Abbott’s not only delusional, he’s positively certifiable!

Abbott’s not only delusional, he’s positively certifiable!village-idiot

After trying to watch the first few days of QT, for the first spring parliamentary sitting week, and finding myself getting angrier and angrier, at the blatant lies, denials and spin of the Abbott regime, I came to four conclusions.   😯

  1. Abbott and his “Team Australia” LNP are obviously inhabiting a parallel  universe, where white is black, up is down, night is day, lies are truth, and sociopathy is the normal!   😯
  2. The arrogance, hubris and delusion of this mendacious mob of miscreants, is positively mind boggling.   O_o   o_O
  3. The new speaker is just as much, one of them, as was Helmet Hair!   😈
  4. Under this mob of mendacious miscreants, our democracy is pretty much stuffed!   😦

The latest sorry episode started the week before this current sitting week, after a marathon sitting of Dyson Heydon, where he took 10 days, and lots of public funds to adjudicate on his own perceived bias   😯   … Finally coming to the decision that, in the mindset of Bronnie “Helmet Hair” Bitch-chopper; “There is no point of order”   WTF   ❓

Now, as if this was not sufficient evidence of not only perceived bias, but actual bias, we then had the revelation that council assisting the RC, coached Kathy Jackson on the questions she would be asked, and how to deal with said questions!    Bias… What Bias???   And once more with feeling… WTF   ❓

There was also the not so small matter of complaints made by Peter Wicks and others, WRT the attempted intimidation of RC witnesses, by Jackson’s running mate, Marco Bolano , which were not even followed up, despite the fact that that is exactly the kind of union thuggery the RC was allegedly set up to expose!   😯  … And again WTF with triple twist and pike.   😕

But I digress   😛

So what was Abbott’s response, in QT?

After much hysterical obfuscation by Prissy Cryin’,  when confronted by the revelation of Council assisting the RC, coaching Jackson, Abbott finally got the call   😯   … Well not only did he deny that it had any bearing on the credibility of the RC, but he also tried to make a distinction between Kathy Jackson the corrupt union fraudster, and Kathy Jackson the heroic whistleblower… W T Actual F   O_o   ❓

And although one would think it impossible, QT went down hill from there   😯   with Abbott going for a new Guinness world record of repeating himself, and his favourite saying “Crystal Clear” in conjunction with the usual barrage of blatant abuse, lies, spin and political thuggery.   🙄

And not only from Abbott, but also from the rest of the front bench, emboldened by their not so glorious leader   😯

which brings us to the other madnesses of the week so far.

Now when Shorten suggested that a good place to start on the refugee crisis, would be an immediate one off, 10,000 intake, Abbott had already stated that any more Syrian refugees, would be from within the existing targets   🙄

Then, when Piecer Mutton returned from a quick chat with the UNHCR, the crocodile

Piecer Mutton, minister for Zombies and the Border Force!

Piecer Mutton, minister for Zombies and the Border Force!

tears flowed like Grange at a, Bronnie attended, LNP fundraiser, followed soon thereafter by an alleged commitment to an extra 12,000 Syrian refugees.

Of course, it was always going to be more than the Labor proposal, as it’s not about the refugees, but all about the political wedge   😯   (Oh cynical cynical me   😈   )

And then there’s the money   😯   and the $44 million to the UNHCR, to help care for 240,000 refugees   😉  which seems like a lot of money, and it is, except when you compare it to the $55 million used to settle 4 refugees in Cambodia, and the $80+ million for an RC union/ALP witch hunt   😯

Now I have to say, I would much rather have seen the entire $179 million sent to the UNHCR, rather than the largest percentage ($135 million ) wasted, as it was   😡

Although, I suppose it could be argued that at least they’re getting better value out of the promised $44 million for 240,00 refugees, than they got for the $55 million to resettle 4 refugees   O_o   😯

Of course, there was also the small matter of the long awaited/expected decision to bomb Syria, which Abbott went to great pains to  make out that he agonised over   🙄   even though we all know that he made the decision to bomb, long before the “request” from Obama was even made   😯

And there was no $$$ attached to the commitment to bomb, so we are left to wonder how much more we could have given the the UNHCR if Abbott was not focussed on his own re-election prospects… Surely not   😯

And while we were bombarded with all the usual self serving rhetoric about how much we are doing for refugee “Women, children and families” from persecuted minorities, there was a report on the QLD news, that Abbott has sent our Premier Annastacia, a letter telling her that she cannot expect any more money from Canberra, unless she sells off assets, as she went to the election saying she could run QLD without asset sales!   😯

Now I was under the impression that the people rejected the LNP selloff plan, which means that he is withholding QLD taxes, and penalising QLD’ers for voting against something they clearly did not believe in or want!

