and Hospitals Fund and from a myriad of other programs as well. I certainly will come back to the minister with that list. I hope that it is being worked on.

        I have moved those amendments. I remind this chamber, though, that the Prime Minister promised, before the last election, that there would be no cuts to health. In opposing the abolition of the Health and Hospitals Fund, Labor is, at least, holding this government to account on this program.

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        • Truth Seeker says:

          No worries Fran 🙂

          Feel free to take up all the space you need 🙂 these are important issues that need public airing 🙂

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        • Bighead1883 says:

          For a doctor you make a mighty fine reporter Fran 😎

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        • Judes says:

          Fran , Truthy, 🙂 I have posted a link to this page and this information in the Guardian, as someone was asking about this very issue. I hope you don’t mind me doing that, as this is such an important and sneaky change to our health funding and conditions that we should not let the Greens off the hook ..or anyone else who voted it through. This should be of concern to everyone requiring health funding, not only the elderly requiring home care.
          Abbott’s corporate sponsors will be jumping for joy ! 😦

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          • Truth Seeker says:

            Hey Judes 🙂 thanks for that 😎 everyone should know exactly what’s happening to our health system courtesy of the LNP with support of the greens 😡

            I also made reference to the greens duplicity on The Guardian this morning, but on the environmental article 😡

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  5. bilko says:

    I am with you 150% Thruthy, my grandson now thankfully fully employed, all his own effort, went through the newstart scheme which should be be called fraudstart as all it does is give our taxes to a bunch of crooks (in all but name) to administer the scam hoisted on the disabled/unemployed by the Rodent and not sorted out by the Rudd/Gillard government. I know the first 3 yrs was senate law passing issues and then 3 yrs minority HOR issues but they did pass a lot of legislation but nothing to do with this issue. Begs the question WHY. The upside for him the grandson that is, he is now moving out of our nest, where we have brought him up for the last 15 years. We will maintain his room while we now look around to downsize to something we can manage with ease ie smaller garden etc. Keep alert we still need more lerts.

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  6. Fran says:

    I know I have a bee in my bonnet over this issue , but I will post this and let it rest .
    Selected comments in no particular order , however I must admit, I do like the final comment posted, by a National Party Senator

    Senator CORMANN (Western Australia—Minister for Finance) (11:52)About $1 billion in uncommitted funds from the Health and Hospital Fund and the 2014-15 budget savings in the health portfolio which have passed or will pass will go into the fund until the fund reaches $20 billion.

    Senator McLUCAS (Queensland) (11:54): So, Minister, if you are not going to share the detail—

    Senator Cormann: So you asked me a question when you know the answer. You have made my point.

    Senator McLUCAS:Money from those programs will now go into the Medical Research Future Fund. Senator Cormann, this list goes for more than a page. I am astonished that you would not table this, so that Senator Lambie, in particular—

    Senator Cormann: It has been tabled.

    Senator DI NATALE (Victoria—Leader of the Australian Greens) (11:39): Just very briefly: we certainly acknowledge the concerns expressed by Senator McLucas.

    Senator WRIGHT (South Australia) (11:49): The Australian Greens have heard Senator McLucas’s points in relation to the amendments. However, we acknowledge that there are currently significant funds in the Health and Hospitals Fund but that money is not currently being spent. It has not been allocated to hospitals……………We understand that it is actually necessary for the clauses that the Labor Party is seeking to amend to be in the current bill to allow the funds to capitalise the Medical Research Future Fund. For that reason, the Australian Greens will not be supporting Labor’s amendments.
    Senator CORMANN (Western Australia—Minister for Finance)
    Firstly, I would like to thank all those senators who have contributed to this debate on this very important initiative. I would like to, in particular, thank Senator Richard Di Natale and the Australian Greens for their very constructive engagement with the government in working with us…………

    Senator McLUCAS: But why did it take till 9:30 this morning for the government to realise that this would have been a good idea? The government has been working on this for 18 months. Surely in the last 18 months someone somewhere said, ‘I think it’d be a good idea to have the consumer representative on the advisory board.’ But it has taken until the day that this bill will pass the Senate for them to realise that and hear that.

