They just don’t get it!

They just don’t get it!idiot boy

Well I have to say, that over the last few weeks, I’ve been gobsmacked by the the way that Abbott and the LNP’ers have raised the bar of complete and utter hubris and stupidity, to dizzying heights   😯

I mean, when the Helmet Hair expenses rorts debacle just went on… and on… and on, I thought this is madness, even for the Abbott   😯

Then, while the Australian public are still seething over “Choppergate”, up pops Dyson “The commissioner who sucks” Heydon, and here we go again   😯

And the strangest thing of all, is that before our very eyes, we’ve seen the LNP’ers go from sadly delusional   😦   to madly delusional   😕   to completely bat shit crazy   O_o   o_O

Now who’d a thunk that watching a political party head lemming like towards the nearest cliff, would turn out to be such an enjoyable spectacle   😀

DysonHeydon+The latest foray into right wing stupidity, started with George Braindead, our esteemed Attorney General (The highest lawman in the land   😯   )  and his attempts to diffuse the Dyson Heydon debacle, by saying that;

  • Dyson didn’t know that the Sir Garfield Barwick talk, he was invited to give, was a Liberal party affair… Cos it wasn’t!   😯   WTF   ❓
  • That it wasn’t an LNP fundraiser   😯
  • It was a public event, only organised by the LNP, but nothing to really do with them   😯
  • It was all Labor’s fault   😯

Then we had Abbott, in QT saying that  Dyson said he didn’t think it was appropriate that he (Dyson) speak at a party fundraiser!   🙄

We then saw Abbott, still in QT, around 30 minutes later, state that it wasn’t a fundraiser at all   😯

Then, when questioned on which answer he stood by, he said… “Both”   😯

Now, as keynote speaker, Dyson must have had some inkling that he would be the drawcard for the LNP to solicit donations from guests/donors at a party function, especially as the  Liberal party logo was on the invite, along with instructions on how to donate, and what any donations would be used for   😯

You couldn’t make this shit up   O_o   😕

But I digress   😛

So for a couple of days, we saw spurious and puerile excuses flying from Abbott and his ministers, like shit from a diarrhetic’s convention, as  they tried everything in their distractions manual, to promote a “Look over there” scenario     🙄

Suffice it to say that, that approach went down like a French kiss at a funeral   😯

We even saw Braindead enter the fray once more with the old… “It wasn’t a fundraiser, cos it wasn’t going to earn much money!”   😯   …   Well that’s all right then George… You IDIOT!!   🙄

And just when we thought it couldn’t get any more stupid, Tosh Friedandburnt, who wasFriedandburnt+ introduced by the ABC as a “Keen LNP legal mind”   😯   said that it was perfectly acceptable that a Jurist, who was being accused of, at the very least, the appearance of bias, was allowed to pass judgement on his own publicly, perceived, if not yet fully proven, bias    😉      WTF   ❓

And as more of the long and abiding relationship between idiot boy, and his Rhodes Scholarship mentor, bubbles to the surface, along with the rest of the “Jobs for the boys/girls”, we start to see just how much the payback is costing us, the long suffering, taxpaying general Australian public, and the anger is palpable!   😡

And while Abbott displays vast amounts of Arrogance and hubris in equal measure, during the current sessions of HoR QT, with no semblance of common sense, or political judgement, the rest of his mendacious mob of miscreants are scouring the recesses of their pathetically, ideologically driven, small minds, for a distraction…  any distraction, to  take the attention away from their other stupidities   🙄

And what have they come up with???

What they laughingly refer to as “Vigilantly Lawfare”, cos the “Vigilantes  have put out a “Manual”, on how to stop coal mining.   😯

Changing the laws around environmental objections, so that only those in the immediate vicinity can use the courts to object to mining developments   😯   WTF   ❓

The minister ( and I use the term very loosely) Ian Macfarlane, when asked why these changes were needed, stated that there were a raft of projects that were being affected!

