LNP shills get shrill over playing kill Bill…

LNP shills get shrill over playing kill bill…

Abbott and the LNP are rattled   😯   I mean really rattled!Abbot shill shrill+1

What other possible reason could there be for the positively hysterical and  slanderous diatribe unleashed by the mad monk against Bill shorten under parliamentary privilege?   ❓

One can only assume that they know they are in deep shit, as the wheels fall off their Highly politicised “Royal Commission”, and the only smoking guns to be found are in the hands of LNP’ers, including Abbott and the Bishops, who just keep shooting themselves in the foot   🙄

The spectacle of the alleged Prime Minister of our country standing up in parliament and, as was declared by one commentator on the ABC, “Coming out swinging”, was to say the least, an unedifying spectacle, along with similar hysterical rants by Jules “Medusa” Bitch-chops and the glow in the dark Bananaby Juice   😯

Bananaby red+

An independent observer would be forgiven for thinking that the next logical step, after these latest, totally hysterical and illogical diatribes would be a declaration of martial law!   😯

And to be honest, at this point in time, I would put nothing past Abbott, in an attempt to secure his position.

And I do so hope that during the next QT, when Abbott repeats his support for the commissioner and the “Rightness” of the commissions work, he will be asked when he, Prissy Cryin’ and George Braindead et al, will appear before the commission to explain their support for one Kathy Jackson, and their ludicrous Parliamentary apology, where  they spoke so glowingly of her and her actions   😯


As with KJ, now outed as a thief and fraudster, to the tune of $1.4 million, so far, and despite all the evidence there for Heydon  to clearly see and delve into, (which he conveniently just ignored, again displaying his right wing bias, as he’s obviously a “sucker” for an LNP heroine), and with her given the “Kid gloves” treatment by his /Abbott’s royal commission, one would have to say that his only option for saving some semblance of a respectability and legal reputation has to be to say to himself, in the words of another right wing nut-job… You’re fired!

But I won’t hold my breath   😉   and…  I  digress   😯

So where does Abbott go from here?

Well some would suggest a sojourn in Syria, or some other suitably unstable region, would be fitting, with the level of instability on display from Abbott and his cronies over recent weeks, but sadly we couldn’t be so lucky, so I would venture to suggest that he will become more manic, unstable and unpredictable in his reactions, as the LNP move inexorably towards self destruction   😯

Now maybe that’s just wishful thinking on my part, but all the signs are there, with the results of him “Reading the riot act” about leaking, only to then have the talking points for how to deal with cabinet leaks… leaked   😯

But with the increasingly shrill content of their QT responses, displaying a certain level of panic and desperation   🙄   one would assume that something will have to come to a head shortly, or Abbott will be forced to;

  • Declare war on some poor, unsuspecting country   😯
  • Declare a national emergency (other than his cabinet leaks   🙄   )
  • Declare KJ innocent of all charges, citing Labor and the unions as the cause of her temptations and untimely fall from grace   😈
  • Declare Knighthoods/Sainthoods for all mining magnates   😉
  • Declare coal as THE national treasure… Oh wait   😛
  • Announce Team Australia are going to the olympics   😕   O_o

Or all of the above   🙄

And yet again… I digress   😯

Shrill Bishop+So with their wildly inflammatory claims of Economic Treason  and vandalism, combined with their defence of the indefensible Helmet Hair and Dyson Heydon, just feeding into the picture of a government in increasing crisis of political judgement and credibility, and the general public perception/dawning realisation  that they are out of control   😯   I suppose the real question is;   “Is this the best we can expect for the six figure salaries we pay these morons?”

Or should we just sit back in a comfy chair, with a good supply of popcorn, and other tasty treats, prime our glasses and enjoy the spectacle of the slow but nevertheless inexorable demise of the worst government this country has ever seen, as;

LNP shills get shrill over playing kill Bill!