    Senator WRIGHT (South Australia) : The Australian Greens indicate that we will be supporting these government amendments….. We are satisfied that that second issue has been initially addressed by the minister’s comments but also that it will and should be reviewed over time, and certainly the Australian Greens will be looking to that and looking at that review that occurs. Given those comments I do indicate that the Australian Greens will be supporting these government amendments.

    Question agreed to.

    In The Australian

    Greens leader Richard Di ­Natale acknowledged it would be “impossible” to protect the fund from political interference, but said he was assured the fund’s aims would be “aligned and complementary” with those of the respected National Health and Medical Research Council.

    “Where there are good ideas, the Greens are prepared to support them,” he said

    The only interesting part of the day was this exchange in the Senate

    Senator O’SULLIVAN (Queensland—Nationals Whip in the Senate) I have to open with a confession before I lead into my speech. I actually won a bet in the last five minutes. I have a fondness for beer, as you can tell from my side profile. I bet a six-pack that there would be a mass exodus from the chamber by our colleagues from the Greens after their stunt and that they would show no continued interest in what I think is one of the most important pieces of legislation to come into the parliament.

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  7. SF says:

    Article is spot on.

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  8. Mick Byron says:

    I must say Truthseeker it makes me wonder where Abbott is leading us as a nation and Fran , I understand the Media not covering this as they are part and parcel of the LNP ,but what about our National carrier, the ABC .
    Don’t they cover the Senate

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    • Truth Seeker says:

      Hey Mick 🙂 thanks for your comment 😎

      There’ll be no mistaking where Abbott is leading us… we just have to wait for him to push the button, which will be followed closely by the loud sound of water flushing 😯

      And sadly, the way he’s going, it can’t be far away 😡


    • Bighead1883 says:

      The amendments are going through the Senate right as I write
      Sold up by Greens

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      • mick Byron says:

        Bighead1883, you seem to know your way around politics .
        Does that Greens bloke Adam Bandit ever say anything in Parliament, and do you know any media that does give factual reports of what happens n Parliament and the Senate


        • Bighead1883 says:

          Biggy to you Mick 🙂 and actually Bandt hopped up yesterday for some non memorable mention during the get out and have lunch lull lead in.
          He is the great Green Hope in the HoR and he could learn from Clive to have his questions very pointed and poignant if he wants media to zero in.
          Although Refugees and Rainbows mean a lot they are but 2 issues out of a myriad of National agenda items we should be addressing
          How Fran put the $20 billion Reseach Fund sellout brings home the bacon to the hunger multitude
          How urgent is a “toothache or abscess?”
          How terrifying that emergency Mental Health help is going to be shut down for those caring for loved ones with dementia-alzheimer`s etc
          And lastly just of the 3 issues Fran brought up we know di Natale is anti-smoking yet his Party`s stance basically will support Big Tobacco [and the ISDS inside] by lessening the tough anti smoking stance Labor brought forward under Gillard

          Like the DAP {Direct Action Plan] {Dial A Prayer} the Greens signed up with the LNP because-now promise not to guffaw-no you`re already chuckling,so promise- they to us that the LNP had agreed to a higher RET if the Greens passed the DAP bill in the Senate.-bust a gut now 😆 😆 😆
          The LNP then promptly said they were going to lower the RET as per their IPA commitment
          Only the Greens didn`t know that,but every pre schooler did
          I heard di Natale say the Greens will always back good policy {FFS do they know what good policy is?]
          Media for factual reporting?
          You have to hunt and sift your porridge then blend your mix
          I`d go with the comedy shows for the most consistent reporting`


          • SF says:

            Talking bout lying liars, talking bout Fox, talking bout porridge BTW, don’t buy cornflakes they’re made from GMO corn.

            From Counterpunch…..From Swan Song for the Donald? GOP Party Bosses Plan to “Take Out” Trump has got it all.

            “I was a businessman. I give to everybody. When they call, I give. And do you know what? When I need something from them two years later, three years later, I call them, they are there for me. And that’s a broken system.” – D Trump.