But when questioned further on the numbers, admitted that the Adani mine was the first   😯   … A raft of… well… ONE!   😉

And once more with feeling… WTF???   🙄

To be fair though, he did cite other “state” controlled projects, even though they would not be affected, as they were subject to “state” laws, and not the laws they want to change   O_o   😕   🙄   … So still a raft of… ONE   😯

One of the other notable statements of the last couple of weeks, came from Abbott himself, at a Liberal conference, last weekend, where he claimed they’ve had  “Two good years of government”   😯

Now with him and his mob languishing in the polls, almost since day one, and his disastrous record of “Captains picks”;  (remembering that he himself turned out to be a disastrous “Captains pick” by Muddick   👿   ) their lies and deceit, broken promises, unfair budgets and cuts wher they promised no cuts, along with becoming an international laughingstock, stumbling from one stupidity to another, you just have to wonder what two good years he was referring to   ❓   … Cos it couldn’t be the last two   😛

bishop_iran_still_2We even witnessed Jules “Medusa” Bitch-chops reach new heights in stupid, in QT this week, in a vain attempt to position herself favourably, for what looks suspiciously like the inevitable, upcoming leadership spill, where “stupid” seems to be the overriding prerequisite for LNP leadership!   😯

I say “Vain attempt”, as it already looks like another Muddick captains pick, as he positions Snott Morescum to take up the expected vacancy   😯

Which is just another level of stupidity again, and proves conclusively that, when it comes to good public policy, political judgement and the mood of the electorate, amongst other things LNP…

They Just don’t get it! 




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23 Responses to They just don’t get it!

  1. Bighead1883 says:

    Yes Mark Kenny from SMH would have been proud to be able to write that Truthy 🙂 he`d be jealous no end of your adjectival aplomb 😯
    I also noticed Guardian journo`s Murphs and crew report back on “Backlashes for Cabinet Leakers”
    I`ve been saying for ages this LNP lot drink far too much booze at work and can`t even make their own en suites 😕

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Bighead1883 says:

    Then as for the “Wrecking The Environment Minister” I decided he was worth some Photoshop art
    Hope you like the artwork Truthy 🙂 because there`s nothing to like about this imbecile 😡

    Liked by 2 people

  3. bilko says:

    Thruthy you are all fired up this morning, you missed Mesma’s comments that Tanya wants to drop food parcels to the terrorists in Syria, you are slipping mate. Almost makes you wish the Rodent was back in charge he could not make such a cluster f**k up as this bunch of clowns. Why so many people still support this mob amazes me, Tones even makes GWB look brilliant and that says it all. Stay alert

    Liked by 3 people

  4. Florence nee Fedup says:

    Rodent out addressing some business do, pushing nuclear power. According to him, the clean method of production. Has been doing his bit storing up his protégé.

    Liked by 2 people

  5. driftwood12 says:

    Amazing they gather under Barwick. A thief, gangster and scammer. Spoken of by Whitlam as a truculent runt and a liar.
    Largely about Barwick
    Very recently a US state sacked 250 citing a total infestation of corruption.
    Deysons sacking leaves many unanswered questions including of Tony.
    But its just another day in Australia.

    Liked by 3 people

  6. melaine says:

    As always excellent work Truthie… custard tarts, blueberry muffins AND black forest cake definitely deserved for this effort buddy 😉

    … here’s a thought…
    Why don’t we find a nice overseas wedding or maybe a fact finding trip to Antarctica to investigate the breeding habits of the famous GHunt’s Antarctic Walrus and send all the lying nasty people party on a little sorjourn during their next break from parliament – I’m sure all the LEANERs (you know us Least Entitled Australians Now Enduring Repeated Screwings) would be more than happy to chip in and pay for first class tickets for all our entitled LIFTERs (Least Intelligent Fucking Troglodytes Endlessly Rorting)… and maybe we could get a discount with malay airways for the flight… perhaps eleventy and his mate malicious turncoat could be asked to program the onboard computers…

    Ah, a girl is allowed to dream, isn’t she 😉

    Liked by 4 people

  7. brickbob says:

    That bloke at the sports store selling baseball bats is making a fortune.””

    Liked by 1 person

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