Heydons LNP cap+

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19 Responses to LNP shills get shrill over playing kill Bill…

  1. Bighead1883 says:

    Succinctly defined Truthy 🙂 which gets harder to do by the day as the asylum doors are wide open and the truculent troglodytes of the LNP scurry about like gremlins creating mass havoc
    Here`s a different version of JBish

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  2. Pandrstevenson1@bigpond.com says:

    If Heydon was to voluntarily resign he would be dumped like a hot potato by the Liberals julst like Godwin Gench Peter Slipper James Ashby and Kathy Jackson. I would not like to go to war with them.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Truth Seeker says:

      Morning Pandrstevenson 🙂 and thanks for your comment 😎

      Yes, it’s not a good idea to go against the LNP, as Slipper and others learnt… the hard way 😦

      But I don’t see that Dyson can stay, and still have any credibility in the position, or in fact the commission itself can retain any credibility, whether he goes or stays 😯

      IMHO, Abbott’s in a no win situation with this stupidity, and will cop a flogging no matter what… As he so rightly deserves 😀

      Cheers 🙂

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  3. Dee says:

    Good article, Truthy! I agree that they’re in panic mode. Julie’s outburst won’t help her in her PM aspirations as she likes to portray herself as a lady of grace and poise. Also, I’ve noticed the look of panic in our PM’s eyes lately. The extreme cockiness is still on his face, but his eyes betray him. The thing about politicians is that one way or the other they will eventually lose power and I’m not sure that Tony (until now) had even contemplated that happening. The “jobs and growth” mantra makes it look like each RW politician has been programmed or implanted with an ap. It’s getting ridiculous. Panic leads to more poor decision making but its our lives and our country they’re playing games with.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Truth Seeker says:

      Hey De 🙂 thanks for that 🙂

      Yes, and they’re all sweating on the Canning by-election result being anything less than a complete flogging, so that they can claim a great victory 😯 and point to it as proof positive that the people really love them :mrgreen: 😯

      And panic certainly leads to poor decision making, but then poor decision making has been a hallmark of this mobs tenure, so with panic comes poor, irrational and pathetically stupid decision making 😯 and yes, at our expense 😡

      Cheers 🙂

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  4. Judes says:

    So true Truthy, AND.. the very new ‘squeaky clean..unbiased’ LIBERAL Speaker of the House, let this disgusting personal attack on LOTO continue.. also the use of props.. When Mendusa Bitchops used a copy of Mark Latham’s book to read out some of his anti Bill Shorten garbage..

    Our Politicians ARE the laughing stock of the world ! BUT the brainwashed voters of Australia who handed power to this rorting bunch of ‘self entitled’ seat warmers, are sadly the biggest disappointment of all.

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  5. consider says:

    You are right Truthy, the wheels have certainly fallen off the wagon of this, the worst Govt., this country has ever had.
    Their demise can`t come soon enough.
    I only hope Labor has the guts to do to them what they have consistently done to us, ( e.g. setting up Royal Comm`s. to examine every aspect of their criminal activities while they set about selling us out to the cheapest buyer and destroting the very fabric of our once great country).
    It will be great sitting back and watching the fun IF they do it.
    Cheers. 🙂

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  6. Fran says:

    Good morning Truthseeker {sorry, afternoon, yawn}
    I love your prose.
    You have a brilliant ability to encapsulate the whole sick sorry lot that call themselves LNP , so well

    Liked by 1 person

  7. brickbob says:

    Wise words indeed Mr Truth Seeker,wise words indeed,i always enjoy reading your musings.
    Someone said on another site that the reason Pyne has’nt been in Parliament all week is because he was too gutless to face questions about his glowing endorsment of the criminal and low life thief formerley known as Kathy Jackson,sound about right to me. Cheers.”””

    Liked by 2 people

    • Truth Seeker says:

      Hey Brickbob 🙂 thanks for all your support mate 🙂

      Yes he was quick to praise her, but i’ll bet he’ll be very slow to admit his mistake 😯 if he ever does, and even slower to apologise for it 😈


  8. bilko says:

    Well said Thruthy when Kevin was elected and gave plumb jobs to ex Liberals I was spewing, he should have gone for the jugular over the bribe money to Iraq but no.
    He was never a politician just a Diplomatic type mentality compromise etc etc and boy are we paying for that now. Labor needs to go after Kathy Jackson’s “partner” for the money that she sourced and passed on to him while she declares herself bankrupt, he being another Captain’s pick. Apologies to whirling dervishers but Abort and Sloppy are giving their best impersonations of same, and doing a poor job of it but in keeping with their minimalistic talents.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Truth Seeker says:

      Hey Bilko 🙂

      Yes mate, I always hoped that there would be a right wing plant clear out, but it never happened… More’s the pity 😡 and now there’s even more to clear out 😯

      And Lawler should be one of the first to go 😈 as part of the next Labor govs priorities 😯 along with the board of OUR ABC and a raft of RC’s 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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