            Dear reader, there are things you can say in America and there are things you cannot say. You can criticize the government, support torture, applaud the racist arrest and incarceration immigrants looking for work, and cheerlead the bombing of civilians in the many countries around the world where the US has launched its vicious wars of aggression. But you cannot stand in front of an audience of 24 million Americans on national Television and explain in excruciating detail how the political system really works, how the tycoons and moguls pay for favors from the sock-puppet politicians, how the politicians do whatever they are told to do, and why the system is a complete and utter fraud.


  9. Mick Byron says:

    Fran, congratulations on all the information from the Senate .
    Is there any way mere mortals like me can get to read Hansard as well ?


    • Frank Ston says:

      If you can bear with me (non-tech savvy).
      Google aph and follow the prompts to either the Senate or the House of Reps and you’ll get sitting days, members, Hansard and a whole lot of other goodies.


      • Fran says:

        Oops, Frank , I didn’t realise we were typing the same answer at the same time 😀


        • Frank Ston says:


          I own the ‘Ooops’ – I must learn not to interpose in the conversation of others.
          Keep up the good work and best wishes.


          • Fran says:

            Frank Ston ,my conversations are there for everyone , you were doing a fellow reader a favour .
            Don’t be sorry about that .
            sometimes I’m missing for days on end and Mick would not have got the answer he sought , so I’m glad you responded ,.
            Better to be told twice than not told at all


    • Fran says:

      if the merest mortal like me can access it , you most certainly can

      House of Representatives,Committees,Hansard Documents or live
      or alternately
      Senate,Senate Committees, Hansard Documents or live
      Is available on the link below .
      On the top bar, Green for House of Reps, or red for the Sentate


      I must point out though, usually it is pretty depressing reading
      Usually, sticking needles in your eyes is much more pleasurable, as you just manage to expose yourself to the sorts of shenanigans being dumped upon thhe unsuspecting voters as Truthseeker and I have highlighted above


  10. Fran says:

    I’m not sure whether you are aware , but a lot of knowledgeable people are in the process of establishing Grey Power Labor , which I believe has the potential to be a brilliant gathering point for like minded people, a great source for those wanting to educate themselves in Labor history and resources, and contacts and actions , and a great resource for all .
    Even though I have about 45 years 😀 before I qualify for membership, I’m hoping they have a page for supporters of their cause .
    I am quite excited about the future possibilites of Grey Power Labor, a vehicle to bring the wealth of knowledge, experince and history of Labor together along with a diverse cross section of ALP members from all walks of life, experiences and backgrounds .
    It will be a valuable resource for all, for us younger ones to absorb the history and for the members to learn, have shared experiences and further the cause of Labor in a tie of unprecedented right wing attacks
    I would encourage you to cosider joining

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    • Mick Byron says:

      Thanks Fran and Frank Ston for the Senate links .
      I had a quick look at Grey Power but I don’t think I’m anywhere near their political savvy .
      I don’t know about rule changes and legal issues I leave all that to the political knowledge, so I’ll decline .
      I just want to beat the “LNP, the Lying Nasty People.” and get a Labor Government


      • Bighead1883 says:

        Political savvy has nothing to do with what`s right and what`s the truth
        Beating the LNP is primary goal of course and what GPL is about is the Rank and File having their proper and just say within OUR political party
        Do you have a say in who you want put forward as a Senate candidate by the ALP at present? that answer is a no
        We Rank and File want to be able to have a say in picking 50% of Senate candidates to bring back balance to the party

        **The other 50% would be for the Unions to pick their candidates
        Also we will ask that a round robin pick happen ie:{If the right faction win first pick for say Victoria then we chose the next State to have first pick in.
        **We also ask that union members are not counted as a proxy vote or any proxy votes for that matter-No Vote No Count
        ** That in itself will make branch staking obsolete

        That Mick Byron is much of what GPL is about
        Any legal business will be to address how we achieve these things within the legal constraints of the Party platform and that`s for lawyers to wrangle over if it comes to that,


        • Mick Byron says:

          Bighead1883 .I was just simply stating my opinion not trying to upset anybody .
          I’m sorry if anyone on Truthseekers site, or Grey power for that matter took offense
          I’ll just roll up my tent and move on.Letterboxing for the cause will do me. adios .