Now again, he’s going for the political wedge, but he’s so stupidly delusional, that he doesn’t realise that he’s actually trying to wedge the people, more than the QLD government   🙄   ,  and I just wonder how that will go down at the next election, in a state that has just recently given the state LNP the full moon   😯

Then on Wed night, the last straw (man)   😯   , I saw Abbott interviewed by Leigh Sales on 7.30, and even I was completely dumbfounded by the lies, spin, hubris and pathological delusion displayed by our PM  (Prime Moron), and every detrimental and derogatory name and comment i’ve made and thought about the mad monk came into stark relief and were confirmed beyond doubt   😯

Even SWMBO, my usual voice of calm and reason, after hearing his madness, suggested that he needs a “Dynamite suppository”   😯

The man’s a raving lunatic!

There was also stupidity from Braindead, Abetz, Bernadi, Hockey Bishop Jnr and a plethora of other LNP’ers, but the highlights of political low, covered herein are IMHO more than sufficient to conclude that:

Abbott’s not only delusional, he’s positively certifiable!

Abbott's mob+



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41 Responses to Abbott’s not only delusional, he’s positively certifiable!

  1. Bighead1883 says:

    The courage of Gough Whitlam would be needed to extract a wholesale lining up behind the barricades but Bill Shorten is no Gough
    He would need the verve of Kevin Rudd to say no to the American request for Australia to participate in ME crimes,but Bill Shorten has swerve and no verve like Kevin

    Truthy I was flummoxed at Tanya Plibersek coming into the argument and all but calling for an attack on Assad and received an email from JB who came to the same [or similar] conclusion last evening [he used the “me too” synonym”]

    The week of refugees where now even the NewsLtd is showing some signs of ahem err humanity,has already changed where photographs of large groups of men [male refugees] are gathered together and NewsLtd UK outlets {Brooks/Sun} as calling ÏNVASION”not refuge and other such things.{This is in Tunisia where those men former loyal to the gov are being systematically slaughtered,the women/children taken as spoils of war]

    So your one upmanship description as to Abbott lifting the Syrian intake to 12,00 is apt and so to your accounting of funds in fact you are better at it by far than the LNP.

    When Patraeus came to town it was not only to beat the drums of war like Pompeii but to see how many brown noses ran to him seeking favour and baying homage
    Labor`s own David Feeney was one of the first in line as one of the US informant protected and AIJAC organizing Michael Danby didn`t need to be so up front as his positioning is well credentialled and schools Bill Shorten what the US/Israel want from Australia concerning the Middle east.

    Of course the LNP are delighted to wedge politically Labor into the pro/anti war camps as the LNP support base couldn`t actually give a fuck unless it forced up their fuel prices [then they say bomb harder]

    We`ll see if the US Embassy[State Dept] has got to di Natale in the next few days as to which way he goes [currently he tweets [as of last night] I`m going to write Abbott/Shorten to not bomb Syria.
    If they hijack the anti-war brigade like they hijacked the March in March [begun by Progressive Australia] then more wedges appear and of course we know who`s handing out the wedges [Rupert Murdoch} and his is one 2 corps being granted oil prospecting rights in the Palestinian Golan Heights

    On an end note-that`ll be Abbott`s last interview and we can thank Leigh Sales for that

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    • Truth Seeker says:

      Morning Biggy 🙂

      I too was somewhat taken aback by Tanya’s interview, and how quickly the ALP rolled over on the bombings 😡