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      • Judes says:

        Yes Mick .. 🙂 You ARE absolutely the right person to support Grey Power Labor. You care enough to visit and take part in Truthseekers. You will find all of us who chat here are a very friendly bunch who believe in a fair go, some are older and proudly show their experience and battle scars… they’re marshmallows underneath with soft hearts.
        I am only a small and VERY new cog in the GPL wheel, and it’s obvious that you want to help get Labor into government as much as I do. Stay for a while longer Mick, have some fun in The Lounge and enjoy TSM. Wait for the GPL site to be fully established and add your two bobs worth to mine.
        We all want exactly the same thing and trust me …this is a good place to find ‘enthusiasm for the cause’ .. You’ll need heaps of that, because I know first hand .. Letterbox dropping REALLY hurts your feet !! 😦


  11. cornlegend says:

    Hey Biggy,
    “Beating the LNP is primary goal of course and what GPL is about is the Rank and File having their proper and just say within OUR political party”
    couldn’t agree more .
    Trouble is, with all things Labor , what seems simple enough, they add the bit here and bit there, and the end doesn’t look like the beginning .
    My old man used to say to me sometimes they tried too hard to be good Chefs .
    They wanted to create a great soup.
    Then they kept adding
    And ended up with a Soup Sandwich .

    They need to stick to the old K.I.S.S. principle

    Liked by 2 people

    • Bighead1883 says:

      Good morning Cornie 🙂 and this is a sound logic.
      The surest way to fail at political discourse is to try and please everyone and actually that does over to most of life
      We are going to have detractors and so be it
      We are going to have some singing the praises-so be it

      My plan personally is an in your face for our right faction lot by getting testimonials and pre ambles from rank and file who wish to share
      1- Home Page,general knowledge of the site like a magazine cover with regular changes and updating
      2- Who We Are Page-this page and growing into pages will show peoples feeling in their own words on why they`re even bothering joining such a group-
      Now lets get this part right in it`s own way as well,because it`ll be another “factional”group looking to be heard and wanting it`s part in the ALP.
      3- What We Do Page IMO needs to be a female run aspect,[Judes-Fran} a bit like the family home,
      {example-Mum }Plibersek] I can`t fit my pushy in the garage because Dad`s got a big mess in there and wont clean it up {Shorten] and he promised he was going to ages ago
      Yes dear he just talks about it and thinks the problem`s fixed}
      4- Why We`re Doing It Page- This is where someone with JB`s knowledge and understanding of ALP rules comes to the fore
      Again as suggested we need to keep any type of legal talk as private discussion but need of course to bring UP FRONT where Executive is breaking any Party rules concerning R&F
      5- Let`s Talk Page is where any R&F or supporters can send in their testimonial or pre amble
      Like anyone`s life`all these are put up as a first come first served basis and all are important
      6- Blog Page/s- that part will develop as time and knowledge of the site grows into it`s own free form entity IMHO

      That`s the concept as I see it Cornie and of course I`m up for fresh ideas anytime as you know
      Inside knowledge from you that will niggle at the conscience of the Executive and I trust you`ll be my comrade in this endeavour 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  12. driftwood12 says:

    Unfortunately Truthy, the troubles you write of are agenda’d and the Hollywood blood of Canberra, chored to put everything through by the triathlon of New World order players.
    Unfortunately, much of it comes through Labour in the UK as the changes to our dental system many years ago came. It is more kosher for Australians to be fiddled with through the UK with nasties because it tarnishes the enemy of the US and global corporates, the Monarchy, ANY assemblage of joint stand by the people that enables resistance to the whim of psychotic wealth and whim.
    Your brotherinlaw should he on sickness benefit and, he should have to sign a release form of liability to his country for forcing his death , stress and discomfort. That is so authority is not liable for forcing him , tryibg to into unobtainable employment. The new privateers cashing in on get you a job employment scams should have seeked the same release off him because unless our judiciary have all had their nuts cut out by Murdoch and crowd, they are also liable for his torture , discomfort and imminent death and life span.
    Now this would happen automatically in other saner days amongst the process. Prior to that, our health system was run so no one was savaged and beaten and care was taken of and with them avoiding the life ending abuse and stress.
    Now all this comes back to benefit of the doubt and onus of proof clauses that Kissinger and co chored with many years ago in getting rid of for the health and legal market profiteers.It is one of the root aims amongst other in the 9/11 planning.
    It is a global matter and onslaught and heavily pushed by Labour in the UK and here.
    You have to help your BIL ,it sounds he will die attempting it himself aside the stress, find the point of liability and force it. Dump it on someones lap.
    The big aim is the privatisation of the institution markets. Forcing every aspect to aquire a lawyer as the horrible stinking monarchs and others take work from the market, and much evil power, like rolling people out of their homes for profit on simple matters that could have been the trades etc.
    Murdochracy is the art of forcing these matters artfully on the people. They are though, only an illusion largely of mass controlled media.
    They WILL kill your BIL as they are many others, force the liability. This should automatically happen in the system, it hasnt for many for some years under the new Kissinger terms.It is happening for some, you need to find out why and how and why his case hasnt came into those terms.
    Too much to say on it all and of global tactics.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Truth Seeker says:

      Hey Jim 🙂 hope your health has improved mate, and you’re getting on top of things ❓

      Mate, we, like his psychologist, GP and case managers have all tried, but they’re just not interested 😡 they have changed the criteria, and basically told us that until you’re 9 parts dead, you’re wasting your time 😛 Drs certificates don’t mean shit, and threats of repercussions are like water off a ducks back… They just don’t care, as it’s all about the money 👿

      A case manager told me of a client that was sent a threatening letter, from Centrelink, telling her that her “Benefits” would be cut off, even though she couldn’t report, because she was in hospital getting Chemo for her terminal cancer 😯 👿

      How can you argue with a bureaucracy that doesn’t give a crap?

      As my sister said of the UK, they just want them all to die, so that they don’t have to deal with them! 😈


      • driftwood12 says:

        Though they will terrorise, leave in limbo, kill, the aim is still as i said, to get everyone screaming for the changes heights wants. Market based bill of rights, insurance, pharma, health profiteering etc. Everything is to do with it, that is the backbone.
        Sone points. Obama has acknowledged that countries like ours are at different stages and growths, so WTF is going on? With all our Murdoch follow the global tyrant rule etc.and media and political psychologies.
        Transposing an air of the mass complications of other countries and troubles and populations and situations on us for profiteering gain sold to us by media as no choice.
        Truthy, people are being pensioned, your BIL is eligable, need to find out wtf is going on.The buck has to stop somewhere. And liability. You may be able to give your house to a lawyer for a shot at forcing rights and liabilities. This set up, did you get to vote for it? It is certainly not a requirement of this country to be like this or have this set up. Someone is going for global rule and this crap isnt on.
        About time this bullshit came to a head. We need to demand answers, and accept nothing except what should be. Hunt it down.

        This is something that i know. Just as tyrancy, Murdochracy, Kissinger etc shit on, kill, people who even have support them, they got no friends. The world turns. And if a global govt comes into play its going to tumble some long running old school rats in its forming. Even if only to justify itself. That doesnt mean that itself is anything to laud from our position. That is life and politics on this Earth.
        If there is no liability point for your bil, something is drastically wrong and many actions may be justified.


  13. driftwood12 says:

    I was eligable for pensioning for years, my inventiveness, skills, tenacity, being happy just living under a tree, helped me. When i could go no further and realised the damage to my life and family for years from not having it, it took me a ten year fight to get it that crippled me and damaged me.
    Going into it with a sense of hopelessness too from the culling of my father from criminal vindictiveness, gangsters and gold mines and institution aims of wealths psychotics, kept me from the door asking for help or displaying in any way my dire circumstances.
    This cou try has no terms available for survival other than established rights being forcibly witheld under a mire of deception.