      Yes mate, I doubt we’ll see Abbott interviewed again, and I expect there will be more threats of funding cuts to the ABC in the pipeline, even though it was a pretty limp effort from Sales, who after asking some good questions, just simply capitulated to Abbott’s bullshit, and moved on, when she should have asked some pertinent followups 😦

      In fairness to her, she did try a couple of times, but Abbott just kept spewing his crap, and she gave up 😡

      I have to say I nearly fell off my chair when Abbott said that an ALP’er told him the ALP woiuld be patting themselves on the back too if they’d done as much as his government had… W…T…F????? 😕 I wonder if that would have been Jason Clare 😀 In his best sarcastic tone, which Abbott in his highly delusional state would have taken as a compliment 😯

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  2. bilko says:

    Thruthy regarding the Heydon farce did you see on youtube Senator Conroy’s speech on the subject a shot gun blast if ever one was needed

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    • Truth Seeker says:

      Morning Bilko 🙂

      Yes mate, I did 😀 Lkie all good Liberals, for Heydon, it’s all about the money 😯

      And only the LNP’ers will take any findings seriously now, as the whole process has been terminally tainted 😀

      I just hope the ALP take QLD’s lead and open an enquiry into LNP donations and corruption 🙂 and then watch the LNP’ers scream foul 😯

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  3. Florence nee Fedup says:

    Poor PM. Bolt is concerned Leigh was rude to him. How can they man endure it, such rudeness on top of that nasty Shorten speech about him.

    Don’t under estimate Tanya. She is getting under the FM skin. Raising Assad has to be done. Especially with Putin upping the ante. Could there be danger of the Russians bring down a plane or two.

    From where we sit today, there are only choice two solutions. We go in on the ground, risk fighting Russia.

    The other, most likely, the diplomats start talking to one another. That will include Putin.

    Of course we will see a few terrible tragedies before that.

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    • Truth Seeker says:

      Morning Florence 🙂 I hope all’s well with you? 🙂

      Rude??? 😀 But then you would expect no less from Bolt, after all that’s what Abbott does best 😉

      If it had been me doing the interview I would have hit him with something a little more substantial than just a hard question 😯 for all his lies and complete bullshit 😡 I couldn’t watch the end of the interview, I went for a shower to cool off instead 🙄

      I would have thought it was just me reacting, if it wasn’t for Mrs Truthy saying he needs a “Dynamite suppository”… She is a nurse after all 😯 😀 I was sooo proud 😀

      Cheers 🙂

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    • Bighead1883 says:

      Author and humanitarian activist Robert J. Burrowes explains how the elite actually want more refugees, and thrive on the destruction they have created

      ‘The military conflicts and political instability driving hundreds of thousands of refugees into Europe were triggered largely by U.S. and Western military interventions for regime change – specifically in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria (a regime change in-the-making).

      [I]t is not us, as a collective, who is responsible for this catastrophic state of affairs. It is a relatively small number of people, each of whom is quite insane. And it is these people who drive the decisions being made in our world that have, for example, created the current refugee crisis in Europe.

      These people seek power, profit and personal privilege at the expense of the rest of us. They decide to destroy countries or regions because, in their insane worldview, it ‘benefits’ them to do so. The military destruction of a region might give them the power to share in the control of a resource or market. It might make them a profit… The discourse in which these people are engaged is incredibly limited. It is always about control.

      If we are not sufficiently aware, we can become preoccupied in just dealing with one or more symptoms of their insanity. Elites want more refugees partly because it helps to distract us from analysing and resisting what they are doing overall.

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      • Bighead1883 says:

        Susan Dirgham ‏@SusanDirgham 2h2 hours ago
        Susan Dirgham retweeted Commissioner Rabble
        ‘Assad’ has been created into a mythological monster. Thus, millions of Syrians in major cities can be ignored. Susan Dirgham added,
        Commissioner Rabble @canthavepudding
        @SusanDirgham @tanya_plibersek @Biggy1883 They don’t report Assad is sheltering as many refugees as anyone.Goes against the Evil narrative

        Basil Finnis ‏@KingHalibutMk2 1h1 hour ago
        @SusanDirgham @canthavepudding @tanya_plibersek @Biggy1883 He’s no Angel but the other side is more dark and horrid. All Saudi work 😦

        Commissioner Rabble ‏@canthavepudding 1h1 hour ago
        @KingHalibutMk2 @SusanDirgham @tanya_plibersek @Biggy1883 The excuses used by USA for war w Syria could be used for any of their allies too.

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  4. Dee says:

    Missed the 7.30 interview as I’m totally unable to listen to the man without bringing on a coronary. The interview seemed to go on forever….flicked it on and off a few times to hear more about stopping boats, Labor’s fault, etc etc. It’s a broken record and surely even the most rusted ons must be getting a little irritated. Did he even answer one question put to him?

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    • Truth Seeker says:

      Hey Dee 🙂 Thanks for your comment 😎

      Yes, it was certainly hard going O_o 😕 o_O and no, he didn’t answer 1 question, just talked over Sales, with bucket loads of lies, spin and bullshit, and looked like a complete arse 😯

      Sales did try with her first line of questioning, but there were no follow up questions, and to be fair, I don’t think it would have mattered, as he was determined to stick to his talking points no matter what 😯 He just looked a complete idiot 🙄


  5. Miriam Possitani says:

    What a wonderful take on a dubious little man .
    I visit GPL and was invited by “Biggy” to drop by here and take in like minded peoples views of these maniacal Liberals .
    With the touching article on GPL by the young journalist Francesca, to the tribute to S.O.S. , and now to discover years of wonderful political poetry,and alternate views to mainstream media my weekend will be complete

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    • Truth Seeker says:

      Miriam, welcome to TSM 🙂 and thanks for your comment and kind words 😎

      Yes, Fancesca’s great 🙂 and an inspiration to us all 😎

      I hope you enjoy the poetry, and the comments from like minds 🙂 and you can join our conversations again 🙂

      We have a chat room called the lounge, where we share all kinds of stuff, and you’re welcome to join in the fun 🙂

      Cheers 🙂


  6. cornlegend says:

    geez Truthy , if this little prick isn’t a walking advertisement for use of condoms I’ll go to buggery 😀

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  7. cornlegend says:

    Annabelle Crabb got it right 2 years ago, even if she is a LNP lackey,
    “A daggy dad-off with less amusing undercurrents
    By Annabel Crabb

    Updated 15 Aug 2013, 5:30pm
    Flanked by his daughters, Tony Abbott eats a sundae at the Brisbane Ekka.
    Photo: Flanked by his daughters, Tony Abbott eats a sundae at the Brisbane Ekka. (AAP: Alan Porritt)

    Daughters, in this campaign, are an implicit piece of propaganda; a useful item of human armoury for the misogyny war’s remaining skirmishes, writes Annabel Crabb.

    When did this election turn into a daggy dad-off?”

    So, I looked up Dag


    1. dirty wool around sheeps bum.
    2. An unfashionable person.

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    • Judes says:

      And when the sheep poop is dry, they clunk together and rattle, they sound much like that maniacal cackle Abbott produces ..(while seeming to search for something in his pockets). Dags also attract flies which cause a very painful condition called Fly Strike, which if the animal is not ‘crutched and treated’ causes a very slow and painful death … Much like what we are seeing now, in our common garden herd .. The ‘Mangy Murdoch puppet’ flock, which seem well beyond saving and are headed for the public Abbottoirs, to be turned into a ship load of large tins of dog meat…which will be exported to China under the secret FTA. 🙂 and we will all live happily ever after. 🙂

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  8. Truth Seeker says:

    And just when you thought they’ve done enough self inflicted foot shooting…

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  9. SF says:

    Democracy…. what effing democracy ?….Democracy left the building along with Gouth Whitlam which as you all know was quite some time ago — the thing is that big brother, the US does not accept another nation as an equal until that nation has become one of their vassal states.
    The US does not consider another nation to be a true democracy until that nation has openend their state owned asset for privatisation and become a member of one their ill designed contractual obligations, which is only the beginning of the end.

    If democracy is what you’re truly after then don’t go following the US in her endeavors, recent history has shown millions of dead civilians and tens of millions refugees live who wasting away, the numbers are staggering when you consider the amount is equal to 50% of Australia’s population!