    Myself, i earned 1200 a week when the average wage was around 290. Other time, earning 2 thou per twenty days straight per month when unemployment was very high and average wage around 260. My spine stuffed me from making those wages permanent and a hundred other avenues of having a life and making contribution.
    I know and knew that the pension is a slow suicide for most. Unless you are very bland in outlook, you are fated to cigarettes, alcohol, theft, desperation and ill health to survive.And i owned no house.
    If i knew what i know now, i should have ditched my family and copped the condemnation and heartbreak for their sake. I did at times steer and encourage friendships of the love of my life, she was a rare gift , with others for years with that knowledge pending.
    You need someone honest in the chain to tell you what the fuck is going on and accept no answer from any agent of Murdoch because it can be done. All their friends are well catered.


  14. driftwood12 says:


    Forget any selling, Assange etc, just take in the knowledge and aspects. It helps.
    “While powerful elites work 24/7 to continually gain the uninformed consent of the governed,…”
    A lot of good pieces around to help people understand. To stand up and organise.
    Here, an art has been made of herding causes to one mass and applying own cause on it and Murdochs own consensus. Its a unicorn. Only exists if we let it.


  15. driftwood12 says:

    In the early nineties, Kissinger extolled, recorded at a meeting to” Overnight, replace civilian policing with the military.” I’ll see if i can source the piece to paste.
    Tony isnt Australia, or the rest of the paid off and bought cretins.


    • driftwood12 says:

      I write that amazed that such meetings took place after my application for justice for my father and family and political implications became known in the early 90’s via the Queensland govt. The rest of history since looks like a panic.


  16. driftwood12 says:

    You may wonder what that all has to do with your Brother in law. A lot. It is about welfare, the onus of proof and benefit of the doubt, a Bullshit market based bill of rights, insurance, big pharma and the health system. One way to get there is to be criminal in treatment of the populace to force them to want their changes. Savage people etc and pave the way for relief under a Bill of rights etc. Manufacture the circumstances. Its been the plot since the Whitlam dismissal.
    The meeting and booklet made prior to 9/11 by the players describes the tactics. They must perservere and not let up.
    Timothy Mcvie. The Oklahoma bombing. Some proven facts. He was supposedly going to fulfill plans to bomb the Tabocco and excise as they played a part in Waco.
    One- he didnt even know where the place was, he asked directions at a service station how to get there.
    Two- the truck was parked no where near the dept and another person was picked up on cameras getting out of the truck. He didnt even know where the dept was.
    Three- The bomb squad was already on alert and dressed long before the truck drove up.
    Four- Within half an hour of the explosion, Bill Clinton loosened the laws for the Military to act over top of civilian policeing in the US.
    David Icke put a vid of 9/11 updates on youtube for 2015, an interesting look. I went a half hour into it. Am restricted by net allowance. He has facts and info including names from other angles than other factuals on the matter. Worth a look.There is a sea of rubbish and misdirection on the matters to wade through on the tube. Much put up by fruitcakes and it appears other to dismiss matters by overkill.
    Some info of Icke’s i find relevant to myself. Italian connection. Wondered if thats my hacking drone friends.

    The welfare and pensioning matter is a scam.
    Where’s Labour on it? its been running for some years now, they are killing people with stress and breaking up families.

    I ran into another guy up your way with the same trouble. Had multiple heart attacks, is in his 60’s, has multiple stents in his heart and pipe tubing in his arms and legs and more to come , is on an assortment of debilitating pills , is going through hell and stress and panic attacks and relying on others- cant go far unacompanied, permanently dizzy and disorientated and cant get the pension. They have him on unemployment.
    People told him to try going interstate or at least getting away from the Sunshine Coast to try.
    It appears heights is trying/ going to, break the back of health and legal for power and profiteering. They may be in it for the long haul going by info of plan and tactic on Icke’s piece.
    Need to make an issue of it and stop this rot.


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