    Now if I were a politician I’d grab that golden opportunity to expose the war mongers for what they are, truth is that the public is waking up and has had enough of all this war and civil rights shredding while the big corporations are getting richer still.

    Not a word, barely a whisper, what a pathetic excuse makes up the labor opposition, wait…what opposition?

    I’m fully aware that this Labor orientated site, and while I prefer Labor over any current alternative… Even labor did not still does not dare to challenge the status Quo with a big resounding NO to Washingtons Neo-Cons — certainly not under Gillard who like many others fits the role of Washington puppet which would qualify her as a Neo-Con light, Hell she did not even cancel on the TPP negotiations when she had the chance,they’re all just a bunch of obedient puppets catering to the corporate elite in hope of landing lucrative appointments when they are public servant no more.

    Australian politics are ruled by a Duo-Poly just like the US, why continue with this insanity?

    The epitome of insanity, doing the same over and over while expecting a different result, bit like those idiots wasting hydrocarbons on Mt Panorama, fast is better burn more fuel burn buy a vehicle that can exceed the maximum speed limit several times when what we should focusing on renewable energies, yet the trade agreements that have been discussed has the clauses build into them to challenge subsidies for these.

    IMO if you’d wish to see a return of democracy and therefore sovereignty, first of all you must learn to say no to blindly following the US.

    And it would help to simply issue our own money as opposed to borrowing this and then pay interests on it…..and then some.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Hey SF 🙂

      Yes, insanity seems the new norm 😯 as confirmed by Abbott maniacal laugh at Piecer Mutton’s “Joke” 😯

      They really are certifiable 🙄


      • SF says:

        — I’ve been very busy lately, but watched the video posted just above, at the end they warn each other about the microphone boom hovering above.

        I Consider the maniacal laughing to be a charade, consider he’s under instructions not to speak unless he utters the words instructed by his handlers.

        I’m confident ”big ears” is wearing an earpiece with can be utilized to receive instructions from his ”handler(s)” , look at it this way — laughing is damage control, at least he’s not saying anything that is damaging to the ”brand” clearly he has a gift of making himself look bad, something he does with relative ease, and often.

        Talk about maniacal laughs, remember this video?


    • cornlegend says:

      “Australian politics are ruled by a Duo-Poly just like the US, why continue with this insanity?”
      Any realistic ideas of how this will ever change, or do you honestly think there is even a snowflakes hope in hell of it happening ?


      • SF says:

        Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor — it must be demanded by the oppressed.—Martin Luther King Jr.

        The present economic and political system is ill — civil rights are being eroded faster than investor rights are gaining ground, civilians are under investigation while politicians are refusing to account for breaking international laws or produce their citizenship details in the case of Abbot — No sir it’s all become a matter of national security we’re doing all this for your own good.

        Whatever the government gets away with doing to ‘terrorists’ it will 
        eventually use against the people it doesn’t like here at home….Chomsky has stated this repeatedly.

        If this is all done for our own good, why are so many people objecting, if this is all being done for our own good then why has it become a crime to tell the truth while those that tell lies are allowed to profit from telling them?

        All that is happening under the present system, The LNP are just another roadmarker on the road to full blown fascism.

        Nothing will change by endorsing the present system, Hitler and Stalin would be green with envy if they could see how easily the west has been transformed into a totalitarian state!

        Democracy does not require capitalism, it simply requires that everyone is treated equally.

        Capitalism does not treat everyone equally, in the end capitalism is all about being unequal.

        What would make anyone believe that we actually live in a true democracy, we don’t — democracy is an illusion, the corporate mouth pieces such as the MSM will have us believe otherwise when they quote the masses doublespeak from the teleprompters that are hidden from view — Not even news anchors are without the now obligatory earpiece so that big brother can whisper those finer details, like those strange facial expressions, like when its time to give the bad news with a smile.

        While we’re free to elect our representatives to sit in office, we should have no illusions that this changes the power structure behind it all — it doesn’t — government remains accountable to the US and their long term Neo-Con agenda, her creditors, the financial elite aka the transnational investment class, ever noticed the universal reluctance to simply tax the financial elite, its the working people that foot the bill.

        Free election of masters does not abolish the masters or the slaves. ~ Herbert Marcuse

        By continuing with the present system real people government will never have a chance as the present system is all about perpetual economic growth for the financial elite, no matter how this attained, never mind civil and animal rights, or that of the environment, investor rights rule supreme.

        When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men living together in society, they create for themselves in the course of time a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that glorifies it. ~ Frederic Bastiat 

        Perpetual economic growth is not attainable on a planet with limited resources, this means that the present economic system is outdated and in dire need of replacing.

        The best alternative to the present system that I’ve noticed so far is called Eco-Socialism plus cancelling all FTA’s and anything that include ISDS provisions.

        The present system is like an boat with rot in the hull — a sheer waste of time and resources to repair it, far more economical to simply build a new and better one.

        If there is any hope to be found it will be found in local, grassroots activism. In the words of Martin Luther King Jr. it’s time for “militant nonviolent resistance.”

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        • Truth Seeker says:

          Hey SF 🙂

          I find myself nodding in agreement 😯

          Good comment 😎


          • SF says:

            Thank you my friend, many virtual likes.


            • cornlegend says:

              I don’t disagree with you SF, just face the reality that as a nation the change you seek would never happen. So for my part and my families, i try to insulate them from as much of it as possible.
              Sort of Rabbottproof fencing my family .

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              • SF says:

                Once a country descends into evil, it doesn’t emerge.

                Taking care of your immediate family is y]our first and foremost prerogative, move off the grid, grow non GMO while being as self sufficient as possible, its all good and highly recommended.

                Meanwhile the fight goes on — We still have to try change the system — The right words at the right time will be sharper than any sword as it cuts deep into the soul of the conservatives while providing food for thought intended for the next generation who’ll need an inspiration to continue the battle.

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  10. cornlegend says:

    I’ve done all of the above but understand how people can get trapped .
    For years, once a month , I got advertising material from Southern Phone for phone and internet services .
    I checked them out and found that it was an amalgamation of about 10 local councils running it, with profits going back to the community and employing local people .
    I thought to help out I would apply for just one mobile phone, and if it was good change over all the phones and internet services we have so as to support them .
    I applied over the phone and was told they would call me next day, on the 3rd day I heard nothing so phoned them.
    My approval had been denied because I didn’t have a credit history .
    So, if I had been in debt I would have been ok.
    She was apologetic but said all applicants were lodged with a credit referal agency and because I had never had credit they had no record I was a risk
    Problem is, I still get there mail every month without fail

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    • cornlegend says:

      actually Southern Phone involves a lot more Councils than I thought
      “We are owned by 41 local council shareholders, each of whom own an equal share. No individuals may own shares in Southern Phone. This means all profits are returned to communities through these councils. Profits are returned by way of an annual dividend and our $1,000,000 Southern Phone Grants Scheme.”


    • SF says:

      Now I haven’t been checking all the board here so perhaps this is already covered.

      Have you noticed Corbyn taking charge of the Uk labor party, he intends to hold Tony Blair accountable for war crimes!

      Now that is the kind of opposition I’d love to see more of and can only hope that this example will encourage others to follow suit.

      A Peace Activist Leads the Labour Party

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      • Truth Seeker says:

        Morning SF 🙂

        Yes, his ascension has been mentioned on the lounge, but the Blair thing hasn’t 😯

        And yes, a similar move against the rodent would be good over here 😀


        • SF says:

          One way that this fallacious global warfare can be halted will be when politicians plus army personnel, past and present, suddenly realize that they might be faced with the uncomfortable knowledge that they could be held accountable to breaking international laws….ouch!

          Nuremberg principles still apply, beware of those that ignore this.

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  11. bilko says:

    Now that the delusional and certifiable subject matter of this post has been disposed of and general relief all round, one must not forget that he only led the charge AND it is the coalition policies that were the worst part of the equation, his successor has indicated NO change in that area unless the polls continue the trend with no lasting bounce, nothing has changed only the chief rat now has a few more active brain cells.

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